Mohammed Hijab – 5 Pillars of Islam for Absolute Beginners

Mohammed Hijab
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. How are you guys, we're gonna be doing some important things today. And we're gonna go through some very important components of Islam, what we're going to be doing today, and the long run Muslims in America.

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So today,

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we will go through the very basic understanding of or the fifth, we should call it the jurisprudence of the five pillars of Islam. And really, this serves as a kind of introduction to a longer series that will be concluding now myself and others will be filming on the salon channel, and we're calling it the must know show, which is really the bit very basic slum getting me kind of knowledge that we have to have as Muslims. Perfect. So today's show is the five pillars. Excellent. So let's say for example, someone wants to, they've not been practicing for a while, or someone comes into a slump. Yeah, whatever it may be. And now what they want to do is they want to know how to do the

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basic five pillars of Islam. Let's start with the prayer. What do they need in order to proceed so the mission philosophy Allah has said from the Hadith of the Londoner, but the only one man on the thesis then that Islam is built upon five pillars when you examine the house, okay? She had it in La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, that the testimony of faith, essentially, there's none worthy of worship, except Allah, Mohammed. So the lesson is the Messenger of Allah, that after that, when it comes to Allah, establish prayer. Now, just like any act of worship, there's a number of conditions that must be fulfilled in order for in order for a an action to be valid. And one of them

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of course, in Salah, and this is the most important one is the harder purification. Okay, now, it's a long topic. And just to summarize it, the most important concept within purification is Whoo, okay, it's a little what is a little, each army will literally come from other means to eliminate vanilla, but of course, the Islamic understanding of it, it's ablution. So it's the use of water on certain limbs with an intention, and you see the smell at the beginning. And by doing that, we've actually entered into a state of ritual purity, that now allows you to pray your Salah, but it's interesting because Baba in Arabic actually means to eliminate analyzers if you're by performing

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will do illuminating yourself you inward and outward self as well. And this actually, one can even measure loss a lot. He said that when a person performs, it will do, his sins begin to fall off. And even though he says CML, if you are joining us, as a student from the you can see from the effect of sudo, now a meaningful facility actually said that this comes down to a light that would be in a person's face of the Day of Resurrection, because he used to perform frustration to Allah and salah and we also know from the heads of Raiders well, that

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the people who will come home and they will literally be white, they'll be white marks on them, illuminating the day present

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as a sign that these are the people who do but let's get straight into it. So what is what are some what so now we want to do, we have water, okay, so there's water in front of us. Obviously, there's a lot of details to If you cannot find water if you can't use water. So cover that in the slump channel going over the in depth job what Yeah, so say we have water in front of us, the first thing that you should use recommended is of course, the first thing you have to have the intention that you're going to perform Moodle Yes. And say Bismillah. If you remember Bismillah In the name of Allah, right, and take the water in your right hand, run it over your left eye likewise, take it in

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your left hand, run it over your right hand, it's recommended to do to clean your hands first up to the risks. And after that, take the water and put it in your mouth.

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And you can use your fingers to wipe your teeth or to golf lesson should you put it in your mouth and nose or a sensor, you can do that if you want as well. But just for the sake of ease. And this is a taste of a practice, which is the sun as well as a Muslim Student. In fact, there's a number of characteristics of how to do that sacred ease and brevity will take will do this was to take the water place in your mouth, God will use your finger to clean your teeth and spit out showcomments three times Okay, after that, take a handful of water and breathe slightly so slightly into your nose. And then use that your left hand to kind of expel your nose and it's recommended also to do

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that three times. And then after that you would wash your face again. So literally you're starting from your forehead

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up into your Adam's apple where your throat essentially the beginning of your throat and from the sides if you can see here, beginning if you add to the other side. So you take water and you would cover that whole area. And if you got a beard like a self Mashallah subotic Allah, then it's recommended to just put your finger through your bed because it's quite thick, isn't it? But if you have a slight bed, then you should actually connect your water which is your skin. Alright, so wash the face. So you wash the face. Then you will take water and wash your arms, both arms up to and including the elbows. Yeah. So literally how you do demonstrate as you take the water.

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Yep. Yeah. And you can use this hand to kind of let it slide down if you want. Okay, and the point being is I just make sure it's washed

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Same for this, um, everything is gonna be covered, everything has been covered in water, then after that, you would take a little bit of water in your hands a little bit of water. So literally code like this. So it's not, you don't have a handle of water, and you pass it over your head, beginning of your here until the end of it, and then back again this

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is can be often, okay, it can be often that you insert your index finger in, within your thumbs within your index finger outside and clean the frontal lobe and in the back of the error slot, okay. And that's essentially, most of all done, the only thing left for that is to wash your feet. So you literally just wash your feet, including between your toes up and including the anchor. And that's it. You do that three times, but most actions in judo it's recommended to the three. It's what's compulsory is only to do one. Now this this is interesting, it's good that you mentioned like the sooner way of doing so right now people should realize

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that, for example, in boiling water, yeah.

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general rule of thumb, I know the humble you say that you have to do the math and the nausea. But general rule of thumb, could we say for those new Muslims, they could just look at the verse of the Quran. Look at the verse and look

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at the fifth chapter. Yes, could I have to do the verse of hoodoo and Allah subhanaw taala speaks about which is accompany lasala tifo Sudoku numerosity was also mentioned for body parts. Follow those protocols. So those four that was compulsory that was compulsory, in addition to being in order and being together at the same time, perfect. And that's what all that

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into the state of ritual purity. And now you can begin to pray your Salah one more important question, say so someone a woman is, for example, she's menstruating? Yes. So now what is there certain things that if they happen, a person cannot perform or a person cannot pray, you cannot pray either. And there are certain other actions that are not compulsory and not required. If the person suffers if a woman is in her menses, then she doesn't have to pray. She does not have to fast, you know, certain things are lifted from and for example, if someone has had sexual *, or had * Yeah, exactly. So now tribulation is entered into a realm where a person will do what's

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the fastest person in law, so they don't have to have a whistle. It's just a full body shower. So literally have a shower and double your body, mouth, the nose, and also do those Well, yes. with intention to purify yourself into Priscilla, and john, and then Hamdulillah, you're ready to perform some. Okay, so now we come to select Allah. So how many prints are there? So the five prayers a day, this is what's compulsory upon you. And it's this other presses that are recommended to create effect is very heavily emphasized. For example, the printer wizard prayer, which is one minimum of one unit after your Isha prayer. And there's a number of other recommended prayers as well. For

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example, the other 10 1010 times 10 units of credit should be paid to before failure, which is the dawn prayer to an after midday prayer to after the market of prayer. The sunset brother offers five proposals to after the debates five compulsory prayers. Okay, that's it for now. Now, let's say we're going to be using the word Raka Raka. Raka is a unit of prayer. What does that mean? Now, when you start your prayer, there are a number of actions and things and statements that you will do and literally you go into root

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and then rise up from city. Okay, so you know, let's just let's start. Okay, okay, so you start prayer by firstly facing the country? Are you in a state of ritual purity? Vanilla?

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tequila is the Kava. Yeah, we're the cabinet is our

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compass, or you can there's apps online, on your phone, websites, etc. Or you can have as well you know, with a message wherever you can work it out. You have to face to face them. So say for example, you're facing Mecca. Yeah. So say for example, okay. Yeah.

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You start by Firstly, having an intention. intention is really important central to all acts of worship, I have to say out loud, you don't have to say I like to say within the heartland, and we tend to pray the hood prayer, for example, then don't pray.

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don't prefer the first spray. So you'll face Mecca, you'd have the intention. You start the prayer by

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saying Allahu Akbar. And then you bring your hands here, right and on top, the left hand, and you can place it underneath the belly button above the belly button, is this you find it. So there's a number of differences amongst the scholars, if not all of them handle are similar. They've all been rated that Mr. Foster needs to perform them at one time with the other sets all the data. And so the issue that you should really be like severe flare, so

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well press it here or hit wherever you want. Yes. And then you start reciting

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the actions that are compulsory upon every one of your amended actions and stuff like that things. So we face the pillar. So say for example, now, now face

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to face up. Let me start by raising your hands and saying a lot and cross being you

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Right hand over your left hand above the belly button below it. It's really a very minute issue both all of them authentically read from the Mr. Philosophy. Excellent. And now, what's the obligation so as to begin reading, sort of refer to her, the first chapter of the Quran, the mother of the Quran, the most important chapter. And you have to read that in every aka what's the new Muslim, it doesn't matter. If he hasn't, then there's a hadith that Mr. Johnson said you can say Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. Okay, say that Allah Subhana, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah to memorize sort of the fatty hat and it's very emotional metabolically. The whole form has been made easy to memorize. Okay, so what was Selena and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen In fact, what are you excited for us? Bismillah

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Alhamdulillah Europeana al Ameen. unwashed man Yo, Joakim Malik kiyomi Dini I can ambu Maria kanessa in general Sera,

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Sera La Perla Deena Nam tala him when you're in Malibu via a mana.

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Me, as you say in Salah on me, it's a form of supplication handling,

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increasing prayer. After that, you may now go into what we call a little core, which is the bound is what would you say since the habits recommended you say some other sort of it's recommended to read another sword if you want, why this is not we're talking about the bare basics, basics. Okay, okay. So go straight into say a law.

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Raise your hands up

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straight into the court. And now it's important to keep your back straight, and your head down with your back and you can just look at your ankles, your ankles, that's fine Sharma and of course, it's narrated that the Mr. Watson someone he would go into the court, his back would be completely straight so that if you were to play something on top of him, it would not roll over. So like this machine, it's it's a bit bent, but I'm the left and then in your record, you'd read sapan dl Arlene Subhana robolab emulation means glory and Exalted be a law the Most High the most mighty, okay, okay, so says Panama will be allowed

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to three times, but once one is enough, one is the one obligation but of course, it is recommended even more as an odd number, inshallah. And then you would rise from your court. And as your rising You see, me, Neiman hanifa,

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my lord has the hand of the praise of semi Allahu Allah, He is the one who has praised. And you can also raise your hand up as you come in. So if your record, then you can just raise your hands up semi Allahu niemand hamidah. And you can place it on the site placed on the side, we can clasp it as your philosophy now, it's a very different sort of expansion. After that.

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You'd say, actually, a banana banana can handle. So you're saying it's not a building? And then you'd say robina?

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Send me Allahu robina will,

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then you're going to seduce into frustration. Okay, now frustration is very simple.

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You know, you keep your hands next to your, your head. Same with as your shoulders, it can be high, or it can be up to your shoulders to head fine. And in your schedule. In your frustration, you'd say Subhana obile as panner. So globe, it's a lot of most high. So in fact, you can see a little coup in bowing it's not a bl avec le input Institute and frustration it is some kind of dilemma. And you say that three times or more if you want, and you may invoke a loss from Tyler's well Institute.

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Again, as you can see, in the image that you will have, as you see the image, you will have your hands in keeping your head on your shoulders, and your feet will be raised your toes will be facing people like your hand and then it you say, pan out

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the most gorebyss Allah, the Most High

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bound, you would say what

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are the differences allow them

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and then you would kneel you will come up from your frustration and you will kneel as you can see in the image. And you would say

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Oh my Lord, forgive me can say that twice.

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And then you go back into frustration. And you say that you said

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three times. And then you'd rise from your frustration. So you don't need you would stand up. Okay, so we'll come back into your preposition, right? And that my brothers and sisters is considered as Iraq. Iraq is one unit of prayer hamdulillah perfect. So now let's detail exactly how many units are in each prayer. Excellent. So in federal one the slot that we're praying now first prayer and the dawn prayer, the first print is two minutes. The second unit you will not stand back up you intend to something called a shout out to her that she will go through. We will after we go through this. Okay, so that's

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In a surprising figure, now the her four units of prayer answer

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for Margaret three and Asia the last prayer, the night prayer.

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And then you can play a wizard which is one unit.

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Okay, which is not compulsory but very recommend.

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Yeah, and there's a number of other optional recommended design. So now obviously some prayers have the ones with four. Yeah. And the ones with three. Yeah, there is something that happens, which is not the same as, for example, what is the shareholder vote to show what happens in the second unit? After you come up from frustration, you remain kneeling? So you actually go down, it's frustration. And then you come up, remain in the kneeling position. Yes. And then you go back down to frustration, and then you come up and you will not stand your state sitting and you will recite something called the to shackle your ciphers. So you say yes to the law of salvato. Salam aleikum wa

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rahmatullah wa barakato. Salam Marlena Linda Sala hain, a shadow en la ilaha illAllah. Muhammad Rasul. Can you please show the point with your finger so you're sitting out like this not to put your finger when you say this, you can keep it pointed throughout the whole thing. You know, it's issues inshallah, and then you continue to the Swati Brahimi Allahumma, Salli, ala Mohammed, Mohammed,

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Ibrahim, Ibrahim, you can either married or vertical Allahumma barik Allah, Mohammed, Mohammed Ibrahim Ibrahim middle muddied and then you can end with a DA and that is your period and you'd say salam aleikum wa rahmatullah salaam aleikum. wa rahmatullah. And that's so in and now the fingerprints finished. Yes. So, to shuffle is a general rule of thumb, you always have to stay, except for the woods was talking about the sort of, you always have to stay at the second. You always have to stay there. So there's always a tissue out in the second rocker in the federal solar, you'd finish a prayer after completing that the shepherd and the solid Ibrahim senior salutations

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upon the prophets, Allah has to live in Salem, and the end. Whereas in the heart, you just say it's your head off, you say I shouldn't

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stand up into the third, you know, Okay, perfect. So instead, you're afraid there's no 214 afraid there is where

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the fourth Madrid's to get this T shirt in the second as we've said, As a rule of thumb, this whole session in the second and then the third, aka the universe is another one and the new convention.

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So what does this look like? Okay, so let's let's let's insula your hands on your knees with the Solomonic motomachi right.

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Now you have finished with sonar, and of course then recommended to enter into certain remember since from the sooner Yes, it will finish the crazy hamdulillah we have done the pre press panel, Mr. Fossella whom said one of your pre sell off in Nigeria but it's as if he is conversing his mood. So the press panel is not just movement, it's a conversation we pray as if we can see a loss penalty and if we cannot see Allah because then you know it must

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Mashallah, let's move on to What's that? What's the so we'll move on to this, okay. Okay, now that is the compulsory arms or payment that a Muslim should make if certain conditions of a fanatical is a long subject. And there's only five things a person has to pay as the cat on the cat means literally needs to, to purify, could make allowances for them and MIT him saw the potential hiromu to the humans take from their wealth,

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saw the car charity to

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to the team that purify them, you know,

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purification by paying this money that is due upon a certain amount of money if certain conditions have been it is if you purify yourself, how many kinds of there's a number of different types of salts, you can base it on

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my equipment, so this includes green, and this includes green things that are produced from the earth Yes. Here's a cut on honey placecards on treasure to visit cattle golden silver and today of course, who pays the cat also on money? Okay, money. So for example, if a person possesses roughly 85 grams of gold, or 595 grams of silver, you convert that in today's money, today's currency, if you have that amount of money, and you've had it over one year, and you filled other conditions of the cat, then you pay the cat on that you pay 2.5% of your work from that. Okay, and what is sacchetto specificity of course now there's a number of different types Okay, there's a couple of

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physical which is is a cat that you pay at the end of the month of Ramadan fasting, which is the pillar of what comes next in Sharla insurance at the end of the month, you pay this may be some rotten slimy like a purification for the ones who have facilities happened in the past and you pay that money. Of course, nowadays more shall not bother to learn, you can just, you know, you can go to any kind of Islamic charity, and they'll deal with all of this for you even on the websites. You know, you

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You can select the cat, and then they'll count how much money you have to have in order to pay zakat we just mentioned. Yes, yeah, so we mentioned 595 grams of silver how much one is oh we have to convert it so you have to go online convert it now and that was okay. And the charges will be the first two charges will take care of everything for

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me that things have been very, very easy for us. Okay. And that in a nutshell is the cat. Now the next pillar is fasting. fasting. Many mentioned fasting before, actually. And fasting is possible the month of Ramadan, it sets in from sun from dawn until sunset, refraining from food drink and sexual * and other other different types of things that invalidate once, once fast. And this is of course, something that I've lost Montana has enjoined upon us on Yeah, you already know. And then of course, you barely can see on camera because

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fasting has been prescribed or putting or you know, fee, just as it's been prescribed and those who came before you why, dream again, so that you may have Taqwa of Allah Hi, this is the ultimate goal of fasting. The prophets of Allah said What have you done? You know, his person does not leave Shahada does resort where I'm gonna be he doesn't even lying and bad things and disobedience of Allah and Allah has no need for his first specific person hasn't benefited, if you could literally fasting the best way has been described is that it is like a an intensive on one month intensive that you will go through to attain Pite. It's a panel talking about incentives had had really

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shots about conspiracy hedge is

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something that is compulsory upon everyone to do at least once in their life, in addition to another lesson, pilgrimage, which can be done the same from hedges and powerful scenes in a panel a real journey of the soul, you know, physically, you know, quite pointy, there's a lot of things to do. But really, it connects with a lot. Just one scene and you can see behind us, the day of arafah now this is the ninth day of height of course Hegel has a number of things that must be done within it. There's a number of different rituals and it's not a fun place to go into it. But take a look at

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take a look at the day of the ninth day of Hajj. This is a day to Panama in which there is not a single supplication except that Allah answer for those that are in the day out of the day of out of the area. And you this is Panama something amazing it's the only place that I know we have millions upon millions upon millions of people from midday until Margaret literally standing beseeching begging our last panel to allow for forgiveness begging Allah for anything they want everything they want their salvation in this life in the next biggest truly is hot it's amazing how people go with that and these are like white clothes no one knows who's rich No no no, no no poor be standing next

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to a king you could be standing next to a you know someone less than the common law kind of washes anything else when you say

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the Minister of philosophy and law or anything said the Hagia Sophia in the famous companion may unity love being clear on

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whosoever moments good for him give him understanding of religion.

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So that you're watching this video allowance good for Allah Montana was good. Unless Unless you're watching this to try and refute the Muslims Yeah, then Subhanallah unfortunate We ask Allah to guide you.

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Now you know how what you do.

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Make sure you subscribe when you do.

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Make sure that you keep an eye out for this new must know show, which will be a show inshallah which will cover the things you must know isn't it.

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I'll be going into more in depth as well. My own personal channel. Yes, but down the description was Salaam Alaikum

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