Ben Shapiro Defeated on Piers Morgan Show

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here. Allah capital. How are you guys doing? I've made a video about Ben Shapiro yesterday, and he has responded. He's responded on piers Morgan's uncensored show. So let's take a look at what he says and respond in kind. We're not talking about Hamas. We're talking about children here. We're talking about women here. We're talking about elderly people.

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You made me sick, you make me sick.

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What was your response to that them? And that will be I'm sure. A reaction. You've heard from a lot of people. What do you feel about that? I mean, my obvious response is, of course, I feel horrible for the people who are being held by Hamas in a state of tyranny for the past 15 years. Tomas was the elected government in Gaza in 2006. There hasn't been an election since then. All the people who are who are today ranting as you heard Muhammad hijab doing right there. I don't hear them talking about liberating Gaza from Hamas, which is the greatest threat to the to the way of life of Gazans on planet Earth. Again, I've nothing but sympathy for Hamas, for the people that Hamas is governing,

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or the people that Hamas is exploiting, really, I have nothing but sympathy for civilians there. Israel has to defend itself. I don't understand exactly what the expectation would be here is the expectation that because Hamas uses human shields that Israel therefore has to go home and wait to be to have its people murdered? Again, Israel tried it the way that Muhammad hijab and others would like Israel literally pulled in 2005. They literally pulled 1000s of Jews out of the Gaza Strip is called the disengagement. And it was massively unpopular in wide swaths of Israel. They pulled out they built a wall and they basically said, go ahead and govern yourselves. And this is the result of

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that. Do you think Israel you think I think anyone in Israel, no one in Israel wants to reoccupied the Gaza Strip, no one. That's why Israel has been studiously avoiding reoccupying the Gaza Strip since 2006, despite the fact that they have been living underground in large parts of Israel for weeks at a time because of rocket attacks have been fired on a regular basis from the Gaza Strip. Now, you'll notice that what he said is that we of course, I feel horrible. He says, of course, I feel horrible for what Hamas is doing for the last 15 years. So you see, the key question that I put forward, which piers couldn't carry over properly and ask properly, by the way, which he asked all

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Palestinian representatives, Do you condemn the attacks? Do you condemn the attacks, which was my question to Ben Shapiro, do condemned the attacks? He couldn't, and he didn't. And he wouldn't answer that question. Why? Because everything must be scapegoated to harm us. Everything must be scapegoated, to harm us, even before Hamas was an entity. That terrorism narrative was still in force by the Israelis against the secular P L. Oh, this cannot and it will not fly any more. Secondly, my question to Piers Morgan is, why didn't you ask this man, the same question that you ask all the Palestinian representatives? Do you condemn the attacks, which disproportionately affect

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women and children? Why is it that the killing of Jewish men, women and children were non combatants must be labeled as terrorism, but that the killing of men, women and children who are in the Gaza Strip, by the idea forces, where there can be an alternative motion? And I'll tell you what that is in a second is not condemned. What is that thing? Because I said, I'll say in a second.

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They they've made it out as this is the only option. They said this is the only option. That's not actually logically the case. It's not logically the case that the only option to fight Hamas is to disproportionately affect civilians, women and children.

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What other options are there face to face confrontation with Hamas? Face to face confrontation with Hamas? targeted attacks of them, you can attack them directly? And they can you can have a fight with them? One on one. Face to face, man to man, woman to woman if you've got them on your idea forces, let them fight. Why do you have to kill 95% of the injured are civilians more than that? Maybe 99% of the civilians, the people who are injured as civilians do not make this out to be the only option. We are not dumb. We're not stupid. We're not foolish. Do not equate Israel has a right to defend itself with Israel has a right to annihilate Yeah, a civilian population. And look what he

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says. He says frankly, I don't believe Yeah, that the appropriate and proportionate response to terrorism. I don't believe in a proportionate response for a response to terrorism. I believe that the response to terrorism should be wildly disproportionate response. That doesn't mean targeting civilians. He's using his words directly targeting them by implicating them. Yes. implicating the majority of them. Yes, you

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out. Are you telling me that okay, it doesn't mean targeting them. But if you're going to do an action, which is going to assure, yeah, beyond reasonable doubt that the majority target is going to be civilians, that that's not in a sense targeting civilians. This is a wild contradiction. And I know that you know that. I know that you know that. I know Piers Morgan knows that. I know Ben Shapiro knows that. I know the daily wire knows them. I know the British public knows that. I know the American public know that. And I want to say something when he was answering the question. Didn't you see in his face him stammering and staggering and stuttering.

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Imagine that person who looked defeated already. Imagine that person who he wasn't even with me face to face. He wasn't even responding me on a tele link. He wasn't even speaking to me on Zoom. And he looked like he set himself. He looked like he had shipped himself and soiled himself. Imagine him being probed. Yeah, by the likes of someone like me. He would shut himself I can tell you that for a fact, the man would * himself. Just like the IDF are *ting themselves from face to face confrontation. The only thing that they can do is press buttons and afford to fireplace. Lay you thought you knew that come Jimmy and Iloveyou Cora Maha Sonatine Amin wala judo, they don't fight

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you all together, except in a fortified place or behind walls.

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That's what you're about. Low Risk. high reward, you're cowards, and you all know that you're cowards. You all know that you're cowards, just like Ben Shapiro was staggering, and stammering and stuttering and he couldn't even contain himself and you can see the butterfly you can see the effects of the butterflies in his stomach. The diarrhea being created in his bowels because he couldn't say he knows who I am. He's watching my videos piers Morgan's watch my videos, but they would never on a fair one to one basis come and discuss the matter with the pit. Do you think Piers Morgan on Fair Grounds would try and speak to me about an issue like this? Or Ben Shapiro when they

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know what I'm going to come with? Absolutely. No, don't pretend you don't know who I am. Don't pretend that I'm too small of a fish for you to understand. Especially knowing that you have I've had two engagements with your biggest star Jordan Peterson. Don't pretend anymore. You've been watching my videos. You know what I'm about your silence is deafening. And your cowardice is apparent. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.