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The speakers discuss various narratives and their context, including the third wave of COVID-19 in Nigeria, precautions, and the concept of a "weird practice" that causes no one's health to get worse. They also discuss the history of Islam, laws and precautions, and the importance of acceptance of Islam as a means of avoiding infection. The speakers stress the need for people to take precautions and avoid extreme deaths, following the "hasn't matter" approach to disease transmission. They also emphasize the importance of following local laws and following proper precautions for others.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu

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wa Salatu was Salam Allah ashrafi ambia it will mousseline Amma God, your call Allahu Allah and in Nigeria well for Connie Hamid although we let him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim ma Saba me mostly getting filled out with a onesie and fussy come in Luffy keytab min cobbly underbara. In other Ricardo Bahia zero, you're calling Naboo sallallahu alayhi wa sallam now, Dora what are their aura? So the con la la de Masada canovee you will Karim? What acnologia kilometer shahidi no shaqiri Well, hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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honorable Allah respected elders in brothers,

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as we know

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that certain parts of our countries have already entered into the third wave of COVID-19.

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And the President's address is imminent.

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As they say the family meeting has been called up by the President.

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So in the background of that, in the backdrop of that, I thought, we have our own family meeting today as a community and try to understand the aspect of COVID-19 in the light of Quran and Sunnah. So in my talk today, I'm going to speak about the aspect of contagion. And then we'll speak about precaution. And then if time permits, we'll look at some general remarks in this regard. Insha Allah

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looking at the aspect of contagion, the Hadith in Bukhari

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Lada What are Pirata what are what are suffer for fear Ramadan images zoomy cannot afford amino acid. In this Hadith, the Navy of Allah starts off by saying ladwa, there is no contagion.

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What are Fira there is no bad omen. What a hammer and there is no Omen associated with the routine of the owl philosopher, and there is no bad omen associated with the month of suffer.

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While federal middle matsumae cannot afford amino acid. In the latter part of the Hadith, the prophet of Allah says, but the run away from the leper,

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just as you would run away from the lion, to protect yourself. So the orlimar say the day seems to be an outward apparent contradiction.

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That in the beginning of the Hadith, the prophet of Allah says there's no contagion.

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But in the latter part of the Hadith, the prophet of Allah is saying, take precaution and run away from the leper as you would run away from the lion.

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So this is one Hadith in Bukhari and authentic narration. But there's many other narrations that speaks about the spreading of a virus, and also speaks about the negation of contagion. And they are narration speaks about taking precaution.

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So the MMR mentioned, the rule of thumb is you never look at one headache in isolation, if there are several ahaadeeth, and you have to put all the texts in front of you, and then draw a holistic conclusion.

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So if you look at all the Hadith that speaks about negation of contagion, and then all the Hadith that speaks about precaution,

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there are narrations that say that don't mix the disease cammo with the healthy ones. And then there's a narration that mentions that a group of people came to Medina to munawwara from some teeth. And in there, there was a man who had leprosy. So then we have Allah did not stretch his hands out for the BI, he sent somebody in he said to them, in advance

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that we have accepted your allegiance, you may return.

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So the generations that speaks about taking precaution. And then there are narration that speaks about the negation of contagion, to undermine and say that we have to understand the context in a holistic setup.

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So the first thing that orlimar mentioned is that this Hadeeth was said

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when the Arab we're very accustomed to superstition and all types of myths.

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So in order to rectify the upgrader, and in order to rectify the belief, that would be of a loss and Allah Holly silom, negate negated contagious, and I'll explain this.

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The people of Arabia they had weird practices, the Hadith I quoted to you

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They would associate the omens to various things. And they would take crucial decisions based on these practices. For example, if a person wanted to undertake a journey, he would pull out two types of arrows on the one arrow It was written on Yes, you must go ahead. And then you had the other types of arrows that were written law, you must undertake the journey. So whenever they had a crucial decision to take, they would they would, they would go to this arrows.

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Now, yes, I must go through the journey. And if the arrow came out law to desist, even though it was an important journey to undertake

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another practice of theirs was that they would associate bad omens to the month of soccer is bad luck mustn't get married, in a month of suffer, mustn't by You mustn't do things.

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So they had this weird practices. So the idea for law was addressing the Arab society, that nothing intrinsically has the capability to create effect without the permission the will of Allah.

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So, Allah in essence is saying

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that when there's no contagion, he means

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that no disease can, can can be transmitted from one carrier to another carrier,

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except through the permission in the will of Allah.

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The apparent reason can be there. But that apparent reason can only be effective if the word of a lie said guess what the heavy if means. I'll give you a simpler example. The quality of fire is to burn.

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But Allah also has the the full of control of withdrawing that.

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When they catapult Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam into the fire What happened?

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Yeah, no Cooney barudan wa sallam another Ibrahim and the so the Hadith is saying that don't believe that fire burns. who must say that fire has the quality to burn if the order of Allah is there.

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That is what the hydrate means. Likewise, the quality of water is to drown. Eunice la salatu salam was swallowed.

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Well, you will not wait in unison Let me tell you more saline is another Cardinal full kill mushroom for sir Hama putana mineral mood humming fall takamoto humulene the whale swallowed Eunice la salat wa salam, logically it tells you the man is gone. But he survived. So Allah subhanho wa Taala at the end of the day is full control of every aspect of our life. The knife did not kill a smile a Salaam the fire did not burn Ibrahim Ali Salaam, the way did not devour universality. salatu salam, the point is

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the apparent cause can only take effect when the permission of Allah is there.

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There is the negation the Hadith, to teach the people that don't associate apparent reason as the sole cause of disease and sicknesses spreading Allah is the one in control.

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So yes, when coming in contact, a virus can spread from one carrier to another, but only with the permission of allies.

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Only with the permission of allies, then there is your your pain that you need to keep. You must take your precaution at your reliance is solely Allah solely in a law. I'll give you a simple example. When a person is sick, you go to the doctor,

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the doctor prescribes and prescribes. He tells you you mustn't do this and he tells you you must do this.

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We take the medication, not with this conviction that medication gives me Shiva. We take the medication or the conviction that Allah put Shiva in the medication. And if the Shiva is not there, I will not be cured.

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How many times you've seen the two people go with the same sickness to the same doctor. The diagnosis exactly the same, the medication exactly the same, but in one person it works in another person, it doesn't work. So do we blame the medicine? Do we blame the doctor? We say Allah did not put your dead medicine. So to rectify our appear to rectify our belief system. The Hadith says don't attribute it

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To apparent causes, attributed to Allah, and this is unique, I'll tell you from my own personal experience in my family, when few members contracted COVID, my wife also picked it up.

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But initially, I did not pick it up.

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Four months later, four months later, I picked it up.

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But I was in the same space with her in the same living quarter, eating together, nursing her

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close contact with the precaution Of course,

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I did not pick it up, my wife picked it up. So this virus behaves also in a very unique and strange way.

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Even the doctors are present, at the end of the day, you have to submit that when the permission of Allah is

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equal, thanks, transmit, when the permission of Allah is not there, it will not transmit.

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So now, it leads us to the next question. If everything happens by the permission of Allah, then why must we take precaution?

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Why must we take precaution

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and the Hadith also speaks about this.

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Adopting precaution is not contrary to put in your reliance in Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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As to how he came in, he said, only of Allah

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azza wa jal

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the hobbies that has become very famous on our tongue in this recent few months,

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Tiger camel so the Sahaba came in he asked him via for law, should I tie the camel and then put my trust in a law? Or should I put my trust in Allah and let it loose.

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And this is where the balance comes. What we need to learn in this whole scenario is the balance the balance, then we have a loss, er pin her water what color

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first time a camel, and then put your trust in Allah.

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And then so adopt this is the balance the Hadith is teaching us

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that ultimately, if the camel is going to get stolen, it's going to happen whether the camel is tight or not tight. But that doesn't mean you must abandon the means is that the meaning of

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the Nabeel for Lockwood have replied, You know, my Sahabi at the end of the day, Allah once that human is going to go whether you tight or not tight.

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This from the response he gave me.

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He said, tie the camel and then put your trust in Allah.

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And then put your trust in Allah. And the narrations. I quoted earlier

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that a delegation of 13 came to Medina and they want to pledge their support in allegiance to the Navy for law, but within them, there was a companion who had leprosy that we have Allah said, in the Bionicle photo jar, we have accepted your allegiance, we fully understand you may now return

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is he going against the walk with

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the Aloma mentioned such an amazing thing. They say when Maria Maha Salatu was Salam was in her final stages of pregnancy. Allah said to her who's de la to be enough LA or Maria, take the brunt of this three and shake it towards your sight. Allah will throw some things towards you, to Allah said if Allah wanted, Allah could have allowed the taste to drop right in her lap. What was the need for her to say?

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Allah mercy to teach us that even here you have to adopt the means

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and then put your reliance in law. So she shook it, and the dates fell, which was nourishing.

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So this is the balance we need to have. We must always avoid extremism in life.

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Because the bulk of the oma cannot run on extremism.

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It has to be moderate. It has to be a balanced approach in life. We have to avoid extremism when we talk about precaution also, and we have to avoid extremism. When we talking about the word cool in Allah also. Because then we have Allah did. What was the balanced approach in life. Okay, Erica john, welcome. Oh, man, what's up? Ah,

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we have made you a moderate and a balanced coma. It's a different matter. That when we talk about precaution, the advice is always changing. And there's nothing wrong with this inconsistency. Because the advice will change based on the research. Even a doctors will tell you this is a noble Coronavirus.

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We don't have all answers. Initially I told you you must go into 14 days quarantine, then they say 10 days. And if you came into close contact in the initial days, when the first group came from Italy, there was panic everywhere. Everybody was Helter Skelter. A doctor came into contact, you would next day you would send messages to all the patients that were in the surgery. That day, you must isolate 14 days. Now the change the medical advice, monitor your symptoms, if you are showing symptoms, then have yourself tested. If not, it's not necessary. So the medical advice will change from time to time, that's fine.

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There's nothing wrong with that.

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But we need to just draw the balance.

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We can't go in it's to the point of extremism. Even when we talk about precaution, the mask in certain countries, mandatory certain country, recommended certain countries have adopted approach. If you are vaccinated, you find you can have intimate contact with the next person, you can shake hands, not a problem. Some countries take very strict measures in Australia currently being lockdown.

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If they detect one case, the entire county goes into lockdown, they can manage, we will not manage. So the advice will change from area to area from group to group. And based on the circumstances and the dynamics of the group, that advice will change. Now we can all sit and become experts and point out the inconsistency.

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But at the end of the day, you need to ask yourself, how much you willing to adopt that precaution. If you feel that much is fine, Alhamdulillah. But we don't have to force that into the next on to the next person. If he feels that this is many people don't wear a mask. But they say well, I don't go to parties. I don't go to towers, I don't go that's my precaution.

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Others say no I wear masks, both are taking precaution. But in their own way.

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What we are saying at the end of the day is throw the parents

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throw the balance in all other aspects of life we throw the balance, why are we not showing the balance here also, when we get sick, we go to the doctor. Why do we Why don't we sit at home and say no Allah is a Shafi advisor give me Shiva.

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It was a one guy came to

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give me a child, please

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tell me how long you made it

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a look into what means without means and against me. But the pseudoknot of Allah is

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Allah has placed in this world cause and effect that cause and effect is run by the permission of Allah. So in a nutshell, as we wrap up today's discussion,

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the heartbeat when it's making a negation, it's a rectifying our aqeedah that yes, the apparent cause, through the apparent cause. A person can get sick, if the permission and the will of Allah is there.

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But if the permission in the world local law is not there, the person will not get sick. And the second message is you must throw you must follow your own precaution according to what your doctor tells you. And accordingly you must ensure Allah approach matters.

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When we talk about precautions for others,

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you know, I've spoken to so many doctors and they say Malala we together with a conventional medicine, even telling our patients continue with the sooner medicine postpone the Hynde flaxseed oil. A people make a lot of money with flaxseed oil, Europe diesel 170 rent for small water

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which is sold for 730 rains on a normal day anyways.

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Coastal in flaxseed oil center leaves all this is from the heartbeat precaution is there

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then appeal commercial there are so many remedies. It's a discussion on its own. Each seven arch was an inshallah you will not be affected. What is all this? This is throwing the balance balance at the end of the day we take our precaution. But our reliance is not in our precaution. Our reliance is in law. And together with precaution, we cannot abandon the spirituality.

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We have to continue

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we have to continue with

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we have to continue with victory. We have to continue with Doha. That is very critical when we are adopting the means we will go to the doctor who will take the message

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Listen, but will also turn to Allah.

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We cannot abandon the massage.

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We must come to the masjid. Take whatever precaution you need to take, but you must come to the house of Allah. Either da come Lima, your E,

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our nourishment is connected to our spirituality, they must adopt the spirituality also. In closing one two general remarks.

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If you're not comfortable with certain advice, you are more than welcome to follow another scholar or another doctor for that matter.

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But don't cause fitna in your family or in the community. Because fitna is far worse than killing well fit Natasha dominello Caitlyn, the Quran says to create unnecessary panic and unnecessary fitna in a community is far worse than killing a person.

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Because when you kill a person math is over.

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But this is an ongoing pok pok pok pok.

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It has destroyed families do you know that

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father and son going to two different machines.

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It's so nice. It's all in good taste. We're going into the third wave, the President will speak and then the messages will start again. And then the debates will start again. And all of this passion for stuttering

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to yourself a favor, pull yourself out of all those debates, all those debates, and you find one scholar that you are comfortable in following whatever advice he gives you, you have confidence in him follow him. But don't quote the 85th now you know think fitna mongers don't become that. Don't be that guy. People have lost loved ones because of advice and debates around them. And people have taken a 360 turn previously totally in denial. And now totally on the other side. We don't want both extremes. We weren't balanced. Ellen's, a larger, a larger, a torso, torso.

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said do coreboot that is the son of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all. Allah grant those people whom we've lost genital feitos Allah subhanaw taala grant them the highest stages. The last point I'll end off with is if there's somebody sick in the family, it's our duty to nurse them.

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We must take the precaution but we must nurse them. That is a

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It's so sad. I'll tell you families when they confide.

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The father passes away the family don't want to be

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there. He said

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that he said, that's your father. That's your turn that

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your grandmother is at 82

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at a time of their life when they need you the most.

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I'm not saying become reckless, adopt your means but you must nurse

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if they pass away you must give them the hosel

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that is the minimum that we can do for them. How many people are sitting with regret. They did not go see their loved ones because of the fear.

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How many of them are sitting with regret because they did not give the final version. It's too late when they are already pretty decent.

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So let's do the balance. Let's not create fit nine the oma or Marlena