Mohammed Hijab – Atheist Apologist tries to Disprove Quran with Science

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The importance of the Quran in shaping people to worship Islam is discussed, with emphasis on the "guided medium" that brings people back to their past. The title Islam- sails is meant to be a reference to actions of Islamists and their followers, and is not a scientific textbook. The speakers emphasize the importance of suspending possibilities of madjozi meaning and using the language "immediate over" in the context of legal claims.
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Hope you enjoyed the video because one thing you see these atheists doing is when they try to refute these verses, they initially approach the Quran and they try reading it as if it was a scientific textbook, right? And then they take that verse with a particular interpretation, which is twisted, and then they try to match you up with the science and say, here's an inaccuracy. And, and likewise, apologists will do the opposite. So apologists will say Well, look, there's a there is a scope here, for interpretive

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correlation. So let's, let's put and let's move correlation between scientific fact and reverse, but making it as if this is what the verse means. 100% and you've closed the door now, to all other interpretations. Yes. Which you can't do for many reasons. A lot of them actually. jurisprudential. Yeah. For example, if we're talking about abortion, you know, you can't just say, okay, it's 40 days, and that's it. There is 102 that is an opinion 40 days is an opinion but you can't just close the door and that's it. Yeah. So it's important to realize

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that there's there's a danger of closing doors, because of sight because of modern science and also not to forego side so there is a happy medium that we can kind of try and try. I think something to also clarify here is that what is the objective of the Quran? guidance? Yeah, so a lot of revealed as a guidance, humanity and in particular, those people of taqwa that will that will benefit from it. Yeah. That being the case, we know the Quran is guidance, and it's guiding people to worship Allah towards back towards the Creator, right? So the ayat of the Quran are going to be they are going to be speaking to people from this primary perspective, which is bringing people back to Allah

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speaking to the human being speaking to the fitrah. So worshiping Allah is the primary focus of the court and you notice a beautiful verse and sort of hatch. Yeah.

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Well, last panel dialysis. Well, the LML, Athena Oh to Lima and the whole hackerman Rebecca,

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photography tele Haku boom. When Allah Allah had the Latina Emmanuella, should also must have him.

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And this verse is very powerful because it made me think of kind of what you're talking about, but on a different level. Allah subhanaw taala says, so that he was talking about certain situation how he reveals revelation Shere Khan tries to get involved in Allah Subhana, Allah deletes his intervention and so on, so forth. But then he gives a reason. He says, Well, he Alamin Latina or two lions. So the people who have been given knowledge know that is the truth from their Lord,

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for human will be so that and then they become believers of it. We're talking with Allah Haku boom, and the hearts become inclined to it. We're in the Lucha, Lucha De La Nina amarula. So as a Muslim and Allah subhanaw taala is going to guide the people who believe in to the straight path. So this has made me think that Allah subhanaw taala he has he leaves no Quran is multi layered in that sense, he speaks to different people with the same voice. Yes. And when I say voice, I'm not talking about, you know, literal voice I'm talking about in the same tone, right? So you've got in the same language, something which speaks to this person and to that person.

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In other words, the crime is meant to speak to the farmer and the philosopher. Yes. It's meant to speak to the student and the scientist. Yes, is meant to speak to the family man. And, you know, I'm trying to think of another way to make it alliteration.

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And maybe we can just say physicist, okay, yeah, even though it's not an official

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on the same level as

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what you see, so Allah subhanho wa Taala, he the Koran, a scientist could not look at the code and say, This is completely ridiculous. Yes, that's it can't happen. Believe me, I've looked at the Quran. I know it very well. Okay. So you cannot say it's ridiculous from a science even a modern scientific perspective. You can't and if you think it is like that, it's because you have received some kind of propaganda. Yes. At the same time, if you have, if you look at look for an in an eye by looking at and saying okay, well, you know, it's all it's all science, like a scientific book, you've not understood the Quran. Yeah, we're trying to be objective here because Allah subhanaw

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taala says, In the Quran will enter Quran Allahu Allah tala moon, one of the worst sins is that you say about Allah what you don't know. And the professor Salah we said in the Hadith mancozeb, Allah and Muhammad and failure failure, Shabbat mahatama, whoever lies about me intentionally prepares see in the hellfire. So we have to when we approach the Koran, we have to be fair objective. And look at what the author actually intended. Yes. And I think you touched on a really good point that it's that happy, medium or less speaking to all people, that whole of humanity

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Who's only NASA says yes for the whole of humanity. Yeah. But I think tying in with this we also know is

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the Quran is guidance specifically for the people or the people that are benefit from other people of taqwa. Yes. Right. But then what the key is in Surah Baqarah. So understanding that he likes it, even if a scientist approaches it, I would say like you said they would they would not ridicule or dismiss the Quran if they really honestly come to it. Yeah. And that's the key. Is it a lope will making their house if they're really looking for for it, though, they'll see that as an ancient document, but it's hitting all the right chords from this perspective that is not deviating from what we have. So it's not it's not a scientific textbook. No, yes. But it says things which are

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aligned with what we understand. Yeah. And that's quite powerful. Yeah, that perspective. That being said, bro,

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talking about people of taqwa and humility that approach the Quran and they will find guidance in it. We have the opposite end of the spectrum to the some of the new atheists and atheism online, they're attacking the Quran. Now, we've clarified This is not you can't claim scientific miracles in that type of sense in the Quran itself. And we've talked about extensively but just briefly to touch upon it. Like we said, we're going to talk about this video put about put out by rationality rules and genetically modified skeptic and they obviously tried in the reputation of a video that some Muslim Brothers put out regarding the scientific models in the Quran. Hopefully, this will educate

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Muslims too, as to why we shouldn't use scientific miracles and highlight the issues with it. But some of the claims that they make, how would you? Well let's let's look at the example. Tell me give me an analysis. This is about two minutes 30 seconds into the video. And here rationality rules is giving his opinion regarding I am being sent down

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Iran is not natural to the earth. It did not form on the earth but came down to earth from outer space. Scientists have found that billions of years ago, the earth was thought by meteorites. These meteorites were carrying iron from distant stars, which had exploded.

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The Koran says the following on the origin of iron.

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We sent down iron with his great inherent strength, and its many benefits for humankind. The fact that iron came down to earth from outer space is something which could not be known by the primitive science of the seventh century. Now, the first thing to be said about this miracle is that despite protestations to the contrary, people knew way before the seventh century that iron comes from meteorites. For example, when approximately 1295 BC, or 1900 years before Islam, a hieroglyphic word appeared that literally translates to from the sky, and it was applied to all metallic iron from this time onwards. So using chronic logic, I guess this proves that our mind exists, right? Was it

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as a side? Okay, I think both. Both I, by the way, bro, he does what they do is they do this throughout the resource, the same approach. Yeah. I think that both arguments are problematic that the argument of the apologists, Muslim apologists, and the argument of the atheist apologist and they're both apologists, yes.

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So the argument of the Muslim apologists is I would say inconsistent if you look at the whole Quran, a lot of Manhattan's a lot off laqad ends in LA come lieberson you already so Attica mauritia. When he was stuck was Erica hire Allah Subhana Allah says, We have sent it down for you close rainman or dormant wherever you want to call it to kind of cover yourselves and so on and so forth. Now, if you ask or if you look at DFS, does it mean a loss panatela literally sent down close? Yeah.

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You know, it does not mean that or it could mean that or it could not mean that. But what I'm saying is that for for this to work, you have to suspend all possibilities of madjozi meanings or possibilities of it, meaning being a metaphor or figurative speech. Even if you don't believe that there's such a thing as majestic, or unlike even taymiyah had the opinion that there's no such thing as metaphor in the Quran.

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you'd still be some kind of idiom or figurative expression. Yeah. You'd have to make sure you'd have to be 100% sure that when Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, when Danelle Hadid we have sent down iron that he does not mean by that. We have provided iron we have created dinosaurs. And you cannot dismiss that a lot could have meant that.

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You also could have been done the verse you quoted that lesson down close clothing. But Allah is the worst by saying but the clothing of taqwa is a very beautiful, poetic way to go and so that the objective there seems to be getting the human to reflect over Yeah. The distinction between a physical type of clothing and that spiritual clothing. Yeah, absolutely. So

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