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The conversation covers Jesus's credibility and claims to be a prophet, but questions his credibility. The speakers stress the need for evidence to support their statement and to not be given news. They explore the ways in which the Quran can be recited and addressed, including reciting " Hot Tin" and addressing "has been given news." They emphasize the importance of honoring the title of the last prophet and not being given news.

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wait, it's a boy. boy, boy.

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Hope you enjoyed the video. So this first

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column we talking about

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the narrative is Jesus, right?

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He's the second coming of Jesus.

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This is Jesus in the verse that's talking, there's gonna be a prophet after me.

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So he's the French in this verse. This, Jesus Christ is differentiating between himself. And Ahmed.

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Do you see this point? Because Jesus is saying

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he's gonna be a prophet after me, called admin.

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And it's not him. And it's not a sir. It's a different individual completely.

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Talking about the prophecy.

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Allah Sallam said about the latter day Messiah. Right. So that's

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all him but then also prophesied in the ground that the latter day Messiah will come.

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It just it just a person that is we believe

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you guys believe it?

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Because I don't because he says that. Right? It can be Esau again, right? Because on the ground, it says, messengers before the Holy Prophet of night, we respect your respect, even if we took even if we took your interpretation of that seriously, and that Jesus is dead? Yeah, let's take your interpretation seriously. Even if Jesus is dead, it doesn't mean that the person that has to be the next Messiah is gonna be well, I'm sure. So when we start talking about like the character, right.

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You start talking about the character and the signs in the ground that showed that use ones can give me truthfulness. Right.

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Right. What does it say? He's known as a truthful person, right? Like the criteria of somebody who could be a prophet right? Which

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I think is actually

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directly corresponds to the Ron Reagan doesn't contradict

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what you're saying your liberal views understand. You look like you're an honest and genuine and humble individual. And I respect the fact that you've taken the time to come and ask me these questions I really do. I'm going to give you two or three evidences that I think are evidences, which means that they don't actually allow anyone to have any other interpretation of this situation.

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And I want you to really take these out these these these these evidences

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the answers, I think

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he's my friend right. And he's been trying to get in contact with you guys.

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Okay, I'm here for a couple of days. He wants to come and see me by all means come to the conferences. Look on WhatsApp. That's not a problem because I don't have to give my number out to people on WhatsApp with all due respect. I've got a lot of people and I can you know if someone wants to if someone wants to speak to me, I'm going to be in a conference tonight so you can come to the conference's Welcome to the conference. Okay. And if you want to have a discussion with me after the conference, consider this a public and you got to tell him right yeah, cuz

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I don't want to waste time with anyone right? Consider this a public invitation.

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He's an actual scholar. scholar, I'm just consider it a public invitation. Okay. A public invitation for your your friend that you're considering a scholar, he is a scholar.

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So, you know,

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at the same level of knowledge

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wanted to prove you wrong, I couldn't even

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if you had the truth, and I didn't I would not be able to prove you wrong. If I tried to prove to you that two plus two equals five whatever however clever I am. It's not gonna work because no one's gonna believe it.

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complicated because you have a Prophet saying learn to be a body there's no prophet after me. You have in the Quran it says

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that he's the final prophet.

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So it's to Christ. There's

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there's two, there's two hot em a seal and hot Tim is final.

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seal. broke. Do you know what the right that's to clot. You can resize it as hot and hot Tim Horton means

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Seal of the process. Hot Tim means the final perfect cotton means you're the final one.

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Unless someone wants to say I don't believe in that color. In that case, I'll say if that person says I don't believe, I'm sorry to say, because the process ever taught me not to be bad will kitabi What do you believe in parts of the book or disbelieving parts of the book? So you believe in it when it's in line with your, with your with what your scholars say, and you just believe in it when it's not in line with and that's what the Quran says. It

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says that they've taken their rabbis in the priests as Gods besides a lion. Nice.

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So as far as not to fall into that category of people, and then

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I'd even had him who was an ex Christian. He said, we didn't use it. We didn't use it. Take our rabbis and monks as Gods besides God. Then the Prophet said to him, did they don't make Hillel, what alarm is haram? And they cannot allow me to Helen. They said he said, Yeah, so the point is, is that you've always got to be clear, we're speaking to Christians who say, look, for example, Trinity is not mentioned in your Bible, co equal co eternal persons of the Trinity. You know, this was the development that came 300 years after we say, show us something concrete within your own unpreserved text. We're saying way even better than look, we have the same preserve Tex Look, I mean, you have

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preserved text, they don't have preserve text. We agree with Allah, we have a perfect book. It's a perfect book, and it's preserved. No one can say this verse is not meant to be recited like that. If I say hot Tim, unless, if someone says

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so if someone says

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you can't have a different interpretation, I'm saying this. I'm saying that if this these are the two only ways of reciting that verse hot and hot him Yeah, hot time means the seal. You're right. I agree with you. Hot Tin means is the final like for example, you can recite you know, molecule Medina Melaka team is the Owner of the Day of Judgment molecule Medina.

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Yeah, I understand but there's something else let's just stick with

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this is it Melaka Medina means Oh, no, the day of judgment. Melek yo Metin. molecule Mateen means the king of the Day of Judgment. Now, if someone says I don't believe that Allah is the king of the Day of Judgment.

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I don't believe that. I'll say why are you just believing in us? I say molecule Medina. I think there's only vessel Quran that says I lost. Oh, no. Yeah.

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So cotton is preserved? Yes. You're not you're not gonna say that the word Hakeem is unpreserved there was hotter and hotter and both of them are preserved, clouds preserved pipe. If content is preserved, and the Quran is preserved, there's only one more thing you can do now. You have to go into the books of the Arabs, the pre Arabs, the poetry, the poem is what you call the dictionaries and find me anyone that says hi, Tim, does not mean the final. If you find that allow shake your hand and agree with you. But if you can't find that, then we must agree the Quran is explicit, and is unequivocal and is ambiguous and is completely clear. And the fact that the Quran says Hot Tin

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which means the final normally hot and but hearten you see the point here. This is a lie. It's impossible for us to translate the other way.

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Caught him Yeah, I'm telling you, I I've done the research. I can't afford to make a mistake. You know how many people are gonna watch this? I can't afford to make a mistake. Yeah, I've rented

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Yeah, I can't right now. I can't afford to make a mistake. hotton means the final and so if that was not the case, they would be making 1000s of videos about me saying look he doesn't even know Arabic because Hudson doesn't mean final that humiliate me.

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Like I said, this one is like Malik and Malik. You have Malik is a killer of the fraud which means Oh no.

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Yeah, there's a verse Yes.

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I'm sure you're aware of this Yeah. So you can recite the if you look at the Quran you can recite for example, at Hamza layup line, I mean,

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it could be seal of the Prophet school, it could also be none of that it's not cannot be a contradiction. Look, you when you have a color like that, it can never be contradictory to each other. That means you're saying this contradiction in the Quran. So hey, look, here's the point is not preserved, or that it's contradicting itself. Or you try and bring out some new Arabic, some funky Arabic, but either three cases the situation is one situation is the process is the final prophet. And there's no way of bypassing unless someone does some kind of cover. You see what I'm trying to say? You have to say that the client is contradicting itself. Yes as unpreserved or you

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say the Arabic I'm gonna completely wrong and you get

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Give me some evidences from the first round about pre Islam. Show me that a

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lot of the Arabs and tell me that, you know, give me some evidence doesn't mean

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you have to go

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and finish. Is there anything you want to say to that? Does that make sense? It makes sense. But we have like, like we have some like Arabic dictionary, right? Yes. That's the seal of the Prophet. Yeah. Ha, ha Tim doesn't Yeah, we only seem

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to only believe and the seal of the prophets like that's that's the that's the verse, the translation the versus the process.

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Right. So I'm a Muslim, right? Regardless, are you a Muslim that believes in the preservation of the Quran? Yes. All right. So when I say if I say if I'm reciting the Quran now, and I'm in the prayer, and I say molecule, Medina, are you going to correct me?

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No, not Malik, Malik. Malik means King. By his, you notice 10 cannot 10 ways you can recite the

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four of them, you can recite them the word Malik own of the six of them, which is actually more, you can say malloc. So if I say molecule, Medina,

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no, they don't mean the same one means Oh Na, and one means King. But we say as Muslims, we believe that Allah is the owner and the king, you can go and ask any of you how many scholars, none of them are going to deny that Allah is the owner and the king. Because as far as I know, they don't deny the Quran. They don't deny the preservation of the Quran. Right? And they will present through the dots. Right? Okay, so let's say that it is true right here. Let's say it says that he's the last prophet. But then you guys now believe that will come down? Remember? Not a prophet, are you guys gonna strip them away of Prophet? He's gonna come back, when he comes back, like older profits are

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going to beginning brother all the profits of America's largest eisah.

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No one makes a distinction. Look, the day of judgment is as real as this world.

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All of the profits are going to be raised on the Day of Judgment. Do you agree? All right. So when they come back, are they gonna come back as profits?

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Ah, now if they come back as profit, so do you believe there's going to be profits that come off? Will they not be profits in the day of judgment?

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that functionality as a profit as a law giver, as someone who has been receiving way to guide the people that has come to Association at DEF?

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I'm giving example. It doesn't have to be right. And there's difference between between what is the difference? And Nepean?

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So the point I'm making to you is this is that the argument falls on his face when we talk about Okay, he's gonna come back, well, all of the profits are gonna come back. Even worse than this, I hate you even even less a lot of mileage.

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At least lower mileage. When you actually believe this division. I understand. Fine, let's move on. Let's move on. But the point is, on the day of judgment, on the day of judgment, it's as simple as this. We believe all the profits are going to be there. Now you're asking, Are you asking me will Jesus will his thing is his placement as a prophet be stripped away from asking the same question? All of those people are going to be prophets? by their functionality? Yes, we'll know who's gonna be the leader of them.

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Mohammed Salah, I said I was gonna do so and so right?

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No, but here's the point. The point is not about this is about chronology. You're saying to me because you're saying, This is the only argument you really have now.

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You're saying that look,

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you guys believe in a second coming of Jesus. That must mean necessarily that there's another prophet after Prophet Mohammed bomb, saying, we believe that all of the Mohammed, Mohammed is gonna come back as well.

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Then, if all of them are gonna come back,

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they're gonna come back in a different capacity. Because I listened you for the word nebby. It means you. You're being given news or something. Yeah, you've been given news. Now they're not coming back to be given news and then deliver that news. They're coming back to be judged, for example, or in the case of Jesus, to make a judgement. Okay, they come back with specified rules, not with the rule that they had beforehand. So the point I'm making here is that the verse See look, you have to say yourself, you and this shows I'm not saying that it's about you, bro. But I'm saying that shows you you're willing to leave all of Islam for Amazonia because you're not willing to make the Quran

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contradicts itself. Yeah, which will be impossible unless it's not a godly word. In order to avoid the fact that the verse says what it says, which is shows you this quite disturbing. The point I'm making to you is very simple, right? The Quran says that Prophet Muhammad is the final prophet Hartman to be less let be that

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yeah, that's

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time to come. Please. Mississauga

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Yes inshallah. All right.

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Thank you.