Stop doing this even in Ramadan

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of developing habits and using technology to achieve goals. They encourage people to use the Internet and download an app called the Quran, which allows them to see how much they have read and receive in addition to their daily activities. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of starting with small small things and not rushing to achieve big things.
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Otherwise you're finished. The Quran says that wirkkala rasuluh Yara be in ko Mita who has a co Anima Jura that the Prophet said that Oh Lord, my people have left off this Quran left off this Quran. Some of us don't even read the Quran for weeks and months on end and Subhan Allah This is the fulfillment of what the prophet in the Quran is narrated to have set. And so what we need to do is we need to develop our habits. Yes, I'm speaking to you, the person who leaves a Khurana for a week a month, month even doesn't read the Quran doesn't take it for guidance, doesn't get the benefits of the Quran. The guidance sent from Allah subhanaw taala to humanity. This is Ramadan, it's the time

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where the Quran was actually sent down. Chef Ramadan unless you own Zilla fi Hill Quran, that shotgun Ramadan is the time when the Quran was actually revealed.

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We need to develop our habits. And I'm going to give you a tool to be able to do so I'm not just going to give you a reminder, I'm going to give you assistance. And believe me, this is the best technological assistance that I can potentially be directing you towards that I know of until this time, and I wouldn't and I usually don't make endorsements of this kind. But believe me, this is something that from firsthand experience, I've seen has worked. There is an app is called the Quran, the app. And this app has habit building features inbuilt habit building features, it's gamified. Has smart technology, it allows you to see how much you've read how much you need to read in order

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to get to the next just how much has her not that you have accumulated. Because we want that motivation, that incentive. And it even allows you to send the app to your friends and your family and your colleagues. And when they read the Quran. You see what kind of has a natural getting from that, because the Prophet said at that low aldehydic fit. The one who directs to the good is like the one who does the goods, you will get the reward. And this upon Allah subhanaw taala is the benefits of technology, we should really make use of this. We have no excuse we on our phone all the time. I mean, we're like if we just spent some time, some time with the Koran, using this smart

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features. We spend money on everything else. Let's be honest. We spend money on the gym. We spend money on this, we spend money on that we spend money on entertainment. We spend money on food and drink and how much do you spend on food and drink? Candy on which is the holder which is the guidance we don't want to invent, make a minor sorry to say financial investment. So you must download this app and you must send it to your friends. And you must start with this because enough is enough of the Muslims not being connected to the Quran. I've spoken to the people that made this up and I've told them I want no excuses. So they said fine, you get seven day trial, free of charge.

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And if you can't afford it, they will make it for free for you as well.

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You have no excuse I'm sorry to say they'll give it to you for free. I tell them I said that is done. You have no excuses brothers or sisters. Otherwise you're finished. Otherwise you don't do this. No, you're going to be done. You're going to be finished. You understand what I'm trying to say you're going to be finished