Mohammed Faqih – Giving Everything For Hajj

Mohammed Faqih
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But he was saying was so futile who was the who are all the related? I mean, sure, yeah. Who see, you know, I mean, so yeah Marina Miyata hula hula mobila on my YouTube little fella head yellow eyeshadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah who had the hula Cherie color wash her daughter No Mohammed Abdullah what I saw the horse of human being hello to you. Hello? Bella reseller Amana Hello howdy howdy llama Salawat Allahu wa Salam wa ali. Yeah, you're living in Kula haka to quality while at a molten lava and to Misty moon. Yeah, so taco rob the Kamala the Holika menacing Wahida wahala coming has Soulja with them in humare Geralyn cathedral when he saw what Takala haliaeetus alone Maybe he

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went or ham in Allah can Ali Cora peba Yeah, you're Latina amla double La La colo Colas de la cosa Malecon? Well, if you look on the Nuba come on at a la hora, Sula, photographers of whose and Alima My dear brothers and sisters,

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it is mentioned

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that a righteous man by the name of Hatem

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who was known as hatom, Assam Rahim, Allah

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was very, very well known.

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Personality of his time, he was known for his a bad for his knowledge,

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decided to make Hajj one year, however, he had a dilemma. He didn't have enough provision for his family to last them.

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So he spoke to them and he said to them that

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I feel a calling to go and perform Hajj this year.

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And I wanted to get your permission to do so.

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So, the members of his household said, Wait a minute, we don't have enough to last us until you come back.

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And he said, I just feel very compelled to go.

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So would you allow me and permit me to do so.

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So the individuals within his household started to have conversation amongst themselves.

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And one of his daughters said, Wait a minute, our sustainer and maintainer is not our father, but it's rather Allah subhanho wa taala. And even if we run out of provision, when our father is gone, Allah azza wa jal will provide for us what happened to your certainty and belief in Allah subhanaw taala. He's the provider.

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So she convinced everyone

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to give him that permission he was seeking to go. Now I don't want us to really be caught up on that decision of his Rahim Allah only Allah subhanaw taala knows what compelled him or what force him to do. So Islamically you're not supposed to do that you're not you're supposed to make sure that you have enough for yourself and for your family.

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And in those days, Hajj wasn't a 10 day package or a 14 day package or a 21 day package.

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It could take weeks and months, in some cases.

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So we're not here to examine or take a lesson from what he did, but rather what the members of his household in particular this young lady, this young daughter of his

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and what happens later, so Hatem Rahim, Allah goes to hatch

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leaving his family in the custody and the protection and

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under allah subhanho to Allah's mercy.

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And as expected, it didn't take long for them to run out of provision.

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And they were desperate and everyone came back to that daughter and they said, Look what you got to send to.

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She said, Allah subhanaw taala will take care of us.

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And instead of sitting and complaining when she did

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that, because she didn't have many resources, but she had the greatest of all resources, Allah subhanaw taala she turned to Allah azza wa jal and she started making dua and asking Allah azza wa jal

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to relieve them.

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It didn't take long for someone to come knocking on the door.

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And it was a member of the entourage of the governor who just happened to be

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visiting the area

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And he all of a sudden gets thirsty. And he doesn't find anything. He asked the members of his entourage if anyone had water and they're like, No, we don't have water.

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Who can get me some cold water? They said, Well, there's

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a house nearby. Maybe we can go check. See if they have water.

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So they knock on the door, she opens the door. What's going on? Oh, the governor is here. We would like to see if you can

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get us get him a sip of water. So she goes and she gets him the best water. They had cold water and she presents him with it. He drinks and the taste of the water was amazing. He was so touched by it. And he said, Wow, this is amazing. Where did this come from? They said well from this household. Can you ask whose house it is? They asked the inquiry. They came back and they said to us the house of none other than Hanuman, Assam, Hatem. Wow, this great, righteous person, we're in

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his vicinity. So we should say salaam to him and thank him.

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So they inquired about him and the governor was told that he was out on Hajj. So they missed him.

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So he decided to reward that family, he takes a pouch full of gold coins.

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And he throws it into their home.

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And then he looks at every one of his entourage and he says, if anyone cares about me and loves me, should do the same thing. So they all everyone got out of their pocket, whatever they had, and they dumped it there and they left.

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The family shuts the door. The daughter turns around, she looks at everyone and she said I told you.

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Allah is the provider.

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Allah Subhana Allah is the provider subhanho wa Taala

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one of the greatest lessons of Hajj one of the most powerful lessons of Hajj

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is the is the discovery that you as a person who performs has if you reflect and pay attention you discover the power of two things the power of Vic of Allah subhanaw taala the remembrance of Allah the power of DUA

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and then you hear all these stories and then tonight inshallah Thailand maybe we'll sit we'll share some of the reflections after a shot. Inshallah, if you join us.

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Then you hear all these stories of people and individuals, some of whom did not even realize that they were going to be performing Hajj this year, some of whom had to pray so much for this opportunity.

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You see people crying you see people.

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So, so much into their their drama and their prayers and their supplications people praying for different things.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala tells us throughout the verses that talk about hedge that the greatest purpose of this hedge is to remember Allah

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with kulula

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Third quarter Allah caddy curriculum, Abba, VEDA, today to monastic, a confirmed Corolla, over and over again this concept or this idea that you have to engage in the remembrance of Allah is repeated

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and from the moment the person gets into the state of a haram what what is it that we do? We remember Allah Allah bake Allahu Allah bake the baker luxury Calico bake, our focus is Allah subhanaw taala we're responding to Allah azza wa jal, we're mentioning the name of Allah azza wa jal.

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And even when we're done with everything Allah subhanaw taala tells the judge that when you're done with all of your rights first good Allah can be critical about the Decra talk about Allah and mentioned Alana remember Allah as much as you remember, your forefathers in the old days, tribes or clans from different places will come and gather it was a huge conference, and people will start bragging, especially in the days following the Hajj, where they started talking about the accomplishments of their tribes and their forefathers and how great they are everybody is proud of where they came from, you know, nowadays people exchange ideas and and they start talking about

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themselves and about their businesses and about their successes and about their careers and about their credentials. And all this happens. You see that happening? Oh, I did this and I did. Everybody's talking about that. So Allah subhanaw taala says,

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Watch out, remember Allah subhanaw taala when you were done with everything, remember Allah mentioned Allah as much as you mentioned these things, or are assured that the Quran or even more,

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the verses go on and Allah azza wa jal says, even during the days of read, we these are days of festivity

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with Cotulla huffy, ame Magu. That remember Allah Subhana Allah and these very these counted days these

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inaugurated days of the days of AIT, and the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam says that these days the days of MENA are clean we're sure these are days of festivities eating and drinking. Well, they clearly lie to Allah and remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala this very

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gathering this gathering, why are we here?

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Young men over there, why are we here? Why did you come here? Now some people maybe they came here because it just wanted to meet their friends or because it's Joomla we all have to pray to them. But Allah azza wa jal tells us why we are supposed to come here.

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It is an odd salatu Meeow Meeow uma Allah Subhana Allah says when the call of the to the prayer is made, on the day of Juma first our ILA decree law, listen to me, guys, Allah Subhana Allah says, rush, run, flee.

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rush to the remembrance of Allah Azza wa ala Vickery law whether obey and leave everything else. Leave your video games, leave your businesses, leave your clients, leave your patients, leave your customers, shut your store, whatever you have to do is Allah decree law. This is a moment. This is a time that you have to dedicate for the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal,

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our entire existence, and the reason the purpose of our creation is to establish the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala this whole hatch, process and act of worship a God that is everything, it's meant for the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala Salah is meant for the remembrance of Allah subhana TTAN So today, what I wanted to say to you, my dear brothers and sisters, is unless you discover the power of the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala and your heart is attached to Allah azza wa jal in the manner in which you remember Allah constantly you remind yourself of Allah azza wa jal, you glorify Allah subhanho wa Taala you magnify ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala

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and you constantly remember Allah azza wa jal, then this life is a waste.

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I'm telling you, one of just Carlos said that there is a Jannah paradise, whoever doesn't enter it in this life will not enter the paradise of Africa. And they said what is it he said, the remembrance of Allah the Quran, Allah.

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So now, you are one of three people we are each and every single one of us, you're either experiencing a fortune

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and a few Noma. And we are all experiencing all kinds of fortunes and we have so many blessings. But at this very moment, you're either focused and fixated on the great accomplishments and the great potentials and opportunities that you have ahead of you next year or whatever it is, something happened last week, something is happening, great things are happening in your life. Maybe you got married, maybe you got a new job, maybe you got a promotion, you got accepted into your you know, the School of your dreams. Whatever it is, you are experiencing something great, something good, you're enjoying yourself. Or there is something that is causing you distress, something that is

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a loss of some kind, you lost a loved one. May Allah Subhana Allah have mercy upon our loved ones that passed away? Are you having some difficulty at work, you have some financial troubles, you have some family issues, you're you're dealing with a difficulty a test from Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Either this or that,

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right? Or

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maybe not necessarily experiencing this or that, but instead

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you are dealing with and struggling with an addiction of some kind of bad habit or a sin

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is something that is

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everything is fine in your life. You're not necessarily experiencing something extraordinary some breakthrough in your life or something like that. And you're not necessarily

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in any financial difficulty or but you are dealing with

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some sort of sin, some bad practice unlawful,

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unlawful or prohibited lifestyle or something in your life.

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Whether you're the first time or the second time or the third time, the solution for all of that is

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to remember a loss of habitat. So if you're experiencing a fortune, this is what it's expected.

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Magana Phoenix folio, Felicia Quran Allah subhanaw taala we are told that you should thank Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Allah insha Allah to Allah as he did not come if you're thankful I'll give you more. Most people think that

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Being thankful to Allah subhanaw taala is just simply to say hola que Shakur or to say shukran or hamdulillah Thank you, Allah subhana Thank you, Allah has been blessing me. Thank you. Allah has been good to me.

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All the scholars say that shook her true Shaka is actually manifests itself in three ways. Number one, an acknowledgement and internal acknowledgement

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of the fact that you're indebted to Allah subhanaw taala, that Allah Subhana Allah has blessed you and that this blessings from Allah subhanaw taala, and that you may not necessarily be someone who is

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worthy or entitled. So make sure that you don't have that sense of entitlement. Oh, yeah, I deserve this.

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But rather that you're indebted to Allah subhanaw taala what can afford Lulu Aliko Alina Oh, that'd be convenient, mature feminine Allah, you acknowledge that all of the blessings are from Allah subhanho wa taala. And you're humbled by it. Because there are people who are as good or better than you that don't have what you have.

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There are people I know that there are people better than way better than me,

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that don't have are not enjoying the blessings that I'm enjoying Allah assessing them with their hardships or their issues.

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And here I am Allah subhanaw taala is blessing me with these things. So I should be humbled and should acknowledge Allah subhanaw taala His blessings upon me and be internally in a state of gratitude, and have that attitude of gratitude? Hamdulillah I mean,

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what can I say? Some blessings of Allah subhana time not because I'm some some special being.

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So that's the first manifestation or that's the first level.

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And it's an internal thing. And again, this is very difficult for many people. Nowadays, people will come and say why?

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Why not? Why did Allah choose me to be the recipient of this blessing? Why do I not have more?

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That's the attitude nowadays. That shouldn't be the case. So the first step or the first level of being thankful is to internally acknowledge Allah's blessings upon you, and that you may not necessarily be entitled that you're not entitled but it's the bounds the blessings of Allah is the grace of Allah subhanaw taala fug Lulu.

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The second level is to actually express that verbally by saying Alhamdulillah Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah Subhan Allah he'll be handy Alhamdulillah

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is to say that thank Allah subhanaw taala on a daily basis, the province of Allah alayhi salam tells us that every day we should be thankful to Allah Subhana Allah we should express gratitude to Allah azza wa jal Allahumma mas Wahhabi mean everything or Allah whatever blessings I woke up this morning enjoying I will be I hadn't been hungry or anyone else for me, like Elijah like Falcon hamdulillah Kushok we should do that there has to be an expression of gratitude. And we should thank Allah subhanho wa Taala not only when someone comes and you're afraid of, you know, Nether or you're afraid of some evil eye and like, that's when you say, mashallah, Mashallah. hamdulillah

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Hamdulillah? No, you're you're, you're in constant state of thanking Allah hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah.

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And the third level or manifestation of gratitude is for you to dedicate or to

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really deal with that blessing of Allah subhanaw taala in a manner that is pleasing to ALLAH SubhanA.

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Allah subhanaw taala wants you Allah wants us to enjoy his blessings upon us, but in a manner that pleases Him subhanaw taala

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in a manner that shows that this individual is really aware of Allah azza wa jal and where this blessing came from.

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So sometimes Allah blesses people with things and all they do is just they enjoy themselves, and it's all about them. And there is no share for anyone they don't dedicate any of it to ALLAH SubhanA with that,

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and we just

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practice the Sunnah of sacrifice, although here and caravan and all of that part of it has to do with that, that we're sharing some some of this fortune with those who don't have it, for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And all of this again happens for the love of Allah for the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala So that's if you're experiencing fortune, if you're experiencing a misfortune or some kind of difficulty. Again, you have to remember Allah subhanaw taala and be patient and know that Allah azza wa jal has something better for you and ask Allah subhanaw taala for your reward, again, the crolla to remember Allah subhanaw taala turned to Allah azza wa jal and mentioned Allah and say

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that how Allah cote lab Allah or if you're suffering a loss you say in La la la, la la la John

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remembrance of Allah is a solution.

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Last if you are dealing with a sin then it's still far Toba turning to Allah azza wa jal in the state of repentance.

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Again, you have to turn to Allah azza wa jal. So no matter what state you may be in the solution

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is to remember Allah subhanaw taala turn to Allah azza wa jal and ask Allah azza wa jal

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to help you either maintain this fortune or deal with the loss or get out of this sinful life style may Allah azza wa jal

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make you and I have those who listen to follow the vessel for they listen to a cola cola Suffield Allahu Allah confessor of Yoruba for lacunae in the Hawala for a while.

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Al hamdu lillahi Wa Kafa wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Safa Allah that My dear brothers and sisters we have had.

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Though I just came back a couple of days ago, I could see some of the signs

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of the storms, we've had multiple storms I heard loss of power,

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just too many of them even last night this morning, I was coming for failure prayer, I couldn't get out of my neighborhood because there was a large branch of a tree that actually blocks that entire block the the the road

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And it didn't look like a strong storm to me didn't sound like a strong storm. I was up all night, just you know, due to jetlag.

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And this is, and when rain comes, we say and then we hear these thunderstorms. We're like, wow, powerful rain. And rain is supposed to be what

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sign of mercy from Allah. The matter of fact, they said there are a lot of disease Rahima Hola. Whenever he heard the storm, he used to be so humbled, and he used to be in a state of awe sometimes might cry, and he said, subhanAllah he says, this is the sound of the Mercy of Allah. Imagine what the sound of the Wrath of Allah would be like.

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Subhanallah so these things are happening. And I'm saying to myself,

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we need to do a lot of CIFAR it looks like there is something going on here. That's just way too many of them. Allah Subhana Allah is so merciful, Allah Subhana Allah, so is full of great he's so gracious subhanaw taala there is just this is happening a lot.

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So and one of the ways to deal with these is to, to make a sale far for call to sell fuel or abdominal calahorra We need to increase our silvar asking Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness.

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This is not just Mother Nature, or some

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global warming issue or climate change

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our lifestyles, our sins, our practices, our choices, could have something to do with.

00:23:15 --> 00:23:32

And also we need to look the second thing that we need to do besides asking Allah for forgiveness is to look at what we're doing. Especially acts of volume injustice against especially against family members, and relatives and neighbors. Are we engaged in anything

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where we're wronging someone and we need to redeem ourselves these are warning signs from Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So we we have to make sure that we take care of them, but our duty Milani, Allah Allah,

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Allah subhanaw taala. As a matter of fact, when Allah Subhana Allah loves a community or a group of people or a particular area, Allah subhanaw taala makes them suffer the consequences of their actions in this life. These are Wake Up Calls.

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You're better than this, you're better than this, there is something going on.

00:24:10 --> 00:24:22

Maybe this is the message. So we need to ask Allah for forgiveness. And the third thing that we need to do is we need to do a lot of charity. Maybe we're not doing as much as expected from us or as much as you know, a people are supposed to do.

00:24:23 --> 00:24:27

Maybe we need to reach out to our relatives and to the poor and give sadaqa

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just to me, these things are I take them very, very seriously. So may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us and protect our household and protect our families. May Allah Subhana Allah protect each and every single one of you. May Allah subhanho wa Taala not cause us to suffer the consequences of our sins or the sins of those people who are around us that we're tolerating. May Allah subhanho To Allah make us of those who repent to Him, turn back to him in repentance and ask him for forgiveness. And may Allah subhanaw taala

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that make us of those who call other people to Allah azza wa jal May Allah subhanho wa Taala

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lighten the suffering and the burden and relieve our brothers and sisters who are suffering anywhere in the world, especially in the holy lands. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give those who are being wronged and oppressed. May Allah Subhana Allah give them victory. May Allah azza wa jal show us the demise of their enemies. Robin attackable Mina in Atlanta similarly AutoGrow Elena, in the case of Tila will Rahim Allah Minnesota como Jeeva to rock magic wiser mmm theoretical celebrity Michelis well over time equilibria will poseable Jen genuine legitimate and now if you had Allah in Allah has sent you at the pullover when hand fascia it will look good well but yeah look when I look into the

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Quran was good Allah has called commerce guru holla nanny is it call it Aquila at work? Allahu Allah matters

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