Refugee crisis – Generosity

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A NEMA facade una vida facade we give those that bad calamities patiently there are rewards without limit.

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It is the one of the few places in the Quran where you get a hazard limitless or a second Tafseer we will give them their reward without hazard. They won't be any account your agenda direct.

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So this is their reward because they're bearing the calamity. Your reward is for you to help out in a calamity. Listen to the verse. A lot of bullets This is

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what you have to remove.

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panna for B, Myskina YT ma Sierra, and they give

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from their provisions from their food from their material, although it is dear to them. I laugh a bit he he wants that himself miskeen on YT mon Sierra, to the destitute the orphan and those imprisoned by the pangs of war with the mentality in NaNoWriMo commonly what Hila Landry Domine come jazza on wala Shu Cora, we give you for the sake of Allah, we want no reward? No Do we want any thanks? I don't want to give you $1 and every time you see me zero stars thank you for the dollar and the day you forget Oh, you forgot the day you didn't have $1 Landry domain calm just on one last hurrah. I don't want thanks. And I don't want recompense from you. In a half a mil rabina, Yeoman

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Agusan campo de la we fear our load on the day of frowning in distress and a lot of polish the size for Jessa whom de masaharu Jana tahara for their patience for them squeezing the enough's in giving a lot of promises I will grant you for Jessica whom the masaharu Janet Ohara is paradise and abodes of silk.

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At the end when a law is accepted, if he says I will give you this for that house that is the deal.

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of law says I will give he will give

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and he is a warning for those that hold back

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and Ola into the future fi Sabine Allah. Verily you are invited to spend in the path of Allah from income many of you are those who go stingy with my Yamaha Alfa Nana Johan Neff say whoever goes stingy has gone stingy on himself. What wha hoo honey?

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Allah and Allah is the wealthy, you're the ones that are poor. We're in La Jolla, Stockdale, Coleman, and a few turn your backs on the task in front of you. I will bring another nation instead of you and they want to be like you