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So you know, have you been while he was talking to healing woman to be on

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the panel in Loma Linda. finale will Hakeem.

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Otherwise silly I'm reminded of that Emily Sani of Coco Kohli, which I'm Alana Harley suddenly when she could Kareem, which ran a theology in 1990.

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Muhammad, early on sodomy was heavier in women.

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We praise the Lord lady and send your prayers and blessings upon the final prophet Summit. And the Mercy of Allah sent to all of humanity and upon his noble family and righteous companions and all those that follow them with the right guidance. We say is the angel said Glory be to You, Oh Allah, no knowledge have we accepted that what you have taught us Indeed you are the All Knowing the all wise, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to benefit us from what we learn, and to teach us what benefits us and to increase us in knowledge and to increase us in faith in sha Allah. And I asked Allah subhanaw taala as he brought us here to get together today in this masjid, to bring us together in the

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highest of paradise with Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, his noble family and righteous companions and all those that follow them in sha Allah.

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Brothers and sisters, we continue with the seed and we are in surah. We are finishing Salah today and we will continue on to surah. Al Juma.

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We have one more verse.

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Okay, so we left off last with the same philosophy.

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I'm gonna laugh at speaking about the near victory that Allah subhanaw taala had promised the Muslims.

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And this we said is the reward of the dunya in addition to the rewards of which he has mentioned last week, which he had mentioned before, first they told him about the rewards

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for the deeds that he mentioned before and then he also told them that you are given the glad tidings of victory here in this world

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and near conquest. And this as we said, could have been any could be in relation to their time and to any other conquest. Later on in the future men Allah subhanaw taala says.

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any will you will have believed, the supporters of Allah, as when Jesus the son of Mary said to the disciples, who are my supporters for Allah, the disciples said, we are supporters of Allah, and affection of the children of Israel believed and affection disbelieved, so we supported those who believed against the enemy, and they became dominant. Oh, you have believed? Listen up, open and clean your ears to listen to what Allah subhanaw taala has to say. He says, Be

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the supporters of Allah. Where are the supporters of Allah today? My dear brothers and sisters who will answer the call of philosophy to Allah, the call for action? Where are the supporters of Allah? Where are the supporters of this religion? Where are they hiding? Where are these Muslims? Where are they want more than 1 billion Muslims in the world? When you see what's happening today? And you see the situation of the Muslim ummah, you wonder, are the Muslims a few 100 1000s 200,000 300,000? When we speak about the Jews, in number in the world, when you see their dominance, then you see the situation of the Muslims, you think there must be a small action? We went brothers and sisters are

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1/5 of the populace of this first

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20% Where are we? What are we doing?

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This is just

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the standpoint of numbers, much less to come and say now that we have the religion of Truth, and we have a message

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for all of humanity, and a message, the final message, the most complete messages Allah, Allah told us, in which is

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the most complete message

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Islam a Xena, Monica Luffy, I'm sorry

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that today I have perfected your religion to be under the eye. We have the most perfect religion, brothers and sisters and the most complete message.

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And we have numbers.

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Do numbers, benefits in such a situation,

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that the numbers help the Muslims in which battle

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when Allah subhanaw taala tells them

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this, this multitude that you had, because when they had numbers in her name, they said today, we will not be defeated out of less numbers. In other words, we have enough numbers today. And that time they take them to see why. Because it's not about numbers, brothers and sisters. It's about

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religiosity, it's about faith, it's about obeying Allah subhana wa Tada. When you add multitudes and you add numbers,

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then it makes sense, then it has some worldly benefits. But then you might ask, Well, how come? We I mean, when you look at the kuffaar Look at the disbelievers you look at the enemies of Allah in general

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they're not following the the the path of Allah they're not following the curriculum set to them by Allah correct. So how

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they're not treated the same way

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we answer that question in a previous lesson you remember

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don't know the truth right?

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Numbers and so on.

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I mean, in fact,

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when we're talking about sods law and the the armies that took over the Saturnian Empire, and so on, there, they used to even mentioned pm late and that when they didn't perform, Pa will lay in the time of jihad. They saw its effect on the battle.

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So this is a nice day, already. So cannula, you can see the fenders are much higher. For those as the standards are higher for us compared to the disbelievers.

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As the other higher, which we we explained before.

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When at the corner, Ken Levine and so

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this is why they didn't forget, because they didn't know Allah in the first place. And they didn't know the pattern they knew. And I know the correct path, the path to our glory, the path to our happiness in dunya. And

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we ignored it and we neglected it. And we put the Quran behind our backs. So we forgot Allah. So he made us to forget ourselves. This is why it's different. Where are the supporters? Now, with this, we see that beautiful thing.

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He said,

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What a religion, if only it had supporters only have had men.

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Where are the supporters of Allah subhanaw taala. What a religion and amazingly, only there were real men, real men to hold up this religion and to call to it. The problem is we don't have real men, my brothers and sisters, we have half men. We have quarter men, and we have even less nowadays, you look at a man supposedly you don't know. And you can differentiate if it's a man or a woman. What are we talking about? Real men my brothers and sisters are the ones who strove to bring us the religion of Islam as we know it today, without striving and of course, the help of Allah subhanaw taala we would not have the Quran as it stands today. And the religion of Islam as it stands today.

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The Bounty the the the reward goes to those men who strove Believe me

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this way

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Religion requires men and the situation and the time we are in requires real men. And of course when I say real men here, it also applies to women. I'm talking about people who will lift the religion height and lift their head height with Islam walking about

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not putting down their heads and saying, listen, follow us as if they are afraid some of them have to chop their heads. No walk around with your head high, fully proud of the Islam that Allah subhanaw taala.

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cannot please

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of course, the the

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being like them, it doesn't mean

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the the basically the Musa here, okay, it's easier to explain Arabic but the mashallah here you see

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come upon

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it doesn't mean that he's making similar thing and an action going on for a long time.

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But it means what several scholars said

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that say nice Ali said to his people, who are my supporters, who are the

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the disciples, the disciples said, We are the supporters.

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It's almost like Allah is telling us that you will also be asked this question by your beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It's a speech to the companions of the Prophet peace upon Him will ask you who are my supporters were on my supporters and indeed, he did SallAllahu Sallam he asked the companions and the companions and we are your supporters, or messenger of Allah. So

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it's almost like he's saying to them, as salam asked his disciples, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him will ask you, answer like the disciples of Jesus peace be upon him answered, which is that we are the supporters of Allah, not like the Jews, as the man read in the Salah, who said,

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in our book, Africa, chilla, in

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Go, you and your Lord and fight, we are sitting here we're not moving from our place. And the

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medina told Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him like in the Battle of whether they said to them, or prophet of Allah, we will not say to you, like the Jews said to Musa, we say to you, we are with you, and we will fight with you, wherever you go.

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All and how are you?

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Who are the disciples, the disciples are the closest ones, however, it in its meaning, its definition is the closest confidant or friend, they define disciples. And this is why Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said the authentic hadith.

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In the house,

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messenger has a disciple.

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And he says, My disciple is a Zubayr.

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Probably Allah, Allah is one of the 10, who was given the glad tidings of Paradise, and a great companion, who was when the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in

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his battles, and he learned from him and he defended him and so on.

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What's happened when Prophet Jesus peace be upon him called to the way of Allah? Does all of the children of Israel

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adhere? Did they comply? No. In fact, many did not. But some of them did. Some of the children of Israel followed Papa Jesus, peace be upon him, and they supported his message and they was stood

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much oppression and much persecution under the hands of the Romans.

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And they were stood that persecution with Prophet Jesus peace be upon him, and they are ones who believed in Prophet Jesus peace be upon him correctly, without associating partners. with Allah. This association of partners with Allah came much later brothers and sisters, much later.

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Otherwise, they were they worship Allah alone at that time. And they said Prophet Jesus, disappointing was a messenger. And in fact, these quote unquote Unitarians, they were the majority, the minority were the ones who are coming out the heretics. The ones who are coming out and saying, no Jesus Peace Be Upon Him is not the Messenger of Allah, but he is the son of Allah and He is Allah

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God forbid. This is way later.

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Until eventually, those heretics gain strength, the Unitarians became the minority. The actual doctrine of the Trinity did not become official until the Council of Nicaea and 325 ad

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300 years after Prophet Jesus peace be upon him. That's when the Trinity became official. Before that it wasn't that Constantine

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the one who made the Trinity, the official doctrine of the Church, and obligatory and this is when they started burning Unitarians at the stake, when they refused the doctrine of the Trinity. Otherwise, they believed in Jesus peace be upon him to correct but you see how, over time

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adulterations occur in the religion, corruption occurs in the message of the puppets know the message of the Prophet was transmitted perfectly, purely as Allah subhanaw taala required of him

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So we supported those who believed against their enemy and they became dominant.

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This verse could apply, possibly allow them to do to different factions,

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even getting

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mentions that this is a reference to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the supporters of Prophet Muhammad.

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becoming dominant, is a characteristic of

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Muhammad Sallallahu.

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And indeed, they

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are a continuation of the Muslim believers before who believes in Prophet Jesus peace be upon him. In fact, when do we call those people who believes in opportunities,

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there must be means there must be submitted to Allah subhanaw taala. Mina Farah today are ones who disbelieved in Prophet Jesus peace be upon him, or rather,

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they corrupted the message of Jesus. So even Kathy says this is referring to when they

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became dominant. And this is a later extended victory for those who believed even at the time of Prophet is with one or

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the other opinion, and it's their

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puppet mentioned both, is that this is actually a reference to the Christians who believed,

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or let's call them the Muslims who believed in Prophet Jesus peace be upon him at the time of poverty, and straw with him.

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And even though they were persecuted at the time of Jesus, peace be upon him. Later on. When you look at history as a whole, the Jews were oppressed at the hands of the Christians.

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The Jews were oppressed at the hands of the Romans,

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many of the other nations that they lived in, so ultimately, Allah azza wa jal granted victory to those who believed over their enemies and they became dominant.

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But of course, this victory is only to those who believe correctly, Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him.

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Seven because he Rahimullah

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an interesting narration, which is mentioned by a man of poverty in history.

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And it is on the authority of

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melody, please read them and we'll read it because it's a little bit long, so we'll read it as it is here.

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He says, that relates when Allah decided to raise a set to heaven, Isa went to his companions, while drops of water were dripping from his head. At that time, there were 12 men at the house and there's nobody had 12 disciples.

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One of them, of course, was a betrayer Judas this.

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At that time, there were 12 men at the house. That's up to them. Some of you will disbelieve in me 12 times after having believed in May.

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He then asked Who among you

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volunteers that he'd be made to resemble Me and be killed instead of me? He will be with me in my place in paradise. One of the youngest men present volunteered, but ASA commanded him to sit down instead of repeated his statement, and the young man against it up and volunteered. And I started, again told him to sit down.

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And he started telling repeated the same statement and the young man follows

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appeared this time I saw they said I'm said then it will be you. The appearance of face are they set up was cast upon that young man was set up this was raised to heaven through an opening in the roof of the house. And of course we Muslims believe is Ali salaam was lifted to Allah He was not killed for crucified.

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The Jews came looking for a tsar, they set up and arrested the one that appeared as him killing him by crucifixion. Some of them this believed in the ASA 12 times after they had believed in they divided into three groups, one group and the Jacob I said, Allah remained with us as much as he will, and then ascended to these people claimed is Allah incarnate, right?

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Another story, the Nestorians said, Allah

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remained with us as much as Allah will, and he then raised him up to heaven. A third group said, Allah served and messenger remained with us as much as Allah wills. Allah raised him up to him.

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The last group was the Muslim group.

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The two disbelieving groups collaborated against the Muslim group and annihilated it. Islam remained unjustly concealed until a loss of 200 some Allah Allah He was alone

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with this idea that a group of the children of Israel believed and a group was believed this ayah refers to the group among the children of Israel, that is believed, and the group that believed during the time of isolation. So we gave power to those who believed against their enemies, and they became victorious through the victory that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam gained over the religion of the disbelievers which brought the dominance of their religion

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So ultimately, Isola has Salam has some supporters, Allah azza wa jal

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tests and no supporters of his and then the two opinions of the group is that Allah, Allah gave victory, either way, enough. Victory and glory is for the Muslims. And Allah says in decreasing the noble will appear between the pain and the

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end, for conclusion is for pain for the pious have no doubt, my dear brothers and sisters, that ultimately

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we believe in faction will be the victorious no matter how long that victory may seem to be delayed.

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And if it is delayed, it's only because of our sins, and because of our distance from Allah subhanaw taala. And the path that he drew for us, this beautiful surah in a short summary, we see has several goals, one of which is to encourage Muslims to be true to their words, as in the first verses, and then he speaks about some of the tribulations of Satan.

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And then the tribulation of Satan.

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And then the beautiful tithing of saving them, from Allah, Allah.

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By Allah has said to

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his people, and he mentioned the name, and we said the name was mentioned there. For what reason we'll

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see how much we're learning from it the fifth Yes.

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Press one,

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they're both they both mean the press.

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One has to do with I made it easy for you quality and quantity.

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is referring to quantity, that is the most praised

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means the best price

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he gets the best price. So

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the Messiah

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accord according to the Christians, the most important and the Son of God and God incarnate and so on. He himself called

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the best praise.

00:24:43--> 00:24:53

Prophet Jesus peace be upon him knows that his brother Muhammad philosophy is the best of humanity and the seal of the process and interest interestingly enough,

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one scholar

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who wrote a book about the story

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is of the prophets as a scholar of Greek about the word we mentioned nietos, right in the Bible, which is the Berkeley, he asked him, What does this mean? Is this?

00:25:15--> 00:25:18

We know it means the phrase one and the honored one. We know this

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specific question he asked him doesn't mean the best praise.

00:25:28--> 00:25:33

Right? Is it the best phrase? He said? Yes. In fact,

00:25:34--> 00:26:07

he said the perfectly means. He said, according to the priests of Berkeley, to me is this and he said, I didn't ask the priest. I'm asking you a scholar of Greek. What does it mean? Does it mean this? He said, Yes. Subhanallah, the way they hide dimension, and the praise of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him in the Bible, and as we said, there are many others, we just went over a few. And then after that, Allah subhanaw taala told us that the light of Allah subhanaw taala indeed will spread and spread and it will go to every house, no matter what.

00:26:09--> 00:26:24

And you're confident brother about the issue we're speaking about, in terms of the the the meaning that indeed, victory will come to the believers, the man will spread, justice will spread but after that,

00:26:25--> 00:26:36

again, corruption will spread and the believers will slowly decrease and Allah azza wa jal will take them off. And the Quran will no longer be recited, and there will be idol worship, and there will be God forbid.

00:26:37--> 00:26:40

But it will be Allah we don't see it, there will be

00:26:42--> 00:27:29

public fornication. And some of that is already happening out in the streets, the Hadith, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon themselves, they will have, they will carry out these actions as donkeys do, on the streets in public. At that time, this is the worst of peoples and they will no longer be any believers. And then Allah azza wa jal will decree that the Day of Judgment will begin after that, Allah subhanaw taala. guide those things to the best of these, just believing in Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you have been wealth, and in life, and the reward for that. And then he mentioned being supporters of Allah, as Prophet Jesus peace be upon him.

00:27:31--> 00:27:40

Disciples answered in the affirmative, when he said, Who are my supporters, to Allah subhanaw taala. And interesting, interestingly enough,

00:27:41--> 00:27:48

the disciples answered, the call of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him, at that time, and Prophet Jesus

00:27:50--> 00:27:50

gave blood.

00:27:54--> 00:27:57

This is even more reason for us

00:27:58--> 00:28:23

to be supporters of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because he himself, who had the disciples come to him and answer his call is saying, there is someone better coming after me, and a better religion and a more complete message coming after me. Where are the supporters of the most complete religion and the seed of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allahu

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forgive us. And anything that I said was correct is from Allah and anything which is incorrect, is from myself. And the devil.