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Salam Alaikum, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh How are you guys doing? Everyone's been very active, very passionate, and very enthused about doing good work for Palestine, taking the pro Palestine position, going online doing the charity work now, which has been made available to us, etc. But there's another country where in which you'll find atrocities being committed. And that is Sudan, a big Muslim country, both geographically and by population in Africa.

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And this really is something which has been underreported. I think we haven't spoken about this enough, guys. I mean, to be honest with you of what's happened, if we know the history of this country, and what's happened, especially with the RSF forces, recently, the rapes that have been committed, or the sexual assaults on mass have been committed to displacement, and major displacements happening by the RSF. And these other groups, and mercenaries coming from outside of the country. Many of the things that we're seeing, in fact, AlJazeera has

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videos of this group, the RSF, in Sudan, killing civilians, you can actually watch those videos in Arabic. And and so this is something which requires, we need to be aware of what's going on in Sudan, because it's absolutely disgusting. And we can apply pressure just as much as much in the same way as we're doing with Palestine, on what's happening in Sudan. So this is this is actually, you know, it's very disappointing, because I haven't come across anything about this, even scrolling and stuff like that. And yeah, this I think, will be very important for us to know, because you you describe this as a potentially another genocide going on. And for us not to know about this is I

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mean, what so what it is, let's, let's break this down. So that is a country that has been independent since 1956. Okay. And ever since that time has had as as as much of Africa, much of the Middle East and much of the world, in fact, what you refer to as authoritarian rule. Okay, so you have a strong dictatorial type president or prime minister that's in charge of the kind of dictator, let's just call him for the sake of argument. And recently, the most notable thing that's happened is you had this guy Kodama Bashir, okay. He was in charge of the country, until fairly recently. And one of the main things that has happened is in the year 2000, where probably the most numbers of

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civilians had been killed through a military coup. So this, this other group, which came out,

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VI, which we'll talk about in a second, but they came out and they tried to resist against Mr. Bashir, they came up, this led to the killing of some say, by the way, hundreds of 1000s of people and even 10s of 1000s. This day, honestly, but not in a short space of time. So with the Palestine issue, as you guys know, like, it's only been three months, and we've got 30,000 people. So these like the Guardian, for example, you take these,

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these figures with a pinch of salt, having said that, the official numbers of the government is much less, they say only 10,000 People would go, which is nonsense is impossible,

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is that with with over a five year period, within a five year period,

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from the year 2000 onwards, that about 300,000 people died, that's that might be skewed numbers, or whatever it may be, but that's still in three in in that much time, five years, 300,000 people if it's even close to being true, let's say 100,000 people that's still a massacre at high high level, we've got we've got the killing of the people civilians, we have, we have the displacement of the people. And then we have especially this tactic, which is particularly pernicious, which seems to be ongoing. And that seems to be one of the things they do on mass. They sexually assault women in all kinds of different ways. We're talking about the RSF here. And this is a a kind of like, in the

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beginning. So what happened with the RSF is who are the RSF? You had this guy? Yeah, this guy called haramaty. Okay. And this individual, he was kind of like the leader of this group.

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He was part of this splinter group was a paramilitary group or militia group, or you can call it what you want to call it. In the last couple of years, maybe 2021. One was 2020. They were offered a power sharing agreement. So they were offered to be subsumed within the Sudanese armed forces, that so in other words, because of you know, the Coos that happened in the past, as a way to resolve this issue was to bring this particular group within the framework of the government. So what happened?

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Recently, so why is this happening again now, so we've spoken about from 1976, all the way to 2000. And from 2000 to 2021. What's happening recently is that in 2021 2022, that they violated the peace, sharing the power sharing agreement, and they went back into a state of war. So effectively, what you have now in Sudan, is you effectively have another civil war, you have another civil war. You've got Hamad T, on the one hand of the RSF. You have the Sudanese army, and these guys are, you know, the RSF are committing the most atrocities are committing the most atrocities, they're getting people from outside we can see these atrocities. And they're narrated on mass, mass transmitted by

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people, we have videos, like an Al Jazeera, as I mentioned, algebric is probably the best source to see people being killed in women testimony, doing testimonials on how they've been sexually assaulted, etc. Recently, even more recently, so you've had, as we've mentioned, we talked about 96 will raise 2000 2000, all the way to 2000 22,021. And now we're in 2023. So the last bout of kind of issues has been in August 2023, where the, you know, the the the Tensions have risen again.

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And we're always talking about when we talk about displacement, he was looking at displacement of millions of people. We're not talking about displacements of 10s of 1000s, or hundreds, and we're talking about displacements, some say three, some say 5 million. There's all kinds of estimates, but people have to, to leave the main areas. So we're talking about how Tom, for example, the capital of South Sudan, and other areas, they have to leave those areas, they're displaced. It's actually atrocity. And it's only fair that this needs to be covered people need to be first of all, with this issue number one informed of what's happening.

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And the same basic strategy that we are playing with Palestine. We need to apply with Sudan.

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In as much the same way we have concerned with the Palestinian people, because said, with the Sudanese people, and this was the first of many videos, obviously with critical content news. Musa has done a range of videos on this, we have a range of articles being written on the website as well for people want to see and have more information on that. Maybe I'll put them in the description box in the in the comment section. Tada. Kurt has, you know, thought it is fantastic job writing down some really brilliant articles on this as well. I think we've had any donation links that people can we need to look at, we're still in the process of looking at which is that what are the best

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charities? What, at this point in time, I think the first step is to know what's going on and to get people both intellectually and emotionally invested with this issue. Because we can't you know, have a skewed relationship with the OMA almost the OMA so once you the nice person dying is the same as one Palestinian person, you know, is that there's absolutely no difference whatsoever. I hope everyone here has taken heed of this video and understands that what's happening in Sudan?

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I don't know to me personally, I have no, it was it was Newsome when he came and told me. I know something was happening on the field. I was thinking in Sudan, I had no idea. So to me, just shows that I haven't heard of it anywhere. I'm not on Twitter, or Instagram. I haven't heard of it anywhere. I don't know why not. Which, again, the Brahmas Sisters, we shouldn't treat the issue of Gods becomes a fascist. Sometimes, yes, there are people who genuinely care, but it becomes something like kind of a fashion thing. You know, it's really important for us to check our intentions. Because if you don't feel the same way about the plight of the bronzes in Sudan or

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wherever, for that matter, we really need to question our heart. To me, like I said, I had no idea and want to try my best to look into it even more, and try to raise awareness to it. And like I said, a few brothers can inform me if there's a charity that we can raise towards that on the ground, whatever, for that matter. But from this moment on was going forward. It is important for us to do our research and put as much effort as we can as well as much as we are with the Gaza situation to see what's going on because over there you're talking four or 5 million people displaced 1000s of people being killed. So yes, I think we should put the same way and also STG news

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insha Allah I'm sure this is going to look into his also Yeah, definitely we should renew our intentions and make sure that you know we are morally consistent whoever it has been done doesn't matter the color for that matter.

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Pharaoh was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.