Egyptian Christian vs Muslim

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The customer is discussing a job opportunity with the agent, mentioning a woman with a background in karate and an MBA. The customer is unsure about some details and mentions a woman named"marked by a masala tea and a man named"aganka de las." The agent reassures the customer that they can complete the job and mentions a potential job opportunity at an unknown company.

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Unless you have no Maria

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Okay, but isn't

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indicated to me

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yet. And then Missy I have a lady

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is a karate

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kung fu MBA gentlemen?

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labuda nerja Naja Mohsen okra aku

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aku Tanaka McKenna

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Bukola de las panatela

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of God

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gotten one cup okay. No read

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out the masala tea No.

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okay JJ

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and I thought hey I thought

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we should

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do our

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job gentlemen company eisah Okay. I can

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I can

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do my job

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to learn