Rapper Challenges Muslim Preacher to Freestyle Battle!

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We want to say to my friend go,

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I'm telling you, yeah, okay.

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Call me arrested. Okay. And the main thing I gotta say to all my Muslims is there's no way that I could ever be a

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reason why is because when he was in Saudi Arabia eating swine,

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he was crossing the train, and Cush. I was still fasting and praying there to this time.

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I don't know if you know about Ethiopia, but that's my culture, bro. I'm in Ethiopia. during Ramadan, the Christians and the Muslims pray together.

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And that's the Islam that Allah Islam

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knows that you have your way which is true, but you can still see us. Islam, which is based in peace, based

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on based in love.

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Okay, okay, okay, look.

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Let me say Sophia.

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Let's put it this way. Yeah.

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If you want to make a rap,

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I don't really want to sing.

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When you're a calf when it's when you disbelieve in a thing. Now on this freestyle, hey, I'm not gonna go round like a ring. And I'm gonna tell you that I'm not gonna go into a cyclical fallacy.

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I'm saying God is one.

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That's what I'm saying here. And now.

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I've got the evidences. And I like to smile. Listen, if I give you evidences for the fact that God is one his creator,

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would you consider

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being an instigator

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in the fact that you can start your monotheism.

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stop believing in one God. And that is the true religion.

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What do you think about that? Oh, basically,

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what I'm saying is

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you knew what when the field was inclusive, we was already worshiping one God. We was worshiping one God, not only with the Coptic Christians. Are you listening? I'm listening to the philosophy of Jews. Okay, that's the Queen of Sheba. And that's the truth and that's my roots. So I respect you. Because respect where respect you Okay, okay. You have to understand that before the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. In Saudi Arabia, many times, we tried to teach one God. We fought many battles and the Battle of the elephant was the last time we lost. Okay, okay. I like that. Listen, I'm gonna say something. Yeah.

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As many religions, you can count them till infinity. Those Coptic Christians then believe in one God, they believed in Trinity. Let me tell you something that we believe that Adam was the first monotheism. He was the first man. For him believing in one God was blessed. Look, he was taken down from heaven. And that's our storyline.

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So let me tell you something right now.

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I believe that there's a fine line. It's a fine line between believing in one entity that started everything and believing in something which can't be

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which can't be said, which can't sound good. in one's air. Okay, look, so it's a contradiction. I'm saying look, one God does the old knowing the old creator. That's what we believe. I'm sure that standard right in front of me, you can surely conceive that with the with the qualities of all powerful omnipotence, omniscience and transcendence, that that's a god that's worthy of worship. And that's why I say look,

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you understand our version of theology. I understand your theology. But sometimes the only problem is is that you don't acknowledge me okay? I'm saying the One God in many African philosophies. Way before

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Okay, good.

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Your name for oneness, this Tao heat, but what's the name for oneness in Ethiopia? Tao he dope. Oh, you Oh, okay, bro. Before you

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You knew about whiteness as how he was practicing Tokido Yes, we understand duality. And we understand the Trinity. But it all comes back to the oneness. For example, there is a to between you and me as a human family.

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Let me let me tell you look with dumb rhymes. Let me tell you something.

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With those rhymes he came hurt me Get me a bandage. The reason why Ethiopian and Arabic is similar, because they're both Semitic languages, look.

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So when I when I come and stand in front of you here, I'm not saying that Islam started in the desert in seventh century. I'm saying that Islam started with the first man You see, look, I'm saying that Adam was the first man and first prophet. And he believed in one God. And that was the concept. Look, I'm saying to you here, that let's not reinvent the wheel. I know people accuse you because you're black of being a thief. So you don't steal. Look, I'm telling you something show up. I'm telling you right here and right now.

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What I'm saying to you is that we believe as Muslims are all prophets and messengers came with one word. That's La Ilaha. Illa. Allah, that tohei that use that use blade? Look, you understand that? So heydo? I understand that as well, though. So why don't we come to a common term? I'm saying that let's come to common terms to believe in that one word. And when we do that, then only then can we say that we follow the right path. Just see what i'm saying, Bro, I understand what you're saying. But what are we different gun?

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I understand your faith. And I even agree with you. Okay, well, you don't seem like you understand mining, you're getting it. And I understand that because I'm flat. They might think I'm a feed because you got a beard or think you're a terrorist. Yeah. Well, we know that ain't the truth.

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We know that the truth is,

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this system is about hate and divided. So all I'm about is loving and living my life. Now I know everyone has a different way of seeing what sprach but I don't believe that mine is better than the next. Okay. With respect to you. Let me tell you something.

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You said Adam was a Muslim? Yeah, I hear you bro. Yeah. But let me show you stuff. And make you think you know,

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I didn't didn't have seasons.

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I don't eat no animals. Let alone eat from the swine. Yeah, that's right. I don't want the vegan. It's time to eat so animal died. She was grieving to see it.

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So Rasta live in the original way, my friend. Okay, okay, listen, I just wanted to say to you look,

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it's not about skin color, because nowadays, we've got a lot of narcissism.

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Look, let's get away from the schism and start talking about the real deal.

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I'm saying here that race is not a matter of disagreement. As the Quran says that we pray a Jew in different races and tribes so you can get to know one another. So Bravo. Look, I'm not saying that just because you're black, you're inferior.

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But you shouldn't come with that you're superior. And I'm not saying you do.

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Hear. Yeah. And I'm saying that here look racist, what better color? So we're saying here, rather, that truth is independent of race.

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When we say embrace the truth, we say embrace the reality. And we're saying that the reality here from a theological perspective is believing in one God. Now you see where I'm coming from. So, coming back to my story, I said it started with Adam, and my end is with Mohammed salah

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and we say he was the final and last prophet. Now, if I were to show you evidences of that, would you come closer to being a dean Brava? I've seen enough evidence. Yeah.

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Okay, I like that. I don't fight against Islam. Actually, my whole life. I've accepted it. Okay.

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Talking about religion. But me and my brothers, if you know about a lot of brothers in gangs, we don't do with no division. So we could be Muslim Jew or Christian, but we all brothers.

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So, I respect Islam.

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I don't do anything that I consider her. Okay.

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So what they say about the herb was rolling Solomon's grave. I heard that's what, that's what they like to

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see in the Quran, okay.

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And I believe that the herb that I use is the healing of the land, and it can heal

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California, medical marijuana. But a long time ago, they said the ganja farmer was growing trucks. Okay, but instead he was growing love.

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Let me tell you something.

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Listen, I'm gonna say see you later. You're saying you got the spliff in your pocket, I say you're not the rule maker. Look, the difference is this that we say that the the One God that Cree is the creator, that he's the rule maker, that he created everything and gave us his proportions,

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including Mother Nature. So let me help me there.

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So look, when he's directing rules to humans, he's doing so from an ongoing capacity. I'm saying, Look here.

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It's time that you understand me. I start realizing that when we say we're Muslims, we say we're all submissive to the one God.

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So that's where we're coming from. ask yourself a question. What's the purpose of life? ask yourself a question. What is the purpose of life? You're talking about gangs? But look, it's not about carrying a knife. I'm saying, look, the purpose of life is to know your Creator, know where you came from, and know where you're going, bro? Look, it's nice weather today. But from all year round, we're coming here, even when it's snowing, telling the people to worship the one Lord.

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And that's the reason because it makes perfect sense to the sound record. So bro, you said you agree with a lot of what I said. I'm saying, Look, that's a good step forward.

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So here, the question is about the Prophet Mohammed.

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I'm asking you, could you see from any perspective that he could be a true prophet? And if not, why not? The Prophet said.

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Yeah, he showed you an axiom. We had kings early righteousness. We had one God, one of them worship, I do it. Okay.

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So I'm not saying that you a read from you're following Islam, and you're following the sincerity in your heart, then wrong is a path that you can't ensure go, I'm not trying to deter you from your faith. I'm just trying to bring you to a different place where you can see other people's faiths from a place of understanding.

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You see, I don't judge anyone, because I take time to understand it.

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I don't believe it's about that we're going to be judged based upon our belief. I believe we're going to be judged based upon our actions, our words and our deeds

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for my brother, in order to have your actions work and be the best in stand up like that, I mean, yeah. Do you see that? Let me tell you something.

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I don't know what this is cool. What do you want to call it rap or spoken word? If we're talking about profits, and Islam was the most black religion in the world, let me tell you why. We have still a man, who was said to be black and Moosa, who's Moses? Now these two prophets and look, man, why are black? So we have nothing against blacks.

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What you're saying and what I'm saying there's not disparate, so it's not a contradiction.

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So I'm liking this vibe, because there is really no friction. What I'm saying here is that when we're moving forward in this conversation, it's more just about then talking about these different things that we're saying. So you've got the wheel in your pocket, and maybe you think that's the source of pleasure. But what I'm saying to you, brother, is that in fact, there's a greater purpose. And the greater purpose is to realize where where you came from, or where you're going.

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So here, what I'm saying is Islam gives you the answer and the solution.

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So from that perspective, look, we're saying we have the evidences before. You're not gonna be a blind follower. I say, look, bro, Islam

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is a religion that talks about having and believing in one God

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We say that Jesus Christ was no good.

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We say that Jesus Christ was no son of God, but that he was, in fact, a Messiah.

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in Ethiopia,

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okay, Allah, Allah.

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People come here, and they're accused of lots of things, but I'm not going to be a liar. I'm going to tell you all the things that you need to know for your salvation sound like a Christian, I know. But this is how it is.

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Jesus Christ was no son of God or God. But he was the Messiah. He was a prophet. He didn't break the long chain of prophets that came before him. That's where we disagree with the Christian.

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Now, does that make sense? And would you say that now, believe in a one God in His essence

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is good?

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Is something you could subscribe to?

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I'm trying to show you through the whole conversation. Yeah. That that's been a subscription from a whole nation. Okay, okay. There's been so many black Muslims. Yes. Because

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we have already had different tribes. In every life. In every line, we see the oneness.

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I'm all for Islam, but also for justice. Okay.

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Now, I don't agree in the invasion of the land.

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reason why I'm an African. And the man that came up through the roof.

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And he came in with a brute force now by the Muslims. That story is in talks, but it's in my history, my history, it was not okay. I'm not saying that. That's Islam. But I'm saying the unjust was definitely wrong. Okay.

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earlier on, we got started.

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Well, they say

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the darkness comes in light. No, they say,

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the light must come out of the darkness. Okay, let me say something right?

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Do what you want to do. So long as you don't harm someone else is called liberalism.

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Before I already talked to you about spiritual narcissism, I said to you that just because of our color, it doesn't mean that we're superior. I'm saying to you look, think of it the way I'm putting it to you. Look,

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why do you think that a war of invasion is wrong because of liberalism. liberalism is a white man's construct. Now as a black man that wants to differentiate themselves from the white man, taking that construct is a contradiction. So think of it this way.

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Back in the days, we lived in the days of Empire,

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and empires by their nature expanded,

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the Muslim Empire started smooth, could have been engulfed or absorbed, expanded. Now, how we expand it, there's a variety of different reasons. why I'm saying to you is that that's neither here or there. Today, half of Africa is as Muslim. What I'm saying to you, brother, as you said before, they believe in Tel Haider, as you say, call it our heydo. Yeah.

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I'm saying that this is not a new religion, though. From the time of Adam, to this time here. It's all the same Dean, believe in one God. And we, we see, and we hear, what I'm saying is we had the, we had the messages in different languages. And before you knew about one God and tawheed, in Arabic, we were talking about oneness.

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So I went on to care about the fact that I'm an African is because the perfect even said that was a righteous, righteous man. So I've got to be proud of that. Because I come from a spiritual people. And if you look historically, to other nations, we never did no evil. But if you look at the bison teams, and assassinates babies whirring way before he even spoke.

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So, what we're saying is there before the coming of Islam, there was a lot of savages. Yeah, well buried pricks. Who didn't believe in one God? Oh, one is the same barbaric tricks that put a stone on my front of allow me say I had a heart.

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In the rest of man's language we say he was bawling him out.

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He said

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he would not bow. Oh, I like it.

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With this with this, let's come to a completely remote