Mohammed Hijab – Is Judaism Against Racism

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the idea that race is not a factor in racism and that race is not a factor in racism. They also mention that some groups, including Muslims, are considered racist and that racism is a factor in racism. The speaker suggests that the idea of race being a factor in racism is a misunderstandings.
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problem. But what I'm saying to you is taking a step back and asking the original question.

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I can start, you know, less than three or four different places. In the front sooner, or five or six, a handful of dozen of places were explicitly mentioned that being offensive to someone based on race is something from jelly or what it was called pre Islamic ignorance. Maybe that's because this is a problem that Muslims suffered from the Jews. No, no, no.

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Please. I'm just saying

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pre Islamic ignorance, right? So hey, I think racism is saying no, racism is something which is universal. Okay, have you have you explained to me because you said, I just wanted I was just wondering, okay, so you said the Islam as opposed to correct me if I'm wrong, because I'm not an expert in Islam? No problem.

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So, as I understand in Islamic jurisprudence,

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a non Muslim, yes, is not able to give evidence in a court against against the Muslim is that correct? So hey, I, before we move on to the distinctions between Muslims or non Muslims, the premise I've put forward is that races are all equal, like one individual race, one person, one individual race, is not higher or lower than another person of any individual race. So what me as a Egyptian, for instance, yeah. And by the way, I've done this ancestry test, you know, that, you know, the thing where you go, and I had 5%, Jewish at five.

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Also had, you know, I had some, I had a good mix, you know, I had, like, I had like, almost 20%, West African, you know, and these things anyways.

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Anyways, having said this, having said this,

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having said this, right, I was gonna say to you,

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that, actually, I think it was 24%.

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of Jewish of the West African and African, some sources I

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was gonna say,

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was that here, if you agree, that discriminate, you know, someone based on their race, or treating someone differently, or thinking that you're better than them? Because they're from a different country of origin, which is, was the result of the accident of birth? Yeah. That's a bad thing and ought to be challenged. And my question is, this, if that's the premise, if we both agree on that same premise, because you can say, I don't agree with that premise. And it's in your right to say that and, and you can quote me by saying, prove it objectively, outside of a religious framework, which will be difficult. However, if I agree with that premise. If you agree with that same premise.

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Then I will say to you listen,

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the Quran is a very clear

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that there's no superiority of a black person over a white person or an Arab over and over, or the under profit challenge directly people that are anti Jew. Did you know that, for example, hafsa, who was the wife of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, when the Mohammed married a Jew in order to put Sophia?

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He married she married, he married?

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When he married

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her husband was

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someone just showed us a really good point.

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Let me just finish it.

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No issues. No. And we believe Moses was black. So that makes it even better. And there's no and there's no problem. Anyone who's

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not like white, like, you know, a

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prophet was like your color.

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Was Ishmael.

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A new

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Moses coming? Jesus kameena. slave, he thought, at that time slave is discrimination to say, it doesn't matter why.

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So let me just so when Hassan

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said something about Sophia, he said to her, she said to her, you know, you're Jewish. You're you are the Son, you're the daughter of a Jewish person. So the Prophet, he corrected hafsa and he corrected this when he corrected this, what you would call the more modern anti semitism. And he said, Actually, he said, You are the daughter of a prophet and you are attacking a B, you're also under the

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So you're also so you're married to a prophet, and you're, you're the daughter of a prophet like going back to the same thing was Brunel. Inaba. He was a black man, who was who was attacked by a political party, who was a an Arab who said

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So we believe in those corporate horses, so when he was attacked by him

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he was attacked him so you're sort of a black woman. The Prophet was very angry with him and he corrected him and said this is from the jelly of the pre Islamic Arabs and now so he corrected the racism so normally the process in economic Mandela headquarters in that society and the Quran says

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you know, he says I you know, he talks about the different colors of creations is human unless you are doing an army move telephone

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that from from the different people as well you have different colors

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in them as well actual law firm and I read the lemma that certainly the ones who have piety have a law, they're the ones who have forgot, and they're the ones who know. So in other words, there's enough in the Islamic corpus in the in the Quran and the Sunnah, to show that racism or the idea of thinking yourself superior over another race is an abhorrent ignorant pre Islamic idea. Now, I'm just asking, Is there an equivalent in the Old Testament like that? Yes, yes.

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Media and Harun aren't

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opposed to Moses.

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Okay, so, you know, no one was punished for seven days for posing for being racist, basically. Okay. No, but this is talking about marriage. So all we can extrapolate from this is that your as a Jew, you're allowed to marry?

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Oh, by the way, a lot of crusades are Jews anyways? No.

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Anyway, what this shows is you can marry acusa. And in the same book numbers, they discriminate against her for not being a Jew, and for being a black woman. Okay, so what does it say? Don't talk about her being a black woman.

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What does it say? Could you read?

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Let me read it.

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I just want to make a point before you read out.

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us like yes,

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Muslim racist.

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religions, Judaism, as tribes in this period, and the kushite were a tribe. The Israelites were a tribe, but they were made up of 12 tribes within that yes. And so the one of the characteristics racial characteristics, so to speak of the crusades, were they were black, and so that Judaism doesn't see color. This is why it's so frustrating when I argue with black Israelites.

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There is nothing cool tourism. Tourism has been led by

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like we have ice We are the

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same. He's been Mickey by God.

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Nothing calling the bind the Torah,

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Jewish God, Judaism, nothing to do nothing at all.

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is only

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international internationals or people that want to make money after

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Abraham Lincoln

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Thank you

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