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bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been more discerning so you know Mohamed Anwar Ali also have he married my beloved brothers and sisters I said Mr. Alikum warahmatu live very casual

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Alhamdulillah Malala mean always and forever. We'll begin with the praise and the thanks of Alana shadow Allah, Allah, Allah Allah will testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanho wa Taala and we send our love and our greetings and salutations so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious in his pure family, to his companions, and all those who follow his sunnah till the end of time, and make dua for all the oppressed people of the world and make dua for the people of Gaza. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant his victory. I mean, when hamdulillah

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how many wars, how many genocides and massacres have been done with a smile on the face have been done

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with the worst of actions, the worst of brutality, and the perpetrator doesn't feel like he's done anything wrong. In fact, he feels I'm doing a righteous killing, and Killing in the Name of God, I'm killing because God wants me to kill. And

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we take a Chronicles, we open the books of history.

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When the Crusaders invaded Jerusalem, from the Muslims, this army, the Pope, had called for a crusade, a holy war in the name of God, we must go and we must liberate and save and in the name of God, we must go and liberate the holy land. And these armies of Europe lift because religious people Molana sheiks, priests had called for it, and people became worked up, they marched to Jerusalem, and they invaded the city at a time when the Muslims were very weak, and they were not focused. And they committed a massacre, a genocide killing the residents of the city, the historian that goes with this is a crusader himself doesn't was not a Muslim historian. He says, Shall we relate to what

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took place? At the Temple of Solomon, she's your Do you really want me to tell you what we did. So if I if we told you, you will not believe us, it is too horrible. It's too and he doesn't say it in a in a way of guilty, saying, it's, it's too much for me to tell you. But it is sufficient for me to say that, at the Temple of Solomon, we rode through the streets with a blood running through the streets, up until the knees of our horses, they were rivers of blood in the city of Jerusalem. This is what the Chronicle say that we spared nobody. Not a man, not a woman, not a child. And the stench of the corpses stayed in the city for five months.

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These are not just Muslims that they killed. They killed Muslims. They killed Jews. They even killed Christians that were not of the same denomination. And when they did this, they did it with a smile on their face. And they did it. Believing full well we've done something righteous, we've done something amazing that God loves us. And so therefore the it's an interesting question.

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Something goes wrong in these kinds of conflict. So these kinds of tensions, where a person loses all sense of morality and right and wrong, and that you do the worst crimes believing that Allah or God is on your side. And many genocides have occurred. And of course, perhaps the most traumatic one in living memory is the Holocaust. We 6 million Jews were guests to massacred and we must also think about this idea is perhaps on top you had Hitler and you had an extremely racist, an extremely crazy group of people, but to do the killing of 6 million

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old people, children and disabled people to put them in an oven and gas them today. It required 1000s and 1000s of soldiers 1000s And so engineers building these gas chambers, people's putting the switch, how does ordinary people

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Who who wake up in the morning, kiss the wife and kids drop the kids at school, drive to work, you go into the concentration camp, and you putting, oh, it's my turn for the shift, I'm gonna put 1000 people into the gas chamber and I'm gonna turn the switch on, and you leave after five o'clock and go back to your family and kids, and it doesn't bother you. How does this happen? Ordinary people, and this is not, it didn't only happen once or twice, it seems to happen again and again. And at the end of the Holocaust, the world when it's sort of after the end of World War Two, it said never again, humanity can't do this again, we have now reached such a low level that we see how bad it is,

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it will not happen again. But of course, in the last 5060 years, it's happened again and again and again. And we can list them. The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, what happened in Iraq, Bosnia, we spoke about Rwanda Subhanallah, with, you know, guessing people, maybe you're not putting them in and you close the doors, and that's it. In Rwanda, people took machetes and hacked 1 million people in a week. You know, you physically going out and murdering your neighbors. How do you do this? You live side by side for generations, and overnight, propaganda and politics and priests and politicians stir you up. And you go into your neighbor's house and you stab him, his wife, his children into

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pieces and you move on, and you don't feel bad about it. The Rohingya and, And subhanAllah as strange as it seems, today, we would have thought, Okay, we would have fought back then, okay, it happened. It happened in some village, no one knew about it. This is the first genocide in history being done live streamed on social media, we are seeing it blow for blow child for child.

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And so really, when we look at the past, we think that that's that's them. That's what us, our humanity won't allow something like that. But humanity continues to prove how fragile it is, and how how low it can get, and we're seeing it happen again.

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And that is why is a very famous quote from Nelson Mandela. He says, The oppressor and the oppressed, lose the humanity. They are robbed of the humanity for you to kill another person. Yes, the person who is killed lost his life. But for you to become the killer to become the oppressor. You also lose your status as a human somehow. And how does that happen? So let's talk more about this. What is the psychology of genocide? And am I in today's strictures? Can I be on the wrong side of it? Because every oppressor everyone committing genocide believes I'm doing the right thing? Is it possible that I could be on the wrong side? That'd be so solemn.

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He's on the campaign. And the Sahaba the most recent generation had an argument and the Muslims of Makkah and the Muslims of Medina had a tussle and the one said, Oh, I'm sorry, oh, people of Medina helped me and that was it. Oh, my God. Nope, Iraq helped me on site and Mahajan, you know, praiseworthy titles which Allah uses in the Quran. And so then the prophets have heard this and he said, You're calling so now it's a them and us.

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Oh, because my team is fighting. I support them. I don't even know what we're fighting about. But because it's my team, my side, I'm gonna support you. I'm gonna jump in, I'm gonna fight and it's him. And we're gonna be some heard this. He said, What are these titles or calls of Janelia as we said, to be called Magina inside is a great title. Allah praises them. But then this is the title of Jamelia. This is a call of Jay Helia it to them and us we must fight and he said

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and then the Sahaba when the members will calm them down. He said what is going on here? So they said Yasuda, Allah two boys were fighting and one kick, the other one says farmer, two boys, two teenagers, one person from Makkah, one person from Medina, like boys would fight. And then the one said, Guys, help me my team, where's my friends, wisdom, hygiene, and they jumped in. And now you have Sahaba great companions are fighting, punching each other.

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What happens in this kind of partisan polarized me versus you dimension, we lose our sense of what is right and wrong, our sense of rationality. And this is how you can commit the most evil of oppression. And so there'll be some says,

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Don't let a man help his brother, whether he is wrong, or whether he is wronged, whether he's the oppressed or the oppressor, you must help your brother, whether he's being oppressed, who is the oppressor.

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If he's being oppressed by someone else, then you support him. And if he is being the oppressor, you will help him by stopping him.

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If the table and this is why we need to ask ourselves when we see operation, are we only vocal when it's outside being oppressed? Can we be as firm for justice when it's against ourselves, our own people, our own religion, and this is requires this is what it means to be just even against yourself.

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And if we think about the Subhan Allah how low humanity can go, Allah tells us in the Quran,

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what either mode to show you that we either mean quickly that Allah says on the day of Korea

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I asked the baby girls who are buried alive for what crime were you killed? Why? Oh, baby, well, you baby tonight well, you murdered you must have done something wrong to be murdered.

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The Qureshi is in the society in the culture in the propaganda. They, of course, believed that it was good to snowboard hon, that if you your wife gave birth to a baby girl, if you were a real man, you would not only kill that child, you would kill her in a way that is really gruesome by burying that child alive, and the son some Sahaba. When they became Muslim, when obviously after January, they explained how it would dig the hole and the child would cry. And we'd put this child in the hole and uncover its face and as of course, coughing and coughing, and then suffocating. Now, as gruesome as this is, the real big thing is,

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it is your fitrah it is your DNA, you don't have to believe in anything to protect your child, even an animal protects the child, how do you go about killing your own children. So Allah is showing that mankind can get to such a low point, and you can come at such terrible crimes, and you can be convinced of committing such evil, that even the most unthinkable thing is possible. And that's why it's so dangerous in the time that we live in the age that we live with all the social media around us with all the corners, quoting different things that you and I are not immune to this. So today, as we see more and more children and being bombed and killed, we ask how do you justify this. And

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there's very much we know that they are those who are pro Palestine and pro Israel. They are those in the conflict, the Israelis and the Palestinians are in the genocide. And those are on the observers on the outside, whether it's our friends or neighbors, they've taken aside, we've taken a position. And so if you ask the other side, because, from my perspective, I know which side is bleeding, I know which side is dying, I can see which side is being pulled out of the rubble. And so when you ask, and you have an open conversation with the pro Israeli side,

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how do you justify this? How are you comfortable at night, supporting someone that does this?

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And some of the rationale, we list some of the rationale and obviously with a case of debunking it, one of it is what we're doing, we on the right because God is with us, I have made a decision model superiority, we are doing God's will.

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We are doing this in the name of God. And this has been an age old lie. As Allah Subhana Allah says, He never is on the side of killing. Allah is never on the side of injustice, don't bring Allah into the equation. If your God and your religion allows you to kill babies and children, there is something wrong with your religion, there's something wrong with your God.

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number one, when you look at and I've listened to a lot of the priests and the people who are encouraging you to support Israel, and going forward, how does model people, people that go to church, and they worship, and they, on the same breath, they will say, we need to donate because the shelter for the homeless and the animals and the dogs we need to look? And then we need to support Israel because they and you're bombing children. How does? How does your mind rationalize that, and these are the rationality, because God is on our side, we will be chosen, the one side is the side of God. And the other side must be the bad guys. So we can do it. Justification. This is our right

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to do it. You'd find many times people who commit crimes, I have the right to steal, you have this feeling it is mine. And they would mention that because we have the right to the land. Based on your religion, you can do whatever you want, you can kill whoever you want. And it's and to the to part of the propaganda. And this is to give support to those who are not so 100% Look, we have to do this because it's them or us. If we don't kill them, they're gonna kill us. We are the victims. We are the we are we are under threat. But it's a necessary evil.

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If we don't kill these Palestinian babies, they're gonna grow up and kill us one day. So it's not an aggression. You're justifying it as a sense of, of self defense. And one of the key things that you do in your scene a genocide. And this is what we spoke about last week, the statements you have to dehumanize the other side. You see, it's very different if I come to you on the street, just cold and I say, I'm going to kill this baby. Are you okay with it? You'll see her no ways. You can't do that. I don't even know that. I don't need to know the story. I don't need to know but back to what to how this no scenario where you killing a you a grown man can drop a bomb on a baby or ICU of

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newborn babies. There's no scenario where I can say it's okay. There's no justification. But if I say I need to kill this rat, or this cockroach, are you okay with that? You're going to coconut it's a beast. And that's why you'd see the language before genocide.

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You're not killing human beings, we're all against killing you. But these are not human beings. These are animals. This is exactly what the Israeli Minister said, these are savages, these are barbarians. And this is the same justification that the Church used when they invaded the rest of the world. So you ask, how is it that you people, so religious and pious, you come from Europe, and you gather millions of Africans on ships as slaves? You throw them overboard when the ship is overcrowded? You massacre the Aborigines, you massacre the indigenous Americans? How does? How do you worship God with all that blood on your hands, because these are people, we are massacring

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insects, because we are superior. This is part of the ideology. And if your ideology dehumanizes another human being, then there's something very wrong with something sick about your ideology, any ideology that is based on ethnic supremacy, that God in His nature is racist, he chooses a group of people and they are special, no matter what they do to the rest of the world. It's okay, then there's something wrong with your god or your understanding of God. And of course, behind all of this, they must be propaganda. And this is the danger. We are all being fed propaganda from different sides. Sitting here, it's propaganda. I'm giving you a view. And it's very difficult to be

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objective and know what is right or wrong, as we move towards the age of the gel. And that's another conversation for another time. We are the gel. It's not the Antichrist in the in the different the translation, that gel is deception, not knowing truth from falsehood, not being able to know the facts, this is going to be the trick of the job. People will not know up from down and so propaganda and the voices is becoming more savvy so that you don't know what is what is right. What we can say.

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Canceling over noise, Allah says very clearly.

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If you want to know who Allah is, Allah says what either Thilo fascia when they come at the modality when they do something wrong, called who they see the woodshed now

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that our forefathers were just doing what our people have always done, this the justification we are doing we are following our our side. Wallah who am or on our behalf and Allah God commanded us to do this. We are doing it in the in the name of God. Cool in Allah Allah Allah will fascia. Allah says say to them, God never ever come on to to do evil. Allah subhanho wa Taala is never on the side of evil. Doesn't matter what you call yourself. If you're a Muslim, and you are committing the genocide, Allah is on your side. And this is so beautiful in Islam, Justice modality, Quran sins, religion, knowing what is right and wrong, we're gonna go through the versus the and the Hadith,

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knowing what is right and wrong. You don't need to be a religious person. You don't need to be a Muslim, to know what is right. You can even be an atheist, and you know, it is wrong for me to kill children.

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It took Allah coluna Allah him Allah, Allah, are you speaking on behalf of Allah that you do not know.

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Allah mentions to us, and I must mention this. There was a march, I think on Sunday, and there was altercations. And again, there's always facts. And, you know, there was a protest in favor of Israel and they were people came late to respond to them, okay, everyone has the right to protest, whatever your sides are, even if you're wrong, you can come in protest, and then there was an altercation. And people are going to what is the stance of Muslims? Or what is the stance of us?

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Very clearly.

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Islam says, Well, I actually met in a commissioner and who come in and let you let not your hatred of a people cause you to commit injustice, injustice,

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here and you will actually Taqwa be just for that is the right thing to do. When you are angry, when you have hatred for somebody, it's easy for you to cross the lines of expected acceptability. If there are laws, you can't break the laws. If that person is within his rights, we give them the rights even though I disagree with you. You have the right to you have the right to do your thing, but I disagree with you, and I will exercise my full rights. So Allah subhanaw taala is reminding us reminding us doesn't matter how angry you are, how upset you are, how eager you are, how much Hamas Hamas speziell you have in you

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do not cross the lines of being unjust. We as Muslims, hold ourselves accountable to Allah's morality, and Allah is lying Allah's do And subhanAllah is just something to think about. If they rape our women and murder of babies when we have the upper hand we don't do the same.

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Because we don't follow suit for a Tet we do what you do. No, no, no. We follow the line of the Navy Salam, we follow the Sunnah and of the of the of the Gambia. This is what we hold ourselves to. So don't lose your humanity in this. We know on the other side more for them. If you you've got lots of blood on your hands, and you need to answer for when you wave that flag and you support that side. You are supporting the genocide and the massacre of

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1000s and 1000s of babies of hospitals and schools and churches and mosques. Let us not follow the same

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than me. So Salam says, Do not be blind followers. Don't be someone that says, if people are good to me, then I'm good to you, if you support me, I support you. And if you do injustice, then we will do injustice to you. If you are wrong to me, I'm going to be wrong to you. And then he says, No, adjust yourself, correct yourself be better. When people do good than you do good, you, in fact, do better. And if they do wrong, then you should not do injustice, you can obviously resist, you can obviously defend yourself, but you cannot cross the line of what is wrong. And so there'll be some similar look at this.

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Look at this hadith hon Allah and he, this hadith explains that even a Muslim will make Salah five times a day with pious and righteous can cross the line with non Muslims, which is haram. Then it even says, Be B we have the supplication of the oppressed, even if he's an unbeliever, if you're not a Muslim, and you're being oppressed, and you make dua, for there is nothing that blocks the dua of the oppressed. Allah subhanho wa taala, responds to the dua of the oppressed person, even if he's a non Muslim. So we never ever one bet on our hands. We never ever want to be the oppressor, the tyrant, even if it's against it's especially if it's against a non Muslim

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way, and continues to be way the tears of the orphans and the supplication of the wrong person, because there's no hijab between that DUA and Allah subhanaw taala. Throughout the Quran,

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the message is clear. You look at the tyrants you look at those ALLAH given them respite, and eventually eventually the dua of the priest one out in Allah's time, but there's never a story and example, not one example, when it's odd with a mood of Iran, or Quraysh is never an example with operations and survives, eventually the dua of the oppressed. People say you only mentioning dua, that whip that is the weapon that is eventually going to destroy the oppressor in eventually the DUA. Allah will take retribution. So we ask anyone in this conflict, when you're listening to videos, watching things becoming excited, becoming sad, becoming anxious,

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stick a stick out even of your, your views, your politics, even sometimes of your religious echo chamber, and listen to your conscience, Allah has placed something called they fit right inside of all of us a natural disposition and natural compass that tells you what is right and wrong. For example, you must ask yourself, and I would, and many of you perhaps are in debates with colleagues who see the other side and support the other side. And we will say no, but it's, these are our people, this is my religion, or they are the chosen people, you say, leave that first moment, literally and ask yourself this question. How would you feel?

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How would I feel if I was in that situation? How would I feel the message even and many of the older generation can resonate in apartheid? When the church was saying that this is allowed by God that you are the chosen people apparently is a system that God loves? You ask, How would you feel? If you're not allowed to walk on the side of a road? You couldn't go to a certain university you had to be dehumanized? How would you feel if bombs were falling on you? Or if your land your land, a home that you were living in your whole life was taken, leave the politics justification? How would you feel if that happened, if the Khoisan rocked up to your house and said, You know what, Brother, this

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is my house, because I have a title deed from God that gave it to me, you please need to live? How would you feel?

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How do I want to live? How do you want your children to live? What are the rights you want your children to be safe, you want to eat food and live peacefully? Does does another group of people don't they have the right to do that as well? What you wish to happen to others wish for yourself? And you know, one beautiful day one scholar said, You know what? All the political analysts and all the scholars and all the Imams and all that rabbis, let's let's let us all keep quiet. And we take two pictures, one of Gaza and one of Israel, and you put in front of kindergarten children

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who have no biased children, and you ask them who's right and who's wrong.

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No politics, no religion, no biased? No, YouTube's just simply a child on the fitrah. Which side is the good guy? Which side is the bad guy, and you will see what children will say they're not corrupted by propaganda. So lead with your humanity.

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And as Muslims, as we said, we go, when it comes to justice, we should see beyond our own religion, our own Muslims, our own justice is what is right by Allah subhanaw taala than me Salah mentions that when he grew up, before he became an OB, there was a man who was oppressed by the Kurdish he was cheated out of his money. And so the good people of courage stood up and they said we need to form a group that we will stand against oppression, and then I'll be solemn sit outside as a teenager I used to I joined that league

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The League of the just mean and then he became an OB and he, you know, the whole Sierra happens and he comes back to Makkah and he said I still consider myself part of this organization even though they were non Muslims they were courageous idol worshipers but if they call the meeting now we're going to stand against injustice I will be the first I will stand for it.

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Allah says to us and I enter for this if we should always be better what our tester will have something let's say yeah, good and bad and not equal it for our ability here as an respond to evil with what is better and inshallah if you do that you would find that that would be the means by which people who are very sincere but they're misguided they will come close to us and they would learn so make the offer the press people in the world we ask Allah to protect our humanity and all of humanity and may Allah grant victory to the oppressed Amin was Allah say no Mohammed Salam was saying and I'm glad I'm glad I mean cinematic flow better character