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The speaker discusses the concept of "star phase" and how it can be used to cleanse one's car. They explain that "star phase" is a means to avoid burning and that "star phase" means "we" is the largest reason people want to cleanse their car. The speaker also mentions a "star phase" message that reminds people of their actions and that it is a way to avoid burning.

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And there is again, nothing more effective than a solid in getting rid of a car from a person in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says in the Hadith he says that you

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own for either so late to Masada Sonata for Matata Hakuna Matata a boon for either so late to move on over salata Matata Hakuna Matata a boon for either so late tomorrow, salata

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Khun five so late to mama three Baba salata Samba de una una for either so late to Malaysia of a sonata

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una de PUE Poon sometta Moon Fela, double la quwata Steve DeVoe, what an incredible, highly individualized, he says that

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you're on fire, people are walking on the road, they're on fire, fire from their car, they're bothered by their car, you know, when someone is on fire? What's the only thing on his mind? How am I going to turn this fire off? yet? In other words, a believer whenever he does a sin, that is supposed to be his attitude, how am I going to turn the car off, then it's going to burn me. And when something burns, what happens to it, it begins to decrease in size, it begins to be eaten up by the fire. And so when one commits a sin, and does not turn to Allah in repentance, it begins to eat on his event, until his event diminishes altogether. And there is nothing left for nobody saw

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solemn. He describes the people. And he says that he soon you're walking around and you're on fire for email. So later on version cassata. When you press on it, and it extinguishes you, it turns off, that's in a way it washes them off, and then you burn in your burn. And when Salento fall comes when you pre select the verb, it extinguishes that fire, those say your ad that were committed between solid and solid to burn, and like this from one solid to one solid until the end of the night, and there is all Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says, then you pray solid, and you sleep, and nothing is written upon you. This Hadith, he teaches you that one of the greatest effects of solid is to

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cleanse you from your car. Someone might ask, why do we pray five times a day? What is the use and what's the purpose of praying five times a day? This is one of the biggest answers. One of the greatest answers in answering this question when your child asks you, or when someone says to Why do you pray five times a day? The answer is this this implies how dirty we are.

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We are in need of five Salawat a day to cleanse ourselves from the car. That is the biggest reason for why we pray to cleanse our nerves from a car. This is why Allah subhanaw taala told us this buzzard worship of a solid