Mohammed Hijab – Sikh Pulls Out Knife in Debate

Mohammed Hijab
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So you've told me a bit about your religion. Let me just tell you a little bit about my religion. I'm not gonna go into too much details. I'm a Muslim, right? So Muslims believe that basically Islam By the way, the actual word Islam comes from the Arabic root. What is this lamp? Right? It means submission. It doesn't mean peace. I'll be honest with you. All right. Peace is something which comes afterwards. I don't know where they got it from. It might mean peace, you know, that you acquire through submission? Yeah, from Salaam but Salam is not where so Islam comes from Islam. Right? Islam is submission, submission to one God. So our narrative is as follows. Who believe that

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basically, the first prophet to ever come on Earth was Adam. And obviously, the first message has to come into force, Noah, these people.

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So Adam,

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first messenger was Noah, these individuals, were submissive to God, were submitted to God. So in that capacity, they were Muslim, because the word Muslim means people that submit to God. So we our narrative is as follows. So you got narrow, you got Noah, then you got prophets upon prophets. In fact, there are some weak traditions that say that 100 to 4000 profits, we tradition, but still, it's something to burn, because into consideration. Lots of profits came a full time. And these profits came with the same message. So when it comes to people like Jesus Christ, and Moses, and you know, Abraham, obviously with Abrahamic religion, one of the Abrahamic religions, we believe that

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all of them came with the same message which is, which was simply to believe in one God and to worship one God. So it's a very simple message. So having said that, we believe that actually, if you think about Jesus Christ, or Moses, the they actually had revelation from God, that they actually were true prophets from God. And that revelation was revealed unto them. Having said that, yeah.

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So if you look at the Quran, today, and you look at like a version of the Bible, say, for example, you look into the New International Version, or the Revised Standard Version, King James Version, wherever you want, you'll find that there are similarities, like in terms of the stories of the prophets and stuff like that. The reason why we would say that is the case is because we say that the source is the same, the source is God. Right? So God revealed it to Moses, God revealed it to Jesus, and God revealed it to Abraham, and therefore God also revealed it to Mohammed. Right? The main difference is as follows. We believe that, whereas God revealed it to Moses, and Jesus and

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Abraham, they had the full truth, they had the full truth, but then that was corrupted by people that wrote down what would then be called the Bible or something like that.

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It was corrupted by the hands of men basically. But the reason why there's so much similarity between the Bible and the Quran is because we believe that the Bible in the Quran, eventually it does actually come from the same source. So God is the same author of both books, just I'm saying. Now, my question to you is because this is quite interesting, we are talking about similarities between

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Sikhism and Islam. So we can explain the similarities between Islam and all of the other previous religions by saying that the source is the same. Yet there were corruptions that happen and fabrications that happen, that we affirmed a prophet of Jesus and Moses, etc. My question to you is, you don't affirm the prophet of Mohammed do? You don't No, no, no, no, no, no, no, we what we believe that is what I am trying to say is that when Sikhism came from Guru Nanak, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, they only preach they were against the rituals which were done by the people in India all over the world. That is why Guru Nanak Dev Ji traveled from all over the world, preaching people, that

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the rituals are not part of the religion. So because because what I was just asking you was one specific question, right? So what I was saying is that you know, in Islam,

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there are some similarities between Christianity and Islam, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. We say that they were true religions, but they were corrupted. Sikhism says that Prophet Mohammed wasn't a true prophet. yet. It's striking that there are so many similarities between the ggs and the Quran. Things like the hokum you believe in the hokum of God. Yeah. hokum is actually an Arabic word. As we say, Hong Kong. Hong Kong we say is will we have a different word for it? Jani?

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We believe in so many similarities, my question and let me tell you, let me tell Hong Kong. Hello. Let me ask you the question that you can answer. No, let me tell you this. How could it be the case that the Guru has so much of the contents of the Quran, yet he's given no credit whatsoever to the prophet of Islam? So it's almost as if we're saying, okay, all of what the prophet Mohammed said, although he didn't get any revelation was coincidentally true. That's a very, very hard proposition to make very hard. Can you see what I mean? Not Not at all. I think I think, PHP, you know, you're not trying to understand what you're arguing. You're not aware about Sikhism that hasn't

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told you that all our gurus were against the rituals which were performed by the different religion at that time maybe Hindu Hindus or any other religion which was a why is it that you do the same ones?

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Why is it that Hindu like six do the same rituals? Oh, no, they pray the same way. Very similar you chant your holy book, like what shall we say? I don't know. What I'm saying is do you do ablution before

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talking about Islam, I'm talking about the other religions like Hindu religion and the other religions which were prevailing in India in that time. At that time, there's so much mention of Hinduism and

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why people are trying to you know, complicate the thing more is that gurus were never against Islam, okay.

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Let me finish at that point of time.

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India was invaded by the Muslim leader leaders and the Emperor's okay. So that is why from the sixth guru, till Guru Gobind Singh Ji, they rose up, and they fought against oppression. Okay. It was not, it is not it was

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i'm not saying that just to be clear, I'm not saying that you guys are against Islam, no, no, if it was against, at that point of time, people who believed in Christianity and were ruling the, you know, country and doing something, which was against the things. My question is not this, my question is as follows. My question is, there's so much similarity. First of all, if you look at the GG s, which is the holy book, you'll find that there's literally hundreds of mentions of Allah of Allah, Allah, Allah of Rama, Krishna of Vishnu, sorry, Krishna, that is what I'm seeing. So it seems too much like an amalgamation, like what Sikhism is essentially, is a combination of Islam and

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Hinduism. No, no. See, what I'm saying is that religion is absolutely

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that is what our Guru preached, that you know, that the rituals like I suppose you have to follow that follow the religion, you don't have to go to the mountains to meditate, you can

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meditate. So our Buddha said against the rituals, except that I believe you right, but I just want to say one thing, right? That so for example, Muslims believe in heaven, and *, right. And Hindus believe in reincarnation.

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Sikhism incorporates both into its tradition. So it believes in the idea of June, which means reincarnation, and it says that God is our June which is his outside of the scope of reincarnation. But it also believes in the idea of taking yourself out of June, which means that you can come out of reincarnation and now become someone who isn't an spiritual place.

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But is like Jen, so they've taken Jenna, which is a concept of basically heaven. And that's an Islamic concept, and they've taken reincarnation, which is a Hindu concept, and they've combined them together to create a new religion. Now, my question is, it can't be coincidentally true that all of what Prophet Mohammed came with, or some of it all, a large proportion of it was true. And all of what the Vedas came with was true. But then at the same time, Mohammed was selling a lie, and he wasn't from God. So it doesn't actually add up at all. Just you I mean, I think what would make more sense, it could probably tell me if I'm right or wrong here.

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Doesn't it make more sense to say look, in fact, we should just say, since the ggs already confirms, you know, that Prophet Muhammad came with a lot of truths through its admission, through saying that, you know, through its for example, affirmation and reconfirmation of all of the rituals that Muslims do and attributes of God as you have them is very similar to the attributes of God as Muslims have them, but it just we simply say easy to say look, since that's true, then we should just accept Islam as the as the authority and the Prophet Mohammed is the final messenger since he came with all of those truths. It must be from God that is not this thing. In fact, Guru Nanak if

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you know how to travel to Mecca also and and and go to the Ganges he went to record Yeah, to mock Makkah and give a message there also. So, wherever he went, he gave a message, he went on, he went to his given message, even give a message, you know,

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so, so, you know, so,

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the thing is that you hear this we are not there is no comparison between

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Islam or Christianity or Sikhism, you know, when when the religions become very complicated, you know, and because religions I believe religion is a very simple thing which you follow, you know, what I find really nice.

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Let me let me complete okay. So, you know, when, when when you follow a religion, it has to be very simple. Yes. And, you know, since sick is Sikhism is a very modern religion because it's not very old. Okay. So

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Whatever was people who were Muslims or who were Christians or who are Hindus who thought that yes, this is your religion has to be simple. We have

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to boycott all the rituals which are there in the religion came forward and followed Sikhism and the our, our 10th Guru gave identity to the people, like you have to have similar to what we do the case distinct so that, you know, there are two things

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it's not mandatory that we need to wear but for them

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know, I know a lot.

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I know a lot of Muslim friends who don't have beards.

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There's no identity, it's not compulsory, but our our religion, according to the majority of scholars, it's actually okay. It's not.

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Okay, so maybe the length is the length is a different opinion. So So my point is that they give identity for

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a lot, lot of reasons. Reason. Now, if you had a car, yeah, now a lot of people don't know why we were a car. Yes. Right. Okay. So my point I was finishing about the car now via the car. Now, there are a lot of people don't know how, why because it is one on the right hand or another Okay, not on the left hand because generally people do everything with their right hand. Good stuff. Yeah. So So, you know, this, this, this was a thing given by the guru. So that when you are doing any bad deed, and you see the color, you remember the, you know, guru and you you will say that

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you will give a second thought we believe in the same thing. So my point is,

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we believe in the same thing, but you know what I really like about the GPS. Let me tell you what I like and we'll end with this. I need to go home, because it will go away today, which is like the prayer. Yeah, I know that.

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You know, the guru says something which is true. Let me tell you what this thing he said lots of things which are true, actually. But this one thing I found really particularly interesting and true. He said that if a Muslim

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does good deeds, he actually built a mosque for the Muslim.

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He said if a Muslim and and

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enjoy Nanak Yeah, man I can so No, he didn't build. Yes, yes. Absolutely. a butcher shop in Pakistan. Yes. And the thing is that you're from here, you when recently recently there there was a lot of problems in UK and all the Muslims when the prayer was happening, the Sikh gentlemen you know, regarding the mosque, yeah, this only shows that you know, like, we we we we know what religion I do accept not our gurus respect all religion, but they are against we have a ritual Okay, which I wanted to make a point which is that the guru came with a truth, which is they said that if the Muslim does good deeds, yes. And he's a good Muslim, and for a

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very first time the way a Muslim should then you go to Jelena Yes, absolutely. Thank you very much. I think then in that case, we should all do that. And I think there's been a very fantastic

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interesting discussion really positive positive. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you because

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it's very interesting, can you This is gonna be good for that. Gentleman the thing you look at this man Wish I could carry this oh my god, bro. Look, you gotta be careful for her oppa

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that's gonna be can you can I take a picture like five case

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he saw it

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with me

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