Mohammed Hijab – Jews Discuss Integration With Muslim

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a woman named Ruby who was approached by a man from Stanford Hill, who needs to integrate with religion. The woman needs to correct mistakes of her past and avoid taxes for Jewish people in a Muslim locality. The speaker also talks about the issue of double standards within media and their negative impact on Jewish people. They criticize the media's portrayal of Jewish people as afraid of others and express their desire to integrate with the right wing media.
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What's going on? Oh, shalom.

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Okay. Thank you.

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They will never want to speak to me.

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No problem. No problem. Let me tell you something. What's your name? My friend.

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rubyist that's a name that you need to tell me what it means. What's reveals me?

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Say interesting name Ruby. Oh, my God. This is interesting.

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Oh, you're gonna take a picture of him to delete that straight away my friend.

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Very interesting. Anyways,

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I'm not gonna talk about religion for two minutes. You're from Stanford Hill. Yeah.

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Oh, you're from sorry, I don't know.

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Because right here, wherever you're from let me say something. Just for two minutes. Just discussion? Yeah. Discussion time.

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I come down. Can I bring him to he's gonna bring a learned person. Wait.

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We don't need another person. I just want to talk to you about one issue that your experience forget about religion. Your experience

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as Muslims are Muslim, okay.

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Thank you. Good Gentile. Listen, as a Muslim. I'm always being told you need to integrate. as Muslims, we need to integrate integration. We hear this all the time all the time, bro. Now listen, I was quite surprised and shocked. Whoa, wait a minute. Why? Let me tell you why. I went to Stanford to drive in.

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And I'm sure you've done the same. Let me let me I'm not saying it's bad. Listen to me carefully. Reviews.

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Yes, reviews. I'm not saying it's bad. But just listen to what I'm saying. Driving around.

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I saw ambulance.

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Ambulance is a bit different, isn't it? Yeah. Well, wait a minute. Wait, why is the ambulance so different? I realize it's a Jewish ambulance.

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But then I go into the I'm told, go into the hospital. And there's a Jewish section. Yes. The

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top section is this section.

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Now this is why I'm not saying you're wrong. Do what you want. Guys. Listen. I'm just I'm just fine.

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I'm just telling you my friend something. Yeah.

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I realized that I'm walking. I'm driving here. And there's a synagogue and assumption here or something like that somewhere where they all go? Yeah, I see them coming out. I'm really interested in that stuff. Yeah, I'm not gonna lie synagogue, synagogue and Sanford, whatever. Now I see the men in one side of the road. And the woman walk another side of the road.

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Now listen to this. The men. This is a street in London. Yeah. And liberal London. The men are walking on one side of the road. And the woman has said, Now I'm saying oh, okay, you've done what you need to do. No problem. Yeah, I'm not I haven't got. I haven't got a problem with that. Okay. But we're not talking about the inside the synagogue. We're talking about in the streets. Okay, hold on. So hey, you got your numbers. You've got your own hospital section. No Jews and non Jews are then

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you go your own streets, segregation going on in the streets. And now this motorway I thought that will be my friend.

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And then I see something interesting, my friend really interesting. I even hear that there is um, you could correct me please if I'm wrong. There's Jewish Police.

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His cousin is a police.

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Police Listen to me.

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Okay, so

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if they see me

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Okay, no problem. The police easier time. Listen, let me say

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By the way, I don't disagree with anyone. I don't care. You know, honestly, if I was a president of a Muslim country, yes.

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Like Pakistan, I took over Pakistan or

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any of those things. Yeah.

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I would. And you and I had Jewish people in my country. Yes. I would give them all of those rights. You know why? Let me tell you why. Because we're live. We're live because the Quran tells me

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Do you know at the time of the Prophet, and you can read, you know, there's a, there's a verse very, very probably the oft used verse against Muslims in this park 929. So let's talk about chapter nine, verse 29.

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And find the Jews and the Christians and this and that.

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Yeah, yeah. Look at that. Look at the extra Jesus of that particular verse. Yeah, the Tafseer of that verse, you'll find the necessity of the verse. We're going through it to see the code to be long, Tafseer very long, he occurred to be one of our major scholars from Spain, the Spanish guy from kotoba. He says that a long time ago, now he's a classical scholar.

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He talks about if Jewish and Christian people live

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in your state,

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they have to pay the jizya. Wait a minute, isn't that a discriminatory tax that the the Christians and the Jews they have to pay? No, no, no. He even says that jizya he talks about how much it should be. His categorization of the jizya is less than what records okay. So taxes will be could potentially be less for Jewish people, for Christian people in a Muslim locality. Yes. Then they would be for Muslims. Imagine that. So this thing that they're calling discriminatory tax is in fact, less tax

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if they want to and this is I found this mind blowing because this is something not even talked about. I'll quote to be says, and this is gonna sound controversial to Muslims, but I'm going to say Hold your horses Muslim. Don't worry. If and I know you're not going to do it yourself. Sorry. I just when I go when I see this stuff, I have to you know, fix it.

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It says in the in the Tafseer that if they want to drink alcohol, if they want to eat swine, I know you don't do that stuff. Yeah. Because you don't use swine. You're just like me, I don't use wine.

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You drink alcohol, okay, but if you want if you want to drink,

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we don't drink alcohol. Anyways,

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so long as it's kosher anyways, they can do so they can do so in their locality. So I'm not against let me be clear, I am not against the fact that Jewish people have their own communities, whereby they're living by their own laws. In the Quran, you'll find that the passages is within Merida,

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which are basically telling us and look at Tafseer that Jewish people can even rule by the Bible, the Old Testament, the Torah. They can rule by it within the context of an Islamic system. They could not as an ultimate law, but we're talking about

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themselves in areas. This is something well known. So I'm not against it. But my problem is as follows. Yep. And now this is, you know, we have to you know, okay, my problem, I swear, I have no problem with Jewish people. Yeah, I don't. In fact, look at you is such a handsome man. How can anyone have a problem with you? Yeah.

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But the thing is this.

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I feel there's been a double standard, the right way. Yeah. Listen, the right not you know, from you. You're fine. You're fine. You're doing

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fine. For a second we'll come to Palestine. That's another issue.

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I'm talking about the right wing media.

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The right wing media has told us to integrate, but they're forgotten about the Jews. That's my point.

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What is integration? integration?

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No, no, yeah. Okay, fine. It's kind of like one notch higher with assimilation. They've told us to be like, get involved in economy to mix around to understand the British values and all these things. Everything that Islamophobic people are angry about Islam with is founded Judaism, dun, dun, dun, everything from A to Z, while like everything that Islamophobic people are angry about Islam in our in Judaism. That's something I'm making as a comment, everything.

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Anything, anything? Let me give you an example.

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They don't have people with men or women being separated in places of worship. There's actually things, discussions and panels.

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So in shows that say that, why is it in in British universities that you have men or women being separated in events? It's happening on streets in London? How could that be a fair analysis when you don't mention Jewish people?

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The Muslim

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Jews only.

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You're wrong. The Muslims are 1.6 billion even better, or maybe even 1.7 billion, according to Pew Research

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on Jews, about 25 million individuals in the whole world, which means there's more people in Cairo

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than there are Jews in the whole world.

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It doesn't matter. This is not the point. The point is being consistent in your social analysis. I'm not speaking to you right now in a second. I'm going to come to you

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What I'm saying? No, hold on. I'm saying to the right wing media, then how comes? You don't mention that, you know, hey,

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my point is made. Y'all see, if you want to live you can live. My point is made everything. Do you notice some foolish man? I'm not sure if you like him or not if you like him, well put it out there and make this video put his name on it or the title or whatever, if you want to. That's up to you. This guy called Ben Shapiro.

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Yes, I heard him on. I swear, I heard this guy and I was thinking, what a

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bad idea. Guys. Let me tell you something.

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He details Oh, look how many countries are Islamic, and therefore like Sharia law?

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No problem. Let me just say one thing.

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Yes to the scumbag. The scumbag ben shapiro and others like him. have not forgotten the fact that everything that constitutes Sharia from prayers that you're going to do now?

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Yes, most of it is actually found in the Jewish religion. Jewish religion in Jews and Judaism. Why doesn't he shoot himself in the foot? He was a little high school skullcap. He's shooting himself in the foot when he talks about all of the things that are associated with with Islamic law that he's not happy with because all most of them I will tell you the vast majority of things are a biblical from the Torah. How can you How can that be a How can you throw stones like this one you live in a glass house? So you condemned this guy?

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You're such a nice guy though.

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Thank you very much. Maybe next week, no is no problem.

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Why do you guys want to

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