Muslim Fraudster Hasanat Exposed

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is breaking news. On the issue of Omar Abdullah has an ad now we're hearing limited outreach, because you are dealing with this case with Chef Moreno, who is the president of this outreach program and has done a splendid job of being able to negotiate between different parties. And finally being able to negotiate a confessional video that has come up on a map the last page after we've had our can confirm that we've had communications 3.0 with the family, and what has transpired and what is now almost without a shadow of a doubt clear, is that number one hasn't had at least at one point of his life, especially when he was doing the rockier

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services. He was an agnostic according to his own confession. And we saw this as a video Blackett not even black and white. It was a colored video with audio and video. Recovery is a video because it's protected, for some reason, for legal and otherwise, but we are absolutely sure that he apostate from the religion of Islam at least one time. At the same time. Of course, he's profiting from Islam and from Muslims. Yes, it's probably still profiting from Islam, and he's profiting from Muslims doing okay, services, 300 pounds, 400 pounds.

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Well, I you're a crook. You are a crook. You are a crook. And you are a fraudster and we will call it every each and every single one of you outs will lie he will call you out and we will catch you because part of our data is not just to find the disbelievers, the disbelievers who are that the enemy is disbelievers, but also to find the moon as a cone of the oma that they are creeping around pretending to be Muslims. You're finished, you're finished, you're finished. You're finished when you're finished, when you're finished. Don't ever come out any retraction you do now, switch off your social media. I don't want to see your face. I don't want to hear your voice will lie he will

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lie. You're a crook and a fraudster what happened with a 300,000? What happened with a 300? I'm asking you a question. What happened with the money? What happened with the 300,000 pounds? What happened with the 300,000 pounds that the oma insisted for you to go to India, and to give the people you're telling me where the government funds the money out of Allah. You're playing around we have a llama as the Quran says they eat the orphans wealth. If this applies to you or not find out give us some Muslim or that say give us some governmental documents, some official bank documents to show us where the money went. What the hell is this is the villa. We have seen the evidence. You

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cannot escape anymore. You're finished out the villa. Everyone will unfollow you now. No one will take your rookie services anymore. You're out of a job boy, you're out of a job boy, you're out of a job boy, not only are you out of a job, don't ever try and raise funds again. I'm telling you this because a lot of advertising about you and your likes would have gone and this is a message not just to you but to all the winners of the AMA they know who they are. Allah subhanaw taala says what is

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dodgy buka dissemble we are coolutils Malika Lim, Kandahar Abu Musa nada. Yes, Abu Nakula Allah in Houma, La Casa La Mola, and now for goon

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chapter 63 verse four, well, lots of Hana tala, where he says, if you see them, you like the way they look. islamically dressed, if they speak, they speak with Islamic jargon. They are like Woods planks of woods. They think every bad thing is against them. Allah will fight them.

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And we're and Allah subhana wa, tada will destroy them. Listen to me. We have the evidences you don't believe? Well, we have the evidence. We started with ice. Don't mess around. Don't play our games. And you can go to my Twitter accounts. Yes. Go to my Twitter account. I posted some of the evidences that go to my YouTube go to my Instagram accounts I posted some of the evidence is that this is just some crumbs by brother lococo. You brother, boy, boy, boy, boy, if you come out and try rejects what we're talking about. Well, I

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will, we will finish the situation from an evidentiary perspective. Don't try it boy. Don't try it. Boy. You're done. You're finish Yeah.