Mohammed Hijab – Jewish Zionist Exposes Himself to Muslims

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the definition of terrorism and how it is considered " forthship" by the United States government. They argue that the definition is inconsistent with the definition of terrorism and that Muslims should not be considered " forthship" by the government. The speaker also suggests that Muslims should be treated with respect and that they should not be surprised by their behavior.
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Yeah, so here's the thing, when you when you're talking about

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if somebody goes and kills random pieces,

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just just in order to cause terror.

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Okay, so the idea.

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Okay, so they've never killed any instance of the idea.

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That's not that's just my guess what? So it doesn't what you said, if somebody kills random people just to create terror, that's my definition. Okay. Well, the UN disagrees with you on that. You add civilian infrastructure

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using the word

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definition, but you haven't produced anything anyone can agree with. We're talking about working definitions of terrorism.

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Don't appeal to authority. Why not give you what do you think that?

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terrorists? This is what I'm saying to you. If you see that the idea of, for example, the Israeli Defense Force here bombs the gardens. Yeah, indiscriminate. Do you consider that an act of terrorism? If they did? Yeah. Would you consider like, just recently, just recently, the 17 year old in what's his name again? Sorry, that was killed him in the West Bank?

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Oh, you don't? Okay, that's fine. Anyways,

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you don't care about if it's, if it was a Jewish guy, you probably know his name. But having said that, you don't know. The person that was killed in the West Bank? making assumptions based on mine.

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You don't know what I'm saying to you. Is that

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Israeli Israeli Defense white does

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on the ground in the West Bank.

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Are you considering that away from terrorism not terrorism?

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Or is there some aspects of terrorism?

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Israeli Defense Force, the army and Israel. Okay. And the other branches, the other organs that are in charge of police, etc. And the Mossad, all these different groups? Yeah, I'm asking you. Do you believe that all of these groups are far away from any kind of terrorism or anywhere? They don't do terrorism as a matter of policy?

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Yeah, they're not they're not okay. No, I'm not saying it's a terrorist. Do they commit terrorist acts or not? Those are not terrorists. Okay, so that's why I will say I disagree with you based on the definition of the UN

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different definition of what's your definition my definition

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the definition which is basically causing terror to civilian population and infrastructure, and they give a list of things

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to civilians or civilian infrastructure, etc. Every single war causes damage you save

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every single one.

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Every single one Why do we have to

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say that?

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So here we have so

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if you attack somebody randomly, why would you attack somebody randomly for no reason?

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Yeah, somebody asked you straight you're wearing the * can you do it you attack? I'm assuming you took

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your money. Your money

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if somebody attacks somebody randomly, I'm gonna assume

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the benefit of

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know, no.

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I don't believe

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I seriously do not.

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All right.

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Okay, get out of here.

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Because you're using a certain definition that most people don't use,

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I was gonna say

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40 days, he hasn't read that book.

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I don't care. I'm just saying to you look, at the end of the day, he came to this guy, and he said to you,

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I hate this guy.

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He says, Give me your money. And then I will say, No, it's not what

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is your definition of terrorism that you gave before? If somebody is somebody?

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So he doesn't he doesn't consider it.

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inconsistent, my friend, there's the thing. You just said that if you hit people, yeah, you'd consider that terrorism. That's not considered terrorism. Anyway, that's considered assault by law. And I agree, I'll take that. So why would you consider him a terrorist? Because he

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generalizing, we all do it all the time. If you see if you see.

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I agree, I generalize. And I think it's absolutely no problem to generalize. For example, let me give an example. Okay. Let me give an example. Okay, if you see somebody that's dressed completely, completely cool, right? You want to assume that he's bored? It doesn't mean you know, he's poor. You'll just need to say he's probably poor. So it's okay to generalize Muslims.

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Didn't say

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it says on your taxes, a very big difference. Yeah.

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He looks like a Muslim. Yeah.

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Probably a terrorist.

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Ban to me for no reason. Must be serious.

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All right. Let me ask him one question.

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It's a simple question. Would you assume that he's poor? That's a different analogy. You can you can answer the question or you can answer.

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How do you want me to be rich? Okay.

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You got me You got me my friend. Yes. Yes. It makes perfect sense.

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Yes, good. Last question. Because

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it doesn't matter. It does matter. Because

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I'm not telling you.

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Five it's about in your life. Have you ever been attacked by Muslim in your life? Have you ever been attacked by a Muslim now?

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You're like, 35 What do you feel

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