Muslim Guy Spits Some Heavyweight Bars!

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No, I wrote this one but

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one of my friends from America Mohammed, Sham jobin. I don't know if you heard that. He's a basketball player. He's army karate, but inshallah we are going to film a video to this and maybe you might even see a guest appearance from wuzzy Okay.

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Let's go for it. Let's go for

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there is a blessing in every trial and a trial in every blessing. A lesson for every test on the test for every lesson. We don't get no second chances to make our first impression we already have the answer to ask the right question. We fall in love with temporary things then wonder why happiness never lasts. Like the sun in an hourglass the Time passes so fast. Everything you love is gone within a flash the entire human race is just 100 meter dash. trying your best to fit into a place you don't belong but a hotel room no it could never make a home. You can check in one day and then the next day you're gone. If Allah is not with you, then you're traveling alone and the value

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of the Muslim or there's nobody else. There's still a mountain you have to climb to get over yourself using your health to gain wealth and your wealth to gain health. The guidelines to your existence catching dust on the shelf. Our fear the day when Allah asked me what I did to help, there are really love for my brother, what I love for myself. belly is getting too big need to loosen my belt on the beat somebody else feels like I'm losing myself. They say that the pen is mightier than the sword. So I try my very best just to write and record. Every day is bothering me fighting for our Lord, I want to sit in the circles where Seville is being told. Faith is a luxury that most men

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can't afford in the world where everybody wants to be famous and adored. so obsessed with ourselves the less fortunate ignored feels like I'm on a sinking ship that everybody wants to board. This is my jihad, Jihad of the knifes The only time I find pieces in the front stuff. Give man the mountain a gold will say it's not enough is bigger than the belly still in when we stop. We all know Allah has given us plenty. But how many of us keep one third of our stomach empty? We will want the latest gadgets try our best to look trendy what you are giving so easy when she tries to tell me why do I treat him like a friend when I know he resents me called lie to myself and said I did it

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accidentally. The punishment of the grave should be enough to prevent me know other ones the angel of death. People mentioned me in about a week. It's like everyday struggle. We can lift the duvet for job but we want to flex our muscles. How can we only tend to align in times of trouble LeBron was buried under rubble surrounded by blood puddles. And those who feel nothing should hang their heads in shame. The almost one body but some of us don't feel the pain unless it's someone from a household who shares their last name. And they forgotten the value of the blood that's running through their veins with a drop of which more beloved to allow them the Kaaba the pond the blood is

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no stronger than the bond of Shahada. How can your brothers and sisters is an activity bother invest in your future and invest in your hair after? can you justify your savings your assets and your spending always your desire to acquire dinar and Dirham never ending? We live in a time of crisis no pretending our basic fundamental principles were defending. Whatever happened to the freedom of speech, they're trying to reform my religion and change my beliefs. They call me a terrorist while I'm calling from PCs the system's unfair mobile, don't you agree? And if it's not prejudice, then we deal with brutality. Millions displaced with hundreds and 1000s of casualties Palestine, Syria

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nothing less than a tragedy. Let me break it down give you a taste of reality. There's people out there committing crimes against humanity. In front of your face they'll humiliate your family, take the honor of your women and kill your children and leave you alive just to deal with insanity. Remind me again about your recent calamity when we still turn your face when I mentioned the word charity, called you sacrifice a tiny portion of your salary collectively, we all need to change our mentality. break down the borders of race and nationality reach out to the people outside our locality. I pray my words appeal to your morality. forget our differences focus on our

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commonalities. My brother the poor don't care whether you're selling your sushi don't disregard my words. If I'm not wearing the coochie we're not. We're not groupies and don't let them distract you from your duties. If you want the world to change the Be the change you want to see today might be then but tomorrow is you and me I pray I live to see the day when all the oppressed are free law protect the affairs of every single refugee. those in need of Zakat are the same people they used to give it the condition of your life can literally change within a minute the smile even though they're being tested to the limit of reserves and stuff for law we might be begging for likes to

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finish. So be grateful to a law think twice before you complain. It's not always smooth sailing. Sometimes it's rough terrain and don't feel ashamed if only you can spare is a little change because the turn away the needy is a greater activation.

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With that man, I think we're gonna go on a trip.

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I'm gonna be document today

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and hopefully inspire some people to give. We're going to be documenting and stuff like that. So people look at inshallah and

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and stay tuned and watch the space and all these kind of things. The mother doing a lot of positive work man, make sure you follow the brothers

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Alright, guys, I should be exactly what we're watching.

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And yeah, just watch this one first