Should we correct someone who is not making the prayer according to the Sunnah

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of following the way of events in order to avoid harm. They also mention the use of negative language in explaining events and the importance of being outspoken in public. The speaker advises against taking oneself out of the equation and suggests taking private activities in public.
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engaging with people who may not

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pray the way of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam.

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And they follow certain mazahub once it comes to a rough earlier day, and all of this, like I said, in principle, we all must strive to follow the way of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we all must strive to

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engage with other Muslims, to invite them

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to follow the way of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam

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This is the benefit, but if there is a harm out there, that the person will be offended,

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because he is a must have fanatic.

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There are some Muslims who live in method there are some massages in America, in particular that you enter the masjid was Shafi what Hanafi warham, belly

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diehard mad

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about hanifa illa

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if this is the type of person, then this is going to bring harm. So you now have a benefit and a harm

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that person animosity and hatred,

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then I would think about it.

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But what if this person is receiving from you?

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Because also it's going to take to to do this, the way that you convey it the way that you deliver it, the way that you talk to them. You see, sometimes the way that I see some Muslim Brothers specially amongst the youth, how they go to correct elders.

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It's very offensive. And I admit I was one of those.

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I was one of those

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I remember this time and this brother is dead. May Allah have mercy on him era banal amin

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and I know his family. His brother is probably watching me right now. And he was there. When I yelled at him when I heard him saying the intention loud. Now I suddenly I believe it was Ayesha salata, Alicia Lau yelled at him.

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You know, he looked at me as a liar. I didn't know. Man. Yeah.

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I looked at myself what a what an awful thing, you know, and I did this in public, you know, in front of everybody

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you know, so

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advises heavy, you know, telling people that you're wrong is heavy on them on the nuts. Nuts. Every person has knifes. enough's has power. So now you have to really

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send the message

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with love and with kindness. And if those people are there, then you should do it. So you're good at it. And they are receiving absolutely Keep going. Keep going, but don't do it in public. Take them in private. And and I always advise you take yourself out of the equation, say Carla Rasulullah. Here's the evidence. This is how the Prophet used to do a lot of work. Okay, send me a lot when you're getting that. Hopefully that's clear in sha Allah Jackalope Allah.