Mohammed Hijab – Are White People Smarter than Black People

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses how racism is biased towards white people and how social sciences can mimic race. They stress the importance of considering factors like biases and political parties when measuring intelligence. The speakers also touch on the scientific method of measuring intelligence and the potential for racist behavior. They argue that racism is not a neutral term and that it is a scientific process. They end by discussing language differences and the potential for language differences in the future.
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Why do you keep using this as an example, let's say

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that white finish black white,

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black people are less intelligent than white people as a result of their results on IQ tests as a collective group, and that's, that's indicative. that's indicative of a genetic. Go to Google. Please, please come down, please just keep laughing. But I just want to you saying that it's problematic on account of the following

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IQ tests themselves are not compliant with the scientific method.

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Let me explain to you

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the IQ test itself is a configuration

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which is susceptible to human critique and or amendment while correct. Therefore, using it as an exact measure for peak human intelligence currently, as a current measure is unjustified, especially considering let me let me explain Let me explain, especially considering, excuse me, especially considering that those who constructed the IQ test themselves were people who might have had biases? Well,

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let me give an example. Let me give an example. Right, and this is not something let me give an example.

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Is bilingualism or multilingualism, included in the IQ test? Or my question? is included? Yes. No, no, no, it's no it's not. Now, here's here's the point do black people do?

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Do black people have a higher or lesser chance of being bilingual or multilingual than a white man?

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Okay, please, please. No, no, no, no.

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asking a question. Does a black man in Africa have a higher or lesser chance of being bilingual or multilingual than a white man? And you

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know, it's not equal? No, it's not? No, it's not.

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ralphie Ralph is not equal.

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Sorry, Ralph. Sorry. So I apologize.

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I apologize.

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I'm sorry. Let's use it.

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Let's be specific. Let's be specific. The Western European example Western Europe, I'm gonna be very specific. I'm talking about this colonial narrative of especially Western Europe. Okay. And I think they have to understand something brother. Yeah. You have to really understand these, you know, these eugenics programs that they did, and what do you call it in Germany? Yeah. Where they branded, they had, you know, the the supreme race, the white man with the blue eyes and so on. And this is the, you know, the ideal that when it comes

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to people, so she will know, you she would know, she would know, she would know what her parents are forefathers and they would have been, they would have been part of this, right. So that the idea of the idea of the white man with the blue eyes, the white man with the blue eyes being the the apex

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of the boogeyman that scares you that points not.

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haven't completed my sentence. Oh, yeah. Right. I'm not saying that just because it's provided a justification. I'm saying that this? I'm not making that point. I could say that.

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Sorry, I could have made the point. I said, I'm not going to be morally sanctimonious and say, well, that's how they justified the burning of the Ashkenazi Jews who said it was the highest IQ and he was ironic.

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To me, but But yeah,

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the point is,

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the the the inherent biases in those scientific practices

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from German scientists, reflected upon subsequent subsequent results of so called scientific discoveries. So therefore, you have to understand, number one, how science can be very biased. You really need to take a minute, let me summarize or summarize what you

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Give me. Give me Give me one minute, just one minute, and then you could talk for two minutes.

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One minute, okay. To summarize, your science itself, can be used by racist people. And then those racist people can then use the word data to make it seem as if science has it. This is a legitimate racism. Now moving on to social sciences, which is even weaker, it's more feeble than science. Yes, because it attempts to mimic it. It's a cheap copy. It's a pseudoscience according to Karl Popper.

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And then the resulting placement tests which are called IQ tests, which are put in place to try and measure people's intelligence collectivise them and then justify further racism,

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which is what you're saying phase two might be if not for you, but someone else would say phase two of the program was really hitting the point. No, no, it's not. It's not finished.

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Yet, so you have to justify why the parameters included in the IQ

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Tests are the best possible parameters when they don't include those things which black people or people of color would have his advantage would have his advantages over and above white people and do link and hold on and do link to intelligence, according to a majority of studies that have been done on it so that can you answer that question? So let me know. Yeah, about 20 minutes.

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One minute. Yeah, before the one minute, we could do a video.

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I let me stop. I could use papa. And your question the scientific method, you're questioning basically Western civilization, which is which brand is standing on, let me tell you about Western civilization. So when he ended, what you're referring to loosely is logical positivism and Wittgenstein and popper down the road, and everyone else. This was still 40 years before the invention of computer science. We see people like myself as two types of chimps in this world, those who get theoretical computer science and those that don't. The scientific method is just an algorithm. It's a classified, not alternative hypotheses or algorithms one but type one type two and

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arrows are algorithms methodological independence algorithms, logical positivism algorithm, the Trinity v style and

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the Trinity. That populated with three world models, there are three worlds. One is the physical world, which I will measure using science and computer science as the time of the universe 15 billion years plus our space time continuum. As you realize chimps in a data point time t, then are looking at evolution stopped by becoming computational science models. This abstraction in World War Two is measured by conscious creatures in the UI as to chimps, either those are processing levels, that Trinity that creates us tells us that from a gene

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to sell to chimp Shabbat, you get $20 if I forced you into your saliva using 40, bandages, your saliva in 23 years.

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You Mohamad the job is 20,000 to see which tribe you came from down from Pumped on Amalia will find every gene Bo, and I will see your propensity for diabetes from low to neuron disease. For heart, I will live in using medicine as deputy chairman. When you enter data space as I'll just move on.

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This is the data if you don't like it. You say racism, because obviously you will have to form allies with the left while you're still visiting. Who's your your your engine? Yeah.

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No, no, you're Indian.

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You're an Indian. You're a colonial subjects. That's colonial subject myself versus Christian. Who are you problem? Yeah. Okay. Can you please have a must

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have a Christian?

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Krishna, Krishna here.

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That's a political discussion.

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In the Christian Western science, in that Christian, we have data, and we're going to look at the data on racism and some left wing view of my racism

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doesn't interest me?

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I apologize. I didn't accuse you of racism.

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I told you today I'm not going to be morally sanctimonious. I'll let that for other people to talk about right. And having accused you of racism, by the way, racism is a neutral term. Everyone's racist. No, hold on, hold on. Why mean by racism being a neutral term, it doesn't have to be necessarily derogatory depending on how you define it and how its expressed. racism. Racism is just an expression of a collective of group, a collective, referring themselves referring to themselves. So self identifying or being referred to or respect strong,

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referring to themselves being self identified or being referred to as others as say, for instance, black or white or whatever, being oppressed through power relations or otherwise by other people and or being discriminated against. Now, that could have undertones which are political, but could also be something which is neutral to us. My question to you, which you couldn't answer and you started talking about algorithms? Was was the fact No, no, no, it was the fact that how can you justify making my question, how can you justify because I haven't finished my question. How can you justify making overarching generalizations about intelligence when the systems and methods although the

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systems and methods

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by the way, I did let us

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You're thinking in a linear way.

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You're thinking there's no objective.

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I've not told you about my emotions. So you're talking about something else? No. Have I said I feel this way. Oh,

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my God. No, no, no, I'm not saying I cute. I'm not talking about you. Now. What I'm saying is this. My claim is very rough. You expect me to say certain things because you hear that from the left

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I'm not left wing guy. I don't hold on. I'm not.

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I'm not I don't identify with the left or the right. I don't identify with any of that. Yeah, no, no, I don't believe so. Yeah, I really genuinely don't believe so I disagree with that completely. But what I was gonna say was this, ya know, and we're not we're not left to write we don't go in your, your spectrum, your political spectrum. We don't have to fit nicely within. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So what I was gonna say was this. Yeah. Was the point I was making you keep using was like data on objective truth and emotions, right? No, it's not. It's an easy, it's an easy argument to win against someone who doesn't know what they're talking about. But if you're talking to someone who's

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done social sciences, and spent many years doing so like myself, and I can tell you, Patrick is no, no, no, no, no, I'm not not to be funny, but not to be funny. But I've got the credentials from those guys that you take as, as authority. Yeah.

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I do have those credentials, if you want me to show them to you as well, even even if we don't talk about that. And I say to you, look, the issue is this.

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The issue is that you're using a measure, which is a byproduct, listen to me carefully. It's a but it's a byproduct of a of a social science that was done from

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your you're not listening to my you're not listening to my objection. It's a but the IQ test is not cannot be seen as an incorrigible test. That is, that is incapable of being amended in the future.

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Moreover, and moreover, therefore, to categorize races as, as a result of their performances on IQ tests, when for knowing full well that within the parameters of IQ test, certain things like bilingualism and multilingualism, is not included.

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You're not you're not

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you're not listening, you're simply not listening. I will say to you, no, I'm gonna make this statement right now. I'm gonna say to you that people that can speak two languages are cleverer in my eyes than people that can speak one. Okay. Yes, colonial people that have been colonized by the West and others, because in 1914, according to one of your great scholars, his name is homi Bhabha, I'm not sure if you've heard of him. Yeah, he's a he's a postcolonial. I think it's my 85% of people.

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85% of the world was colonized by a few European countries. 85% a lot of people have colonial amnesia, you have colonial amnesia, you don't remember the fact

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that you do have, because you don't know the extent to which colonial powers that are have affected educational systems of measuring intelligence and giving intelligence.

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So that compartmentalization, collectivization and then exploitation can be continued in the post colonial narrative. Now, here's the point. That's why they do it. Now, I'm saying something very simply, that in Western Europe, the people that were meant to see us the Superman, the, you know, the the Superman with a blue eyes and the white skin.

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The Indonesian word, the Uber meant that those individuals are meant to be the apex. Yeah, those individuals who are meant to be the apex of human civilization, because of their schools and IQ tests, which have been rigged so that they can be the

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IQ test can be rigged.

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To be able to summarize

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IQ tests, I'm not I'm not, I'm not falling for that. I'm not falling for that.

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Would you take an IQ test live streaming?

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Will you take an IQ test?

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don't talk about IQ test? I've done enough tests in this country for 10 years. Yeah.

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The point is this, if I if you if you if you agree with me that people that know more than one language, on everything, saying the same, would be more intelligent than one language. The question I asked why the question I asked is, why haven't Why has the elitist Westerners not put language ability in the IQ test?

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The reason the reason why, the reason why is because black people are gonna go higher off in that test, and Ashkenazi Jews are gonna go down. Yeah, goodbye. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

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Thank you.

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