Life Is So Hard Without Islam

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My brothers and sisters at the very end of surah Allah azza wa jal says in Aradhana Amana, ALLAH SubhanA wa T will out of the world Japan.

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We have offered the trust, the trust and responsibility, of faith and righteousness, of living up to the purpose and wisdom for which Allah azza wa jal created the creation. We offered the distrust to the skies and to the earth and to the mountains for eBay in a

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wash Falcon, I mean, what hemella hull in San and so they all collectively refused declined the responsibility, the risk is too high. The reward is great, but the risk was too intimidating. Why should Falconer minha they were heavily anxious, intimidated, fearful of it will hemella Hell in sand, but the human being opted for it, I'll take it.

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So the humanity

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shouldering this responsibility is why we're here today.

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However, one of the great scholars of Islam if the Josie Rahima hula died about 800 years ago, he said, whom ever thinks that this responsibility we have shouldered is easy, does not understand its reality, doesn't understand the nature of tech leaf, have this responsibility and trust that we are tax tasks within life. He said, some people may think this responsibility is to wash a few limbs, meaning we'll do listen and offer a few Rock Islands like Salah he goes in these are actually the easiest of our responsibilities, some of the most difficult of them. And the reason why the mountains themselves shied away from this was that mountain themselves could not carry where it was

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the likes of you having to accept what you don't understand, to submit to what you cannot comprehend. And he says, like for example, loss and pain, and seeing the likes of innocent children suffer. And then being responsible to force your mind to accept that as atrocious and tragic as this is, he is still our Hamra. He mean, more merciful than anyone who has mercy in their hearts, more merciful than everyone else combined. He's the one that decreed this, it's very hard.

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He said, When you realize this, you understand the difference between the duties of the limbs and the duty of the intellect, the duty of the mind.

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Like what we see in the Gazette today, for example, is on everyone's mind, and death toll is nearing 10,000 children, so hard to keep myself locked in on the fact that yes, it is horrible. It is horrific. It is unthinkable evil from our perspective. But Allah subhana who was to Allah is requesting from the angels to take the souls of those children by name, bring me that child, their time in this world of pain and suffering is done.

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He's choosing them.

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As if choosing roses from a garden, these are the best of the people, and I want them back now they've passed their tests to lock yourself in on what you cannot see in front of you and fully understand is difficult. However, that's not the topic of the whole book.

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What caught my eye when I was reading this reflection of the Josie Rahima hola is the fact that he said, washing a few limbs and offering a few rock Oz is a walk in the park compared to some other responsibilities we have in life as believers.

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And yet what many of us think this lighter test much lighter test is too much of a test. Many of us go through much lighter tests than the one I just described. That that mountains would struggle to bear and the believer is tasked and equipped through the Quran to bear

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they are bombarded or harassed with the thoughts of like, why is Islam so hard? Why is Islam so restrictive? Why is Islam so difficult?

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And of course that is chronically speaking the farthest thing from the truth. Reality speaking that couldn't be more wrong. This is sort of they got it backwards. Islam is hard. Absolutely not. Life is hard. And life is infinitely more hard. Without Islam. That is the reality. But most of us may struggle to see

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sets our mindset set our heart set upon this. Why is that? I mean, if you look in the Quran, for instance, Allah azza wa jal says, was there, you know, we saw that he was Salah

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and seek help in life, it's supposed to be helpful for you to exhibit patience and prayer.

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You see, there's a big difference. Some people see prayer as being in the way like, oh, it's prayer time again, it's interrupting me. It's in the way, whereas Allah azza wa jal in the Quran is telling you actually, this prayer has been instated there to pave your way not to be in your way to smooth in your course of life to help you get past the hurdles to help you not get tripped up in life. That's what it's there for.

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But who is able to see it as such to feel experienced the prayer for instance, as such, just continue the iron seek strength through patience and prayer. What inner hair like hubiera and prayer is burdensome the Quran is admitting the prayer is a burden when the Hala Kabira it's a big thing. It's heavy

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Illa Allah harsh you're in, except those who are in awe of Allah who are fixated on the divine why Alladhina von noona and now Humala for a be him because they are those who are certain that they will soon be meeting their Lord. So once you have certainty, that is motivation enough for you to downplay whatever you're going to do, like the prayer, and then once you downplay it adopted show consistency in it, you realize, oh, this wasn't something of a burden on me, this was actually an asset for me. It, but it comes from where to see it as such, it depends on your motivations. It depends on your incentive, why should I see the prayer as such, to the degree of your certainty, you

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will, certainty is what enables you to sacrifice

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changing my wardrobe, upholding my prayers, changing my job, if I have to relocating my family, if I must, forgiving my relatives and upholding the ties of kinship, these are walking in the park, they may seem like a 10 year challenge or a 20 year challenge. But with certainty in the Hereafter, it becomes a piece of cake. It becomes so easy. It depends on where it lands, does it land on the proper motivation or not? Because if I were to give some people worldly motivation, forgive them and I'll give you a million dollars. Oh, that's easy. I'll do it.

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prefetching I'll give you $1,000 Yeah, no problem. Suddenly that huge boulder called a lot of veg is a fly, right is weightless.

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Now move on to another factor here.

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Certainty is what allows us to sacrifice how much is Islam actually asking us to sacrifice. The very little sacrifice really, that Islam is asking us for is always within our capacity. Objectively speaking, really, it is easy, truly easy.

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Every sensible person would acknowledge this. And I'll give you a few examples.

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praying five times a day. How long does it take?

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2030 minutes max, you don't find it a burden to go get a coffee that could take you 40 minutes, or go on a lunch break that costs you an hour. It's not a burden, right? What is it? Yeah. Two and a half percent not have your money, have the holdings that have just been sitting there for an entire year, a fraction of a fraction of them goes out to the poor, and the needy and good causes is that how hard is that really fast thing? Just the daylight hours in one of the 12 months of how difficult is that? Exactly? Exactly. People do this for different reasons. If they have motivation enough, they'll do longer hours for health reasons. But to reset your mind, heart and soul and align them on

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the proper trajectory in life. It's not that difficult at all. Objectively, it's not hard. It's a fraction of a fraction is what Allah Azza is asking you the Allah Who gave you everything to begin with. Islam comes and says eat whatever you want, and drink whatever you want. Just stay away from work.

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And stay away from unslotted meats. Stay away from wine and toxic and that's it. Eat everything. It's Halal pure, eat it. And that's an endless list the halal and labor an endless list.

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But then there's more Islam eases it further and goes. But if you're stuck, there's a built in concession for you because now you can live hula hoops and Alosa there's further ease now. Right? Allah will not burden you beyond your capacity. So if it's beyond your capacity to stand, sit down and your prayer sitting hurts too much lay down. Right?

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The two and a half percent you can't pull out the money for whatever reason. Just take note of it and just make sure you you will

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counts for it in the future you can't fast because you're sick or you're traveling, make it up on other days and the AI that says make it up on other days says what you read Allah who became with us, Allah wants to make things easy for you. He wants to make things easy for you Subhana Allah Tada there's nothing to eat but pork. Go ahead and eat it till you find something that is permissible, right? But it doesn't just stop there. I'll give you one more. And even if you didn't have the concession due to straining circumstances, and you actually did in fact violate you didn't even uphold these very basic sacrifices. Like you didn't keep to your five or you delayed years of care

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or you didn't fast your Ramadan or you did eat something haram and the door is always open to be forgiven right or wrong. That's why the scholars said when Allah Baraka Allah said magia, Allah Allah confit demon herridge. Allah has not caused for there to be on you any hardship and the unbearable weight in this religion. They said of the first things that comes to mind is that Allah never set any crime that you can't repent from so long as you're breathing. So long as you're breathing, you can be forgiven. There's always an exit. There's never a lost cause. There's never undue hardship and inescapable mistake doesn't exist in our deen even for those who do, in fact,

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violate this, these very easy demands, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam himself said, but she wrote a letter in a federal gift people Glad Tidings tell them about these things. Well attend a funeral. Don't chase people away, keep them coming back because they always can. And he said in the same Hadith in the very next statement, yes, Cyril wala two zero, make things easy for people draw for them a gradual path and show them the upsides and make things easy one to zero. Don't make things hard on them. That is an integral part of our deen

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and ultimately, Islam demands so little of us right? Look at what we just the picture we just drew together and it gives you so much in return of purpose of direction of clarity of peace

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in this world before the next which is the actual price which is the grand prize but enroute to it Islam gives you so much in this life and demands of you so little

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ask for just like remove this Islam thing. Let me just live life life will take from you so much. And it will give you back so little.

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This is why you know, in the famous narration so I had to Bacardi when I shot all the Allahu Taala on her said, she said that the first thing to come down from the Quran

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were the shorter sutras that were primarily discussing reinforcing in people their awareness of the Day of Judgment, Fi habitual agenda to knowledge he said it has more than anything mentioned of paradise in the fire. She said then when the people became inclined, the motivational structures are setting them when people became attached to the hereafter it was vivid for them. She said Nestle halal or haram, the do's and don'ts came down. She said, and if the first thing to come down from the Quran would have been stopped fornicating the people would have said will never stop haram relationships snaps too hard, right? It would have said we're not going to stop this habit. And if

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the first thing to come down would have been stopped drinking wine, they would have said Leonard or whoever that will never stop drinking wine to heart will never stop doing it. You know, we often cite this narration as we should to speak about motivational structures. But I want you to also for the sake of today's hutzpah look at it from a second angle as well. When Islam was telling people to move away from this

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was it moving them towards restriction? Like don't fornicator don't drink wine? Was that actually a restriction? No, it was in their heads a restriction. Right? Quick gratification, drink and forget, you know, be with whoever you want flip a jump to another option. But in reality, this was a black hole. This was so much hardship. Ask the people who have open relationships. Are they happy in life? Is their life easy? Their lives are so complicated. Ask the people that substance abuse and drink wine otherwise are their lives easy. They're not. And so the dean is actually building for you the motivational structure so that you would accept the Dean's invitation to ease not to restriction.

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So that you would realize that Islam is coming not to keep you from the freedom to sin. I wish I were free to say no, it is freeing you from being tossed around and being destroyed at the hands of sin. And All Praise be to Allah Who did not leave us under the guise the delusion of freedom to sin and actually gave us freedom from sin through these proper structures through this proper motivation through the ease that Allah only grants through Islam, a cornucopia that was the

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phorbol Alima

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena via shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa doko luxury calahorra shadow under Mohammed and Abdullah who went to BU Hora su

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brothers and sisters allow me to enter the home with just a few more thoughts on how to counteract how to reverse that mindset whenever it tries to trip inside of our hearts, our souls our thoughts is Islam is your heart.

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Number one, think about this, considering the greatness of Allah azza wa jal subhanho wa Taala How easy is it to please him? Like think about it? This perfect being? How can our imperfect efforts ever earned his pleasure ever qualify to please Him? You know, like people often say, I can't please my parents. And these are like fellow human beings. We're all imperfect. How can we possibly rationally logically qualify to please Allah? Yes, we can. Right? Let's have the ease of this Dean. He made it so easy to please him. That's why one of the seller for us to say in little Hassan it means Fatima Yoni Anissa yet that, you know, our good deeds are so defective naturally, right?

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Because we're imperfect creatures. So anything that comes to us will be imperfect. Our good deeds are so imperfect that That by itself, is enough of a reason to shy away from to stay away from to be too ashamed to commit evil deeds, like how can I commit evil deed, even my good deeds or flood, right? But Allah accepts those flawed imperfect deeds despite his perfect nature, because he loves to make things easy for people. And I have another thought for you. Consider the value of forgiveness.

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It's either forgiveness or Doom at the end of the equation called life. How easy does Allah make forgiveness? Another Matoba sincere regret equals repentance. That's our dean. Look how easy that is. Can I have a third one for you? Consider the greatness of paradise the greatness of Jannah every single one of us understands I'll work five six days so long as you don't you know, intrude on me on my day off work six for one, or I'll work for two years for 1015 years of retirement. Allah azza wa jal is selling you work for a few short years, and then you get a forever vacation. Consider the greatness of Jana and how easily it can be gained. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam said low end abna Adam Joe Rolla what G minyama Walidah Illa Ania muda haram and female Dotty la de la cara Julio multi Amma, if the son of Adam the human being

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were dragged on his face and we're not asked to be dragged on our face if he were to be dragged on his face, hypothetically, from the day he were born until the day he dies of old age. Seeking by that to please Allah, He will be little it on the Day of Judgment. These little passing actions will echo without end for eternity how can it be? How easy can it get?

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And I have one more for you. Considering also not just the greatness of Allah and the importance of forgiveness and the grandness of Jannah and how easily attainable they are. Consider the greatness of Your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam how perfect of a human being he was how devoted and dedicated and sacrificing he was yet it is accepted of you to just keep your obligations

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to be considered one of His followers. How easy is that? Just prayer Five and Fast your money and respect Allah's boundaries. And you are one of the followers. That is why Malik and the dinar and with our close, Apple has him he said, you know, in the spirit of reflecting he's reflecting on it's not supposed to be this easy. He says

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Mr. La Rahman Rahim, cada Ralina Amin a hottie calm and YubiKey Allah Dini he Kemah YubiKey Allah Anna Ali, it's as if Allah is saying he's projecting here. We have accepted of you this great scholars saying it's as if Allah has said we have accepted from you to be as protective of your deen your everything your deen your religious commitment, the same way you're protective of your shoe or your sandal.

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Just when it cuts just stitch it up. Don't forget to stitch it up. When you walk through the mud. Just make sure you rinse. When you see something just watch your step. That's it. Can you imagine Allah is going to accept from you to protect your deen the way you

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protect your footwear. May Allah azza wa jal grant us do gratitude for the

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Straight in