Most Common Questions about Islam – 6 Why doesn’t Islam allow a Women to have more than one Husband

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of multiple people's desire for a woman to have multiple sex partners, and how this is a problem for woman in general. They explain that while men cannot marry a woman who already has one partner, it is important for women to identify who her father is and who her mother is. They also discuss genetic testing and the potential for diseases to emerge if a woman has multiple sex partners.
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sixth most common question.

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If Islam allows a man to have more than one wife, why does not Islam allow a woman to have more than one husband?

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As far as married woman is concerned, the categories of woman a man can marry is clearly specified in Chapter Four was the midpoint to 224. And it's mentioned in chapter four, verse 24, that you cannot marry a woman who's already married. That means in Islam,

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a woman cannot have more than one husband.

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Before I give you the real reason, imagine there's already a scarcity

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of woman finding husband. If a woman has more than one husband, this case, it will increase, it will multiply the problem.

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Let's analyze what are the logical reasons that Islam prohibits a woman to have more than one husband.

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When a man has more than one wife,

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and if any child is born out of wedlock, you can easily identify who is the father, as well as who's the mother. But if a woman has more than one husband, and if a child is born, you can identify the mother, but you will not be able to identify the Father.

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And if you go to admit the child in school and ask you what is the name of the Father, you may have to give two names.

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And today, psychologists tell us that identifying the parents is very important for a healthy childhood, especially the entity of the father. If you cannot identify the parents,

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the child has a lot of mental trauma.

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Today after science has advanced, am aware that there is

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DNA testing,

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and genetic testing, where you can identify who is the father and who is the mother. Those are accurate. But even if I agree, and maybe after a few other becomes accurate, yet, it has happened recently all these years it wasn't there.

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And this is not the only reason why a woman is not allowed to have more than one lesbian, the various other reasons.

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For example, gray science tells us that a man is more polygamous in nature as compared to a woman.

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Research tells us that because of the various behavioral and psychological changes that take place in a woman during menstrual cycle, she cannot do the role of multiple vice simultaneously, whereas a man he can do the role of multiple husbands simultaneously.

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Furthermore, if a woman

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has more than one husband, or more than one sexual partner, and if all of them are loyal to each other, yet, there are high chances that when real diseases and sexually transmitted disease will emerge, and it can be retransmitted back to the man.

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Whereas if a man criminal sensitizers that if a man has more than one sexual partner have more than one wife, and if all of them are loyal to one another, there are hardly any chances of wondering diseases or sexually transmitted diseases emerging in them. So scientifically, also, and medically. It's no problem for a man to have more than one wife. But it's problematic for a woman to have more than one husband.