Majed Mahmoud – Destroyed By Desires

Majed Mahmoud
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So webinar with a modern Institute and that shift manager, that Mac Moon, I am your host, Sister Hafsa. And I'm just going to be here for this experience, but I'm going to be far away from the beautiful experience that you guys are going to be having in the UK that is sponsoring today's Webinar. Today's webinar, inshallah is titled, destroyed by desires the story of Prophet knew that Islam and its people, and inshallah it's just a sneak peek a taste of an amazing tour that Jeff Morris is doing a long requested one in the UK in the cities of Bradford, Manchester and Birmingham in person this upcoming weekend, June 9 10th, and 11th. Please, please let us know in the chat if

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you guys can see us and hear us clearly. Schiff is with us and hamdulillah and we are ready to get started with you all. Please also take a second to share this link. Inshallah. It's a public webinar, so the unlocker YouTube page link, and this webinar link into your whatsapp groups into your telegram groups into everywhere where people can benefit. This topic itself I know is something that is very relevant to a lot of us is in the UK and Canada and the US everywhere in the West. I know there's a lot of misinformation, confusion, you know, stress in the Muslim community as well about how to navigate this conversation in a safe and in a Islamically accurate and a healthy

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environment and Hamdulillah we are excited to provide that for you guys today in sha Allah but he's for the full experience, make sure that you do join us if you can in person this upcoming weekend with Chef imagine the food for those who are not familiar chef manager. There's mashallah our first graduate at a McGriff to become one of our instructors. He's famous for his heart touch, touching, examples, connections within the community and for the relationships that he builds with every environment and community that he goes to. He's an instructor as a leading advocate and Tao that way he travels worldwide teaching Islam he's completed his Bachelor's in Islamic jurisprudence and legal

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theory from the Olivia International University and he has an MBA from Wayne State. He's also a full time practicing engineer, mashallah in the city of Michigan. We're honored to have him with us. And we were very excited for you guys to experience your fighters famous on site teaching experience. But for now to get a taste of that. I'm going to bring checkmated on and we'll look forward to your questions at the end of today's session as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah checkmated Mahmoud. How are you doing today? Well, Alec was Salam wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Thank you so much, sister, Hafsa for the introduction, being great. And also, I ask Allah to send his mercy upon your grandfather,

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who has passed away so I encourage all those who may be watching and listening to me to ask for her grandpa and I asked last panel to grant him the highest levels in Jana. And to grant you and his loved ones patients throughout this tragedy and Masha Allah and he's still working through this Masha Allah like being part of this webinar, may Allah accept from you. Thank you so much.

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Bismillah I'll pass it back to you.

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Alright, Bismillah was not the was salam ala Rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, I ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless you all. And thank you so much for tuning in and watching this webinar. I'm really looking forward for this upcoming UK tour with Nila being in Bradford on Friday and then Manchester on Saturday, and then Birmingham on Sunday. And what makes the store actually very unique. I should I was told not to say very before the word unique, but it's okay. What makes this trip unique is the fact that all seminars are about profits, and they are different profits Subhanallah and it's a blessing really to talk about them. And whenever I prepare a talk usually

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about profits, I feel so much of a await a burden in the sense that I want to make sure mattered you got to present them well. Like you're presenting profits Eunos Prophet Ibrahim prophethood silence, right? You better do a very good job you know, they were sitting in in the event listening they're going to be okay with what I'm saying the mind shall they ever say I'll probably be sitting at the deliver the talk in sha Allah, but just something to keep in mind may Allah accept from all of us. With that being said, Today inshallah we will be talking about one other wonderful Prophet his name is little tiny Salem.

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Little bit of background profit low today Salem came around the time of Ibrahim alayhis salam. And Prophet load was one of the very, very, very few ones that believed in Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam, when everyone rejected him when he was thrown into the fire and even his own father contributed into this law. Daddy Salam Allah says for him and Allah Who Lord and Lord it is said and believed in him. Eventually he left the land which is famously known as Babylon or Iraq. And as they were traveling and eventually they settled in Philistine, Allah subhanho wa Taala Island, blessed Lodi Lee Salam, as Allah says in the Quran he'll commend or enema. Allah

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less time with prophethood Oh Allahu Akbar so now he's not just a believer in Ibrahim Allah make make made Prophet load a messenger of Allah just like Ibrahim during the same time however to two different people so load eventually had to separate her Brahim Alia Salaam and go preach to his people. Now what Allah subhanho wa Taala said as well about notaries said him and his mission, Allah said that he is mean assign him look at Islam is a very righteous person and Salah and being righteous means you have high level of morality, high level of character, such a great individual all around Allahumma barik. Allah says he is of the righteous, no, no today Salam, he was sent to

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his people to tell them about Allah. That's the primary Right? Or Buddha Allah, may Allah community Lahainaluna every single prophet that came you open up the Quran, you will see prophet after prophet the first of message the priority is worship Allah alone. He has no partners. You should not worship anyone besides Allah. So may Allah make you and I also prioritize this when we talk to people now. So to commend good and forbid evil, that was his job to advise them what is right and what is wrong, and for them to have a great life and afterlife. But what makes his mission different brothers and sisters and any prophets. His mission was so unique, because they used to do the fascia Allah called

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the in the Quran Federation, which is known as a shameful action. It was something that Allah said in the Quran, like well, a lot of people, a lot of nations they also do fashion haram. No, no, Allah says something different about the people of loot. He says Allah man said belcam be mean, I hadn't mean Allah. Allah mean. Allah says no living being a mish not just not a human being like no living being has ever done this shameful deed before. I didn't say subhanallah Oh, this category or this category, just like throughout the whole history, no one ever did it Subhanallah that people of length were the first to ever start what Allah called this fascia May Allah protect us. Now what is

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it? Let's talk about it. Allah says in chapter 29, Allah says in accumulated to in the region, these people they lost towards other men Subhanallah and they fulfill their desires towards them, which is usually done towards the opposite gender in the marital situation between married couple. Now they're doing it with no marriage, and they're doing it to the same gender Subhanallah not that yes, they can get married if it wasn't the same gender of course, but just to add more to it. That is why May Allah protect us? Yeah, but I mean, the Xena of the same gender is perhaps above on worse than the Zina of someone of the opposite gender, may Allah protect us. So number one, in accumulator two

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in that region, you lust after other men and fulfilling your desires towards them. Number two out of three, with Dr. Ona Sabine and their shameful Dean is not limited to the men within their community, but they also abused the travelers and then that passed by from out of town. So even the people though don't want to be involved in a way and just minding their own business and is traveling they go and in a way attack them this is specific to the people of profit law dallisa And that area it's not like oh, everybody in the area has to do that. That's them. What's that tuna fina decal monka a number three, they were not embarrassed, nor did they hide their actions. Rather, they would have

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gatherings in the reliable in erasure and they would have gatherings where this monk or this evil deed was practiced brothers and sisters so that's three things Allah highlights in the Quran. And throughout the talk, that's my my focus is what Allah subhanho wa Taala say about Prophet Lord and His people. With all of that being said, Prophet Lo, Talia Salah with his patients with his wisdom with his understanding, he continued advising them on how wrong it is to tap metal hubba if to do such filthy and nasty actions of Allah says in the Quran, so now we said the word fascia and we said damage will hover and so you see all these words being mentioned. Now, Lord, honey is Salam. He goes

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to them and he says Allah, the Quran, will do not fear Allah subhanho wa Taala would you not be conscious of Allah subhanaw taala do not have any regard that Allah is watching you that you know for a fact that Allah is punishment may come your way and be angry at you in the hola como la soon I mean, I'm a trustworthy messenger. You know my history, you know my biography, you know how I've been with you guys for the past several years. Allah has sent me to you, I want nothing but the best for you see, love, respect my people, right? But Allah how are they also please fear Allah, know that Allah is watching you you'll be held accountable while they own and obey me and listen to me.

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When I look O'Malley human, and He's emphasizing I'm not doing this and giving this lecture

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Just for the views one that is Alchemilla human, I'm not looking for fame. I'm not looking for money. I'm not looking in today's terms for likes and shares in Nigeria Illa Allah Rob Billa I mean, my focus, my reward that I'm looking to get is from Allah. That's the peak reward I want from Allah. Then he reminds them about the chronometer. alanine, do you really seek Oh, guys, you really want to fulfill your desires towards other fellow men or males? What are their own and Mahala cannot come and you let go what Allah created for you. So here clearly says, you are able to fulfill this desire, you're able to have a partner in such a way from what Allah has created for a book woman as

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well as you come from your wives. So that's why in some books of Tafseer, it shows that they were married people married to opposite gender, but sin upon sin haram upon haram, they diverted away May Allah protect us. Then he says Bill and Tim Coleman doing but you guys have really crossed the limits. You went above and beyond. And then he also says then one other if Bill and Tim Coleman Ted Hiuen This is completely ignorance come back to your senses. There's nothing about it that is forward thinking or enlightening. This is ignorance don't think oh now this is absolute freedom. Subhan Allah brothers and sisters he said this throughout days and months and Allah knows how long

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what was their response? Knowing how great he was respectful and everything what was their response they had the following three responses ready number one they said to him Canada back home a lot anymore setting Allah says about them that they basically rejected him he's a straight up liar we're not going to accept you and canceled him can debit convoluted and more saying they rejected number two they said accurate you and a lot less than you I don't want you to keep talking about this stuff this nonsense you and whoever is with you not just a gradual load kick out load no load and his family and Whoever agrees with load kick him out of this place. This is pure like you know cancel

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this person in Korea to come from our town. What was their crime people like why do you want us to be canceled? Why do you want them to be expelled from your city? Why? They said enum owners one year Tata has grown their crime is because they want to be pure Subhan Allah may Allah protect us era Bella alanine now becoming a pure or modest individual has become a crime. And that's exactly what they said. Number three was number one, they complete reject and denial number two, they want to exile and completely cancel them. Number three, they marked the religion and they challenge to law dialing in Salem and Allah general ledger data they went that far and they said call Tina, the other

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biller brings us Allah's punishment in contemnor saw the team if you are truthful, but what we did is wrong. What we did is making God angry if that's so right, then show us what you and Allah has in store for us. Subhanallah you know, one of the things that you read in the Quran and Shala throughout our seminars Inshallah, this coming weekend, you will notice that many of the arrogant people, they say, Well, if God really exists, let them punish me. If, if Allah really gets angry at this, then let them show me that it's wrong to challenge God God in any way but but don't suppose this kind of highlights the level of sometimes the evil. Like we could have said, if your Lord is

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really angry. Or if this makes God angry, then let him send me some gold. Let him make me strong like something beneficial, right? Challenge him in a way that if it was true, you benefit, not like if your true punishment SubhanAllah. So kind of thinner. The other biller in Quinton Asada can you know, bring me God's punishment if it's really your thing among that which is truthful. After hearing such rejection, and disrespect, they have towards profit locally, salam, he responded in two ways. Number one, he says Pilate in need the angelical middle Colleen, I want to make it very clear to all of you, that I will always and forever, Colleen and hate, like I will hate this action and

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behavior, this action and you have to also appreciate something he focused a lot on the action brothers and sisters, he says, I will always and forever dislike the actions the angelicum And subhanAllah here when it comes as he as a human being and you will focus on the the action being wrong because if the action stopped and they repent, we will not say I still you know, I hate you Subhanallah you know, the ability to separate the reason I may dislike the individual or I'm away from that person is because of their actions. There's a reason for that. Number two, after he's made it very clear that I really hate and dislike your actions. He made dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala he

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begged Allah what was his dua and it might surprise some people. His drought was or have been a genie what honey May May, May May I'm alone.

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Yeah Allah please save me and my family from the consequences of what they do. Why was he asking Allah to save him and his family like what wrong did they do? Brothers and sisters because being around such people is very dangerous to me and my family that's what a lot is telling us. Me living amongst these people, my call my people he knew that such behavior is the sign is a sign that their punishment is coming very soon. And he doesn't want to be around at all Subhanallah that's why it's very important. Don't say oh, you know what, I'm just gonna mind my own business. Stay in my house, never bring up anything or tell people that which is good for them to do or something wrong for them

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to stop. Let me just know, if they get punished. You will also have the side effects coming your way may Allah make it easy for all of us era beta alanine, and may Allah not put us in any sub sort of a collective punishment Yahama rahimian. So he made dua to Allah Allah, Allah, please protect me and my family. After some time brothers and sisters, there was a group of travelers who entered the city.

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These group of travelers as book of FCSA number them to be three. They're out of towners, very, very, very good looking men Allahumma barik. Right. And they went,

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knocked on the door of Prophet lo Talia salam to visit him. So when he opened the door will lie this if any, it just shows you how distressful the situation was like how, like horrible the whole city was. Allah says when lo Danny salaam saw the three men good looking wonderful people, they're out of town, see him? Walk I beat him. vara he was so distressed. Allah says in the Quran Chapter 11 Verse 77. He was so distressed and worried by the arrival Why is he not hospitable? He's very hospitable prophets are such amazing hosts. But he for he feels that he cannot protect them from his people. Well, what can I look for SS Wirkkala? Ha, yo, now see if he's like, oh, boy, oh, my goodness. This

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is a tough, tough and difficult day. How am I going to handle the situation? Three good looking men coming right to my house. He's not comfortable of having people knowing that they're here. Brothers and sisters. Yes, the news of the guests has spread among the city. How did they know in the books of Tafseer unfortunately, it shows that the one who shared that news though it was pretty much private, was very likely the wife of profit law dialing in Salem Walla Walla Walla Quwata illa biLlah. Allah mentions in the Quran in surah de Hareem. Allah says the example of the people of the disbelievers in Murata New Haven Murata wrote the wife of new and the wife of float. They were under

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and they were by and they were in or married to righteous men can attack attack the abbot Abdeen him in a bed in our side behind the wife of new home, the wife of loads for HANA Tahoma. But these two wives, they betrayed their husbands. They betrayed that message. Lola, which is the greatest of betrayals, may Allah protect and celebrate I mean, she betrayed the prophet that Allah has sent her and their spouse and she went along not I owe the biller not that she did the actual physical action of fulfilling that desire, no, but the betrayal here is the betrayal of this obeying the Prophet of Allah subhanho wa taala. And when the news spread brothers and sisters The next area chapter 11,

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verse 78, what did the people have locally do? Allah says, I will be learning she taught regime wotja Who como Johanna la Huaming Pablo can or Yama aloneness say? His people were rushing to him out of excitement? Can you imagine that scene? Well, ah Hola, La Quwata illa biLlah wala if it wasn't in the Quran, one may not really comprehend this something may exist like that. They were running not one or two, but the tomo his people, the nation of men running towards him, Johanna in a and Allah says they were just doing the act. They weren't just can we I'm gonna say add Subhanallah and they continue from one side to the other say and there's another important reflection here. When

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someone commits a sin, it naturally the next sin gets bigger if it's not addressed the first time. And if we belittle it, then it's no longer moves us and affects us and we want something more haram to excite us and that's what leaders did. Now they did it with their own community. Now they're going after guests and it's pretty much yes, this is a case of * that they're trying to commit in the lie. We're in the Raggio and then profit loads Danny SLM sees them coming, and he says, Allah call me her Hola evenity Who not holla calm, guys people. Listen here are

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My daughter's and his daughters of profit loads were believing women, and they were on the same page as their father. They're willing to accept men but listen, let me finish. They wouldn't accept these men if they made Toba to Allah, if they repent to Allah and they start a new page. That's how merciful Prophet Lord and his family were. That's how understanding and the Rama that Allah inserted in their hearts. So Prophet Lord says, Listen, you guys we all have desires is validating desires, okay, that needs to be fulfilled, but that's not the way to go. Don't do that for Tapachula fear Allah subhanho wa Taala whether the Zuni feel biofin And please do not embarrass me. Do not

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humiliate me and by disrespecting my guests shame on you. La Semin como la jolla Rashid, is there anyone here was a man has any mind? It's okay. Instead he says any man, right? Because usually if you read the ayat Allah focuses on the word worker which is males. But there's a difference between a male and a man. So he says at least seven camaraderie alone there's no man with his right mind among anyone, not a single human being. Why did the people of fluid reaction to the proposal of profit low tanning salon that if you change your ways you can marry my own daughter? We're willing to be part of the solution. They said Carl, aka the island. Oh Lord, you know very well. madeleina

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fee Bennati come in hack, you know very well that we're not interested in your daughters and women we don't want that. We're in Nicoletta Alamo manual read and you know exactly what we what we want. And you know exactly why we're here. But lo now his pain level goes to a whole other level. He just cannot, you know, Fathom he cannot like, like this is insane. And then he's getting really bad out of control these people so it has caught a little Nellie become what he says if only I had the strength to punish you punish you I wish and this may be one of the first times you've seen that. Even Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he commented on these emotions of Prophet Lord like this

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was a tough, tough situation. He says only if I had the strength to be able to punish you out or another option. We rock near and shady or rely on a strong group of people to push yourself away Subhan Allah that's how difficult it was for him. Brothers and sisters this conversation Prophet load three guests in the house. The whole nation is trying to come into the house. You know what Allah says they actually didn't attempt to break in can you imagine that? Allah says well AccuDraw will do rawa do who obey and they tried to force their way in to reach his guests now punishment number one takes place. Allah says as they were trying to break into the house for Thomasina Jana

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home, Allah says we cause them to go blind. They could no longer seen but had to go away in panic mode. You know, perhaps will come attempt later the next day or something wash up. We can't see they're struggling. So number one, the eyesight was gone. And all of a sudden brothers and sisters that guests they speak up the guests what are they going to say? Are they scared? Look what they said. They said Yeah, loot in Russolo Arabic Lord, we are messengers from your Lord. We are angels. What? We are angels. Yeah, Lord Len Yasu. Like they will not even reach you. It's over for these people. They were given chance after chance. It's over. We are angels. Yeah, a lot. Don't stress

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out. Don't worry. We're here to give you an exit plan and strategy from these people. What's the plan? He says listen look for sdb elica vehicle or a minute lane. I want you with your family to leave during the night. Well, I mean, come ahead. I don't want any one of you as you leave your city to look backwards. Well, I yield Titman come ahead in Lumira attack except for your wife. In the home. Merci boo ha ma Saba home, she will certainly suffer the fate of the others. Why? Because I shared with you earlier. She betrayed her own husband. She approved of these actions. She accommodated she encouraged and she never denounced it or you know voiced her comments against it.

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May Allah protect us Allah Allah Allah Nene. Then the angels they say when basically you guys leave at night in mo ADA almost so the next morning is their appointments. LA's a super Hobbit Caribbean is the morning not coming up very soon. Is that not coming up very soon. And that's the time of the punishment. Brothers and sisters. And then night approaches and profit Lord and his family started to travel away from the city that he spent Allah knows how long very difficult

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moment without a doubt, this is painful. And they were only the believing Muslim hold in the whole city. Can you imagine that? The whole entire city, there was a very small group of believers It was rough. May Allah protect you and I and make us with the Ummah, upon the Huff and the truth era Bill Alameen as they were exiting, and they listened to the instructions and no one looked behind. The next morning came

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for a harder tumble. So they had to push their pain. Right? In the early day, a very loud bang and sound overtook them at sunrise, Wake up and smell the punishment. It was terrifying loud bang, number two for Jana. eylea Saffi Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala caused the land of Prophet Lord to go up, up up, up, up, up, up, up up, then Allah subhanaw taala What do you do? He is about to flip it and as Allah is flipping it while I'm torn, I lay him Hey, Jonathan Minsi G. Allah made it rain rocks that were so hard, not missing a single target every rock is like named after that individual go after this person and the rock comes and strikes that man and another rock comes and strikes that

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individual may Allah protect us era bill. I mean, the land then is flipped. And when it's flipped, Allah made it smashed into the ground under the floor, and they were all destroyed like that. The punishment is equivalent to the type of sin they've committed. They tried to be loud, they did it in the public, they were so proud by it then Allah subhanaw taala made a such a loud voice that overtook the loudness of their ears that completely shut them down. They used to look at the Haram and not mind it and Allah made them blind. They made the pure impure and immodesty, modesty and modesty, modesty and they confused the world and they flip the truth and made it into falsehood and

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they made the falsehood into truthfulness. As a result Allah flip them Allah forbid them upside down. Then Allah says in a fever Anika la ya tiene lil moto was sin in Allah says this is a story for people to realize what happens when you worship your desires and go against human nature and mock and make fun of God, His prophets, his rules and regulations. May Allah protect us and keep us straight on to the path of Allah, which is none other than Islam, the complete submission and surrendering to Him Allah alone. And may Allah Subhana Allah protect our youth and young people that may be facing fit and these days, more than when we were younger when we were in high school and

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college and may Allah protect us and we know for a fact Allah is there for us and will always always aid us when we walk to him he will run to us regardless of what fitna we face even at the gel himself. Allah is there for us. May Allah protect us in greater success. And I will give the mic back in sha Allah to our host to open up for any questions or comments in the live Subhana wa Tala Amina Verulamium Rezac am Allah Subhan Allah What a strong reminder please for those who have questions please put them into the chats on YouTube or for the volunteers who are in zoom in Sharla and we'll take them in I know this is a heavy topic but inshallah you guys will get a chance to ask

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a lot more questions as well inshallah this weekend. This is just a taste of Chef imagines teaching, inshallah he's going to be in person, which is a very rare occurrence doing a tour in Bradford, Manchester and Birmingham this weekend. There's three different classes if you wanted to experience three different stories inshallah you can. Bradford is going to be a Friday night program, Birmingham and Manchester. Inshallah, are you going to be full Saturday, Sunday programs, do check out the links are all in the description on YouTube, but it's forward slash units for forward slash, devotion for Manchester and forward slash perished for

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Birmingham. I'm just going to check my I know there's a bit of a lag on YouTube. And I see people who are looking forward to attending and who are looking forward to hosting shakes, which is I can look here to all of you who've already, you know, security response and purchaser tickets for chef made in store. But if you have questions that are relevant to today's topic, please drop them into the chat now and ensure a level to our best to honor them. The next couple of minutes that we have with the chef and Chef Zach unlocker, I know this can be a very difficult topic to handle with, I guess with with nuance and then with What's the word for it, that was a word that was in my mind

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just without getting, you know, vulgar or without getting unnecessarily, you know, messy or aggressive because this is something that impacts the Muslim community in every especially in the UK. I know a lot of our volunteers in the ground, were saying that this is such a difficult conversation to have. It's important for us to have Muslim spaces where we're able to have all generations you the youth who are in schools right now who are experiencing these conversations. And then of course parents, young married couples, everyone in the community who can do

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discuss this in a healthy manner. And of course, there's so many more lessons this is just a taste from the stories of Prophet you're able Islam to the story of Ibrahim and s&m to Unison Islam that take us through the relevance of the context that they were experiencing, you know, their challenges in their tests and then how to apply them in a very relevant way in our context today. So let me just check if I see anything coming in, I just see positive mashallah messages one person is asking here, how does a person protect their children from these inclinations?

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To protect Subhanallah from these inclinations, you know? Now, these questions do make sense, you know, if we were asked this question many years ago is like, you know, it'll be fine. Don't worry about it.

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But Subhanallah, one of one of the ways is to, okay, so there's this fitna, there's Phaeton Shubho had the fitna of doubts, and there's a fitna of desire Shaohua. So one more time this fitna of doubts Shubha is fitna of desire shower. Now when it comes to the desires of such sort, one of the things is to minimize having us around such desires whether watching certain videos, movies, articles, books, even images in on Billboard's and things of that sort is from the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu even our deen is to look away from that haram do not downplay it. Don't say Oh, I will never do something like that. No, no, don't never say never in that sense. You have to

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always be concerned. So number one to take it serious regardless, even if you're an older man married with children with Grandpa grandchildren. Ibrahim alayhis salam Ibrahim himself and Allah this is about steadfastness is one of the personally one of the most terrifying things in the whole Quran. Ibrahim made dua to Allah. Allah urges new bunny web any year and now with a lot of snom he said oh Allah protect me and my children from idol worship. Like he actually made do I also make me be a mystic and he's a Brahim is the go to the greatest of all time, until Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim showed up and he said oh seven. So if he was concerned, we too should be concerned. So number

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one to avoid being in such places that you know the eye is just keep seeing and then you want you kind of accept that your heart and Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, The weakest sign of Eman is to reject things with your heart. Sometimes you can't speak up. Sometimes you can physically change things. So you reject it with your own heart. And another layer, which is very more practical, is to be able, especially at a young age, and honestly, that's what the focus is much on and the elders, the elderly people or you know, 30s or 40s, there's not much focus as much as the toddlers, as much as middle schoolers, elementary students, we have to check the books that

00:32:48 --> 00:33:24

they read, we have to check the videos that they watch. And I know this may sound pretty crazy. We also have to watch the games that they play. Like what does games have to do with this? Games one time? Subhanallah my daughter came to me. And she said, Oh, Baba, they changed this whole theme of the game. No, actually, this will happen. So my daughter was talking about this whole, you know, a Pride Month and things of that sort. And I was like so shocked. There was like a couple of years ago or so I'm like, I don't even know this. Like we never spoke about that recently. I never said it with you in detail. She's a Kia because they change the theme of the of the game. So the game they

00:33:24 --> 00:33:51

change the background of this is unbelievable. Like you know that I have a green screen. They change the all in support of that. And that's through children, younger children under 13 With these games, so now we have to know not just read their books, watch what games they play. So there's a lot more work on parents more than ever before. But we ask Allah's help. And Allah will always be there for us. That's something I want you to remember. No matter how big the fitna is, Allah is greater than Allah's Rama and Allah support will always be there. No.

00:33:53 --> 00:34:11

Case, I see a few more questions coming in now. So we'll try to take a couple more and then we'll have to close off but she's actually here to everyone who's participating who's share their questions. So one person is asking, while you don't condone the behavior, nor do you believe in it, what about having people in your life that do these things? I guess, how do you draw these boundaries? And what do you do when you have that situation arise?

00:34:12 --> 00:34:13

Good question.

00:34:15 --> 00:34:52

So how do we handle people committing sins around us? So for example, I work as mentioned as an engineer, I do have a colleague that you know, I know he goes drinks alcohol, right? And he may come on Monday, and he's even sometimes mentioned Oh, last weekend I did this or even that. They first of all, when someone discusses their sins, it is very crucial for them to know you don't approve this. You're not to lecture them like you don't make the point is like you don't laugh at their jokes. We know I was drunk and I was this and they're like, Oh, that was so hilarious. You know what if they tried to come like no no, no, no, just make it clear to them that this I think this is wrong. Right

00:34:52 --> 00:35:00

and there's nothing wrong with saying you believe it's immoral. There's absolutely nothing wrong in any way shape or form. Just like how they believe it's wrong for Sister haha

00:35:00 --> 00:35:28

to wear a hijab, right? Some people I work with say the same thing. And this one, the freedom of speech comes with within the limits. So you have to make it very clear. Now this specific topic, why is it critical to show this approval is because our silence in many cases makes it seem that we're okay with it. And that's why this topic is a little bit different. So I feel we need to speak up a little bit more a little bit more than like alcohol than drugs, then

00:35:30 --> 00:36:09

how things are not inappropriate was children, trafficking all that is easy, it's clear. But this topic is not clear to many people actually, especially as the years move. So we have to kind of show that, you know, this is actually not, you know, part of our religion, we believe this is an act that you know, angers the Lord that we worship on our Creator. So to make it very clear, the thing that I definitely warn our brothers and sisters warn them is when we become insulting towards them, when we become a source of bullying towards them. And this is unacceptable in every way, shape, and form. It is something that Allah will hold me accountable for saying it is inappropriate and not part of

00:36:09 --> 00:36:16

Islam to bully them in any way, shape, or form. And what's bullying is when you do the unwanted aggressive behavior,

00:36:18 --> 00:36:56

feel insecure? Some of them right, some of them are insecure, and you try to beat down on them and you start to name calling and stuff like that. Not from the Dean. No, you talk to them, you try to have some parameters them and you seek within the limits that Allah has allowed and that which is not sugarcoating things, but with Hickmott with radius me the Rebecca Allah says called to the to the path of Allah, with wisdom, more edited Hasina, with understanding and hikma May Allah protect us era bananas. I mean, you're a banana. I mean, one last question that I see here on YouTube, someone's asking, Are there many other literal punishments along the golden loot? Do you have any

00:36:56 --> 00:36:57

other examples?

00:36:59 --> 00:37:45

The punishment of Kamala now for those who watched and I noticed I've really focused on what the Quran says. So you might see other things in the books of Tafseer but I really focused on the Quran. So Allah says he made their eyes go blind and you have to see the connection between the punishment and what they did. So the have been blind, they lost their sight number two, Allah subhanaw taala had a very loud bang and noise the because there were so loud no one there's more to that. And number three is how Allah made the land Alia Sevilla Oh ALLAH flipped the land upon them. And what was number four? Number four was the rocks being thrown at them? I do not recall any group of people

00:37:45 --> 00:38:04

and nation that got four punishments like them. I know prophethood which I'm gonna teach inshallah parish nations on Sunday. prophethood people got one punishment, profit silence people got two punishments, profit shy people got three punishments and you will see why onload

00:38:05 --> 00:38:34

or, I don't know actually there's more than four Allah Allah Allah So may Allah protect yourself bologna. I mean are bad. I mean, does that Camilla fish have made it for being with us today. Give us a taste of what you're going to be covering this weekend. Inshallah we're allowed jealous of those in the UK. Michelle, you guys have such so many clavulanate right next to each other. For those who don't know club villas are a mother of chapters and cities. Bradford, Manchester and Birmingham are the ones that are hosting this weekend. And it's so nice that mashallah many people are planning to travel to each seminars, if you guys who are watching are able to travel or you're

00:38:34 --> 00:39:07

able to give tickets if you're not in the UK to family member members who are in Sharla it's going to be a really blessed and beneficial weekend discipleship imagine for being with us to give us a taste virtually and to let those of us who are international also benefit from some of the content. We look forward to seeing you this weekend. Any final words inshallah before we close off? No, thank you so much for those who watch does akmola hair I truly wish that as many of you people can come and please please share it with others. You can't make it share it with others. And don't think it's black and white. Like I can only attend for hours at family dinners. Hi, come for the four hours

00:39:07 --> 00:39:44

come for the three hours in sha Allah. And obviously, the rule of thumb is that don't let finances or money be the main obstacle. Just go speak to the people responsible in the Kabbalah in the city that you're in and inshallah we'll find a way for you in the law to learn about this Deen. I don't come there often. So I really want to maximize obviously I see with this webinar is very beneficial for the time but I really want to make sure that people benefit and I to benefit from your presence. I really would love to see as many of you as possible May Allah make it successful yada and don't forget me and your DUA and the whole team sister Hafsa her grandfather May Allah Allah humble and

00:39:44 --> 00:39:56

the whole amount of HQ and all the volunteers that amazing ones on the ground that without Allah than them, none of these these classes would ever take place. So thank you to all volunteers as well was Solomonic

00:39:57 --> 00:40:00

magic my son and when I have my Doula who America do I

00:40:00 --> 00:40:29

I hope that all of you take the opportunity to register I just got to kind of get a taste from today's webinar chef Majid mashallah brings these stories to life with his description the lessons that he's deriving from every single interaction every single nuance, you know relationship he brings clarity to the emotions that we experience when we listen to these stories. So may Allah continue to use you for hair shift does that come with your finger translator of these profound lessons from these stories that we have from from the past, from our profits from from our beloved prophets and messengers and for reminding us of the relevance of them to our context today, it's

00:40:29 --> 00:40:51

really important to keep reminding ourselves of that, no matter what stage of life we are in, I hope that you guys bring yourselves and your families once again insha Allah June 9 10th and 11th The links are in the description there on YouTube. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your local chapters or to McGard we'd love to have you there in sha Allah for now. Take care, Stay happy, stay healthy, stay safe, and I sit down while I let go. What happened with Allah he will go

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