Omer El-Hamdoon – Naming of Quranic Chapters #18 Chapters 013 Thunder and 024 Light

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a surah which is the light that shines on the earth, and how it can be used to guide people to the source of light. The light is seen as a source of guidance and guidance for good behavior, and is used to guide people to practice good behavior. The surah is seen as a light for those who practice it and learn more about it.
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early he was a Hemi he wore Manuela

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today with us is to swat one is swatara at the thunder and the second one is solid and nor which is the light as possible at arrived.

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Then it is named like this, which is the Thunder, Thunder Thunder bolt, which is related to a loss of hantai dimensioning. Will you said before I do be handy, that the thunder actually glorifies a loss pantalla glorifies with the praise of Allah, so alerting us to a very important reality. And that is, there are things in the universe which are happening on a regular basis, which all glorify a loss pantai they all signify the greenness of a loss of Hannah what Allah so the ride, even though you might think, or some people think is just a natural phenomenon, it's happening because there's a difference in you know, in potential electric potential between the Earth and the clouds and so on.

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And there's this happening of, you know, different ions and cetera and then you get this electrical. Yeah, that's true. But essentially, Allah Subhana Allah has created the ride and has created everything in the universe. And so everything glorifies Allah subhanho wa Taala, in one way or another. But

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the main point is that you as humans, with your limited capacity, or little sensor senses, you are not aware of that. So this surah is drawing our attention to this reality. And that's why even in this surah Allah says what he that he has to do might be similar to all the power and we'll call her and to Allah, everything prostrates in the heavens and the earth, whether it is

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willingly or unwillingly. The second tool I sought out and nor which is a surah, named the light. And the light here is referring to again, a couple of verses within the middle of salt in Norwich, Allah subhanaw taala talks about how he is the coolest, or the source of the light of the heavens of the earth. And he gives a very beautiful analogy about this light, how the example of his light in the heart of a believer and it's a very beautiful analogy, one can go back to it and see how Allah subhanaw taala describes it because it's, it's almost like light, over light of a light is all all the elements compacting to make the light, luminous, and great, and also sustainable in many ways.

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So Allah Subhana, Allah is light is great, and that is the light which illuminates the heavens and the earth. And yes, we might think that in terms of the physical light, that this is actually you know, the lights that come from the sun, the moon, the stars, however you look at that the different quarter sources of light that are there as well even within the earth, but there's a bigger meaning to light and light is about the metaphorical, the spiritual, the

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the light that is there in the heart of the village, the line that shows people the way and that's why I was pantile refers in the Quran, to the Koran to the first in the Orion that the Quran is light. Allah says for me will be now what I saw Lee when nor la einzelner so Allah said that this

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or an has been sent out is a light it shows people the way it directs them he said guidance but also last Pattaya describes the messenger so I sent him as late as well by the jet coming online on work your terrible movie and from Allah has come to north and a clear book. So he mentions the book as a separate entity and the light is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in other verses, he described the profit as Sirajuddin more near and illuminating lamp. So again, because the prophet SAW Selim is showing the ways guiding the way he is the source of light, he is the source of light guidance in the world of darkness.

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And then there is bigger pictures as well as related to the shorter because when you look at this story, you'll find that this sort of deals with very, very important matters related to households etiquettes of the house and marriage You mentioned as well, the the rules of lowering your gaze, the law, rules of entering other people's houses, who are you allowed to enter with permission or without permission and etc. All this is mentioned here, in addition to the rules of Xena as well, which are also mentioned at the beginning of the surah. But more importantly, those people who accused the household of the prophets lie Selim with this act as well and how last pantalla sent

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down these verses to demonstrate that actually the household of the Prophet is the source of

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So, it illuminates the light, how can you describe that in any other way. So, all these cam and these laws of the household of the etiquettes of the hijab extra is all mentioned in this surah is almost like saying that the light for guidance the light for good practice comes with knowing your personal etiquettes your personal conduct, the conduct relating to,

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to covering up the etiquette and learning to lower your gaze to etiquette relating to spreading goodness and also what is illuminated from the houses is also illuminated from the masajid who are also sources of light, which Allah subhanaw taala has placed on this earth so altogether a beautiful surah which encompasses those laws and etiquettes that allows a person so the surah as you can see it, not only is talking about specific lies, but the whole surah is in itself, a light for those who practice it and learn more about it.

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