Is Hijab Compulsory For Women

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Welcome to the program, Islam insight, a very special series essentially dedicated for a new Muslim brothers and sisters, how do we commit ourselves to gain knowledge regarding Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him I'd like to know is he just compulsory for him? Somebody told me that a Muslim is not allowed to have relationship with a non Muslim knowledge revives the spirit of Islam.

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Brother I'd like to know is he job co compulsory for women?

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Hey, job is a matter which comes as a form of dignity as a form of modesty for women. Now, there is a misconception that he job is only for women. In fact, when we read and study the glorious Koran, we find that first ayah which commands about lowering the gaze, it came to the men, Allah Subhana Allah says, In Surah Surah Surah number 24 is number 30. Allah subhanaw taala says, say to the believing men, that they should lower their gaze, and God, their modesty.

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people, if they implement this aspect, that the men, whenever any shameful thought comes into into their mind by looking at a stranger woman, they should lower their gaze, and God that modesty and this is Allah subhanaw taala says better for them. If a person he looks at a stranger, strange woman, right? he lowers his gaze and guard his modesty. If a person implements on this instruction, most of the crimes, it will vanish, because the crime, most of the crimes, it begins with your eyes, it starts with your eyes, it begins with your eyes, and it leads to the actions. So the first command of leader First of all, to lower their gaze and guard their modesty is given to the men

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before women. The next is renewed surah number 24 is number 31. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, say to the believing women, that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty and cover themselves. So we understand that hijab is for all men and women. However, the perspective the aspect, the elements, the etiquettes of the job, it differs from male to female, the female in Islam is compulsory, to act on this element and to practice and implement the aspect of a job. Especially we see our new Muslim sisters, when they accept Islam, they still have that behavior or their attitude or their understanding, unless otherwise they are absolutely having that God consciousness. But many

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times we see they still have that previous habit of not covering themselves the way Allah subhanaw taala wants them to cover from head to toe. From head to toe they have to cover and it is compulsory from the Hadith. And from the Quran, the Quran and Sunnah. It commands women to cover themselves from head to toe, and they can be open, they can show their face, they can show their face to those who are Muslim, those who are their blood relatives. Now in this context, in this context,

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new Muslim sisters when they accept Islam, they need to realize that after accepting Islam, they need to submit to Allah subhanaw taala.

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They need to make sure that they have to implement on the aspect of the job by covering themselves, no matter they were very open. They were very free, in front of non Muslim in front of even strangers before Islam but after accepting Islam, it is compulsory for them to cover themselves. Even in Islam. The voice the voice is also the hour of women. So he needs to do behave like a Muslim woman. And he job is a command of Allah subhanaw taala with two reasons. Number one

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One job, it dignifies our Muslim woman, it dignifies and it shows it helps them to be modest.

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The other benefit or the reason that we know of a job is they can identify themselves as Muslim woman. modesty and identity. These two are the objectives of having a job. And we know the effect of not maintaining the job. In other countries where women are being exposed, and they have been exploited in the name of freedom, they have been exploited to an extent that they have to remove their claws for no God. They have been programmed and prejudice in the site in the in the way that they think that this is liberalism. This is freedom. In fact, this is

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a humiliation and attack on their dignity, on their morality, on their honesty, on their modesty.

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The women in other countries who do not observe a job, they actually degrade themselves by not observing it. They humiliate themselves by not observing the job. Islam provides rights and duties to every individual,

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Muslim. And for Muslim women, hijab to cover themselves from head to toe is a compulsory act and every Muslim new and the old, every Muslim has to abide by it. And how wonderful would it be that every sister wears hijab and every brother, when they have this shameful thought in their mind, they lower their gaze and they guard their modesty, you would not see the crime that is happening now. You would not see that crime happening. Either it will completely vanish or at the best, it will definitely go down drastically. That is the solution that Allah subhanaw taala he provides in Islam. Dear brothers and sisters, we were dealing with some of the most frequently asked questions and

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dealt with the answers that our new Muslim brothers and sisters have in their minds.

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I would like to invite all of you

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to have the commitment with Allah subhanho wa Taala with an intention with the whole with an objective that Allah Subhana Allah will give will pay you back for every good act that you do on the Day of Judgment. On that day, when we all

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would be looking desperately to gain reward, Allah subhanaw taala will pay us in full so in this life, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala to be successful in the hereafter. With this we end the session with Aki Davina and hamdulillah he