Maryam The Chosen 23 – Conversation Between Jesus Christ (as) & Allah

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The conversation discusses the history and significance of Jesus Christ's title, which is the King of the region. The title is often referred to as the year of the sun, and it is also discussed how it is often referred to as the year of the sun. The speakers emphasize the importance of forgiveness and apologizing for mistakes to avoid conflict and avoid conflict with God.

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On the Day of Judgment, there's actually going to be a conversation where Allah subhanaw taala asks Jesus, if he asked people to worship him, and that conversation is incredible.

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So in the ninth year of the hijra, the Prophet saw the light as it's called the year of delegations in the seal of the province, the lightest, the eighth year of the higit, of course, is when Mecca was conquered. And that conflict between the Muslims and and Mecca and who's going to win and who's going to have the Arabs follow them, that's over the province. cellulitis and the Muslims are the power in the region now, and everybody, all of these delegations are coming the province cellulitis in them sending out letters, he's inviting people to Islam. And so these delegations are coming all the time to Medina, one of the delegations that came was a delegation from the border, Southwest

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border of Saudi Arabia bordering on Yemen. And it was from a Christian community, that community of ninjavan and the province that Elijah send them accepted their delegation, they were Christians, they sent a number of their scholars to come and to discuss and to even debate with the Prophet Salah Leidos. And with regards to his message, him being a prophet versus what they believed about Jesus Christ. And because of their presence, some ad verses of Adam Milan was revealed everything that we've been talking about as far as the story of Miriam and her mother and Eastside as and I'm Jesus Christ. This was revealed because of that incident, Chapter of Mary itself, Marian was

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revealed way back in Makkah, but it is when the tribal or when the community of madonn came, where the relevant portions that we've been talking about, have added, Emraan was revealed. And the Quran details and presents a number of proofs for Jesus Christ not being divine, and I'll share with you in sha Allah to add a few of them. One of them is ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Allah saying in Avalon, in the method at ESA and the light, the example of Isa, in the sight of Allah is like the example of Adam. He created him from dust, and he said to him, Be and us. And so if Jesus is God, because or if he's defined, because he was created without the agents of a man, then it makes more sense that Adam

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is divine as well. I mean, isn't that the argument? Like if, if he's only got a mother, so his father must be God? Then what about Adam, Adam was created without a mother and without a father? Rather, Allah says, No, Jesus is just like Adam, in that they were created by the word of God. Neither is divine. That's consistent. Neither is divine. Jesus isn't divine and Adam isn't divine. Jesus wasn't born with a father. Yes. And Adam wasn't born with a mother or a father. Both of them were created by the same statement v. And he was they're both creation of God, Allah subhana wa Tada because it's, it's, it's them who have the inconsistency.

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The Christians of Nigerian, they're the ones who have the inconsistency. They're the ones who are saying, yes, for this one, and no for that one, even though Adam has more of a right if that argument is going to be consistent, of being considered to be divine, but the position that the province that have the lightest and Miss presenting the Muslim position is very clear. Both of them are the creation of Allah subhanho data. That's number one. A second proof is what Allah subhanaw taala presents in salt and matita. When Allah subhana data says, Men messy have pneumonia elasaur

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Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of Mary is nothing more than a messenger. But how does mean public

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messengers existed before him for almost a decade and his mother is a is a severe cause she is a a woman of incredible truthfulness and incredible belief in Allah subhana wa Tada

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Kana, Yehuda, and

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they used to eat food, when I'm sure and I feel a swag. And they still walk in the marketplaces. Look at how they see the science look at how they see the signs. And so the argument is being presented here is how could they be divine if they're eating?

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How can they be divine if they if they if they, if they need food? You know, for someone to be God? They have to be independent. And that's why in solid hulless, the 112 chapter of the Quran it's only four verses but it's considered to be a third of the Quran because it it describes the nature of God. Allah says, say Allah is one Allah Who summit Allah is a summit. What does a summit mean? This word means the one who is not in need of anyone at anything. For him to be God. He has to not be in need of sunlight. He's not in need of any of his creation. He's not in need of food. He's not he's not in need of our lifeforce. He's not in need of anything from anyone. And so Allah describes

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himself as a summit he is the self sufficient, and Allah negates that from is it not? It's obvious, him and his mother, they both used to walk in the marketplaces.

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They both used to eat food, they needed food. And it's also a euphemism. It's also like a delicate way of saying, not only do they eat food, but when you eat food, what happens? Right, you need to relieve yourself of it. So how can that be divine? How can that be God? How can either of them be God? Allah subhanaw taala says, no, they're, they're, I mean, they're messengers. She is an incredible one of the greatest woman to ever live. But he's a man, and she's a woman. They're creatures of God, their creation of God, they're not God, they're not divine. A third proof is that Jesus himself would reject the title of being GOD, ALLAH SubhanA. Allah says, Never would the

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Messiah, the state of being a servant of God, nor would the angels, nobody, none of them would would have any issue. None of them ever would have any issue with them being called servants of God. And in fact, Jesus doesn't call himself any anything close to God in the Bible, or any of his disciples ever call him God in his lifetime. And Jesus leaves no doubt, even in the Bible until today with regards to he leaves no doubt of any ambiguity between himself and the divine. So when a man comes to him, and he says, Good teacher, he says, Why do you call Me good? There's no one who's good except for God. Jesus Himself goes out and prays, even when he brings Lazarus back to life from the

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dead, he goes off and he prays first, and then he says, I know that you hear me always speaking to God, but I, I am, I am praying to you so that they can believe in you and believe in Jesus Christ, whom you have set, so that that clear delineation is being drawn between himself and the divine, Jesus would not take any exception to being called the servants of God. And that is what Allah mentions in the verse, when this is what he claimed all along. And then finally, there's a conversation that will happen, that hasn't happened yet, but will happen on the day of judgment. And it's mentioned in sort of handmade, where Allah subhanaw taala will ask Jesus Christ, he will, he

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will question Jesus Christ. It's a terrifying event. Allah will say, yeah, hey, sir. Oh, Jesus, and Takata leanness. Did you tell the people to take me and my mother, as ILA Haneen Dooney Allah as deities other than Allah?

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Is that what you said?

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And it is, it is, and I will immediately say, Subhana Exalted are you?

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Even before he says no, even before he says anything else? He says, Exalted are you You already exalted from that? McEnany an Akula, Marisa, Libya, Melissa Libya, I would, it's not appropriate for me, it would never have been appropriate for me, it would have never been possible for me to say what I have no, right.

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Where does he say it? Where did he ever say, I am God, or I am the Son of God, or anything of that nature. He said things that could be understood, I am the way in the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. But as a Muslim for me when I read a passage like that, that's, that would be appropriate for any profit, to get to God. Any problem to get any person any period of time for you to get to God? You have to go through that profit, that profit is the way that prophet is the light. That prophet is the truth. The province of Elijah, send them himself. Allah says in the Quran, put in contempt when Allah say if you love Allah, then follow me. Allah

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will love you. I have to follow the prophets of Allah. Listen to me, if I want to reach Allah, if I wonder if I want to reach the Father, if I want to reach God. Okay, obviously we don't believe in the title of the Father as Muslims, again, that delineation being being drawn. But the idea here is, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, is commanded to recite these verses and so forth. And Matt Ada, Allah says to Jesus Christ, are you going to tell or did you tell the people to take me and my mother as gods besides Allah, He says, No,

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I would not have I would never say anything that I did not have the right to say and good to put the hook for the editor. If I had said it, you would have known it. If I had actually said that you would have known it, Dynamo Murphy enough. See, you know what is within myself and I do not know what is within yourself in that kind of dynamical you. You are the Knower of the unseen, you are the normal, you know what I've done? You know what's in myself, I don't know what's in yourself. And then he says, I only said to them, I didn't say anything to them, other than what you commanded me to do, which is to worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord, and I was a witness over them while I was

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amongst them. I was a witness over them while I was amongst them, but when you caught when you took me up, but when you took me up, you were the observer over them, and you are over all things witness. And then he says, and this last verses just

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it's always amazing to me, he says into the home if you punish them

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And then they are Your servants. Everybody who were other than me, if you punish them they are your service will interfere long and if you forgive them, if you forgive them now 98% of the time when you are invoking Allah's forgiveness, what are the names of Allah that would come out of your mouth? You would say if you forgive them, then you are a Rahman Rahim, for example, the Merciful, the forgiving, these are the names. He cited Salam on the Day of Judgment says, If you forgive them, then you are as he's would hecky you are the mighty and you are the wise. Why does he say that? Why does he use the mighty in the wise, when invoking his forgiveness? If you don't pay him, he says

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this is an example of incredible etiquette with Allah incredible manners with Allah and the prophets are the ones who have the greatest etiquette with regards to God, the greatest manners, the greatest reverence. He realizes, Jesus realizes that these are people who worshiped other than God, they literally broke the first commandment.

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The greatest commandment is to worship God alone. And these people broke that, and they've angered God. And so this isn't the time for him to try to be more merciful than God. That's not the that's, that's impossible. It's not anything that he would do. But to try to step in between. This isn't the time for him to try to step in between Allah and people who have earned his anger. This is a time for him to step aside and to say, If you punish them, they're your servants.

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And if you forgive them,

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you're still you have the power to do so. And you have the wisdom to do so it's out of your wisdom and your forgiveness, but I'm not going to make it seem like I am interceding on their behalf. That's what's happening. He doesn't even want to look like he's interceding with people who worshipped instead of God. And he disassociated himself completely. These evidences and many, many more, indicate to us that Isa Jesus and his mother were the best of human beings, but they were not divine.