Incredible Prediction in the Quran!

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Another really amazing part of the Islamic narrative, which aims to show and evidence, its authenticity is the predictions in the Quran and the Sunnah. Now, I'll just give you one example today. You know, in the Quran, Chapter 30 of the Quran talks about the Romans. At the time of the Prophet, there were two major empires, the Roman Empire, and the Persian Empire, both of these empires were in constant combat with each other, trying to overtake one another in military warfare. What happened really was, the Romans had been on the brink of complete annihilation. And this is in western history books, as well as called the Roman Persian Wars. Furthermore, now, the Koran came in

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this chapter to chapter three, verse number one and two, and says, eliphalet, in the believers room, Chapter aversary, Vietnam, in a nearby land that the Romans have been defeated in a nearby land,

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and that they will come back and after their defeat will be victorious.

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free will to ice in within 10 years, within 10 years. Now, this is a very, very interesting thing. And it's a very, very confident thing

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to say, in fact, I just want you to think about one thing for a second, if someone had made a prediction like that,

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and it did not come true. And it did not come true. How much would this undermine the authority of the author, or the in this case, the prophet Mohammed, if he is indeed the author. So this is such a confident prediction,

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which didn't materialize. And interestingly enough, so but it goes further and says, Yama isn't here for a whole Milan, that that day, the believers would be rejoicing, be happy.

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And coincidentally, you could say, if you're a disbeliever

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coincidentally, that was the same day, the days the day when the Romans beat the Persian when the Muslims had defeated the Moshe key or the pagan Arabs in better according to the classical Jesus and the historical timeline. So from this perspective, there was two reasons for Muslims to be rejoicing, the first of which was that the Romans, who they had a close relationship with had been the tourists but also that they themselves have been victorious. What a prediction, what a prediction, or what accuracy

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and think once more.

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How could this accuracy be so finally, so finally, precise in this instance,