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Critics of the Quran make a False Statement and Fool themselves by Sticking to it

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Zakir Naik

Channel: Zakir Naik

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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some people say that the Quran is a deception. When we asked them, What is the origin of the deception? They give no answer. Can you point out a single deception in the Quran? They cannot answer.

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So, how can you say something which you can logically prove? There are some people

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who tell a false thing who make a false statement

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and they fooled themselves by sticking to it. For example, suppose that the person who thinks Mr. A is an enemy.

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He thinks, it does not have any logical proof. He has no reason, but he thinks he falsely believes that Mr. A, he's my enemy. The moment he meets Mr. A, that person starts behaving like an enemy to Mr. A. No Mr. A being a human being he retaliates

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by the treating me as enemy he retaliates the moment mistake, retaliate, the person says, didn't I tell you? He's my enemy. See, that led to me. So you make a false statement. And you fool yourself by sticking to the statement. This is what the critics of Islam do. They make a false statement. And they fool themselves by sticking to it