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Santa Monica gonna have to live with a cat those lambs are your friends and we'll begin in three minutes

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I am just setting this up so that I can see

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Moon Moon come out soon enough to see the Ramadan

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alright so lambs have begun

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rugosa like Madame Italians from UAE Abu Dhabi to sokola Hidin Nice. Welcome to the Italians in Abu Dhabi. Sayed Hafeez Ahmed, Basha Malik Muslim in India I like your name Prachi I like mustard I'm in India. Now in Morocco I like myself as you can Trinidad Surah Yeah, I think Muslim the UK Ayesha in the UK radical Muslim Abdul Rahman Muhammad in Glasgow Harlequin Muslim Zoja radical Muslim Sofia in South Africa radical Muslim Lulu in Western Australia about Abdullah

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from Abdullah Abdul Rahman Abdulaziz and yeah here in Leeds Faisal polygamous I'm in Jeddah sorry for looking down I have the computer down here

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Faisal I think myself was the heart thank you Ramadan Mubarak to you to one

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Indonesian and Medina cave and Halle Hamdulillah.

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Lulu says I love the original Ramadan. Truffles. Yeah, that's where it all began. hamdulillah Nika and Bangladesh Radek Muslim chateau in Kurdistan welcome Sam. It's been an hour they can muster up I met Shiraz from Canada Arctic Miss

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Oh, it's the top of the hour Shall we begin? Or shall we wait one more minute

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my Dobot in Nigeria article Assam Samia Allegra Mr. Nam, Nika LIC, Muslim London. Yes. Amina says. Can I ask you a question? Insha Allah Tala I'll try to make time at the end. You can ask yes me now. Leila likoma CERAM Lima in Dubai Malika Messina.

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Say it Hafeez Ahmed Basha I like that. It's like long and strong. Say it Hafeez Ahmed Basha Basha in Turkish is like you know, like Bashar Egyptian say Basha to

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Hey, we got a lot in Abu Dhabi. We got Abu Dhabi and Dubai. So some tune ins from the UAE half is in Pakistan, Brother, how are you handle? I'm

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going to wait one more minute, or should they just get started?

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Let's just get started. Who cares? It's their problem. Take one

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take two take two

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more es Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was sabe Manuel, ah, my bad, it is Ramadan, day two. Now, while tomorrow we did too.

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Many years ago, I think I was actually trying to think of what year this was. And it could have been like the year 2000 or 2001. I was teaching an Islamic Studies class and these boys were like grade three, or grade four. So they were around age seven or age eight and it was coming around Ramadan time. And

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before they went on, like a Ramadan break for the last two nights of Ramadan because it's Islamic school in the US. I told them about this.

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This idea that I had visionary actually visionary came after that this was before Visionaire before visionair this was you know, Ramadan comes along and I used to always tell people because when I was a little kid I used to make diet and Ramadan I made it on Ramadan, but Allah subhanaw taala answered and I memorized Quran because of it. So it meant a lot to me that when Ramadan comes along, that people put people put intention into their draw. So I asked these little kids what do you want to make dua for in these last 10 nights of Ramadan and write it down and get intentional about it. So I made them do the work and decide what they wanted to make dog for these kids were seven years old,

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eight years old and so on.

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So we went on the Ramadan break these kids made their dollars and then they came back to school after the Ramadan break

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and they

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came back to school after the Ramadan break. And I asked the students in my class I was the studies teacher, I asked them

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who did the activity and about 80% of the kids or maybe let's say about 70% of the kids raise their hand they did the activity. I don't actually I don't think it was 70%

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Anyway, 70% 70% of these kids but a group of 25 boys who did the activity 70% of the kids raised their hand and then I said to them, who got what they made dot for who's specifically got what they made dua for leave your hands up. And I would say about 90% of them kept their hand up, masha Allah to Baraka Allah. And then I said to the other students who didn't do their work, and I said,

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and sister fuzzy How is saying here, this is a good one. This is a good

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sister fuzzy is saying it was 2001 Because I think my son Samir was in that class and I used to teach sister fuzzy has son Samir, and his kids. Yeah, so I said who made the DA and 70% of the kids raised their hand who got who got what they made dot four and 90% of them left their hands up and then I asked them well, what did you make dopher this kid made dog for Spider Man by getting this one made dot for a PlayStation or something like that. They made to offer these different things and they got their DAWs I'm starting that off today because in total we truffles here in the second dose of the Quran. Allah subhana wa Dona

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speaks about

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Ramadan guest so ALLAH SubhanA data says and the second just shall hold on, I'm on bong and lady on Xena fee.

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Who then Lin as you're bringing in Al Hoda wonderful con. So Allah subhanaw taala the verse that speaks about Ramadan is in the second Jews. So in the second night of Torah, we're if you're reading one just per night, you're gonna read about shadow Ramadan. And then there's a verse after this verse about Ramadan. And then the verse after that says it comes back to

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the topic of Ramadan.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, Hey, Lola calm Leila. Tulcea middle off Ethel Isla and he says it ecom so there's two verses about Ramadan. But there's one in the middle. There's one in the middle of these two verses, then that's the topic for today inshallah Donna in the middle. So the discussion on Ramadan and Allah subhanaw taala stops the discussion on Ramadan, and then tells us something and then goes back to the discussion of Ramadan. What is that thing that Allah subhanaw taala talks about? Posted in the comments? I'll wait 10 seconds, there will be a delay on Facebook side. So it'll give you time to answer the question.

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No, what is the verse in the middle between so Allah stops the discussion on Ramadan? Or did he really stop the discussion? And speaks about something else in the middle of those two verses? What is it talking about? 54321?

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What is the topic you tell me? So

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Gundam says timeless powers? No. It's funny. I always

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I always want people to get the answer wrong. So it like it makes it more fun if everybody gets the answer, correct. It's not fun, right?

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What is the topic? I know you guys are mentioning that. Okay, great. So Xiomara says the topic is da the topic is dog so while you that's like a bad Yeah, honey, that in Euclidean so Allah subhanaw taala starts the first verse shahada Ramadan, alidium Zilla feel Quran Yeah, talking about Ramadan and then stops the discussion on Ramadan and talks about something else and then comes back to the topic of Ramadan. So the verse in the middle Allah subhanaw taala says, What either side do I need for in the colony? And if your servant asks you about me, indeed, I am near oh, gee boy, Dalton Danny that

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Valia sturgeon GMO only was a new meno Bina en la whom your shoulder on Allah subhanaw taala says if your servant asked you Oh, Mohammed said a lot I sent him about me for indeed I am near OG boo. I answered the call of the person who calls upon me the topic is Doha with GMO dollar today that dime fell yesterday bully So let them respond to Me. What did you mean or what do you mean no be and let them believe in me laleham Your shoe doing so

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they may be guided. Remember, we were talking about guidance yesterday. And the oft repeated the topic in the Quran is a book of guidance. This verse, by the way is 186 of sorts of Bukhara so let's ask the question, Why does Allah do that? Why does Allah subhanaw taala and Allah Allah wise, but what is some of the wisdoms? Why, in the middle of the topic of Ramadan? Allah subhanaw taala turns to the topic of DHA.

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So here are some thoughts on the issue, some reflection, some truffles, if you will. Number one, is that

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Doha is a obviously it's a main thing that you want to be doing while you're fasting. And so it's a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. So, even more so when somebody is fasting that when they make dua to Allah subhanaw taala while they're fasting, their job will be answered their job, ALLAH SubhanA data will answer the door. So even in this

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you know, fasting is you know, the Hadith about fasting that

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it's a hadith could see the prophesy. Some said that Allah said that all the actions of the son of Adam are for himself, except fasting, for inner holy for fasting is for me, well, Ana nzbn, I'm the reward for the fasting. So there's a special position for fasting that it's, you know, between you and Allah subhanaw taala nobody knows that you're fasting, except Allah subhanaw taala you can take a sip of water, you can go to the bathroom or nobody knows. But you keep building that Taqwa. And it's for Allah subhanaw taala. And so here the gift that Allah gives you in Ramadan, is that your DUA is your daughter is answered, and more specifically, this is the time that you want to be

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increasing your door. So it's a gift for fasting people. There's a hadith in which the Prophet said a lot a centum said that there are three people that will never have their supplications rejected. Number one is the dua of the fasting person. They'll never have this. So the prophesies have specifically said if somebody is fasting, they're fasting, their dogs will not be rejected. Number two is a person who travels so when somebody is traveling there DA will never be rejected and the third person is the daughter of the oppressed if somebody is oppressed, and they make dua to Allah subhanaw taala there are a lot will be answered. So this is a gift for the fasting people last month

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on tells you about Ramadan, and then speaks about DHA and then continues the discussion about Ramadan. And so you'll also see how essential it is to have the focus on DHA in your a Betta in your worship of Allah subhanaw taala throughout your fasting, the next reflection these are just reflections by the way, the next reflection that we see why this verse comes about dawn in the middle of the verses speaking about fasting is

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that when somebody is answering the call to Allah to worship Him

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when somebody's answering the call to worship Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala answers them. So you're here fasting in Ramadan because you're here fasting in Ramadan because Allah subhanaw taala called you is so there's a die at the end of I believe it's at the end of surah Allah Imran AHA where Allah subhanaw taala says that the believers say or bene in Nana Samara now I'm gonna do noona the little Iman um you know we are have become firm and they say or have bene or Lord, we heard a caller calling to Amen. And so we believed and we and we accepted we became believers. And so that's the DA so here.

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If that's the attitude of the believer that Allah is calling them to fast and have the Taqwa of Allah than the response from Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says, as you've turned to Allah and Ramadan and your worship, then Allah subhanaw taala will turn to you way that's like a bad yagni for iniquity that indeed I am near OG but Dalit today that die, but then the next verse continues, so we've answered the call of Allah Subhana Allah we're worshiping Allah subhanaw taala answers our call and then Allah at the end of this verse says fell yes the G will leave so let them answer my call. So let them answer my call so meaning that we're starting here in Ramadan Allah subhanaw taala

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answers our dough has but Allah subhanaw taala also wants from us to answer his call respond to hola fellas the G bully while you mean OB la la mujer shadow let them answer me so it's not just about Ramadan. But it's everything that comes with it. It's the unbelieving in the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala it's the believing the prophets of Allah He said I'm it's the it's the prayers the fasting it's the cat it's the Hajj. It's all the commandments of Allah Spano Tata and staying away from what Allah Spano Tata forbids fell Yes, the G Bo Li and that's what Taqwa is is a

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person doing what Allah subhanaw taala commands and staying away from what Allah subhanaw taala forbids, if we look at the month of Ramadan and when do you make.in The month of Ramadan? When do you make dua literally all the time. So let's look at some of them so the night most of the year people are not waking up generally speaking, there are people who wake up most of the year people don't wake up in the third of the night, but in Ramadan time, everybody's awake at night. And so the DUA the prophesy, Sam said Allah subhanaw taala comes down to the third portion of the night saying mania are only for SDG Bula, who will ask for forgiveness Now forgive them, who will make.to me and

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I will answer their door so you got that opportunity. And Ramadan, you'll be awake in the nights of Ramadan. So don't miss out. Don't be like sitting there middle of nights in Ramadan. And you just got your Netflix on or something like that. And you're missing out on these times of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala when you're fasting, so that just like we saw in that hadith that the fasting person, their dog was accepted. So if you're going to get your dogs answered, but then you spend the whole day not making dua, so you're not asking for anything. What's up with that. The next thing is when you break your fast, so breaking your fast at the time of if thought that could be before the

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event goes after the then goes or so on. raising your hands to Allah puntata making Doha totally so as you see in Witcher prayer, in total, we had the Imams praying there and if you're praying at home, you could be making those jobs to Allah subhanaw taala. When you're in Sagitta, in your prayers that's in any set down in your title with prayers as well. The prophets of Allah set them said the closest you are to Allah subhanaw taala is when you're in selja. And I know if you're praying at home, and maybe you're praying with family members, and you're waiting for the prayer waiting for the prayer is a time when DA is accepted. And also after, after making will do is a time

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when dawn is accepted as well.

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There's another point that I wanted to mention about this. So in this video, I'll mention the point now.

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Actually, I've got two wins.

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Before I forget in Ramadan time we do a program called visionair. And one of the reasons because I when it comes to hij there's just like in Ramadan, there's so many opportunities to make dua in Hajj and there's so many opportunities in Ramadan to make dua. But what if we don't have anything to say? That's the propolis. Like it's not that the timing was there for the for making dua, it's just we're not prepared for those to get ready for,

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on what to say in our doors. And so that's why my focus in these classes that I do is getting people prepared what they're going to make dua for so that they take advantage of these opportunities, as opposed to just letting the times Pass, pass pass and asking Allah subhanaw taala for anything. The other point I wanted to mention is that

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there's another verse in the second service question.

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This, this verse is not specified ALLAH SubhanA data says, I will answer the call of the person who calls upon me. And yet there's another verse that comes up later in the second just where Allah subhanaw taala says

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about people in hygiene that some of them make dark, feminine, nasty, menial, cooler or better attina for dunya, that there are people who make dua for in the dunya and there's nothing for them in the Hereafter. And then there are people who say I've been attina for dunya Hasina or Phil Assa T Hassanal Kannada and now that's also a verse that comes up soon after that. So that is, it's interesting. Allah Spano Donna answers all the drawers and yet ALLAH SubhanA data saying but some people don't take advantage of that they only make dua for dunya and for the person who's only making the offer dunya there's nothing for them in the Hereafter. And so it's a warning from Allah

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subhanaw taala that not only do we make dough out for the dunya but we must make it for the for the hereafter as well, but I'm gonna add Xena for dunya Hasina of the Hasina will Kannada na Allah Tala Allah and with that I am done I wanted to end a little early give you guys some time if you have questions you're welcome to ask

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sacralized NAS yes question says I feel bad asking from Allah at the moment as to what is it that makes you feel bad for asking Allah I have my response to that, but and you don't have to give me details. Is it like a sin? So some people they'll say I don't feel like making dua to Allah because of sin. Somebody else will say I don't like making dua to Allah. Because there's lots of people who deserve it more than me. So I want to save some like let them ask dot from Allah Subhan Allah. The third person might say I don't want to ask Allah Spano Tata for something because I don't want to ask for material things I want to only

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Make dua for other people and hereafter in such so those are some topics in sha Allah Tala that I'm going to be answering in the missionary class in detail. We're going to go on a journey with answers like that. But let me give you some quick responses. First quick response is that if somebody feels bad for making dua to Allah and Allah said Make dua to me, then you're the one who's confused because Allah wants you to make dua and if your train of thought is leading you to not make DoD then you're the one who is mistaken.

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And so as he says, that it's perhaps because of sins.

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So, since Nazca is an easy one, because if it was that people who commit sins are not allowed to make dua, like you can only make dua to Allah if you're perfect. You can only make dive like Hey, you didn't make any mistakes.

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Then who would be left to make dua to Allah Spano Dona who would be left? You know, if only perfect people could make dua to Allah subhanaw taala, who would be left? I'll tell you as yet that there is a

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Hadith could see that if Allah if all the people

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if the people never sinned, if people never sinned, then Allah would get rid of them. And he would bring up people who would worship a lot who would commit sins and then repent to Allah and then Allah would forgive them. So you haven't done anything different than what we've all done now as Yeah, so turn to Allah spent on and repentance and ask Allah Spano Tata for forgiveness. Zahara, you asked you said you are not to reply my question. So how you can read copy paste your question, so I can see it again. Sometimes while I'm talking I don't read at the same time it's kind of hard

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Yes, meanness question. Do you have any tips suggested for people like myself who would like to improve our Quranic citation and understanding Can I listen to her site or online follow the Arabic verses and French translation and recite along?

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So I think yes, Mina that there are two different things, what comes to mind is improving your citation and improving your understanding are two different things. Like they're two sciences, if you will,

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Khurana citation is Tajweed. And I think amalgam Institute has a class on I think I know on Quranic or citation so you can look that up I don't know the details of it, but maybe somebody can reply and tell her where she can get more information from the Millennium Institute on Quran or citation understanding on a basic level Yes, Mina, maybe you might want to do this if, depending on

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what this is what I used to do when I was younger, I would you know, before going for Tata, we I would read the translation, and I know Arabic and I'd read the translation just to confirm my understanding of what's being said and I will quickly go through the Jews or whatever the Imam is going to recite in prayer so that when I get to prayer, actually it was me who was leading the prayer so that when I get to prayer, I understand better what I'm reciting and it helps me to focus better in my prayer and each day in Ramadan I would do that and there's a lot of people doing Quranic reminders during Ramadan but I think if you want to get that understanding you need to put

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in that extra effort to

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to do it yourself

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great prices question Is it right to make supplication of DHA?

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Of so is it right to make a specification of time when making dua such as Oh Allah give me such and such in this period of time? It's a question that comes up in visionair a lot. Because one of my famous you know, kind of like a foundation of what led me to teach the visionary class was a dot that I made when I was like 12 years old, I said, Oh, Allah blessed me to memorize the Quran in two years or less. And,

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and then later on, as I got older and mature, I don't put time limits on my drawers. Because Allah knows this because I've matured to understand that Allah subhana data has is Al Hakim is the all wise. So if there is a time delay, that's in Allah subhanaw taala his hands like maybe it's not, it's not good that I get something so quickly. Maybe it's better that I make dua for something or maybe I'm not ready for this dog to come into my life.

00:24:43--> 00:24:59

And I don't understand this at the moment. So I know Allah subhana data is an ally in the online and Hakeem the all wise if you understand that and you understand that even if Allah Spano Tata delays, doesn't mean that he's denied your door if you truly understand that a lot of people don't, but

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If you do understand that and you want to put a time limit on on a dog then that's fine. Put a time limit but then after the time limit if it passes, then don't lose hope and keep making your dua you just understand that well maybe there's a wisdom that

00:25:17--> 00:25:28

why this dog was delayed and maybe it's because I'm not ready for maybe I haven't put in the necessary action for this door or something like that. But Allah's answer to all doors is yes

00:25:36--> 00:25:57

so Leamas question what if you're not fasting? Can your Dostal be answered as though you were so here's the thing Lima when somebody is in your case, if somebody's not fasting, let's say it's a female, and it's her time a month and she's not fasting, she's not fasting because Allah commanded her to not fast at that time. So you're actually

00:25:58--> 00:26:14

you're actually doing what Allah subhanaw taala commanded you have the reward of the fasting person because you're doing what Allah subhanaw taala commanded and if that's the case, then it's you get the same reward and it's Ramadan anyway, so it's not

00:26:15--> 00:26:54

it's all good all of these timings. Let's look at the timings I want to be specific about this. I gave seven times when a person can make dua and let's look at which one needs will do for effort to make that dog so I said in the middle of the night you don't need will do for that when you're fasting okay that you need to do to fast when you break your fast at the time of breaking a star you can still make God that time during telawi time a woman in her menstrual cycle is not praying totally but at that time she can make dua if you're waiting for family to pray as you're waiting for this Allah that's during the day you can make dua after making will do when you're inside yeah a

00:26:54--> 00:26:58

couple of those have have a loop connected to it

00:26:59--> 00:27:02

my bad but yes, you get the same reward inshallah.

00:27:06--> 00:27:09

Next question, five more minutes and we'll be done

00:27:14--> 00:27:22

while making dua go blank and get overwhelmed what to ask first because I am in desperate need of all good but at the end, I end up asking for forgiveness and good Africa.

00:27:26--> 00:27:29

What's your question? What is your question?

00:27:36--> 00:28:03

So you say you go blank. So what I would recommend henna is don't go blank in visionair you're going to be preparing your dogs so that when the time comes to be making don these amazing places, you don't like find yourself in this amazing location, amazing time. And then you're like, oh, I don't know what to make top four. You'll actually know what to make dog for and it takes effort. It takes effort to find out what those deep desires are. Align them. Kareem has question

00:28:04--> 00:28:12

Can I pray tarawih prayer by online internet so the answer is no. You cannot you can listen to

00:28:13--> 00:28:58

tarawih prayers online but you can't pray behind the man we've actually had this. You know there's total your prayers broadcast every year they've been broadcast no one ever said person is allowed to the reason that you can do that Kadima is that the lines have to be connected to the Imam. The lines have to be connected to the Imam meaning that if this is the Imam, a person can be like in another city or in another building and be praying and following. You have to be connected in space to the man when the Imam when they're leaving the prayer. In the case of like even at the Kaaba or in Mecca, there used to be a big issue is Can people pray in their hotel rooms at the Kaaba? And

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generally speaking, the answer is no, they cannot. They cannot join them unless the lines continue to that hotel and go up. If they're in the hotel, and the lines are not connected. This is even in Mecca, then they should pray their own prayer. A lot of so that's the reason why a person cannot pray today we're behind an imam in an online internet connection.

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Three more minutes.

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Hakim says is there any difference between a preamble Lael and tearaway prayers

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so pmla tarawih prayers is something that you'll hear mentioned about Ramadan throughout mentioned about Ramadan and it's called tunnel we tunnel we effer if you've ever been in a long tunnel, we have prayer. You might be interested to know the tidal wave comes from Raha which means to relax and rest. If you've ever been on a long prayer of terror, we're here like, this is tough, which is okay.

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Um, the reason that it's called taloja is because between four cars between the four cars, you sit down and rest for a bit and then get up pre another four cars.

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That's why it's called Tuttle we have because of that resting period between the four cars, four cars, four cars. PMO Lael is more of a general. So Tara, we could say specific Ramadan and such. pm Elaine is more general and that's like standing up in prayer for the night. So it could include Talia and it could include Witter Pamela could include all these other things throughout the year. So it's just a little bit more general than the specific of Tarawa.

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Sonic Amaya Are we allowed to send you an email for personal questions you can send whatever you want the question is Am I able to answer it or no

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no I don't I don't do personal personal emails on for question and answers it's really tough to do that and but I do try to when I am live and stuff like that. I try to try to give time for question and answers and chunk

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and there's one minute left

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last question Simon munchie

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Simon Says

00:31:48--> 00:31:54

I heard after a primer citation is a time to AWS our answer to or would it be after any acts of worship?

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So after a Quran recite tation is dot answered, and Allah Allah Saima from my understanding and I'm most likely missed. Mistaken and don't know for my understanding. That's that's not correct. Meaning that you know, when when you finish reciting Quran I don't know if you're talking about finishing the hokhmah Quran like a completing the whole Quran or after anytime a person recites generally speaking when a person finishes

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when a person finishes an act of worship, it's interesting when we finish our Salah what do we do when we finish our Salah we say a stuff for Allah stuff for Allah stuff for Allah We ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness

00:32:48--> 00:32:53

but even I'm even thinking even set up a lot Alim is not is not fully legit.

00:32:55--> 00:33:31

Because when the Prophet said Elijah said I'm heard the companion reciting Quran he asked him to recite the Quran and he wanted him to stop the Prophet said Allah Allah said um, said Hasbrouck, he said, that's enough. And then in the prophesy Sam was crying. So is there something specific every time you read the Quran that's the time when dogs are answered? I don't believe that is correct or not you can make die anytime you want. The problem is you can make die anytime you want. But when you start specifying a specific time, and you're telling people for example, Hey make dua to 30 5pm because your dollars will be answered at 2:35pm Then we've got a problem because you're claiming on

00:33:31--> 00:33:34

upon Allah spent on something that

00:33:36--> 00:33:37

he did not say

00:33:38--> 00:34:20

Wallah who am Alright guys, thank you very much for tuning in. Check out visionary Ramadan for all those people who've got problems they blank out in their doors people who don't have confidence people feel like oh my sins are so much I can make dua to a light if you really want to get connected to your dot and Ramadan. Visionary Ramadan is a program we've been doing for the last seven years online and I've been doing it since I was a kid 12 years old. And I've been teaching it to Islamic Studies kids as you saw me speaking here until today I keep doing this program and hamdulillah It's our flagship program Visionaire 2020 this Ramadan inshallah Tada and it'll be an an

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Eman, Rush experience for you. Even if you're at home isolated and Ramadan. When you take your dogs to the next level, then your Salah goes to the next level. And the times of the doors being answered is all there. It's all available. The issue that I have that I care about is have I prepared the best drawers that really come from my heart and if that's the case, then inshallah Tada then it's no problem everything else is in Allah subhanaw Donnas hands a lot. All right, everybody, until we meet again in sha Allah Tada Santa Monica rahmatullah wa barakato.