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The Productive Muslim Podcast
AI: Summary © The host of a TV show discusses the importance of taking advice when it comes to giving advice, as it can be difficult to actually receive it. They also mention the generation gap and the need to become immune to the advice. The host then gives a small gift to someone, and they discuss hosting evening lessons for students.
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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast, season three, Episode 24.

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Welcome to the production listen podcasts, with your hosts in handy. And welcome to my Ramadan hot detox challenge. We are now on day 24. So, you know, five or six days left of Ramadan, shala you guys are sticking out this challenge. And you're keeping to all the rules your two pages of put any day you're abstaining from music and Netflix, binge eating and shallow. This has been a productive Ramadan for you guys. So your article of the day is why we don't take advice productively, and how to change that. So I remember when this article was done, one of the reasons why I wanted this article is because maybe this has happened to many of you as well. Has it ever happened that someone

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has come to you, and giving you unsolicited advice, Islamic advice that often comes in the form of criticism or policing you and especially when it comes up in an unsolicited way where for example, you might enter the masjid. And someone comes to you and says, excuse me, sister, this is not correct, you're dressed in an incorrect way, you're not praying in the correct way. And after a while I got to thinking like at the end of it, they are saying something that is beneficial for me. So for example, if somebody corrects the way that I'm sitting when I'm praying or whatever, there's some there's some benefit in that. But the way that they've said it has made me blind or like has

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has cut me off from being able to actually take the advice, because I'm so frustrated with the way that they have communicated it to me.

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And so this article goes through the different reasons why we struggle to actually take advice. Because one of the things as Muslims, we frequently complain, you know, people don't know how to give dour, people are not eloquent enough. They don't have to do it appropriately. At the same time, people also don't know how to receive advice. Sometimes when people are advising us, we take it as a personal attack on ourselves. When that might not be the case. Sometimes we write someone off because we don't think they're qualified to give advice to us. And that mentality in itself is very dangerous, because basically assuming that you are better than someone else. And the thing is, Can

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any of us actually say for sure that we are a better listener than someone else? Is that something that we're even allowed to say. So by humbling ourselves and recognizing that anyone is qualified to give us advice, that'll make us a better person. And that's something that we should do. The next thing though, the one key thing that stops is giving advice, a lot of times there's two actually key points here that I wanted to go through. One of them being is the way that it given. So some people may Allah guide them don't have any tact when it comes to giving advice. They can be very harsh. Sometimes they give it in a way where they're talking about you to someone else in front of you. And

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I've seen this happen, and it is quite a sad situation. But you need to sort of become, you need to become immune to that you need to not see that look past it and focus on the words that they are saying instead, the reason why is because this article starts off with an A and M that says, Those who listened to speech and follow the best of it. Those are the ones that Allah had guided. And those are the people of understanding whatever speech we hear, we need to find a way to follow the best of it. Now, one of the other reason that this brings this article brings up is the generation gap. So sometimes we don't want to take advice from people because we say, Well, what do they know

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they come from, they come from a completely different time. They don't understand what life is like now for us. That can sometimes be from our parents. And what you guys have to understand is you need to look past that and look at their intentions. What are they saying to us? You know, at no point in our life Do we ever become so experienced that we can't receive advice from someone. When we do that we risk becoming arrogant, but not only that, people when they're trying to advise, especially when the people who love us, they're doing it with good intentions, they're doing it to help us be better, to help us be the best version of ourselves, writing them off as being able to give us any

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advice because we feel like they don't understand this. We're closing off the door to a lot of Baraka to a lot of ways that we can change ourselves for the better. So that is your article for the day. The rest of your task for today.

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You're gonna send a simple gift to someone valuable in your life. So we've been doing gifts yesterday we had to make a gift. Today we're sending a simple gift. This can be anything, it can be two or three dates. It can be a handmade card, it doesn't matter. It doesn't have to be something handmade necessarily. You know a lot of the open of bars that I've been going to people have been buying packets of cakes, people have been making food from home and giving it out that counts as a gift that you can give to someone. And then the last task of the day is you are going to host an evening helicopter lessons from sorts of care.

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So sources GAF is a software that we generally read every Friday. You can take whatever lessons you want, you don't have to go through something completely, you can go through one of the four stories within it, you can just take one a day from it. And elaborate on that. If you can't host an evening halaqa by getting people come over. You can do it via WhatsApp send the message explaining what are the benefits of sorts of careful what is the lesson from source good care that we should all remember. And remember, Whatsapp messages have a habit of going viral. So if you've sent something that has really great wisdom in it, and that you have advised in a very eloquent way that you would

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have done after reading your article of the day. Imagine, you know that that message gets sent around to people, and then they send it around to more people. How much editing will you get for every person that reads that message? So these are your tasks for the day. inshallah you guys have a wonderful day and they'll be ready tomorrow as we start our last five days of Ramadan.

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