Atheist Apologist Rattled by Simple Question

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The speaker discusses the idea of " objectivity" as a base principle for moral behavior. They argue that it is impossible to say that rape is wrong, but rather that it is an object. The speaker also discusses the idea of " objectivity" as a base principle for moral behavior, but emphasizes that it is not a definite thing.

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Is rape wrong objectively past present future Yes or no?

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Give it? Yes. You shouldn't hesitate here. It's an object. Why not? Because I want Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. So I should. So the base, the base idea of ethics, right, the base idea of doing ethics is that we reevaluate why we believe certain things and see if they're accurate, right? If there is a proposition that you believe to be totally true, as I thought, for instance, of something like not being a racist, right, if somebody asked me why you're not a racist, and I immediately say, or are you not a racist? And I immediately said, Yes, of course, I'm not a racist, right? whereas it pays sometimes even if it seems ethically obvious, to sit back and think, Well, why do I think that? Am I

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wrong about that? And the answer can lead you to other moral pleasure was the answer. So the answer is this, right? It is objectively true.

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That to allow people to rape morally, would not be an achievement of the goal that we all share. That's not the question. That's, that's that's the objectivity. And yeah, but you're answering what you want me to do what you are doing one second, you're answering a question I didn't ask. I asked a very clear question. Everybody, I think understood here, right. I also is rape wrong. Is that objectively true? And us beating around the bush, but the reason why I have to beat around the bush is because I have to clarify that. Remember how I said that a base principle can be subjective, but you can have objective derivatives from it. In terms of the objective derivative from our nature,

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yes, it is objectively wrong. Yes. Is the answer your question, based upon the so you're gonna want to turn around and say, but it's based upon a subjective principle? Yes, yes, it is. Right. But that doesn't mean that I can say rape is not objectively wrong. I say that if we agree on this objective moral principle, which we do, then we can make the objective. rapist agree to that? Of course they wouldn't. They wouldn't. But again, whether or not someone agrees with me is irrelevant to whether it's correct or not. This is another genetic Malik's, what you're doing is you're building a house on a sandcastle. Yeah. You are trying to say, look, if you ask me the question, I would say it's

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rape is wrong. Yes. is wrong objectively. Yeah. Then your case, what you basically do you're doing is you're saying, right, subjectively, some people may hold this opinion according to that then since they also know all people do hold that opinion from that we objectively arrived at a rape rapist doesn't, of course doesn't hold that up. You know, a rapist does value the pleasure and the avoidance of the value the pleasure, right? So it's not wrong for them. Yeah. Right. Okay, because they're maximizing their pleasure. But look, again, this is the mistake we're making. I said, I remember that we're making you're making because this is this is the man going into town and saying,

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Let's paint the round yellow, the town yellow, this is what the right this is doing. Right? Just because they're saying it's all subjective. I want this to be yellow. I don't want it to be blue. It's like you the awning says you are the ceiling doesn't work. You are wrong. Right. You are incorrect. Even if it's based on a subjective based principle. Yeah, but it is objectively ronix driven by arguments based upon the assumption that everybody likes to color blue. That's not true. And, of course, that's not true. But by analogy, me liking the color me like chocolate or vanilla. Yeah, it's as arbitrary for Alex as someone committing rape or not committing rape, but it's not as

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necessarily true, but it's not as necessary. Yes, not as necessary. Do you see? So for him, it's just a subjective, whether you like chocolate, vanilla or something else is just as subjective when it comes to rape, murder, pillaging all of these things. And behind all the sophisticated technical jargon, and I'll take that as a compliment. Essentially, essentially, what it boils down to is the same thing which we should Dawkins admitted to the idea that rape is wrong is as arbitrary as the fact that we have five fingers rather than six