Are Women Allowed To Lead Other Women During Fard Salaah/Qiyaam/Taraweeh – Shaykh Yahya

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Is it permissible for a woman to lead other women in prayer? Whether it's thought, Oh, we are Kellyanne. What about foreign prayers or obligatory prayers

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. It is authentically reported that I shall have the Allahu on how long have led many of the women of her time in prayer. And this wasn't because that they didn't have a man to lead them. But this was something that was done by her all day long. And the difference between the Imam of a woman and that of a man is that he just stood in the middle of the line, she didn't stand in front of anyone. She stood in the middle of the first line, and she recited to them in the prayer. This was something that was done as a non obligatory prayer. And this is something that is acceptable in sha Allah, there is difference of opinion amongst their own

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amount, of course, with this as there is with many other jurisprudential kind of questions. I tend to agree with the fact that Muslim woman can lead other Muslim women in prayer in sha Allah stand amongst them, she should have the same requirements that you would expect of an imam of a similar caliber and quality, that the prophets I seldom said to them. To us, your own home of Torah, whom the one who is to lead the people is the one who is the most versed and learn it in the Koran. Number two, if there are people of equal standing than the one who knows the pseudonym better, and if there are people who are of equal standing than the one

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who is more advanced in age and more mature in their responsibility, if they're equal than the one who's married should be put forward before the one who's not married. So there was a list and a criteria and a hierarchy. To show the importance of giving this duty, the requisite dignity that it is deserving of. May Allah subhanho wa Taala. Accept all of our devotions and prayers along

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