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Salam Alaikum

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similar hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Swilley less Allahu Allahu Sena.

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This is

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I lost track of the number of Hadith we covered but we are doing as you know, we're going over what is known as Hadith. Good see? Hadith Cassia Brahim was a hadith Percy was the word kotse. What does it mean?

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Holy, okay, holy or sacred. And so what's the definition of Hadith? Let's see, we just covered this in our summer intensive, what's the definition of difficulty?

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So it's a hadith of prophesy set of attributes to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So it's a hadith. Now Quran is a Hadith with the promise that Salam attributes the statement to the divine. So do the due to the divinity of the statement, right?

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It's called Code see. So, there are different classification or categorization of Hadith. You have Hadith that is known as Hadith footsie and this is the Hadith that is attributed to Allah meaning at the end of the at the top of the chain, who's speaking something related to ALLAH SubhanA data then you have Hadith never we are also known as a hadith model for right model for a hadith that is elevated metaphor, meaning to the promises. And at the end of that hadith, right, I see some of our female students also were at the end of the that hadith is who

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ladies who the prophesy Selim and how do you symbol for the prophesy center, and then you have another categorization called Al Hadith al mo cough,

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and that most of his word

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start stops at which level below the prime sirloin, the sahaba. So it goes to the sahabi. But it's not clear whether it's something that this will have is relating to the prophesy Salem or is their own statement. And that is category that the scholars look at that type of Hadith. They say,

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if it's a statement that a companion

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would only have access to is if it's information that a companion would only have access to if it's taught by the prophesy Salam. Or if it's something that a companion would not say on their own, let's say something that has to do with the unseen with the future with the wave, then they say, Allahu Akbar ruff.

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The scholars elevate that to the level of Hadith number four.

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So sometimes companions of the promises home we'll make statements, but they don't necessarily clearly or explicitly say the prophesy Selim said it.

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But they share a fact they share, they share some information, that information, they could have not known that information on their own. It's not their own opinion or she had, it's something that they must have learned from the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam scholars look at that kind of statement as something that takes the same, the same word, the same status as that of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam statement, right? And then the fourth categorization of hadith is known as a hadith you'll

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we said

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moto moto that which is cut off and that is a Hadith that that stops at which level

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terrain, right the successors are the students of the sahaba. Right? Like say either one will say yep.

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or So even as you were.

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And the others Rahim Allah, okay. So this, this particular

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and this particular on the on the weekly

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on our nightly Hartley roll, we're covering

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Hadith Portsea, that which is attributed to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And tonight's hadith

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is a very interesting statement.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam attribute attributes parts of it to Allah subhanaw taala on the authority of Abu massarotti down Saudi Arabia, Mr. Woody Allen sorry about the Allahu Anhu

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or the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Hosea barrage will amendment cannot Kamala Khan

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who Sybella urine. Yanni Matt.

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Lucky Allah subhanho wa Taala Lacava baignade Arabic for hacer bahala y the ASAP polio Melissa had the hisab Baja Barossa then hola que sabe of that battle of Battle Mode. A couple of Tiamat some of the seven

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of them will Akbar Allahu wa

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71 will occur for cannabis I suppose you will amendment can a couple of them follow you did a fella mu which I'd love women and hire a shade

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let me use your luminol ash mineral fiery shade in the hole can you highlight oneness?

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Illa and Ocana you heard that oneness I need to Amel madness

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What can a mu see Ron?

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What can a Musil on the NHMRC run?

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Most Iran

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most Iran mana When Ian

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Cameroonian Canada human and who we are Kayla Musil yeah they can have any year

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for Canada yet more all in manner Who are you to Jawas we're Anil Mercier for under besides Salah Murphy and lacking endeavour Karla Musa Iranian Iranian

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what can you ever thought oh man leanness for Candiani so mechanic get more oil man who be ATJ was who I didn't more so for another hidden fee to solder we're not

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gonna rewire off yet of seal XL. I'll work for Can I more see Ron? Can I get more will mana who

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As EJ was running this.

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You're calling to be sallallahu alayhi wa salam he was

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called Allahu xojo

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No, I happen to be there early coming. Katusha was one.

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So if Allah subhanaw taala annually I know Kennedy Jr. was sitting and he Bill Bill

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can have the Rajani let me Aquila de Himal. Haldeman Hasina lacking Can you highlight oneness? Can it happen madness? It's a Hammond madness. Bill math for Canada either bad I hadn't shaved an owl. A dad in nursery and he said Look,

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man, he Yeah, Monroeville Manor and and there were Jeju

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and Medina and yet call them in. Either Marion do it for TJ was one. Leila

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le Miranda Ocala Suharto Berek Littlefield is que la Colombia Quran Domina ta RT Shazza Yemen and Hassan let me day my ACFI for God Allah azza wa jal Videla coming to Jaya was one Fantasia was ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and who will have on Allahu Allahu wa

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taka home in a gnarly and no Kennedys I was at a nurse will have them in her Senate

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cupboard EJV to Amman, Manas, primo Hello tetanus No.

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So the Prophet sal Allahu Allah who has sent them on the authority of almost Oregon and Saudi said that, he said, A man from among those who are before you

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was called to account meaning after his death,

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right was called to account not by the IRS or the government or

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by ALLAH SubhanA. So, the man passed away.

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And there are two types of account that take place one that takes place immediately after one's death, there is some sort of reckoning and then there is the ultimate ASAP, the ultimate right trial of the Day of Judgment. Right. So after his death, he stood before Allah subhanho wa Taala the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that this man, this particular man,

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he had nothing,

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nothing, no good deed to show.

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There was no good deed found for him, except that he used to have dealings with people. He used to interact and deal with people intermingle with people and he used to have dealings with people.

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Right. And what the province has specifically meant by dealings with people is that he used to

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have transactions trade, lend people money buy from them, you know, do things

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and the province has set them set and he was well to do he was well off Allah subhanaw taala bless him, he was very wealthy, he said and he used to

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order his workers he had workers that would go and collect and he used to order his workers and instruct them and say

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if anyone has very difficult financial you know, if if one if anyone is in a difficult financial situation or you know and is not in a place or is not in does not have the ability to pay off whatever they owe us, did ya was on let go

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right for go whatever they you know, people owe us

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When he stood before Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and he had nothing to show Allah subhanaw taala and this is where where Yanni. This is why the hadith is considered a hadith of could see because the process Salam Salam said Allah the Almighty said, we this is the royal we, we meaning ALLAH, we are worthier than you have that. In other words, this level of grace and generosity, right, and kindness that you use to show people.

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Allah subhanaw taala has much more of that. It's nothing. So by the virtue of him pardoning and forgiving people, people's debts, Allah subhanaw taala forgave him. And the Prophet SAW Selim said, Allah azza wa jal said, Let go him. You don't take him to hellfire, which means that he's going to go where? Chin.

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So sometimes we overlook certain things and certain opportunities, because we're doing a focus, if if we bring the accurate perspective, right, if we bring accurate into the equation, it's,

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you know, I met very few people who have this kind of understanding. And I tell you, right, there, not only are they the most pleasant people and the most peaceful people that you would ever meet, but they're also the most

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the most successful people I've met

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with regards to their family, their children, their relationships, people, you know, I know one particular person that someone used to say, someone used to say, This guy is so so kind, so that I think there's something wrong with him. I think he is like, there's something wrong with him mentally. And the guy is brilliant, PhD and right now, he's doing a master's after his PhD during the masters at Pepperdine in counseling.

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So, so I had the opportunity one time to make Alma with him. So I said to him,

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I said to him, you know, people think that, you know, there's something wrong with you. He said, I totally understand. Sorry, I totally understand. So I said, you know,

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but don't you think you know, sometimes you should, you should take that into consideration. He's like, No, he said, If I expect anything from people beyond what they can handle, then I would be wronging them

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so he said, You know, it's someone that cannot hold. I've never seen him hold any grudges against anyone, even against people that I know have wronged him yet. Right.

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So how Allah Yeah, So may Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Yanni. Increase these kinds of individual amongst us and make us have them shine with that about a lucky with Santa Monica rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh