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AI: Summary © The segment discusses various predictions and predictions made by the Prophet Muhammad, including the belief that the UK will be taken by the UK, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new messerry, the arrival of the new
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And Harry's wishes, he said that there'll be barebone shredded Bab, which is a door which would be very strong. That is good it was closed and is going to be unbroken. And that is all that will facilitate as Simon Thompson says he, he predicted death.

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He predicted off manual offense death and the studies

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are actually more than two. There's probably three or four actually.

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But two or three I know there's one in

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there's no way by Sheryl Dylan that she says

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that the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam said

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Alibaba was happy. He said, Bring me some of my friends.

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Coco, she said to I said that she said, I she said,

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pulled to Abu Bakr. When should I bring him back? By the way? Yeah. So he said.

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She said, Okay. He said, Carla Acela. No, yeah. for college. Faculty. Oh, yeah. She said, I said, huh, she said, Paul to Amara Amara, Amara sobre gamma

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call Allah He said, No, no Amara, faculty I then said

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if no Amica slab alum Natalia business cousins This is troubling. Well, cousin said for color law said no.

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Yeah. And then he said, then she said for Apple to

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Othman for color. Nam? He said yes of Magnus.

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southmont iPhone was born and they had this conversation.

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And basically, Othman often when he died, when when the holidays were coming in to kill him and all these things.

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So they asked him and it came out at that time. Yeah, he said,

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in the Hadith,

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there's two Hadith one says, I hate that delay and abuse Allah, something like this. So the and this word that keeps coming up, doesn't it? It's the key words in it. So that he the Muslims also, Allah toccata is they asked him Are you going to fight back and against the holiday? She said, No. He said, I hate LA and Abuja, la Salama, I had an he said that the promises Allah gave me is like a promise. So in other words, I thought because he wanted to stop the bloodshed and whatnot. And obviously he was killed, and he was murdered.

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Another interesting Hadith which is interested in Bukhari, and Sahih Bukhari which is how Islam is narrated by is narrated that Soraka bin jash, one of the people the Prophet Muhammad, Allah salami went to him. This guy and this is one of the problems of Salaam was rather than the one the Prophet Hassan was going from Mecca to Medina, obviously, his situation was running away. Yeah, he's running away from the killers and this and that, and not running away any but he's avoiding death in business. Yeah. I mean, this is not a situation where you got to make predictions about conquering this and conquering that.

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But he didn't make that prediction. If this man Soraka came close to him, and it's a long How long had he not been right? I don't even I don't even know. You know, the pneus of it. There's a long Hadith

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and Soraka came and he said to

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he tried to get closer for hours into London and then the horse when his feet sank in the sand.

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So he came close to him again.

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And then

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he said okay, like he gave him in back in the days that had this kind of thing to DLL to show that you know what, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna harm you. Right. So he said that doesn't bring him closer, because they had this tribal custom which is very strong at that time. So he said, he said, the US Army replied, he said, You will today you will handle the the treasures Jani the bracelets the treasures, the the jewels of,

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of kisara of the basically the monarch, or you could say the leader of the Persian Empire at the time. I mean, look at the situation he's in. Look at the situation he's in. Yeah, he's in a very desperate situation. If you think about it, just from a rational perspective, trying to get from Mecca to Medina, Anderson is certainly someone who's going to go conquer this and conquer that.

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It's just, you would not believe that that happened. And it did happen. And it happened in the time of Armand rockethub alma hottub

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When he basically it was us because obviously this is another prediction which had been mentioned before the promises and predicted

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going into he said wrong, he said wrong.

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And eloquence Antonia which is Constantinople By the way, I'm a checker which is one of the hottest scholars recent ones he said that the what is the fat held constant in a year now, just constantly to print the Istanbul is not the fat has predicted. So it shows you that we're critical of our own progress. still gonna look as a Muslim country. But to be fair, checker, he says it's not, it's not just one problem. Another one because it because there's one condition of the Hadith which wasn't met, which is that basically the Mohammed Salah salon said that they'd go to the consensus layer to Constantinople, and that they would be no fighting and we'll be singing a lot. And there'll be no

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fighting will say because there was fighting at the time of the ultimate in this kind of thing. So this is not what I'm talking about. It's gonna be another fad. This is what his opinions that's why I didn't really mention him and Constantinople.

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But the point is really, that the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salaam

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he predicted this with Soraka. And he predicted in regards to the Roman Empire, I'll put the link in July for the had extra ideas in the pneus of it. That the the kisser of the present president gives us that was there at a time he would not be no new kisser and stuff like that.

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I think I've given you a lot of predictions. I think really, if we if we're honest with ourselves, all of these predictions just Well, I could go on for a long time. All of these predictions if I continued, continued continued. I just sat here and just it would be a lot. Yeah. Let's move on to the next focus. And I don't want to make the video too long. The next part which we said would be like present day things