Tariq Appleby – Shaytaan, The forgotten enemy

Tariq Appleby
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Earlier he was happy he

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brought us here together

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in one another's company we also lost

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us during the company of

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that we may enjoy his company forever.

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The topic that I chose to discuss with you tonight is something that we overlook in our busy lives. We read the headlines in the news and listen to the headlines. We hear so many stories about wars that are being fought against Muslims or with Muslims, we speak about our enemies. And Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that shade of blonde with the police is our enemy. He has been our enemy since the first of our creation of our species. That is

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what I want to do tonight and follow data with you and your brothers is to look back at this forgotten enemy elease our forgotten enemy, we seem to have forgotten that he told a loss of a hand or died, that I will be the step of the way in front of them behind them on the right and on the left, and I will pull them away from your path. And I will seek to misguide each and every one of them. This is an amazing thing from analog, because billions of dollars are spent every single year on intelligence gathering, isn't it? So

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the NRA in South Africa, the CIA, the FBI, you know, if it's been one of these organizations, government, governmental agencies and organizations, they spend billions of dollars, on what on knowing who the enemies, what the enemy wants to do, how the enemy plans to do it. And we have all of this information about Shabbat and his plans. But we make absolutely no preparation to deal with it. We do not have ourselves with that which the shehryar has given us to protect ourselves with, we do not protect our friends and our family from this enemy. We don't speak about it. It's something that you know, people would rather ignore or choose to ignore. So therefore, it's extremely

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important for us to remind ourselves of this immunity and hatred that it believes has for us, we need to look at some of those ways in which we can protect ourselves from him, and from those who follow him. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to give us an understanding that some of these characteristics, some of these things that that he believes himself was guilty of, that we also guilty of it from time to time, some of that being arrogance. And other times we have the disease of envy and jealousy. And other times it's extremely anger, and hatred. So these are some of the qualities and in the story of at least in other, we have this opportunity to not only look at who

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our enemies and why he is our enemy, and what he plans for us what the endgame is in his in his plan, but we also we also want to look at some of the benefits from the story that we can use and we can take to improve ourselves I can close to Allah subhanho wa Taala by doing so. So lots of algebra tells us about the He created us and he fashioned us and he's basically Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us that this is the creation of Adam. I created him I fashion him and then I say to the Metallica, who's Judo,

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prostrate yourself to other for sagia do in legalese and all of the way to dude. They all prostrating themselves because there's a loss of 100,000 us in sort of limb that the angels they don't have this available superheterodyne layer sooner Allah Allah who

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did not discover by what he orders them to do, and they do what they're commanded to do. So hallelujah Allah make us like that. Allah subhanho wa Taala because like the angels that we obey Allah subhana wa tada we never disobey Him. Whenever the command comes to us perform you'll slit out before musica take care of your wives and all these other commands and Allah subhana wa Tada This is us with in the way we be like that insha Allah. So, these are this is the first benefit that I want to share with you. When Allah subhanaw taala as it was due to make this sujood they did not ask what is in it for me. What how what benefit will we gain? What is the reward for doing so? They did not

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ask what will happen if we don't do it? As you know, you know, especially amongst the youth, they come to you and they say shit, if I don't force in the month of Ramadan. What's gonna happen to me? You know, I heard that I have to force 16

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days from secretively so that we have people that are worried about punishment. If I don't pass this test, what's going to happen? It will fail do the over again. So many people are are concerned with the negative consequences. Other people are worried about the positive, positive reinforcement. What would I get? You know, if you if I do this for you? That's not that they didn't do that either. They didn't ask questions about logic. Like, you know, why should we mentioned you to him? Who is he? No, they didn't do any of this. Why? Because they made a snap to a loss of data. they surrendered themselves to the to the world and the commodity of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you and I, each and

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every one of us, we are that

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we should be that person, the one who surrenders and submits himself to the commodity of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Asking not, you know, with the with what doesn't make sense, why should I pray five times a day? Five? Does it make sense five times a day? No, five times a day? Because a lot of us why is the most knowledgeable? Or did you to pray five times a day? When Allah subhanho wa Taala wants you to give 2.5% of your Well, you don't ask 2.5% you know why so much? Why so little? Why was it more? Why wasn't it less? You say, as Allah Subhana Allah tells us in total, at the last second, Las Vegas, Nevada law. And they said, these believers and the prophets, what do they say we hear and

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we obey. It's a very simple way, unfortunately, a very neglected part of who we are, and a very neglected part of Muslim culture. This concept of we're, and we obey, I want to challenge you with our love data. And I want to do something for me.

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I want you to go home tonight. And ask your wives, ask your children. What is the word Islami? And what is the word Muslim man. And I want you to see what they tell you. When you go to work. When you go to your business. When you go to the campus or to school, I want you to ask, what is it that this these two words mean? And then they take a lot of advances to meet to get into a lot of data. We can talk about the kinds of responses and replies you've got. But I can I let me tell you what you want to hear. People will say, well, Islam means peace. Islam is a way of life. Islam is a religion of the Muslims. And these are the explanations. But you will rarely find someone who will tell you that

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Islam and Tasha de la ilaha illallah wa Muhammad Rasulullah want to give a shout out.

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You won't hear this, people will tell you, they will say that Islam is to testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, that you should establish your prayer User Guide for the month of Ramadan. And before you're able to do so, nor will you find that people tell you, if no one will even give you the linguistic meaning. And then in that the word Islam means surrender submission. And so therefore, the Muslim is the one who cylinders and segments is really, really well, like, I've traveled to a few places. I've always asked this question, just to get a conversation started. And I find that the answers are lacking. Because I have the dinar in

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South Africa, I from Cape Town, we grew up, we grew up in Muslim homes, and Muslim, right, you Muslims? Or how many names 32 names of men 14. That's it, you know, you're Muslim. But do we ever ask ourselves exactly what that means? And the same goes for Christians. There's really no but it's easy, though, for Christians, because for them, they'll just guess, Christian guys, it's easier if the Jews Also, I'm sure that many of the Jews in Johannesburg and Cape Town, if you ask them, like, what is the word Jew come from, and Judaism. And overall, they wouldn't really have because they just grew up with it. So these are questions that we need to ask ourselves, because the concept of

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we're and we obey comes from the very words of Islam and Muslim. So lots of adolescent who still do perform do your job, and they did in a police except for employees. So this is our first production. You know, one of the first two employees and he believes is his name. If you look at Christian sources, eventually his name was as as in war, Satan, things like that, but a loss of 100 verses except employees. Now, many,

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many scholars will look at this and they would say, well, this means that Iblees was an angel and an angel refused to obey Allah subhana wa Tada, how could this be?

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But then we need to look at something very important. We need to look at how the arm explains the

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important thing. And this also is another reminder. The second lesson here is that the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet SAW the lies and we see those books over there.

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Bukhari Muslim. So you might open up Buhari while others book seal the public.

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Okay, but if you open that up and you can open anywhere, let's just think anyone can open up a book and you say, Well listen, honey. And if you wish to understand that Hadith properly, you need to find other ideas in those other books like that idea. And then those are just a few those are just the six or they will sixth.

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No, we don't have

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you have the six and you have the

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you have all nine. Anyway, my point is that if you want to understand that head if you want to get all those donations together, if you want to understand it, if you need to get all the idea about a particular topic, and Allah subhanaw taala tells us in silicon calf, in a police cat I mean a genie for facade Hammurabi, he was from the jinn and he disobeyed the rebelled against the commands of Allah subhana wa Tada. So you know, we have sort of guff explaining pseudo to certain Baba and explaining sola to sort of, this is what you need. So when you need to look at all all parts of the of the story together, not as separate entities and that way you get the best understanding of God.

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I'm gonna give you one one example and you can do this for homework inshallah.

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The homework is, I want you to tell me the story of mozzarella, he said up by being all the fragments of the story together from from throughout the Quran. Can you do that?

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It's possible so behind Allah. If you have a translation of the Quran, you look up the name Moosa at the back of the glossary or in whatever it is, you see the name Moosa to tell you on page solar, this solar that ayah number. And so what you do is you go and you look at you can you can order, in some places, Allah tells us only about sort of mazzei only tells us about our Mussa wait to figure out and get it down. That's part of the story. What about sort of the the story is lengthy. So to pass us also late at night, in sort of battle, you have parts of the story. Okay, for instance, we loaded into slaughter a cow, that's part of the story about going to my talk, that's part of the

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story. So you have this ability to handle and one needs to engage with the brothers, very important. We are not engaging with a plan, meaning that we are not studying the plan. Yes, we are eating it, we are really good at handling that. And that's excellent this reward for that, but the greatest benefit is to is to study yet da da, da vo they know that they not only read it, but they study it amongst one another. And that is an important thing. And we can see this example in the story of the police, you can see that

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to fully understand, we need to look back at and other verses to understand it.

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In law, a police law vehicle minister god he was of those reforms. Now what do you think, smile, not a person? If Allah subhanaw taala spoke to us directly right now, right now, at this very moment. And Allah told us face the Ebola and make sudo. And one of us refused to do so. What would you expect to happen to such a person?

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I know this is not the norm. The norm is not for the speaker to talk to the audience. I mean, to have the conversation with them, you expect them to come to a talk, you sit for half an hour, 15 minutes, you just listen and you leave. I unfortunately have this bad habit to I can't do that. Right. I like to engage with my audience, even if it's a lie, even if it's a good but I'll ask people questions, because I feel that that's a good way to do it.

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But what would happen? What did you expect when you read that story? If you didn't read the next aisle? What would you expect to someone who almost spoke to directly makes you do to either they all made sujood except this one person. There was a place.

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I mean, personally, I would expect immediate punishment.

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Immediate, I would expect nobody spike. No, you know, no wanting to know the reason and the logic behind that. I would think that if you disobey Allah directly, not through His Messenger, not through some of the characters to the masjid and speaks on behalf of the deen. I would expect that if Allah spoke to someone directly, there would be no excuse for how Allah Allah subhana wa tada in His mercies is

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manaka unattested Amato, Allah said to him, what prevented you from making sure

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that is for a police officer

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Look at the rest of the story. But at that moments panel we sit in every single day, every single day. And sometimes we feel ashamed to tell back to Allah subhanho data. But if Allah subhanho wa Taala condemned and us Iblees whether, you know, what was the reason that you sin? What do you expect from Allah?

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What kind of hope Then should we have in his mercy and His forgiveness? So he said, What do you need to apply? This is his logic. Hold up, attend even Noreen will Hanako wt You created me from fire, and you created your prop from clay. That was his answer

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was it because as the as the Christian status, and before the Christians also, that he believes was between two very difficult, very, very difficult choices. Either he keeps on establishing the tohave of Allah by worshipping Allah alone, or he disobeys Allah and goes against his no theme. That's what the Christian said. So he's in a bit of

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a bit of a catch 22 in a situation, what is he doing? He's between two things, but we have a problem.

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Firstly, what is this, this is the the the a few things we want to take out of this number one, according to this belief, then that means that Allah subhanaw taala does not have knowledge of future events. What do I say that? Because why would Allah subhanho wa Taala commodity to only make you do to him alone? And they'd like to tell you, that makes you do to someone else? And is that? So that's the first issue, then the second issue is a contradiction between Allah, Allah ones, that such a thing exists? No, it doesn't. Again, it leads to accusing a loss of a handle out of ignorance and other you know, other things that a Muslim will not will not even think of or say. So there are

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a lot of problems in this saying that she thought was between two, two difficult choices. No, allow was the one who told you to execute a loss of anodized oil Who told you to make to do to either makes you do to me, but now makes you do it to other so there isn't really an issue. obedience to Allah subhanaw taala is absolute obedience, your obedience to me or my obedience to you, that they is, is based on whether or not your commodities in conformity with the genre of philosophy.

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So that's also important. Then he said, that you gave me from fire indicated the from from clay, who told him that fire is better than clay.

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The lesson I want to take from this is that sometimes we think that we are better than others, based on things that we feel make us better. Not on what Allah subhanho wa Taala says makes us better. Does that make sense? Because we say that because it'll kick who better than Joe burgers? I don't know. Maybe that's true? I don't know. Right? But you understand sometimes we'll say that we'll you know, we'll bet these businesses or we'll say that South Africans as a whole, you know, we've been in the people from Mozambique, that will also be for who told us that that's a loss of America tells us that the most noble amongst you are the ones who have the most awkward, that's the kind of thing

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that needs to be used to gauge your ability and to and to measure it, not what you feel our whims and fences in our desires. That isn't really what makes us better. Right? In South Africa, we have a legacy of people who think that because of the color of the skin that made them better, isn't it? So? Why would tell them that the Bible doesn't say so. The Quran doesn't say so. Moodle? How do they know social font is using something which he has no knowledge of, he's using a measuring stick, but he had him self invented and he was not given. So what this tells us is especially let's talk about parenting for a moment. Sometimes we give preference to one of our children over another based on on

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a on a scale audit or a test that we have invented. Okay, the my son or my daughter who gets the highest marks in school, that's the one will be my favorite.

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Isn't it so many parents do that. Okay, well the one who's more athletic, the one who does and you know is really excels he or she excels at sports, that is a child that I will give my special attention to and I will spend on on training whatever it might be on equipment

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to do that, a lot of adults and especially just a loved one and he will send me said

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oladipo be just with your with your children.

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So we have created means of differentiate

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between people, and even amongst our children, and if anyone has four wives, the same would be would be, would be true about that, that you know, give preference to one wife over the other just not the natural inclination, you invent a system of giving preference to one shavon did the same thing we need to avoid. If someone deserves to be better, based on something that everyone knows about that that's different, if what you told them know that they will receive a gift at the end of the year, if they all get A's, that's fine. But if you just keep it to yourself, no one will does well, we'll get something extra

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in incentives there, and this kind of concept can be applied, whether you are a employer or a manager, you know, having a system that everyone knows about, that's something that the dean teaches us, you know, that we don't differentiate on something that we have, have no knowledge about. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says to Allah, that

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give me respect until the day that they are that they are resurrected. Give me a chance. So Allah, does Allah subhana wa tada as a la casting, you

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know, as Allah subhanaw taala told him that he will, that he will be from the people of Ghana.

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No, he still has a chance. There's still a chance. You say, Okay, I made a mistake. Give me the spider the day of the hour, and I will worship you and they deliver to you until that day. But did you ask for that? No, he did.

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So there are a few lessons over here as well. That she upon, people will will will will try to portray him as being the fallen hero, the oppressed hero. In reality, he was given by Allah subhanho wa Taala a few chances to make Toba to realize his mistake, but he did. And he wanted to. So a quick story. A novelist, Egyptian novelist, he wrote a story about Sherlock game to the shape of the US. Are you all familiar with the other university? Okay, so she upon you please sketch to him and say I want to wait till

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I'm done. Right? I'm tired of this life. I want to wait till the answer is right. What do I do? You see, please sublease. But the doors of of Dover open, I will try to deny you. He wants to accept Islam, say does he have to make a shadow?

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So did she have to think for a moment it's like,

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if he becomes Muslim,

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what's gonna happen to my job?

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Because my job is telling people to watch or to cheat on.

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It is no shame. If people are committing sin, if people are not, you know, speaking against the loss of data, then I don't have an income. That's a call.

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Not only me, but every shift in the world. So we have a lot every moment, every verb.

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So, he did sistership on you please he tells him that no, you have to go out there and split evil. You have to this is a novelist who had a lot of whatever I have accused this man of disbelief and you can see why. And he's taking this whole because basically now Allah subhanho wa Taala is portrayed as being the aggressor. Right. If this his role is now the one of the fallen heroes, the one who has been no place

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in the story is told it is it is mentioned that only only because of he believes that Allah's mercy and forgiveness become apparent.

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These are all problems with the story and there are many more. So as Muslims we don't believe this. We believe that Allah subhana wa tada gave, it leaves more than one opportunity to redeem himself and to make Toba but he didn't. He didn't. He chose for himself a part that Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant it to him. That was to be the enemy of us until the day of obviously you know the story continues of how we misguides Avi misguides either met his wife to death we leave for another day in shallow data I've been traveling since since five so I'm a bit tired right now open inshallah data if we get an opportunity to to meet again, in the future, we'll really tackle this. You know the

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story and there's all the things that I want to speak about. But we'll leave that for another day. I have to teach over the weekend, I can feel my voice going already. So we'll leave that for another 90 charlo data. I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to protect us a loss of a house or protect us and our families got this beneficial knowledge that we can use to protect ourselves because knowledge is indeed a weapon. And to Allah is also a weapon with Allah subhanho wa Taala as he has gathered us here tonight. gather us again in the

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Company of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at his at his pond. So we will read from it and never go thirsty again. love Allah for your time whatsoever La La he will work

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