Yasir Qadhi – The Disease of Prioritizing Other People’s Faults

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The concept of a " pestile disease" is discussed, which causes people to become obsessed with one another. The fruit of one's actions is called the fruit of their actions, and the importance of avoiding criticizing others and not advertising one's own mistakes is emphasized. The importance of being aware of one's own mistakes and avoiding confusion is emphasized, and the need to be mindful of one's actions is emphasized. The segment also emphasizes the importance of learning from greatestitant in Islam and avoiding mistakes in online drama.
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And I will do humara sudo you hola Xena. I'm an otaku. Allah Hakata Kotti wala temotu nila and to Muslim moon, Amma bad, do Muslims? How often is it that we hear a hutzpah a lecture, we hear a piece of advice. And the first thing that we think of, oh, I wish somebody else were here, so and so we're here, he or she needs to hear exactly what I have heard, that person will benefit more than myself,

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Do Muslims, if every time an advice is given to you, if every time something of benefit is given to you, and your mind automatically goes to somebody else, thinking that somebody else needs it more than you, then the fact of the matter is that this is a sign a symptom of the beginnings of a spiritual disease. That disease is called spiritual ticket, Burr. The notion that I am too holy, I don't need this. The notion that I don't need this advice that guy needs that advice, my my enemy who did this, that evil person who did that automatically as if you are made out of Teflon, everything comes your way goes over you goes to somebody else, dear Muslims, to have the sense of

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spiritual arrogance is a symptom of a disease of the heart, one of the biggest diseases of the heart, and that is the disease of Kibera of arrogance. Worse than this is to go beyond deflecting every nasiha to somebody else, to then become obsessed with you becoming the person who is correcting everybody else's mistakes, even as you ignore your own mistakes. Dear Muslims, the righteous person is more worried about himself and herself than about anybody else. The one of Taqwa the person of spirituality is far more concerned with one's own faults, one on one's own shortcomings than with the perceived shortcomings of other people. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in

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the Quran, Fela to zecco and Fusa comb, who are our lamb will be money taco. don't ascribe piety to yourselves. Only Allah knows who has Taqwa. don't ascribe piety to yourselves. Anyone who thinks I don't need that advice. Anyone who says hi and pious has demonstrated that they are not pious. Because true piety doubts its existence. True Taqwa trivializes its presence. In other words, the more Taqwa you have, the more you will be scared you don't have it. And the less Taqwa you have, the more you will feel you will have. And that's why Allah is telling us don't ascribe Taqwa to yourselves. Don't describe piety to yourselves. That's not the way of the believer only Allah knows

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who has truly achieved Taqwa. Do your Muslims never forget of the fundamental principles of our religion? The Quran is very clear more than a dozen verses tell us while at 10 00 Turn wisdom raw, no soul is going to bear the burden of another. You are responsible for yourself primarily, even your spouse and children on the Day of Judgment, you will only have to answer to your responsibility to them not what they have done. Know what they have chosen to do. You are responsible primarily for yourself. Allah says in the Quran, You Allah Dena Manu Allah you come and full circle. Are you who believe, guard your own selves? Are you who believe monitor yourselves, lie your guru. C'mon Bala,

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either today, Tom. The misguidance of the one who goes astray is not going to harm you, as long as you have achieved your own hedaya. Allah is telling us to not be obsessed with the perceived faults of other people and to be far more obsessed with your own state in the eyes of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Allah tells us in the Quran, Quran Lunasin Bhima cassava Tara Hina every soul is going to

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To be stopped on the day of judgment or Hina means you're going to be mortgaged, you're going to be stopped, or hundreds or mortgage, you're stopped there until you answer not for the deeds of other people for your own deeds, golunov Sin Bhima casa, but Raveena, every soul is going to be stopped based upon what they have done, they will have to account for their own deeds, their own good, their own bad, we have to monitor ourselves far more than other people. And when we find that our minds are always going to other people, when we find that any advice, any hutzpah, any poignant message that anybody tells us automatically, we think it doesn't apply to me, I'm not arrogant, I'm not

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this, I'm not that and we think of another person. And you know what, maybe that person doesn't need to hear it. You know what, maybe that person really is guilty. But the fact that you automatically feel you are not guilty is a problem that has nothing to do with the other person. Maybe you're right. Maybe that other person should have been listening to the hood, but as well, maybe that other person has the same disease 10 times worse than you. Maybe you're right. But on the day of judgment, that other person's disease is not going to harm you. It's not going to affect you. Your disease will affect yourself. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminded us beautiful Hadith and

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Sunnah tell me the man who's Sunni Islam in Maui, total Kumala Yanni of the perfection of one's Islam, it is the perfection of your own Islam is to leave what is not going to benefit you mind your own business primarily concern yourself with your own lives and your own lifestyles rather than that of other people. Once in the late Madani period when a lot of new Muslims had embraced Islam, many of them were hypocrites. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stood up and he gave a very emotional hotbar this hadith is in Timothy he raised his voice very loudly, Rafael Soto who the Hadith says and then a part of that hood but what did he say? Jamar? Shout Rahman s llama Billy

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Sahni. He wala Jacobian, Eman Ophir, Colby, he'd love to Muslimeen or people whose tongues have said they're Muslim, but their hearts have not yet touched Iman, or people who claim to be Muslim, but your hearts do not have emaan. Listen to me the process of is saying do not harm other believers, one or two IUT whom do not criticize the other Muslims? What are tiberiu Our RT him Do not follow their mistakes. Notice the other believers have mistakes. It's not as if they're without mistake. But the prophet system is telling people don't follow the mistakes of other people don't advertise the mistakes of other people don't criticize other people for your own mistake for their own

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mistakes. Why? He said, whoever follows the mistakes of his brothers, Allah subhanho wa Taala will follow his mistakes. Manta Tebrau Arataki he talked about Allahu Allah who you're going to follow the outro. The outro here means mistakes. The guys covered it up. The guy hasn't publicized it, he's doing a sin. You find the mistake, you discover it and you publicize it. You tell other people about it. You go to all of your friends and family you post it on Facebook I saw such and such a person do this. Our Prophet system said if you're gonna follow other people's mistakes, guess what? Allah azza wa jal is going to monitor yours. And then he said and whenever Allah follows the mistakes of a

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person, that person shall be humiliated even if he remains in his house, Allah will humiliate him. This hadith brothers and sisters is pertinent to the entire genre of concentrating on yourself rather than the mistakes of other people. A man came to the Prophet Celeste and I did this and Muslim Imam Muhammad, a man came to the process and said, Oh Cynthia rasool Allah, give me some good advice on Messenger of Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the user and in Nursey Mata Allah MINDEF sick, the knowledge you have of yourself, should prevent you from speaking about other people. I want to pause here and I want you to absorb this hadith, the knowledge you have of

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yourself. This is a Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim. And it is so deep and profound. The knowledge you have of yourself should stop you from talking about other people. You have enough to deal with on your own plate. You have enough sense in your own backpack that you're carrying, you have enough to answer for for your own life and lifestyle. Why are you bothered about exposing and criticizing and making fun of and mocking other people? If you truly understood yourself, then you would be concentrating only on yourself rather than other people and it is reported

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Rama, Abu Hurayrah the Allahu Anh, some have said it's a hadith but it is not a hadith thrombo Hurayrah. And this message is also found in the New Testament as well from Jesus and Abu Huraira also took this and spread it from himself as well that Abu Huraira or the Allahu unsaid, one of you sees the speck of dust in his brother's eyes, and he ignores the logs sticking out of his own eyes. One of you sees the smallest mistake in his brother and makes it a big deal. And as he does so he ignores the big mistake in his own life and he attempts to cover it up. Once again the notion of why are you obsessed with other people's mistakes and false you have enough to worry about on yourself,

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a righteous person, a turkey, a person who truly understands what Qiyamah is, is going to be far more concerned with his or her own false and shall prioritize his or her own sins than the faults and sins of other people. The famous scholar of our tradition, had been Hibben boosts the one of the great scholars of Hadith. And also actually interestingly also a philosopher and a person of the Teskey or two so enough, see met wrote a lot of books, this great scholar event hybond He died in the third century he wrote, a large while Muslim, a loose zoom was salamati, bitter kita justice you and openness, the obligation and every Muslim is to have a pure heart by abandoning eavesdropping

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and spying on other people, and by concerning correcting himself rather than correcting others, because whoever is concerned about his own faults, will live a far more peaceful life and will not be bothered about other people. And the more he is concerned about other people's false the less he shall be concerned about his own false than had been headband said, Allah says in the Quran. Oh you who believe defend yourself against those that are attacking you from close by ha to the Lydian a Aluna committed kuffaar Defend yourself from immediate enemies rather than faraway ones verse in the Quran. In other words, monitor the close enemies rather than the far ones in headbands says listen

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to this, your closest enemy is yourself. Begin with yourself your own ego, your closest enemy is what is inside of you. Begin with your own ego. Allah says conquer your immediate enemies, conquer your soul before you conquer anybody else's. Take care of your own knifes before you worry about other unforeseen out there beautiful extraction from a verse in the Quran, one of the scholars of our past one of the students of the Sahaba somebody came to him and said, I noticed you never mentioned somebody else with evil. I noticed you know, all the buzz I go all the Guru's I go, you never mentioned somebody else's name. I go to other people's lectures, they're always mentioning

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other people. And this great scholar and student of the sahaba. He said, I am not satisfied with my own self, such that I began criticizing other people I feel myself is so much worthy of criticism. How can I criticize other people when I am the number one critic of myself in my own eyes? What right do I have to talk about other people when in my own eyes I am the biggest sinner. And in telling us this he tells us the reality of what Taqwa is, once in a gathering of great people had been Abbas was sitting there as well, the great cousin of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and as is prone to happen in gatherings, a person began to mention backbiting. So talking about

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another person, I saw this and this happened, some social drama might have taken place in a bus interrupted, stopped the conversation if an ibis said if you want to talk about the faults of mankind, rather than began with the faults of other people. Let's begin with your own faults. Let's hear your own faults. And then you can talk about other people's faults. Ibn Abbas taught him wisdom. Why are you obsessed about social drama? Why are you creating a scene and talking about the mistakes and the sins of other people? If you really want to talk about the sins of mankind? Well then let's begin with you and let you tell us what you have done rather than you backbiting about

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your fellow Muslim brother or sister. So brothers and sisters, be careful of going down this evil slippery slope. Be careful of ascribing piety to yourselves. And this is a surreptitious, a hidden manner of ascribing piety to yourself. When you talk bad about other people, when you smack, talk about other people, there is an inherent psychological reality that you think you're better than other people. You think you're not worthy of that smack talk in that criticism. And that's why our religion teaches us be careful brothers and sisters, concern yourself with your own before that of others. Now, how do we go about this process? What are some practical steps that we can take to call

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concentrate on ourselves other than other people. Number one point number one. And this is something we learned from the Sierra we learned from the sahaba. We learned from this books of the great sages, Imam Al Ghazali, had been headband. So many scholars have no claim they mentioned this as a tactic. They mentioned this as a routine of the movement of the person on the path to Allah subhanho wa taala. One of the things we incorporate in our daily schedule, one of our scholars said every night before you go to sleep do this is to go over your own fault lists in your own life for the day. What did I do wrong today? What was the mistakes that I did? All too often, we completely

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ignore our own errors, days, weeks, months go by before we even think what are the sins that I have done. And this is not the way of the pious, the way of the righteous the way of the Moutai you are constantly self assessing yourself, you need to be your own CPA, you need to be your own attorney and accountant. You need to take account of yourselves before Allah will take account of you. And the way that is done is you literally dedicate some private time some alone time. That's why our scholars will do it when they lie down in bed before going to sleep. They're going to go over the her daily routine. What did I do wrong today? What sin did I commit? Who did I back by whose

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feelings Did I hurt? Where was I short and my salah in my charity? What missed opportunity was there when you constantly make it a habit to monitor your own faults automatically. In your daily routine, you're going to concentrate on the faults of other people in a less manner. And one of the scholars of the past. Bizarrely, he he mentioned this explicitly as a part of the routine of the righteous person, Maha Sabha. It's one of the chapters in Haroldo Medina, and that is the chapter of self accounting. Point number two, the second advice anytime you find your mind wandering to the mistakes of other people, anytime you start contemplating you listen to a hooker like hold that guy needed to

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listen to it. Stop yourself immediately. And ask yourself, what will I benefit from this advice? Forget so and so? How can I benefit from this advice? change the course of your mind to stop thinking about other people's faults and wonder when you listen to something of benefit? What can I put in my own life that I can be a better person. Point number three, remind yourself of the dangers of all the DIS surrounding putting other people down because this is a disease that leads to many other diseases. When you're obsessed with other people automatically, a bunch of other sins take place of them spying to just search you're always wanting to see what the other person is doing of

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them. Eavesdropping of them is to find out in a manner that is not halal, what is going on in their lives of them Zeba constantly backbiting of them bought and slander of them sue Elvin thinking the worst of your brother, sometimes an ambiguous thing happens. It could be good, it could be bad, but you have trained your mind to always be critical. So you're automatically gonna read in the worst interpretation. And this is betraying your own weakness. We're supposed to have good thoughts of people, pure thoughts of people were supposed to make excuses. But when your mind goes down this road of constant criticism, all excuses get thrown out the window and you become a person who always

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sees the glass as being half empty, who always sees the negative of life and will law he is such people are despised by their own family and their friends in society. Nobody likes a grumpy person always looking at the negative. And when you go down this route, you become such a person number point number four. Point number four.

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Teach Yourself to always put other people in a better platform than you think they deserve, especially your brothers and sisters who are righteous, think of them with better thoughts. And we learn this from the Quran from the Sunnah from the Sierra. When Allah subhanho wa Taala said to our Prophet Musa, I have chosen you, you go to fit Allen, you are the Prophet I've chosen Musa immediately What did he say? He said, Yeah, Rob, my brother is more eloquent than me. Can you send him as well? Notice he didn't say yes, I'm the chosen one. I won the first place. Allah said to him in this stuff, a Touka. I have chosen you, but in his mind, and this is a sign of piety. He was the

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more righteous he was the more pious but because he's the more righteous because he actually has Taqwa. When Allah says I've chosen you. Musa says I'm not the best person in Nucky Harun who have some in the sun and my brother how rune is better than me. He's more eloquent than me. You should choose him Oh ALLAH and send him as well. Look at how the mind is thinking. The same goes to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam A man came to the Prophet system said all the best of Allah's creation

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Shinya, Hyrule buddy, and he is the best of the creation He is. But immediately his humility said, no, no, that is my father Ibrahim Ibrahim is the best of creation, even though he is the best of creation, but in his humility, and this isn't false humility. This is genuine. He really believes Ibrahim is better than him, but we know that he is better than Ibrahim alayhis salam. This is a sign of Taqwa when the best of the best is known who I'm not the best, Ibrahim is the best. What does that show you? When another man comes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he is trembling in fear. He's scared that the process is such a big figure. Literally, he began trembling.

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The process of him smiled, put a hand on his shoulder and said, My dear brother, yeah, a year or a year when Allah enough sick, calm down. I am not a king. He said this in the lesson to be a mother. I'm not a king. In the last three months, I'm not a king. I am the son of a lady who was so poor, she couldn't eat fresh meat. She had to eat dried meat for her meals. I am a mirror son of a lady who was very poor. He's putting himself down in a legitimate manner like I am not the king and he wasn't a king. He was a prophet. He was better than a king. I am not the king. I am the son of a lady who would have to eat dried meat. You couldn't afford to eat, you know, fresh meat. Why is he

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saying this? Because this is the sign of eemaan the sign of Taqwa that you don't make yourself bigger than you are, that you are somebody who puts himself down in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a Jewish person and a Muslim person. They had a big fight almost a fistfight. Actually, they did have a fistfight. The Jewish person said, Allah has chosen Musa over the prophets of Sodom. And the Muslim said, Allah has chosen Mohammed sysm over the Prophet Musa. Now, in our Sharia, we do not put other prophets down by raising other prophets up. We don't do this. It's not as Allah azza wa jal says that all of the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala Kulu,

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whom all of them they are the prophets of Allah, we don't consider in a manner that puts another one down. They both came to the process of this hadith isn't Behati the Prophet says them himself is asked y'all rasool Allah, the Muslim say, I said, you are better than Musa and this man. He said, Musa is better than you. Now pause here. Technically, our Prophet system is a higher degree than Musa but the spirit of the sahabi was not correct with utmost respect to him. His spirit was he wants to put Musa down by putting the process up. That's not weird. We all look up to the prophets. And so our Prophet system said hadith is in Behati love to follow the loony Allah Musa don't say I

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am better than Musa in this type of context. Don't say this, because on the Day of Judgment, I will see Musa ahead of me in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala I will see him holding on to the Throne of Allah when I am resurrected, He is going to be ahead of me and the Hadith goes on praising Musa pointers. Our Prophet system did not consider himself in this manner, how can we consider ourselves in this manner, even though he was the best of creation, he was the best of mankind, He was better than Musa but it is not the way of the believer to ascribe piety to himself or herself. And the final point brothers and sisters, with regards to this issue of concentrating on other people versus

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yourself. Remember, on the Day of Judgment, all the mistakes of all of mankind will not harm you, as the smallest mistake on your own roster will irritate you. No matter what anybody else has done, it will not affect you at all, what you have done, the smallest of your sins will be bigger for you, and more painful for you, then the biggest sense of all of mankind. Now, all of this quick disclaimer before we finish the first hot buck. All of this has nothing to do with the Islamic obligation of preaching the truth, and commanding the good and forbidding the evil this must be done has nothing to do with this. And if you think that this topic contradicts commanding the good and

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forbidding with evil, then frankly, you have not understood the entire code. But today, the hotbar today is about your own psychological knifes. It's about your own paradigm. It's about how you view yourself. Even when you commander good to somebody in your own heart. You should be feeling Yeah, but I am worse than him even though he's doing this sin. My sin is a bigger sin in the eyes of Allah than his sin. What we're talking about today is psychological and spiritual humility, that humility has nothing to do with your obligation of commanding the good and preaching the truth and forbidding the evil May Allah subhana wa Tada make us of those who listen to His Verses and imply us to the

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best of our lives. May Allah bless me and you with them through the Quran and make him make us of those who is versus they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan as scholars forgiveness he was while asking for his love of food and the ramen

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Hill wa

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They had a summit Allah de la mia Lulu Mueller wollemi Akula homophone had Woba. Do.

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The concept of problematizing other people more than yourself is always a problem. It's always a spiritual disease. But the spiritual disease is compounded when a religious element is added unjustly, and when religious fanaticism joins the picture. overzealousness fanaticism is a common problem since the beginning of times, even in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that beginning came of groups of people who thought themselves better than the Sahaba a stuck for Allah even better than the Prophet sistema himself, a stock for Allah. And this is what happens when you allow the spiritual disease of arrogance of spiritual arrogance to corrupt your heart, dear

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Muslims and I especially appeal to our youngsters who are religious, a smaller segment segment of us but still it is the reality. I caution you of the lure of spiritual arrogance. I caution you of the appeal of fanaticism, the notion that I am upon the truth and everybody who opposes me is upon Balton is a deviant is misguided. Be careful of the naming and shaming culture. Be careful of the online social drama scene because I swear to you and speak to those older than you that have gone through these phases. I swear to you there is no good in concentrating on the faults of other people. As you ignore your own. You are going to become spiritually bankrupt. This is a sign of

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arrogance to consider everybody to be misguided, except you and a small group of people other than you. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Hadith Sahih Muslim. Whoever says all of mankind is misguided and destroyed. He is the most misguided of them. Whoever says everybody's off, everybody's gone. In fact, he is the worst of them. There is good in the ummah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the owner of the Prophet system is a great OMA the best Amma quantum higher OMA, anybody who comes and tells you the bulk of the OMA is misguided. Anybody who tells you the majority of aroma are sellouts. Anybody who tells you only a small group of Muslims is rightly

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guided. I understand it feels good. I understand you feel empowered. I understand it makes you feel special. I don't doubt your sincerity. I do doubt your knowledge and your wisdom. This is not the way of Islam. Listen to me and listen carefully. The bulk of the OMA is upon good. That's not my words. It's the words of our prophecy ism is the words of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah says in the Quran, you are the best Ummah, our Prophet sallallahu sallam said in the OMA to Martin Morrow whom my Alma is an OMA, Allah has shown mercy to this is the OMA of Allah azza wa jal that he has chosen, the bulk of it and hamdulillah is upon good and guidance. Therefore,

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anybody who tells you everybody's misguided except us, mark my words and listen to the Senior Scholars older than me and older than you, they themselves are misguided because Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, the vast majority of Muslims, even if they don't live righteous lives, they recognize righteousness, they recognize piety, the vast majority of our Allah ma, they're preaching mainstream Islam, and this is the reality from the beginning of time. Anybody who said otherwise, they went down the path of fanaticism, look at the hydrogels look at every other group, you will find them to be small, you will find them to be sectarian, you will find them to be fanatical, the bulk of the

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Ummah has always been rightly guided and the bulk of Islamic scholarship from the time of the Sahaba up until our times they are preaching mainstream normative Islam and the differences between them are trivial and they don't negate that overall they are upon good and upon hair, brothers and sisters. Islam is not a Netflix drama. Islam is not an HBO cereal, Islam is not online entertainment. And if you find that the majority of your Islamic activism is online drama, if you find the majority of what makes you feel better as a Muslim is to put other Muslims down, then I tell you honestly, this is not the Islam of Allah subhanho wa Taala it's not the Islam of the

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prophets of Allah Salah and it's not an Islam that is going to benefit you. Concentrate on your own faults. Concentrate on improving yourself and even if other people are misguided, you will have to answer for yourself on the day of judgment and listen to the senior most scholars listen to those who by and large don't get involved in online drama. This is a sign of actual scholarship, a sign of actual piety what you see online between various people here and there. Honestly, this is not Islam. It's not going to benefit you at all.

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Learn from the righteous are Allah MA and learn from the greatest scholars that are alive. You don't find them stooping to this level brothers and sisters I conclude with a famous teammate of Imam Malik Ibn Anas. We all agree who Imam Malik was. We all agree the greatest scholar of Medina from the time of the tabula rasa tab your own Imam Malik said that in Medina, I met groups of people in Medina I new groups of people, they did not have any mistakes amongst them. But all they did was to find the mistakes of other people. All they did was to talk about other people. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala created mistakes in them. And they became the target of criticism because all they

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did was criticize other people. And I met other groups of people, they had mistakes, but they were more busy with their own mistakes than the mistakes of other people. So Allah concealed their mistakes and protected them from humiliation. This is Imam Malik speaking to groups of people, the one group they're obsessed with the mistakes of other people. Imam Malik said, Allah azza wa jal exposed them and Allah created for them mistakes humiliated them, because all they could do is to be obsessed with other people and the other group. Sure they weren't perfect, but they didn't worry about other people's mistakes. They're more worried about themselves and Allah bless them conceal

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their mistakes and gave Baraka in their Dawa. This should be our philosophy as well. Concentrate on your own shortcomings bother with your own sins than the sins of other people. And if you do so, you will live more righteous life and you will be on the path to Taqwa. Allahumma and NIDA and family no Allama data that over 100 Yomi ism and a love a fracture while a Hammond Illa forged what are they in an illogical data? What am I do on ILDA feta while I see Ron Illa your sorta Allah my friend Anna What are you one in the DSM Hakuna been Iman wala to Dr. Phil coluna Hilda Lilina, Amano Robina in Nicaragua for Rahim, Allah Azza Islam, Muslim in Allahumma Israel Islam all Muslim in Allah Humam

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and Aradhana are the Islam or Muslim individual and vegetable hoomin FC, which tells me it off it'll be here for you Yeah, Aziz rebirth Allah in Allah to Allah Amara conveyed by their behavior NFC within NaVi Malacca the Odyssey was hailed as a become a you know, an engineer he went into football as an equivalent Alima in Nala Hamada KATUSA Luna either NaVi yeah you hola Dina Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with aseema Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik Al Abdullah close to the Mohammed Ali he was Siberian marine rebels Allah in Allahu Allah Allah will idli will your Sunni waiter orba Wayan hylafax Shy will Moon carry well belly you're either Camilla Allah come to the Quran. Oh the Quran

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Allah had the mayor the political wish Kuru Yes, he did. What did he call LA? Akbar welcome is Salah.

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Angeline either.

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Me, Ms. Dahiya da doll Seanie when she

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told me what to feed

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on Sunday, what

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feels cool Ruby to me.

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