Are Women’s Rights and Feminism the Same

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I wanted to this was a good point that one of the sisters made before and she said that feminism is an ideology. I think it's been a massive conflation today in the in the audience, with feminism as a political philosophy, because that's what it is political philosophies and ideologies she's mentioned is correct. And women's rights as a concept, women's rights as a concept, which feminism doesn't have a monopoly on. So you can you can embody women's rights in a variety of different ways. I mean, there was there was a recent survey in America with the asking women I think Reuters did it or one of those organizations. And I think more than 80% of women disassociated themselves with

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feminism in America. And this does not mean that 80% of women in America

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are not pro women's rights. I think this is the conflation that is being made that I think anything that is feminism, it must be women's rights. We believe in women's rights. I mean, this is the thing we can say unequivocally, like without any problem. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran in chapter four, verse 127, yes, if tuna can fit this applet, now you have to confirm him. So Allah subhanaw taala says that they asked you about women concerning women's rights and women say Allah will tell you about that. So in other words, from a tyrannical Islamic perspective, we also believe we have a model that aims to liberate women, which is a model which is based on this a religious theological

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underpinning rather than a political philosophy and it's the this is the danger of calling yourself a feminist because when they will try and give you when you call yourself a feminist, you're associating yourself with the Scholastic tradition that has existed ever since the first wave of feminism, and that unfortunately includes that which repudiates Islam. So then you have a conflict between Islamic theology and feminist discourse.