Muslim Disguises Bible Verse as Hadith

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Do you believe

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that Mary was hadn't successful? Other than that she wasn't a virgin? Yes, you did.

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Yeah, but do you believe that?

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She has? No, there's no problem. Okay.

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So let me just because it's now from a logical perspective, what's really, really important, and I think non partial, Kalam would agree with me here, non partial atheists person would agree with me. What's really important is that we lay

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an epistemological foundation. So what I'm going to say to you here is look, is your argument as follows. Your argument is that the Islam allows child marriage or child having sexual intercourse with children. One, two, that child marriage is something if you do it is disproves their religion. Therefore, Islam is disproved as Iraq. So what's your argument?

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Why no,

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I'm asking you. Is the argument that you're making? Yeah. Because it's important to understand where you're coming from.

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Because it is a presupposition that, look, there's a presupposition to what you're saying, yeah. If I say to you Now, I'm not saying this, by the way, just for the sake of argument. Yeah. I'm not saying this. But if I said to Daniel, that having sexual intercourse with pre pubescent people is a wrong thing. You would agree with me on that? Okay. So if religion, any religion has aspects, whereby

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preview essence, there is instruction to have intercourse with them or something like that. That's wrong. Yeah. Okay. Now, ask your question.

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So your question was about

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No problem.

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Thank you very much. Now it's important, ladies and gentlemen, to get this done, talk about the situation.

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Right now. Okay. If I were to call I had this, which is the most severe had these on the matter. Let's just be open about it.

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We have to be open. Let's be open about it. Ladies and gentlemen. I have no, I'm gonna I don't care. You know, we'll say the truth. You know, I don't give a damn.

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When I quote the holidays, I'm going to quote it with the chain of narration. And with the text of the Hadith, and I want you to react to the Hadith first and foremost.

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Tell me what you think of it. And then afterwards, we'll discuss it. Now remember, this all in context is the most severe thing I've seen on the matter in the whole of why any professor ever said, Yeah, supposedly so okay.

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So it says Phil are calm.

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Mussa even though I'm running Philip, calm.

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Phil anecdotal.

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occur in Mill Valley.

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Yes. Now talking about this in this context. Yes. I have to be honest. This is talking about the prisoners of war. This is the most severe thing that is the rated Philip Come on. Yeah.

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We don't know because every publisher is different and all these things you

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know, hold on, hold on.

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Hold on.

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Wait, hold on, hold on. Hold on, hold on. Hold on. Hold on. My brother. Listen to it. Daniel. Daniel, Daniel.

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is mentioned

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Cotonou Rajan can

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now kill older young men. Okay, this is prisoners of war. Fine. We have to be honest.

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Zachary. So here's talking about divergence. Okay. If there's a non virgin, if it's a non virgin, you could kill them. It's the prisoners of war. Okay. We know the context is we have to be honest

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about the text. Then it says what Jim?

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And Lisa

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and all of them.

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Just basically the young girls. Okay, this is the word child marriage comes in. Yes. Jimmy.

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Yeah. Oh, take them for yourself. Okay. No, this is the hajis.

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From this Hadith, the scholars have said okay, let's be straightforward. The scholars have said yes, child marriage.

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let's be okay. This sound kind of sharp No, a certain kind of tone is okay, so what so is this what

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I'm saying? I'm saying to you is what I'm saying to you. What's the problem with this hadith?

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What's the problem? As a Christian? How'd you how'd you answer this?

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Yes. My question is, yeah, show me why.

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No, this is

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this is what I'm telling you.

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Excuse me, sir. You're selling me. Your presupposition is that she has to be honest.

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I'm saying giving you I'm giving you I'm giving you

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I'm giving you are fine. I'm giving you.

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I'm giving you I'm giving you a hadith that says she doesn't have to have to be.

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Show me. I've just said every woman. That number and the verse just told you no, no. No, you can say anyone can say, what's the problem with it? What's the problem with this?

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I've told you now.

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It's a book.

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The name of the person who's the rating daddy. Suppose my

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cola fell and I said now? Yes.

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Rajan in colusa. criminal.

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He says, Now you can

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you can kill the men. Yes, the men and the woman basically that are not virgin, but the young ones. You can keep them for yourself, the young woman.

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So what do you say about that?

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Not say,

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so don't come to the

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fact that you went to the Bible to actually back up your claim. Okay. Okay. Thank you very much. Why did the ladies and gentlemen, everyone was shocked when I was saying these words. This is no hard if

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this is no hard if

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this is no hard if it's a hard if meaning is a spoken word. I say that most of know Enron. You saw the son of Imran Moto, and he was inaugurated authentically, he wouldn't say this. He said now go into the towns and kill every woman and every man and woman. But as for the young girls, keep them for yourself. Now, so you started off?

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No, Daniel, sorry. So this is the crux of the arguments. This is the crux of the argument.

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This is the crux of the numbers, assets. outcome, meaning the numbers Book of Numbers, chapter 31, verse 18. Now let me tell you something, ladies and gentlemen, he agreed with me in the beginning of this conversation, that marriage to children is wrong.

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In his very Bible.

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It says this is Arabic. By the way, if you look at the Arabic translation of the Bible, it's very clear.

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Every woman every girl, young girl that has not known a man, young Go ahead. Okay. Look at the new Jerome

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Jerome translation of the Bible, your interpretation of the bible says specifically this is talking about pre pubescent and that you can take them as slaves.

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No, no, don't say that. Check it. Oh, yes. Show me.

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The book with me. I can only give you references my friend. What is the references mutual biblical translation. And they said that this clearly talks about slavery. That's point one. No, no, no. Excuse me.

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No, no, sir. Please hold on. Hold on.

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Ladies and gentlemen. Daniel, Daniel. Okay. Okay, fine. We'll go to l tell Moodle finished l Philistine, the Talmudic The Talmud, the Palestinian Talmud, Palestinian Talmud says the same thing. This is talking about slaves. And this is talking about young girls prepubescent and you can take them as slaves.

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So why did God Why does

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Okay, let me

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translate in English because I remember

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it says, no.

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No, no.

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No, it says kill older men. Yes.

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No, I says I know chapter 31. Just 18 of numbers. And now kill all the men. Yes. And kill all the women

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that have that are basically not virgin, non virgin, non virgin. And the girls are virgin, that the young girls that are virgins, then take them for yourselves as slaves. Yes. And

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you can get the Jewish man over there to help you. Now, let me tell you the Jewish world as well. The Jewish world.

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I apologize, Daniel, go ahead, sir. So you do check the Bible. No, no, because you said in the beginning, you said in the beginning

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the boys and kill every woman who has slept with a man, let's say for yourself, every girl who has never slept with a man?

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Yeah, no, hold on.

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Hold on.

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Daniel, Daniel, please. Now you don't know Hebrew language do.

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Okay, so what does the word like? I mean, okay. You don't know. Let me teach you.

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Something else that I missed for them? Yeah. Now look, what we're saying here, this word is used in this verse. The word used in the Hebrew means young go. You agree? Because that's how they translated. That's how Pisa Pisa, what we're saying. I know you're on the I on the back foot here. I know.

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No, sir.

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I ask you a question. Because everybody, can you please? Can you please?

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Okay, fine. I'll answer that for you. But let me just tell you something again. In the beginning of this conversation, sir, we have some premises. We had some premises, we said, Do you accept that child having sexual intercourse with children is wrong? prepubescent, she said, Yes, I accept that. Then I said to you, if a scripture has within it, that you can have sexual intercourse with children. Is that scripture wrong? You said yes. Then I quote it to you verses in the Bible. I made it misinterpret.

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Excuse me, you missed your

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choice. Then I quoted you verses from the Bible, which give Chris sanction. By the way wrong. Hold on. Excuse me. I thought I gave you references.

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And the Talmud that shows you that this means slavery, and this means young girls. Now you have not rejected the Bible. Therefore I believe I believe you're intellectually dishonest, I believe.

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Slaves? No, I'm talking about

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the Talmud, which is a Jewish reference.

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So if I was to show you, if I were to show you Will you accept it? Okay, we'll examine I saw you want me to give you the exact reference.

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Okay, but can you answer

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one thing? First things first, no, first thing is

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reference. So let's do one thing. What was my original? No, okay, fine. But that's,

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excuse me.

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Question had a presupposition, your presupposition, you don't accept it for yourself. So why don't you want me to accept it for myself?

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Forget it. You in your Bible, have it. So if you're saying this wrong, you must say your Bible is wrong. Okay. I agree. Well, hold on, hold on, hold on being consistent, but you're wrong. Okay. Let me tell you, Shane Cohen, who is the literary literature professor of Hebrew literature and philosophy in the department of Near Eastern languages, civilizations of Harvard University, explains that for yourself, is clearly telling Moses and soldiers that they can use female sexually. Okay, that's Shane Cohan, chapter eight, page 255 256. And the name of the book is the beginning of Jewishness, and they're well done. And the process University of California, Berkeley, Los Angeles,

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chapter eight. Is that good enough reference or no?

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good reference. Okay.

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Hold on. Let me give you some more references.

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References let's just do one thing at a time. So because you said you wanted references, so I'm giving you a

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rabbi Simone yohai. Yes, in the beginning of Jewishness says the same thing except a 255 256. The Talmud of the land of Israel, also known as a Palestinian Talmud, mentions how the earliest ancient of soldiers interpreted 3118 to mean that the females could be a captive slave girls. Ah, Simon says the requirement in that age of virginity occur within the sanctity of his room.

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Okay. This is also mentioned

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what the Bible says okay, now what we're saying okay.

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So you don't want to know

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when you've done

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what you've done.

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What you have done is really in front of everyone humiliated yourself. Yes.

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And the reason why I asked you Daniel, please show me when Daniel

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Yes. slaves. Yes. Pre pubescent girls, oh, the Bible is your Daniel Daniel. Daniel. Daniel Bible. No, no, no, no, no, no. By the way.

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Now your point is this.

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The Bible is the Old Testament and the New Testament agreed or disagreed, agreed. The Bible, the Old Testament, actually listen to this, according to the Christian claim, not only was Jesus of the Old Testament, no, no, no, I'm speaking like this. Not only was the Jesus of the old test, the Jesus Testament, the author of the Bible, why? Because Jews of the Old Testament because it could be argued that this was abrogated. Yeah. If we want to disregard Matthew chapter 15, verse 17, as meaning affirm, fulfill whatever you want to call it, fine. abrogated. That was about it.

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All right.

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For those guys

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saying even if you want to say yes,

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that's fine. So even if you say that Jesus meant, fulfill, meaning that he doesn't, we don't need to basically abide by the Old Testament laws. Even if the argument was put forward, we would still Yes, or excuse me, sir.

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We will still say we will still say that listen, they also have the Old Testament was Jesus agreed or disagreed?

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was the author of the Old Testament Jesus or not? Doesn't matter. It does matter. It doesn't matter, sir. Moses, Elijah, we follow Jesus. Yes. Once Jesus came in and you test Okay, I fulfilled the law say love you, Daniel.

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Daniel, Daniel, please.

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Let me just ask you a question is

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Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, please, please.

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Let me speak.

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damage is done. Now. damage is done. Daniel, I'm gonna ask you a question. Is it correct for me to assume that the God of the Old Testament was Jesus because you say that the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are one? No, no, I'll tell you why. I say yeah, what is my that's my presupposition.

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A presupposition is an assumption. What I'm saying is

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why I say that is because I've been told by theologians and Christians, that actually the Old Testament does mention the Trinity. And so much as that. It's no, I'm not denying that. I'm just No, no, no, no, no. Let me, let me just let me get.

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Alright, so I've been told by theologians

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Daniel, Daniel, I've been told, I've been told that the collective unity of the Trinity was also the Old Testament of the heavens and the earth.

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So that means that means to say both, or excuse me, that means Excuse me, excuse me. Excuse me, sir. Okay, my point is, that means to say that Jesus is the author of the Old Testament.

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That point is now when Jesus is telling you to go and take slave girls. Yes, yes. Yes, yes.

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Yes, yes. Yes. He's also both.

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Because he's a Christian. He's gone. He's gone.

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What did he say? Wait

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a minute. What did he say to me? What what he said to me? So you know, he was conceding? Yeah. Okay. I'm happy with this. Yeah, you know what this word means?

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Okay, I'm happy with this. I'm really happy now. So here we've come to the same conclusion as you determine the conclusions is as follows. Number one, this man agrees in the beginning of the discussion that we have to be intellectually coherent, and we have to not apply double standards. He agreed to those promises, even though those promises don't need to exist. Number two, we said that

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number two, number two, he agreed, he agreed that he believes child marriage is wrong. I said, I believe in that you believe in child marriage.

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He believed he says

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What is that? What is it

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360 536

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65 365 365 65 Okay, okay, let me get let me come to you. Okay. Let me summarize. Let me summarize.

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Hold on. I'm saying very clearly now hold on. I know this because believe me, people are gonna take either one of two, what's the word of someone who understands at least the basics of Islam or your word? And believe me, they're gonna go for me anyways. We as Muslims don't believe in sexual intercourse with people.

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Okay, why don't you show the independent article? There's an independent article recently.

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An independent article. There's an independent 200,000 child. Sexual intercourse. Okay, fine.

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you've agreed that child having sexual intercourse with children is wrong. Yes in your Bible.