Ali Albarghouthi – It was my clothes that were invited!

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © A man named Warahmatull principle tells a story about a woman who wore clothes for a wedding. He explains that everyone around him is surprised and appreciates his clothing, but reminds them of their titles and offers advice on respecting others. He emphasizes the importance of being able to distinguish between right and wrong behavior based on who they are.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Abu hora era of the Allahu anhu said about himself. He said once I was invited to a wedding,

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and he said, I wore these clothes to the wedding, meaning his everyday clothes, nothing fancy. So he said, When I reach the venue, the man at the door, seeing what I was wearing, turned me back. So he went to his house, changed his clothes, came back to the venue, and the Letterman. So when he sat down, and they served the food, he spoke to his clothes and he said, eat eat. The people around him were surprised and they said, Abu hurayrah Why are you inviting your clothes to eat? He said, they are the ones that were invited in.

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Many times the people around us how they relate to us. The reason they respect us,

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is because of what we have, not because of who we are. They see our titles, they see the car, the house, how much money we have, what they can get from us, and they're close, and they are around us, they respect us.

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The evidence is that when we lose these things, they stopped respecting us. Anyone who respects you, because of what you have. Anyone who pretends to love you because of what you have, not because of who you are, does not really love you. And this is not the way that we're supposed to relate to other people. If we hate this feature, and other people, we should hate it in ourselves. So when you look at somebody else, don't simply look at his clothes, or at her house and car, or the title or how much money she says she has. But look at who the person is and relate to and respect who the person is not what they have. Because what you have and what he and she has, can go and come but the

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tougher that you have the man that you have who you are, that's the thing that stays Rasul Allah azza wa jal to give us wisdom, so that we can distinguish between right and wrong and behave accordingly. There's our common law Hara, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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