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The speaker discusses the devastation of the pandemic and loss of their mother, including a woman who lost her father and experienced sadness. They also share their experiences of being a good person and the importance of taking advantage of older people's theories. The segment touches on the history of Islam, including the first creation of a woman and the use of a child in the process. Some people have been hesitant to share their religious status due to fear and confusion, but they are still loved.

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So then why what happened to LA when I get

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Smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam Long Island I finally met Lambton

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Jana Milena Venustiano cola paid to be on Santa La Mina.

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This alcohol or her the Leila here I'm gonna show you how the Laylat was sharing my brother

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before we

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before I read to you or share with you the Hadith for tonight, Inshallah, I just want to share with you a few thoughts.

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Since I wasn't I wasn't here on Father's Day

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15 years ago to date.

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On the 23rd of June of 2006, I had just finished burying my first teacher, mentor, and Imam

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who happened to also be my honorable Father, may Allah subhana, Allah have mercy on him.

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Looking back, it has been exactly 15 years today.

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If I remember correctly, he had a massive heart attack on the 19th or the 20th. We took him off life support on the 22nd. And the burial took place on the day of Juma on the 23rd of

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July in June of 2006.

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And, you know, the other day on Father's Day, I was just reflecting a sense of Hamlet, 15 years. One thing I tell people is, you know, the prophets of salaam told us to obviously value our mothers and to respect them and to give them the best of our treatments.

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And mothers, there's nothing like my like a mother, but somehow Allah for for some reason, in our at least, this is my personal experience. In our lifetime. There are many things that remind us of our mothers, right? You get sick,

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you remember your mother, right? You have diarrhea, you remember your mother, you have, you have the opposite, you remember him whether you're hungry, you remember your mother, you get married, you remember your mother,

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someone gives you a hard time we always like you know. So, you know, they're very, you know, very often, a lot of things remind us of the value of our mothers, you know, you cry your mother, your mother or

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father is on the other hand, their true value will not be acknowledged or realized until they're gone.

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Right? I want to say if you agree with me raise your hand. But it takes someone who has lost his father to or her father to understand this.

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The true value of of a father can only be realized once they're gone, at which point, there is not much you can do. Other than when the process LM said, be that continuous,

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you know, keep their legacy by making your app for them. And one of them saw that he had older who write me that righteous child, but an invitation to those of you whom Allah azza wa jal has blessed with the presence of both of your parents, or either one of them. Especially if you have your father right around you. Take advantage of it.

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Too, I would I would give up everything that I have to get a moment

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of what you have right now. To get one moment I would give up everything, all of my wealth, just to get a minute with my father.

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Right kiss his hand or asking for forgiveness or just make sure that he's pleased with me. Right?

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So take advantage. May Allah Subhana Allah have mercy upon our fathers and our mothers have been humbled that come out of water so hot on the LME

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and tonight in the in the Salah intention read some of his favorite is that he I personally memorize them because of how many times he repeated them in Salah. So

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inshallah May Allah subhanaw taala reward him please keep him in your DUA make make dua he was a great man. He was actually without any exaggeration he was hands down. I was I love all of my shoes, and I respect them and all of that, but I had never met a man like him in my life.

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I had never met a man like him.

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He was very, very special Rahim Allah to add the most charismatic by the way I'm not even 1% of the man he was.

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I wish I was like 10% Rahim Allah Dan, you would have highly respected him and love them.

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You know, Rahim Allah I think the only person that got to meet and we'll see if he is right. Yes sir. You met him right

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a lot

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in the Hadith the Hadith that caught my attention from the Hadith Portsea is that Allah subhanho wa Taala said in the Hadith and have you heard I literally Allahu Anwar interview sal Allahu Allah USA lemma

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odd God Allah to Allah

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because they don't even know them or let me Aquila who Dalek

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What's your term anyway? Let me Akula with Alec, Pham metric V bu e I have a cold who let you read any comment but that any

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what I said oh one on Hello? TBL one ally I mean yeah, dirty. Well, I'm here to Moho EA FL o le who is the HUD Allahu Allah wa and I had a solid limb le dual M OLED. Well, let me actually go for one I had. So when I wrote the alarm reported this hadith that Allah is the messenger that the prophet of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah the Almighty set could have been even though Adam, the son of Adam,

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denied me,

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or attributed a lie to me. What me Aquila, with Alec, and that, and he had no right to do so. What's your time anyway? We have to live with Alec. And he insulted me. And son of Adam insults me. And he had no right to do so.

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As for his denial, or attributing a lie to me,

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it is him saying he will not remake me or resurrect me.

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As he made me the first time.

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And the initial creation.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, is no easier for me than remaking him. So resurrecting us.

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Right? It's not harder than the first creation.

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Right? Or you want to look at it the other way, the first creation, the lady, Allah Quran says when they say who, who's going to resurrect us?

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Pull up Hillary, Elisha. Well, Amara, if you wonder who's going to Revive, revive us, the one that created us the first time

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if he created us once, he can remake us and he could resurrect this.

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You know, just from a human perspective, creating something the first time is always harder than replicating it or you know, doing it again, you do it once you can do it again and again. For some Halloween, you know what, you know, What an absurd and you know, claim, right? And then the Prophet said and said that Allah azza wa jal says, Why machette Mo, Ei, for as for his insult, the insulting claim that son of Adam, makes Allah Subhana Allah says, is when he says that Allah has taken to himself a son.

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It's a very offensive claim.

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Right? And, you know, the example is if you if you go to someone, if you come to me and say, Oh, this is your child, and you point to someone who's not my child, I'll be very offended.

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Right? I say, Oh, God, my chat was not a big deal. No, it's offended. That's not my job.

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Right? So attributing a child to Allah subhanaw taala sent to Allah Subhana Allah is

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offensive in many ways, right?

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But to have the alarm and what Allah azza wa jal has not taken a son, he has not claimed us on subhanaw taala on that kind of Mohammed isla. So in the process have said Allah Subhana Allah says well ahead of Summit right. And I am

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I had the one and only no one is comparable to him. subhanho wa Taala a summit right

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I don't like the translation of a summit here ship so how would you translate it

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whom everyone is in need for and he has no need to anyone.

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One who's who's independent from any need, but at the same time, he is needed by everyone no one can

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do without Subhan Allah

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and Allah Subhana Allah has not taking a son nor has he given nor is His hand over to the child of anyone. right with me I couldn't think of one I had none is equal or comparable or to Allah subhanho wa

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when and I you know, close by saying this Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran when

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the Mecca and said Tell us about your lord or about the lineage or

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of your Lord, the genealogy Where did you Lord come from? Allah azza wa jal revealed to the Prophet sallahu Allahu Ahad say to them Allah subhanaw taala is ahead.

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right let me let me let me Akula who co founder and just a side note Allah subhanaw taala has chosen for himself the pronoun what? Hua he

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knows other pronoun can be used with Allah azza wa jal to use any other pronoun of Allah azza wa jal not only is it insulting, but it's actually blasphemous.

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So ALLAH can only be referred to as what he Subhana wa Tala Hua

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right. No other pronoun can be used with Allah azza wa jal and it's very like we live in a strange times people People's Choice off a crazy pronoun that does not actually fit their actual gender or biological makeup is respected Yet Allah subhanaw taala has choice of a pronoun is challenged.

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And it's really unfortunate and painful to even hear some people who are who claim to be Muslim, to actually buy into stuff like that.

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So it's not something to be taken lightly to refer to Allah by any other pronoun other than the one that he chose for himself and he assigned for himself some Allah with that and the Quran is a serious offence

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and violation,

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which is co located on Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh