Do Men Have Any Obligations Towards their In-Laws

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Shaykh Ammar AlShukry discusses

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The speaker discusses the obligations of men towards their in laws, stating that they do not have any religious obligations towards them. The speaker also mentions a term called "proof of obligations" that refers to cultural obligations, but does not know of any specific religious obligations. The speaker concludes that men have no obligations towards their in laws.

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Do men have any obligations towards their in laws?

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Um, the last the last lamassu law, so as obligations as far as religious obligations, do they have any obligations towards them?

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The answer is no. And Allah Subhana Allah knows best or no religious obligations that he has towards his in laws. But if you don't want your in laws to become outlaws, then you pay attention to the notion of cultural obligations, social obligations, and what's called an model that which is customarily recognized to be good. So whether that's being kind and generous and staying in touch or what have you, whatever that society deems to be good relationships, then that's what you would like to uphold. But as far as any particular religious obligations that you have towards Islam, I don't know of any and Allah Subhana Tana