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Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © A man named Tommy Robinson describes his experiences at a park where he sees people in their clothing, as a "monarch" and a "monkey," and describes himself as a "monkey." The upcoming Islam movement "The OMA" is also discussed, with Robinson warning against being too optimistic and suggesting educating people about the meaning of Islam and its potential consequences. The "mono beast" of Islam is also mentioned, with Robinson suggesting testing free speech with people and asking them to come in to bait him. The potential consequences of negative language in the media and the man who cheated on a Muslim man are also discussed, along with the "mono beast" of Islam and its potential consequences.
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This man Tommy Robinson,

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this man Tommy Robinson, which in my opinion, opinion, represents the archetype of Neo fascist of today. 21st century has come. The first time I've been going to this park for quite some time, you know, for my YouTube videos are becoming more frequent in the past for a long time. What I see today is something I've never seen in a very long time I'd be going to the park. I see thuggery. hooliganism and violence. That's what I see today. This is not free speech. You're fascist today have stolen the political agenda, and have disguised free speech with Neo fascism.

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They are the archetype who sheep or the wolf in sheep's clothing.

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Britain has something to say today to those individuals. Britain today will make a statement about those individuals that were not walking in the direction of idle.

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We're not walking into directly or fascist Franco Britain has come a long way. It's embraced multiculturalism and diversity.

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50 years ago, someone might come up or 100 years ago, wouldn't be able to stand here and speak.

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Free Speech means giving those who you this is what it means they talk about free speech. Free Speech means giving those who despise the most the opportunity to speak, those individuals have been prescribing, or have been recommending, or have been telling us that in fact, we should treat Muslims differently. what's what's Universalist about that was tolerant about that? What is multicultural about that? What's that aquatic about? That? These people are?

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hypocrites to the core.

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So I say today,

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I say this is advice I give to the people, Britain, look at the countries around you. Look at America, they've actually elected Donald J. Trump.

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Look at France. Look what its policies are like, Britain has a choice today. It can either steer in that same political direction, and create Rift and violence. Because you know, extremism begets extremism, believe me, we're on the front line of this. extremism begets extremism. We know we have issues in our community. Do you know that we're aware of these issues? And we're working on them, believe me, the greatest de radicalizes are going to be those from within the community? I mean, are we as Muslims are going to stop with every minute, those individuals who are attempting to do things in a violent way. But we need the wider community to realize something, there are grievances. There

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are political, social and economic grievances that Muslims have. And when Neo fascism, ultra right wing ideologies come into the mix in flames and exit exacerbates those grievances. We have a choice to make today. Either Britain goes back to its principles. Its post enlightenment principles of democracy and pluralism from john Locke to john Stuart Mill, or it decides to go in line with those new fascistic Neo fascistic principles by which and through which people from the 19 from the early 1920s to 1945 have been able to marginalize and disturb communities like the Jews, they want us to believe there's a Muslim problem, just like Hitler wanted us to believe there was a Jewish problem.

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You can go along with that and see what happens. People don't think people don't know, the fact that actually Jewish extremism is existed. There was the old gun that was a result of the political pressures that are gone was a political group. There was a political group, a Jewish group, which blew up hotels like the King David hotel.

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They were a product I buy products of this reality. We say today, we represent a lot of Muslims here in speaker's corner, or we come here or we talk and we try and do our best

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we say today Listen, it's not a contradiction. Our from our perspective as Muslims, we as Muslims believe that you have a right to practice whatever religion you want to. How do we believe that and why do we believe that the Quran says like Rafa Deen chapter two verse 256, there is no compulsion in religion, lacunae, Dino qulaity, Chapter 109 of the Quran, you have your religion, and I will have mine. So if it's not incompatible with the Quran, and it's not incompatible with Western enlightenment principles, then it can happen there can be a mutual coexistence. But you know, when it will not happen, and you know, when it cannot happen, it cannot happen when these individuals

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decide to disturb the flow of harmony and coexistence. Today, we say listen

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I want to start with an exciting new movement today. What did you say? Yes, Tommy Robinson, thank you for coming. Thank you for coming to Tommy Robinson. Because what you've done is you've allowed us to spread our message further along than what we've been able to do in the past. So today, I say to you guys, we're gonna start a new movement.

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What movement is that? Tell us what movement is okay? No problem, I'll tell you the movement

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is a movement at the moment with no leader at the moment with no leader.

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The group structure is called the oma. And we have a constitution as well, as the Muslims, we have a constitution, it's called the fraud. This is our new movement. as Muslims, we are going to stick together in this body of people. And we invite the larger community to this very body. Now, if you don't want to be part of the body, we say, look like him to you know, come with a D, we can still coexist. It happened in Spain, convivencia, that happened in Greece, that happened even in the Ottoman Empire, it happened with our buses in the movies. And it will happen and continue to happen. Islam does not preach that if you are a Jew, or a Christian, or a Hindu or an atheist, or whatever

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you may be that we must be vile and intolerant, or that we must force and compel it doesn't preach that the Quranic verses are clear. So today I say, I say to you, Tommy Robinson represents the scum, the archetype of scum of society.

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No, you know, something like this?

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I know, I've been speaking to the Luton boys, what did you say? No, no, no, no, no, no, I'm gonna make it personal. He's been mocking Islam, and mocking the Muslims. And let's test this free speech. He's gonna watch this last test is free speech. You know, I've been speaking to the Luton boys, because, you know, I wanted to know, what fueled Tommy Robinson psycho analytically what fueled him to hate the Muslim so much? There must be some kind of a Freudian perspective, you know, pent up suppression that he had. So I found the answer. I did my psychiatric What? You know what the answer was? I spoke to the Luton boys, he was from Luton?

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And the answer was this. He had a girlfriend. What are you saying?

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What are you saying you're going personal now?

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The other girlfriend and girlfriend she cheated on him? With a Muslim man? It's very well known.

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Wait a minute, what did you say that?

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I thought this was some kind of speech about politics and religion. No, no, no. We have to spice it up a little bit.

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So she cheated on him.

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Thank you.

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She cheated on him with a Muslim.

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And I have something to say on behalf of the Muslims and the wider British community about this. And about his arguments. And it's the same thing his girlfriend said probably Yeah. Wait a minute, don't go there. Don't go there.

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No, no, no, it's the same thing you can decide to come in to bait me if you want. He saw my challenge. He rejected it. And those who No, no,

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we say just the same as his ex girlfriend says,

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We're not satisfied.

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We're not satisfied with your case, we're not satisfied with your argument. Now your finger that you're pointing at the Muslim community, which you'll need to fulfill You

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know, I'm sorry, I have to go there freedom of speech. We can't make this pitch complete. Unless we say a few jokes guys, about the scum of the earth.

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So the finger that you're using to point at the Muslim community,

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you're pointing the finger at the Muslim community freedom of speech, this and that way,

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the finger which you'll need for your conjugal rights, to satisfy whoever it is you're going to be with. Because everything else has failed already. from experience, I say to you, before you cast that finger of blame, realize that there are fingers, crusty fingers are pointing back at you. In fact, those fingers are telling you that you're in your fascist are telling you that you're a neo nazi, and are telling you that you are in fact against the freedom of speech. You know, what's funny?

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The EDL which he was a member of the EDL which he was a member of

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this party or this group? It started because

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there was some, let's say extremist Muslims or whatever you want to call them burning puppies. Yeah, they were burning puppies. You know, you know the story you saw on the news but, but wait a minute, if this guy believes in freedom of expression, and freedom of speech, burning poppies is not against for freedom of expression, and freedom of speech. Why did you make a party

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On the basis of someone expressing their freedom of speech, Doesn't that seem a bit ironic and weird that you're coming here to discuss with us about freedom of speech? burning poppies doesn't harm anyone from from a liberal perspective physically. So what we're saying is, if you really believe in freedom of expression and speech, I doubt that there's a reason for you to have done that.

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I've been reading his tweets recently.

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And I see that he's been talking about the wringer You know, it sickens me to the core the scum of the earth, hooligan, Ruffin, thought,

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hooligan, Russian

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boy, college

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educated, wrote a book on Islam, and he doesn't know the first chapter of the Quran, he doesn't know what it is.

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People are buying it, these individuals are buying some of these

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that the scum of the earth, the scum of the earth, so he

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has decided now to call the Rohingya. The person he goes, the so called persecuted of the Rohingya, the so called persecuted are actually terrorists. Can you believe? Can you believe the extent to which collective guilt this fascist ideology has encroached every nerve of his body? And every, every atom of his being? This man is disgusting. How dare he say that they are the most persecuted According to the UN.

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So I say to you guys today.

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I said to you guys today, that we will take a stand as Muslims and the wider community who are willing to engage with us on this, we will take a stand against his hate. We will continue in the real freedom of speech, which is a freedom of speech, which allows us to elucidate and illuminate and educate and that's what we're in speaker's corner every week do it was Salam aleikum wa.

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Yes. Just quickly echoes. The reason I want to say this is Look, I've went to Britain. First I went to Tommy Robinson, Nolan seven, if there's one thing they feel is that the Dow that we're doing well in LA, he there is nothing else they feel but the Dow that will do it. So now you have so many people out there, you have misconceptions. I'm not seeing that. So go there, when it dies out, carry on your dollar one life, there's one thing that hurts Tommy Robinson and his followers the most is carrying you down. That's exactly what you need to do. And those you are able to so when it dies out, brother and sisters go and interact. Don't go if you see a group of people who are gonna attack

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you, but go and interact with those people and tell them the true teachings of Islam. Because if there's one thing that hurts them more than more than a punch in the face, which I'm not asking you guys to do, is to educate the people. Because when you educate the people, you will have people who've been coming to the park recently saying, I used to follow Tony Robinson, I have to follow we have Chris a mutual fund. And a week before that we had Jordan who accepted Islam. This is his biggest fear. So if you want to do some damage, educate people about Islam do not get violent. Yes if they come with defend ourselves, but brothers and sisters, carry on the dour, educate yourself.

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That's the one message I want to send you

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