Jewish Zionist Gets Angry With Muslim – Funny Debate

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The speaker discusses the Jewish community's struggles to achieve peace and acceptance for Muslims in the United States and other countries. They argue that the Jewish community should share their wealth and resources with other countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, to achieve acceptance. The speaker also suggests a flat sharing and a person sharing their house.

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Let's just look at the history here, right? There are there are currently there were there are currently maybe 10 12 million Jews in the world, most of whom are happening right now. Yeah, happily living in America and Brazil, I don't know where they are right. At the end of the war in 1945. The Jewish nation has been completely decimated, right. beyond imagination, the Jewish community has been decimated, right? Like, hundreds of millions, hundreds of millions of Muslims living all over the Middle East, all over Indonesia, and Malaysia and all over the world, right? Islam is such a beautiful, amazing religion of peace and love and charity. Why couldn't the Muslim world say You

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know what? Yeah. Let them have this little piece of land on the on the Mediterranean. It's tiny. Yes, let them come here. Let them call it let them live here. Let them be let them defend themselves. Right. Let them have a democracy here. Why couldn't they just given that we've got we've got Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Iran and Iraq and Syria and Lebanon

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was the was the peace of

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God, God is the God of mercy.

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And he could have had a better life.

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a better life and let me bomb the hell out of these Jews running away.

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kills and kills. Listen to me. Now. Anyways, let me make my point about your question, Jonathan, don't be angry. Listen, this is this is a free discussion.

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For a long leave.

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We look at the figures. I disagree with this guy. So

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I disagree with this guy so much. But yeah.

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Let me let me answer what you've just said.

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Basically, what you've what you've said, is nonsensical from a liberal from an Islamic from even a Jewish perspective. Excuse me, let me see. What you said, is nonsensical, from a liberal perspective, from which, let me tell you, I said what you said, which was nonsense with that last comment which you made, that the Muslims have, and the Muslims, as in one monolith of Muslims are all meant to be one identity. One thing, they all have this, all of these countries like Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, all these countries, therefore, why didn't they charitably give Palestine as you know, for the Jews are suffering in Israel and Germany? Excuse me, people that live in Egypt are

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different from people that live in Indonesia, people that live in Saudi Arabia are different people that live in the same Quran

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and to be generous

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to give up your home

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Okay, sharing is caring the afternoon so why don't you guys

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I want to share I want to I want to share it. I want to share lots of things I want to share.

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I want to personally share the State of Israel now. Yeah, that's right. A lot of the Muslims are being basically kicked out of their homes in many different countries. Israel is one of the most powerful Middle Eastern countries with his logic which they should be sharing Why don't they share their money and give it to the Arab states?

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Why don't they share the line?

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Arabia Syrian refugees Christians

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English people you don't share land with you you have to accept

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money you have people that are living in a certain place and they just have to share their land get taken take my house. Complex sharing let's do a little flat sharing right No, no rent necessary. Yeah, let's be let no no rent necessary. No flat sharing. Come in. No problem.

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Yeah, what would you do?

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I don't want to seem like I'm attacking someone. Where do you live?

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Let's have a nice house as well. I want to show you a car.