Zakir Naik – A Non Muslim Converts to Islam Online

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A man on YouTube is discussing the requirements for accepting Islam, including belief and witnessing only one God. He also asks if anyone is forcing them to accept Islam, to which the representative responds that no one is required to do so and that practicing Islam is a fundamental part of Islam. The representative also mentions that they will continue to practice Islam and may receive money for their attendance.
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The message on the YouTube just a few minutes back, I just got on my mobile, MD subscribe, sir, I want to convert to Islam.

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If you want to convert to Islam, it's a good thing Alhamdulillah it is the best you can do in your life you're most welcome to convert to Islam is very easy. There are mainly two basic requirements for anyone to accept Islam, number one, to believe and bear witness that there is only one Almighty God, Allah subhanaw taala with no partners, you have got no associates and you should worship Him alone, and no one else you should do idol worship, etc. Number two, with believe that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the last and funded messenger of Almighty God. If these two things we accept, then you can enter the fold of Islam and then you keep on practicing Islam following the

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five pillar that we discussed. So I'd like to ask you, brother, that I hope you want to accept Islam or a free will. And I hope that no one is forcing you to accept Islam. And it's not a must that you have to do it in public. But since you requested me, I will say it in Arabic and you can repeat it I will say it slowly and I hope no one is giving you money to accept Islam you're doing it out of your freewill and surely one of the reasons that accepted Islam may be one of the reasons I mentioned

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in the answer to my first question, I said I'll be better and you can repeat it. I shall do

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illa Allah Illallah

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I shadow

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if I repeated this Mashallah, you're a Muslim and May Allah accept

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and May Allah forgive all your passes be converted into good deeds and May Allah grant progenitor for those? I'm not used to giving shahzeb and I cannot hear back the feedback maybe the replies coming on social media. And I Peter last minute Allah that may you get more knowledge of the deen and we will practice more of Islam and inshallah maybe be resurrected together on the Day of Judgment inshallah.

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