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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the importance of nature's blend of natural ingredients and healthy blend oil, as well as the use of social media to educate people about COVID-19 and the potential for activism in the West. The potential for violence and the use of groups to create a "monster" mentality is discussed, as well as the potential for global self and justice to counter the negative impact of social media. The potential for increased social misogyny and the potential for global self and justice to counter the negative impact of social media are also discussed.
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it's a boy, boy, boy.

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Hope you enjoyed the video.

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So we have on the show today with us Professor Chomsky, who simply does not need any introduction. I wanted to ask him Francis Chomsky, the first question is, I mean, you're the report criticized in the UK in the US on how they dealt with the Coronavirus. And I want to ask you the first question being what advice would you give to UK and US politicians on how to deal with the Coronavirus with Coronavirus? Well, first of all, would

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Britain different Britain at first, it took the worst possible stance caused the disaster. But then they reverse course. And they're now moving towards what sane countries have done and contained. The US is a complete disaster. The worst in the world. They waited for until mid March, to begin to take the steps that everyone knew was necessary. US intelligence was telling them high us health officials are telling them, it was obvious, even the newspaper readers, but Trump was too busy. Looking at his TV ratings and playing golf. He just decided to kill 10s of 1000s of people. Now in a desperate effort to cover up crimes, they're trying to blame somebody else to blame the Chinese

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blame the World Health Organization, blame the governors, what he's doing right now is making the crisis as bad as possible in order to improve his election

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possibilities. As you've seen, he said, Well, the federal government can't do anything. But first the line was on the roof of the world. I do everything. Just listen to me. Now the line is we can't do anything. It's up to the government. We don't get any help, of course, but it's your problem to deal with it. And if things go wrong, your fault, not my fault. anything happens come out, right? I'll take credit for it.

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He's basically informing the governor's, you're the ones responsible. Not me. Okay, that's Garrett. But I'm not going to really help federal government has all the wealth and resources, but we're not going to do anything. We're too busy with other things like killing people abroad.

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Of course, it's going to make it worse, when he comes out with these crazy pronouncements may 1, we want to open everything. The lens is the opposite the next day. In fact, I don't know if this is conscious or not, maybe it's just intuitive with him. But he saw in a very clever strategy. The liberal press criticizes him for saying one thing today and the opposite tomorrow, and so on. But that's a very smart strategy. It means that whatever happens, he'll be validated. You should errors randomly, one of them will hit the target. And then you can say See, I knew it all along. And it'll be amplified by his echo chamber and Fox News. That was the most brilliant thing ever done in

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history. And

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it's very clever strategy. And it's same with leaving it all to the governor's. So if anything goes wrong, it's not my fault. We're we haven't have a sociopathic megalomaniac in the White House. And it's causing enormous damages not only to the United States, but to the world.

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Right now, in fact, if you notice, he's encouraging the armed militias, which are

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carrying out demonstrations at state houses to say we want to have freedom by which we want to be able to infect everybody.

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No one else in the world is doing this except bolsonaro. Brazil.

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Do you think that moving in the direction of countries like South Korea and Japan sorry Dr. Pan, but South Korea, Hong Kong, and other countries like that would be the correct kind of course of action for countries like UK and the US?

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No question about

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Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand have it pretty much under control, like China to which they've been following the sensible measures proposed by just about all health specialists, World Health Organization. And furthermore, they started right away. China had, despite all the screaming about China, they had given out all the relevant information by January 9. As soon as they discovered, the Chinese scientists are identified by them that it was a Coronavirus, sequencing genome, given the information to the entire world at that point, there was a lot of details were unknown, but it was basically understood. And the countries that have governments that are concerned for their own

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populations, actually, right away, Europe sort of waited a while and can't believe these Orientals

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finally started acting. As I said, the UK started off with Boris Johnson's craziness, but then went back to something like what other countries are doing. United States is

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the only country that's so far off the spectrum, that the United States is the one country that cannot even provide data about how many cases there are, and how many deaths every other country, he says data.

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On a personal level, how are you coping with with the lockdown?

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Personally, I

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look privileged, we live in a place where we can stay alone, nobody nearby

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things other people don't have a

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living in, if we were still living in an apartment and chambers would be much harder.

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Even though that would still be privileged. Plenty of people don't even have that. And of course, the worst of all, are the really poor and underprivileged people and homeless people, people in the slums, people in prisons. And so them it's a total disaster. And the United States is uniquely savage in this respect. So if you're unemployed, and especially you lose your job, now you've been well,

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that means you lose your health insurance, we don't have a guaranteed health.

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So that means

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you get symptoms of the virus, okay.

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This is we proceeds Trump

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comes from being a business run society, bound by the strict rules, so totally dysfunction.

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Yeah, I mean, you're on another No, I want to ask another question. You're known for your support, kind of for minorities, to bolster the voice of the otherwise like voiceless people. So I want to ask a question, cuz obviously, you've written Manufacturing Consent,

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which is very well known.

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I'm, first of all, I'm as a member of the Muslim community, very indebted to you, and very much appreciative of what you've done for my community. I'm sure many Muslims feel the same way. I wanted to ask you for your advice on something taking the example of this YouTube channel that I'm going to be putting this on, as well as many other kind of Muslim YouTube channels that try and educate people about Islam.

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To what extent do you think the utilization of social media is important for bolstering the voice of and otherwise voiceless people, minorities in the West, for example?

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Well, social media offer the opportunity, but somebody has to grasp the opportunity. And they've been, you know that others are going to be grasping it. The ones who want to sow hate and anger and racism and conformity they're going to be using the question is whether as others, this goes way back. Incidentally, if you look back at the, when cable television was introduced, there was a legislation in Congress, the this spectrum, electronic spectrum, of course, it's publicly owned. And it was given as a gift to a couple of major private enterprises. We decided to give you that gift. You can have cable television, but there was a provision in the room.

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The Act that required the big cable companies to set up a small community based cable installations that are in communities all over the country.

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They're not, you know, Fox News, but they have reasonable facilities, I'm sure better facilities in us.

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Have they've been used by the left

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and taken over almost by right wing crazies.

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A couple of them are used and are very effective. But it's rare. I've talked on them. Well, this has been, I've been trying for years to get left wing groups that complain rightly about being cut off from the media to use these facilities. I mean, you reach a whole community that way. And if you have good stuff, people tune in major fee. nearly same with social media. Yes, they can be effective, but you've got to use them.

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Yeah, I mean, we found that obviously, there's lots of studies like Pew Research, which shows that more interaction you have with minority groups, the less likely there is to be discrimination. Why should there be tolerance and acceptance, we found that just educating people on the basics of Islamic belief things like we believe in one God, many people are very ignorant of the fact or believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and you know, from the Christian community, and that we believe that, you know, Mohammed is the final messenger that we have very similar beliefs to Christians and Jews in the sense that, you know, believe that there's one god worthy of worship and just very basic

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things like that. I think, from my experience, just educating people on the basics of Islam, as simple as it may be, has actually had a profound effect on social cohesion and harmony on, you know, tolerance, you know, and so on and so forth. So what I wanted to ask you was, you know, do you think that the Coronavirus now

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is putting people into kind of like an existential angst? Do you think that this is actually prompting people to ask about the ultimate questions in life? Some things like, Why Why am I here? What was the purpose of life? Do you think it will have that effect?

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Depends on people like you.

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It could have led people use the opportunity. There wasn't one. Right? And we know that there are some who are going to use the opportunity. Exactly the people who are sowing a hatred, bitterness, fear of others, racism and so on. They'll be using question is whether anybody else?

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Yes, yes. I mean,

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we, we fast, fast Ray? and Ray?

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Is the wholeness of the whole Muslims Muslims with with that? I mean, do you think

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and they educate themselves on that, once again, will increase increase social social cohesion and interaction interaction between between between sides?

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So it's the same answer. Yes. You

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can produce you could never predict the rise of any social movement. Right? In 1960. Can the civil rights movement ever develop? any sane person would say it's impossible for countries to versus

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same with everything else.

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Right, right.

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Okay, no problem.

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On this point, you know, obviously not

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realizing that with the Coronavirus,

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fridge and also the fact

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that someone here in the UK, UK talked about using about using

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your measuring Wait, wait, how can how can you use

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any group, any group to try and try and portray harmony and harmony in this time is time for pandemic? So what kind of what kind of thing was violence violence to do in order to create more tolerance

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and harmony and harmony? What kind of advice would you

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do everything from talking to your neighbors? Yes, up to joining organized groups that are pressing for genuine nationalism. You can be educating people about some very elementary facts in Europe. So there's something in Europe now excluding Britain, that's called the European Union. Yes. Okay. How are they reacting

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His richest most powerful country, they've pretty much handled it for themselves. A low death rate, a couple of miles across the border is one of the real hotspots northern Italy. A lot of people dying, mostly elderly people in the elderly population in Germany. They need help and assistance. Are they getting it from Germany?

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That's the European Union. Are they getting any? Yeah, from the superpower across the Atlantic, to the one country, which is showing how to be genuinely internationalist

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as they've been doing for decades, okay. That's a country that's not exactly in the optimal conditions. It's been crushed by us violence and terror and economic warfare, ever since declared independence became independent. So it's not a great treat. But nevertheless, they've been teaching the world a lesson in internationalism.

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Not they were pressured. And they're doing it once again. Yes, to deadly with Chinese assistance. Okay. Are there some lessons there about genuine internationalism? Are there some lessons you can bring to people? I mean, I think so. And this goes all the way up to genuinely creating a progressive intervention that's happening, you can take part in their first international conference is coming up in November. This was called by Bernie Sanders in the United States.

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Yanis Varoufakis. In Europe, sound 25, which is working on this across Europe.

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It's possible to become a participant and a supporter. The idea is to create a progressive International, which will bring in

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the rest of the world, global self, others, which will counter the reactionary international that's being constructed in the White House, which is supposed to run it with Britain, especially now. Europe is a

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subsidiary of vessel does with the US orders

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in the Middle East

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seesee, murderous dictator of Egypt favor Gulf dictatorships.

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MBs likes to chop people up who doesn't like and so on. The United Arab Emirates, dictatorships, Israel moving so far to the right that you can hardly see it. It's no, there's kind of tacit relations with

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leadership for years. They're not coming out in the open.

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India under Hindu nationalists fanatic, was trying to destroy the remnants of Indian democracies, obvious member

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Orban and Hungary turning into dictatorship salvini in Italy, was kicked out of getting people to die on the Mediterranean, fleeing from what you're done everything, put together all these guys you have a nice reactionary, international, progressive internationalism effort to counter Yes, yes, you can do all the way from talking to your neighbor up to supporting the international

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no shortage.

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Thank you very much.

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My good friend will

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gift you with another word in other

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words, a divinely aligned reality.

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Why PDR once again, once again, just as a gesture appreciation, that's very, very small

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vision and give you how for one

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minority group and the justice that just spread around around the world. Thank you very much

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and hopefully