Bustan al-Arifin – Truthfulness – Being true to your self

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The speaker discusses the concept of truthfulness and how it is about presenting oneself in public. He uses a book about a famous ruler's statement about being true to oneself and how people look at him. The speaker also mentions a theme in the book about a believer's constantly fluctuating situation and how he describes himself as an alpha hypocrite.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Mr. manoli in his book, Bustan riffian he talks about the aspect of truthfulness. And whilst A lot of us understand truthfulness as meaning, you know, not telling the lies and etc In, in that in his chapter in western Latin, he talks about truthfulness. And in fact, he narrates some of the sayings of some of the famous ruler map of the past like oh Sherry, and hearth and mahasi B, and others about how truthfulness is about being true to yourself. So, obviously, we know that truthfulness is not lying, but also truthfulness is about how you are true in how you present yourself. And so, therefore, it talks about how important a person who is truthful

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is that he is private and his public are the same meaning that how he practices things in private is not much different to how he practices things in public, how he prays by himself is not different from how he prays in front of others in the masjid, how he talks, how he presents himself. Why because end of the day, a truthful person is someone who is truthful in front of a loss of having to analyze always present. If you start doing things, or changing your behavior for the sake of people, then there is an element element of untrue there. And so that's why a truthful person isn't really bothered so much about how people look at him and how people consider him. But rather he is more

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bothered, he is more concerned about how he is consistency in practice, because end of the day, he's doing things for loss of Hannah home,

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or tile. And he mentioned a few things in the book. And one of those things about how a believer is someone who actually will fluctuate his situation fluctuates, whereas an alpha hypocrite will always stay the same has stayed the same.

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To learn more about how, what that means, in fact,

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you can read more about that in the book with Stan olara theme, which is written in Arabic what hamdulillah with the grace of Allah managed to translate this book, exactly like I sound like