Ahmadi (Qadiani) vs Sunni Muslim

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Let's be clear first what your religion is, then we can talk about some different points. So let me just be sure that I know what you're talking about.

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So I believe in the following number one, there was one that came in India, you know, in the 1900s, or whatever it was, and that he was a new prophet. You know, a Prophet came after the Prophet Mohammed says

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that you believe in the book, Muhammad, even in the Quran, but you believe the new Prophet, good Ahmed, Ahmed Indian, not only is your new proof, a new Prophet, but he's also he's also the mighty, that the Prophet Muhammad was talking about. But not only is he the mighty, why he was also is of memory as well.

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Because he said it himself. He said he first First of all, he claimed to be rejected, then they claim to be muddy. Then he claimed to be

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a submarine.

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That means that he and he changed his mind. He says something worse, there's a no I lost 62 now you're unmuted. Let me see.

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Let me tell you something, I want to be very clear with you Baba says man, you both believe in the fraud? Let me be clear, let me be clear, me and this man, what's your name?

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Even though I'm I don't to be honest with you consider the qadiani Medi Group, a fraction of an Islamic faction. However, we both believe in the Quran, right? We both believe in the Hadees even a Muslim is that correct? So what's going to be the what's gonna be the one that is what's gonna be the thing that's going to decide between you is going to be the prime and you believe the one with all of the color art and all of the things that we believe in them, you know, right. So whatever the Quran says, then we accept

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that we have to travel now and the fun just to be clear in the beginning. Last minute, Allah says we're on the third, third chapter of the Quran and the first kind of verses.

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woman who is

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a fabulous interview

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in the law,

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Allah subhanaw taala. He says in the Quran, that the Quran has two kinds of verses that has verses Yes, an ambiguous versus non ambiguous,

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ambiguous versus the ones

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who go to the ambiguous versus Yes, in order to try and try and justify or make a tell we'll make some kind of interpretation of the crime.

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And fitna, they're trying to follow fitness meaning corruption and and

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really trying to make their own interpretation, my alma mater, Willa, who is a lot and no one knows the full interpretation of those ambiguous verses except for last month I was Econoline Unum and the ones who have true faith. Say that we we believe in all of it. Now we believe in the crime

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chapter listen to this, don't believe the crime in 10 fraud mutawatir

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you believe in if we believe it now. The Quran refers to the Prophet Mohamed Salah Salah, and he says to them about him.

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what's your life? Well,

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we know for a fact. There's two things, cotton and cotton and narrabeen means the seal of the prophets. Yeah, accepted.

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And nebby means the profits every messenger has come has been a profit we know that because the messenger our soul is higher than an abbey which has a profit. So every kulula kulula soon to be every messenger the profit. Well,

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not the opposite is not true. Okay, so no. Do you know and can I watch? You believe in the Quran?

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It says, Tim Navin wait a minute now. Wait, Whoa, what's going on?

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We believe in the Quran. Like Malik and Malik. Malik means. Jasmine Malik means king of the Day of Judgment, both of them of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Both of them come from the heavens and the verse that you're talking about.

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Which means the seal of the prophets caught him in the castle with a town with a castle on it because it means the lost profit loss profit. There's no Tabitha Whelan.

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There's no way you can bend this verse and you can change it. We definitely don't need to bend this verse because because now my question to you let me let me direct the first question. Okay. The first question if the Quran is directly saying to you, that cotton and cotton cotton and cotton, that is the seal of the Prophet, and he is the last prophet both

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seal and lost lost cotton means loss how Tim, Tim hurt him because of that means loss

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An Arabic look and if you don't believe me go to the

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lexicon of the Arabs or you can go to his for his book. It's funny.

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If you don't believe me, you can also look at

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the last prophet, and this is corroborated by the prophet Muhammad SAW Salaam himself. What did he say? He's telling the Hadith. Haha

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there's no profiles to me.

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I completely completely.

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Let's talk about the

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I'm sorry. Okay, so what do you do about this verse? This verse, we accept it fully. We fully accept that this isn't the verse of the Holy Quran. And we believe in everything that Allah Allah has revealed to us along with no hesitation and no ambiguity. Great. We are 100% sure that this is the truth from Allah tala. But the way that we give the translation is different. You say there are two ways to pronounce it. There's a hadith

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which is narrated by a

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Norwegian by Sahabi, in which it says that on one day, he was passing by his, his sons. I don't remember if it was Hassan, Hassan Hussein, I don't remember. And he was reading the Holy Quran and he came upon this verse to teacher came upon this word, ne ne ne pronounced it katima Fatima be like, No, no, like you pronounce it the second time.

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I know.

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So the teacher came upon this verse. And he said hatemonger been right. He said, do not pronounce.

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The Castro did not pronounce the Castro. But say

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this guy has contradicted himself, majorly. You know how he's contradicting himself. We started off by saying By the way, this is very important point and it's coming arcada by saying that he believes in Russia sorry. He signed off by saying that he believes in the Quran, the Quran, the Quran, and the Quran in the karate Club, which has come with so many chains of narration you know what this word means less than a tomato and Arabic means when it comes from different chains of narration in and I tell you more than what it says fighting because like Watch now if you go to the mosque and I'm asking you a question go to the mosque which is close by whatever site and watch. There was.

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No, hold on.

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Except for Olivia. Olivia. They were saying was that the guy is gonna say

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are you gonna correct him? I gotta correct. No. I am gonna go with with what was going on.