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The Surah Tarun is a title of Islam that requires strong and losing power quickly. Visitors should learn Arabic and use translation to understand the importance of love and mercy towards partners. forgiveness and apologizing for mistakes are essential, and individuals should show love to oneself and others to avoid negative consequences. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, and forgiveness is seen as a habit.

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Bismillah how Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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we are doing tafsir Surah to our room we have spoken a lot about Surah Tarun and the main topics of surah the room and we said that Surah to room

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is talking about the balance of power, and it is affirming that the power belongs to Allah, Allah Allah the Creator of everything. That's why we see in Surah Tarun a discussion about

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a great nation such as a room that has been defeated and will defeat and also we see that by the end of the Surah, Tarun Allah Allah Allah says Allah Allah, the Halacha Khumba, the One who created you from weakness and then after weakness, he will give you strength and then after strength, he will make you to be weak again, yeah, which means that the nature of this life is what alternating up and down and the one who remains up and the highest all the time is one only Allah dilla.

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So the balance of power in the dunya and the power remains with alcoholic, that creator. Yeah, this is that you can say the theme and the surah dealt with this from different angles. And it showed the power of Allah Jalla Allah from different angles. And Allah Allah Allah Allah when he wants to speak about himself and glorify,

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glorify himself and the challenges anyone, Allah Allah Allah Allah focuses on what I'll Hulk because no one can challenge Allah, Allah Allah in this attribute in this quality, no one can claim that he can create no one. Yeah.

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So that's why we see that Allah Allah Allah, Allah spoken about the Halacha lot will last in the last verse. Allah Allah Allah Allah mentioned, that He is the One who created you from dust, and then all of a sudden VEDA into question on test day 10 as your own you became human beings is scattered every word in the on this earth. And then after that, Allah, Allah Allah mentioned another iron woman it and we said that Allah Allah Allah in this passage, mentioned how many Ayah how many signs six woman at you I mean, it will mean it will mean it will mean it. And Allah Hebrew this when you read the Quran, I think the main thing,

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the main thing that you Well, when you read Quran, please put attention to how Allah, Allah, Allah speak about himself. How Allah, Allah, Allah glorifies himself. Okay? And this is the main aim of the Quran is to talk about Allah, Allah Allah, the main aim of our Quran as if nobody ever Rahim Allah Allah mentioned is what they do for Vijendra Allah that our head of Allah Allah is not a theoretical principle. It is what it covers our life we live by to heat. Yes, we were created for the heat. The heat is not just a lesson that we go and learn it in our Arcada class, no, the heat is alive. total heat is our life. So heat is our purpose of life. Though heat is our purpose of

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creation, we live by eat, we aim to eat we enjoy it or hate. And once we understand the meaning of hate my dear brothers and sisters, Walla Walla, he, the taste of life will be different.

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The taste of life will be different, because you live with who you live with the one that who is the source of everything. Allahu Allah, Allah. And that's why when you read Quran and you put attention to how Allah Allah Allah spoke about himself, you feel the O of the Quran. And when you go and when you spend time away from the Quran, you would like to go back to the Quran, as if the Quran is the source of life for you and the Quran is what is in reality, the source of life. And the Quran as we said is a no and Allah, Allah Allah said woman lumea jalila hula hula Quran familia who me know when you read the desire and that's why I want all of you brothers and sisters to learn Arabic because

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once you read in Arabic, you really have Haber, the O of the Quran, the oh the of the Quran, one in particular on the Quran speaks about Allah, Allah Allah here. Allah Allah Allah Allah speaks about himself. When in reality he look, human beings look, those who are claimed that they are arrogant, they can do anything they can they control everything. Look, woman it He is the One who created all of you. No one can claim that he created any one of you on halacha coming to rob and you are nothing but a dust. You are nothing but this dust that we step over every day. You

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are nothing halacha coming Torah and then you became Bashar, you are scattered everywhere you thought that you have power you have might you have your strength? No, you are just nothing but dust. Then anyway, I really urge you my dear brothers and sisters that when you read Quran, open your heart and see how Allah Allah Allah speaks about himself. Learn please, I beg you brothers. learn Arabic by the way, one of the ways that the enemies of Allah salaam will,

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will challenge us. Yes Are will fight us is to stop us long from learning Arabic because if we stop learning Arabic, then we will be accessing Quran through what through the translation. Yes, and that is not a firsthand access to the Quran. We need to access the Quran immediately, openly, directly and that can happen only when you understand Arabic and you will see how life what were the real taste of this life with the Quran? My dear brothers and sisters. Okay.

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Anyway, Allah Allah Allah Allah mentioned after that Wamena Yachty I'm Hala Bala coming on fusi comas wa jal, the test Kuno Illa. Yeah, this is the second verse among those six verses, that among His Signs that he created from yourselves as wha mates, yes, espouses.

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Or if you say he created you as as what? Yes, as as well as you means couples, as Allah, Allah Allah said, but if

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that he created the from each each creation what warming cliche and halacha Zhu Jie Zhou, Janey means a couple, although it is Musa Mithuna here but it is a couple means a female and a male. Yes. And they say an Arabic language that once you were once you will use the word Zote Zote. What does Zoji mean? Many people think that zellwood means to and the Moroccans when they count they say one judge? Yeah, if you know one judge judge means what? Zote Yianni mean if name? No zellwood in Arabic, it means one single who has what?

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Who has what? I meant? Who has a spouse? Yeah. And when they become for example, you and your wife you if you are married, we call us out your wife? Yes, because she's married she is what the

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two of you are called what what do we call

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XO Jane? Yeah, we call it Zoe Jay Z Jan Zoe Jane. Is it a clear that's why our doula said one in Collegium halacha XO Jane Zidane it doesn't mean for too long to know though James mean what a male and a female Yeah, okay. And we spoke about this and we spoke about that it is in the nature of beings in general to be XO Jane, a male and the female not a male and the male or a female and the female and we spoke about this in length last time, okay.

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So among His Signs that Allah Allah Allah created from yourselves, this can have to translation to meanings that he created from them Hawa.

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From grip, the grip of Adam. Yeah, Crockett, cropped rip or

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what is bent, bent, ripped? Yeah. of Adam, by Allah, Allah, Allah took it from Adam and he created what Hawa? This is, so from Adam himself Hawa was created. Yeah. From Adam himself Hawa was what created this is one possible meaning and the other possible meaning is which there is no contradiction and reality that he created from your type. You are a human beings and your spouses are human beings. So your spouses have not been your spouses are not animals, your spouses are not something else. Yeah. And as many scholars said, and this is out of the realm of Allah, Allah Allah because imagine if your spouse is another creation, yeah, yeah. And we have this Oh, Jane, a human

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being and an animal. Yeah, there will be no no communication, no drama, no tranquility, no love. Okay. Same thing. If

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The XO Jane the espouses or the couple is what a human being and again, there will be no drama. No, no no no love, no harmony between both of them as we have mentioned last time. So, this is one of the signs or one of the great signs of Allah Galarraga and halacha Coleman and Fujichrome as wider and as we said also a Razzie mentioned that he he made human beings breed and bring generation after generation is through marriage through marriage between opposite genders Yeah, the opposite genders and he did not create human beings that they can breed and they can bring the children from themselves or one individual is enough to bring ok children as it is the case with plants as we have

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seen, I think we have mentioned this last time. Then not only that, Allah, Allah Allah after that he said, and halacha la comida and Fujiko massage and later schooling.

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What does that mean? Yeah, liters Kuno ILAHA is what? So you have tranquility, okay, with or, in fact, there were liters Kuno is more than to find a tranquility or to repose, the Tesco Aya means in order for you, yes. To have a tranquility with Yeah, in order for you to have tranquility with and in honor, they could feel that it gives you the impression that

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there's Oh, there's out? Yes, one of them. One of them, either the husband or the wife, they might be the in this life and the end they will find that the tranquility together.

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Yeah, it is a beautiful meaning and this is part of the Rama. And as soon as you mentioned that Allah Allah Allah Allah put to this second tranquility and repose among themselves, and he did not put to them, as he said that,

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that some animals when they want to, to, as he said, when they want to marry or have love, yeah, they do it in a very violent way. And he mentioned that frogs, frogs, when they want to have sex together, they do it in a very violent way. This is how they were created. Yes. And there are some other creation like this, No, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah did not make it like this, but he made it as a source of love as a source of tranquility as a source of happiness. Yeah, liters. Kuno Ilya, not only that, but Allah Allah Allah also put between you Yes, put between you what now what that 10 Or now, what the 10 Some scholars said that it is what

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love but in reality, there is a difference between Maota and what love haha okay. melodem means what affection is not only love, affection, and mercy, some scholar said Now, what that means, the sexual relationship Rama is what is having your children this is one meaning, but the overarching meaning is my word that this affection that has been put between husband and wife and Rama mercy that has been put between them and let us say stop at this is my dear brothers and sisters. Why? Because there are a one of the main aims of marriage is to find what tranquility with your spouse.

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Yeah, with your mate,

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the husband with the wife, the wife with the husband both nothing from one side and one of the main aims of marriage is what to have what affection and mercy between both of you what are the latest granola your data? Now what data because indeed there are Signs for those who what reflect now, if we really want to reflect upon this area, my dear brothers and sisters, we need to talk a lot about this idea. However, I want to speak about

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marriage here because this idea is normally recited in the beginning of marriages, etc, etc. And more over because maybe when we when when when we spoke about the Tafseer of Surah Philip, I told you how bad the situation is within the Muslim

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community in terms of their marriages, yeah, how bad that is. Now, this idea is giving us some of the solutions, one of the fundamental solutions that we need to implement in our life between our Yanni with with our spouses in order to have this tranquility and second and this and, and, and,

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and drama and repose, yes. Is to enforce ourselves, my dear brothers and sisters to have my word that affection, to impose ourselves to have affection to each other, and to force ourselves to have mercy towards each other.

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Yeah, if my dear brothers and sisters, every husband and wife,

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they try to show each other Maota Yes, affection

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and mercy. Then Wallah he most of the problems between husbands and wives will be solved.

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Okay, because when Allah Allah Allah Allah speaks Allah Allah Allah Allah is the One who created us Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, He knows our psychology, Allah, Allah Allah, He knows what helps us. Yes. And what destroys our marriages as well. So we need to force ourselves my dear brothers and sisters who have these feelings between ourselves. Okay. I just came in from the Islamic Sharia Council today and there was a husband and wife they have problems. Yeah. And

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when normally I don't Yanni. Anyway, the husband is started to speak about his wife. And he said to her, You are lying. These are lies. You've been lying for years. Yes. You made my life terrible. Then I said, Brother Blood. Stop, stop, stop. Okay, Hollis. Divorce her letters and why are you here? She's coming applying for full. Yeah, no need for her to apply for if she's a lawyer. Yeah, if she made your life terrible, then okay, she's she's a bad lady. Why are you keeping the bad lady divorce her? Divorce her? He said, No, no, no, I don't want to divorce. I said, What do you want? He said, I want to continue in my life. I said with all due respect to brother. This is not the

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language of a person who wants to continue with his wife.

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He said I'm full of rage and anger. I said even though

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the way you are speaking does not put Melinda. Yes, affection between you and your wife. Yeah, there is no Rama in your language. He said no, no, no, I love her. I said love. If it is in your heart, listen to this brothers and sisters. Love if it is in the heart and it is man not manifested on our specially tongue and our behavior is useless.

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Yeah, if I love you and every day, okay, morning and evening, I am rude to you.

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What kind of love is this? I don't want this love. I prefer to live with a person. Maybe he is in neutral. But he what? He knows how to speak to me. He shows love and affection, affection and mercy. Is it to clear brothers and sisters. I really Yanni

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even I was speaking with the brothers and the Islamic Sharia Council. Because I received when I was leaving, coming to the dogs I received an iMessage from one of the brothers I knew him for. I knew him at some time ago. And he said, I urgently need to meet you. Okay, how many messages I received like this. I urgently need to meet with you. I'm going through many problems in my marriage. This is Jani. A common theme that I always hear when I receive calls messages from some people who have not spoken to me for some time or they are ringing later tonight or early in the morning. It means what there is a problem in the marriage. It is so horrible. The situation is so bad my dear brothers and

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sisters. If the Muslim community were to be destroyed, the number one reason for us to be destroyed is what? Yeah, the

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unstable marriages that we are exercising these days. No stability in our marriages. No stability in our marriages. This is very frightening. My dear brothers and sisters, by many of you are young. I know they

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might put you off, but we need all to be aware of the reality in order to what in order to prepare for it. Yeah. Mao's death and Rama. One lady came to the Magna Carta Ravi Allah Tala and say to him, I don't love my husband. Maybe you have mentioned this before, anyway. Okay. It's good to remind ourselves with it. Yeah. He said, If you don't love him, you need to lie and tell him that you love him.

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Yeah. Listen, sisters lie and say to your husband, Oh, you are the best husband in the world. I love you so much.

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This is not haram lie. This is a halal lie. In fact, it might be wajib.

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Yeah. Because see, as I said, number of times love comes and goes, Yeah, you do things you will love the other side. If the other side does good things to you, you will love him or you will love her. This is the nature of a human beings. Don't say I hate this person. When this you say I hate this person, it means that you hate this person because of certain what? Because of certain things that this person does. If this person he changes his attitude, or her attitude, then he will start loving him.

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Is that true or not? So you don't say, Hey, I hate this person. That's why the Prophet sallallahu sallam said Leia for a minute, in Cary Hammond Holika while they are men, ha ha. This is a very golden rule. Yeah, very golden rule. The Prophet SAW Selim said and what men are believers should not hate.

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minute a female.

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His wife, a believer should not hate his wife. If he dislikes one of her qualities, then what he will like many other qualities. Yeah. And this is a very important rule. Sometimes you might dislike something from your wife, or you sister, you might hate something. Yeah, that your husband does. Look at the other side, don't look at the empty side of the cup. Look at the full side of the cup. Be positive in the way you think. Yeah. People as they say, people are nothing but yourself. What does that mean? It means if you see people, all of them evil. In fact, you might be evil and you don't know.

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Yeah. And when you see people are good, it means that you are good. Because you see people the way you see people is a reflection of what of yourself. Is it clear brothers? I'm saying this I'm not only mentioning that mashallah, I am super in this, but it is a jihad. Yeah, it is a jihad all of us have to struggle through this and they change our attitude and change our outlook. Yes, or the way we perceive others.

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Is it clear brothers and sisters? So

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and as I always say, before, like this brother, like what I said to this brother, I said, subhanAllah the way you are speaking to her, it means that you want to divorce her, or you can't continue with her. Yes, he said No, I said then I think this is not the way to speak to her. He said but she heard me before I said the person who wants to live with his spouse. He should I always say this i f f this formula i f f in fact when two people want to live together brothers and sisters, they have to apply this formula i f f i stands for what

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Yes, yeah. Brothers ignore by ignore, pretend that you are unaware. We spoke a lot if you're I think yeah, and one of the rules about what pretending a taufel pretending that you are unaware.

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Yeah, we mentioned examples of this in particular with your wife, in particular with your husband's sister. If you want to count Yeah, on her mistake, pick up her mistake or pick up his mistakes. Life can't continue. So ignore and after that, okay, forgive if there is no forgiveness.

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Yesterday I sat with Yanni in a family dispute, a brother in law

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with his family in law, yeah. And the brother was he felt that he has been dealt with unjustly.

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Okay. And because of this you can see the anger coming from his face while you can see the anger coming from his chest.

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Yeah. Because the way he they dealt with him. And they came all of them. They sat and they said to him, we agree that we dealt with you. Maybe not properly. Okay.

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This is it was a mistake. Forgive us. He could not forgive them. I was hard on him. I said to him no Yaffe. We need to learn how to forgive. He said I'm deeply hurt. I said, this is what Islam teaches us. Yeah, which is what Allah Allah Allah Allah say to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam who they love what? What motivated on fee? Well, I didn't want a ninja Heaney who did alpha means what? Deal with people in what? pardoning Hello they hurt you after they apologize? Yeah, just forgive it even sometimes you need to forgive even if people did not apologize.

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Yes, brothers. This is the highest o'clock you don't need. Okay, everyone to apologize. As far as your up your for your pardoning is not okay. A humiliation for you or is not a sign of weakness. And don't think that when you are forgiving your brothers, you are what? Okay, humiliating yourself. No. Okay. And especially if you know that the person in front of you now he is in a weaker position, as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to do when he is in a position of Yani he is victorious, then he forgives more.

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Yeah, because it means that I am pardoning you not because I am weak now. No, I am pardoning you because what I am better than you.

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Yeah, better than you in o'clock. Okay, not Yanni. I'm putting you down. This is my flock. This is my nobility, and that was the etiquette of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that was the attitude of the prophesy Salah when a man came to the Prophet sallallaahu Selim

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Mushrik and the prophesy Selim was sleeping and then he took the assault of the prophesies element he stood Yes, next to the head of the processor, the processor long walk up on this man next to him with that soul. Then he said, Oh Mohamed who can protect you now

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the prophesy said and said Allah

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so the person started to panic okay under assault fell from his hand the province of Salem took this out and then he said to him, who protects you from me now?

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And then the man kept quiet then the prophesy center and said Go

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go it is does not be fit me to kill you now after what? Haha, after I am in charge of you now, it doesn't fit me because I'm killing you out of revenge. Yeah, for a personal matter. Okay, and that does not be fit my nobility. So the promises said and said go. And the man was amazed. The man was amazed and then he said eyeshadow Allah illallah wa SHODHANA. Mohammed was Yeah, and they say the Arab said yes, I'll ask for in Denmark Dara, you pardon when you are able, not you pardon when you are weak. So forgiveness, my dear brothers, especially between husband and wife, between two people between two people working in one place, neighbors etc, etc. is mandatory. Wallahi It hurts me to

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see our Muslim brothers and sisters don't know how to forgive Wallahi we don't know how to forgive. This is very hurtful.

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Everyone wants justice. Everyone wants his right Subhanallah as there is no pardoning in, in any our in our deen I will not Moon one of the abassi caliphs. Yeah. He said, I started to pardon people, people and I started to enjoy pardoning people. Yes, until I felt that I will not be rewarded when I paid them people because I am now enjoying it. So I am getting the what I'm getting the reward which is Yanni enjoyment in the dunya.

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To this level

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And the normal person the noble person, he should pardon the first person in front of him before what before forcing the other person to be humiliated before him and apologize.

00:30:16--> 00:30:23

This is the noble character My dear brothers and sisters, especially between husband and wife, it should be implemented by both

00:30:24--> 00:30:36

not we are not addressing husbands, we are not husband addressing wife both of them. Okay, so this is forgiveness and after that yes, forget

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I mentioned to you many examples that we don't have time that sometimes a husband and wife when they have problems, they start what bringing the history 10 years ago he did this to me 10 years ago she did this to me Subhanallah it means that you did not forget.

00:30:58--> 00:31:15

Yeah, so it is true that you forgive but you need to what you need to fall get completely forget it. Yes. So between husband and wife My dear brothers and sisters, there should be what second tranquillity? Yeah.

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And malodor and drama. If that is impossible, no hellos. Finish it. Just finish it. Okay. There is something called pull up.

00:31:28--> 00:31:39

By that is better than every day fighting fighting. A screaming shouting, tension is not worth it. Okay. Some scholars said Galloway in a coma that

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they said mouth the love for the person whom you love Rama for the person who knew don't love but you might stay with him or with her because of other reasons other than love. And this is Subhanallah This is standard has not been okay established by any other system other than the Islamic system. Which is what you stay with your wife not based on love only.

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Yeah, and you stay sister with your husband not just based on love.

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Okay, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam once divorced, it was reported that he divorced or wanted to divorce Hafsa Gibreel. The angel debri came to the privatize element. He said Don't divorce her. Why?

00:32:32--> 00:32:40

He gave him one reason. What is it for in the house on one button or whatever? And he will be your spouse engine?

00:32:41--> 00:32:55

Yeah, for in the House have one or two Kawana she will be responding agenda. She is what a lady who establishes what they are Malayala and does a lot of what of Sia? By and she will be your spouse in gender

00:32:57--> 00:33:10

clear. So you might for whatever reason, you might not like your spouse, but maybe I'm too fragmented. I know this lady. She's full lady if I divorced her, where is she going to go? This is

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this is I know my husband, he's an old person or maybe if he divorces me, he likes me. Then what is he going to go or not Rama for the other side but Rama for the children.

00:33:26--> 00:33:48

Angola he as I always say that the people the most the first people to suffer out of marriage break down? Yes. Who? The children haram wala haram brothers haram haram fear Allah, the children are lost because of the arrogance of the spouses.

00:33:51--> 00:34:13

Wallahi they suffer? Yeah. And I have seen so many examples, whereby that tension between husband and wife led to what not only led to separation led to the negligence of the children. And as a result of this, the children ended up

00:34:15--> 00:34:26

to be taken by the social services. And we have cases whereby the children were taken given to, yes, non Muslim families to look after them.

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And they were not only Foster, but they were adopted. We had a number of cases like this. We had one case, the wife said to the Social Services is I can't look after my children and my husband if he takes my children, okay, he will radicalize them, and He does not be fit, to look after them. And not only that, I don't want my children to be looked after by a Muslim family. Otherwise, what will happen you

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My husband will know about them and they will start okay meeting them

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to this level Subhanallah to this level of hate. This is impossible.

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And who is suffering out of this is the children? Yeah, we always read the desire in any marriage sir

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Amin IITM Hello Paula camino

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de Tuscano

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Rama in a vida Lika upon me at a Quran we don't implement it.

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Yes brothers by and Allah Allah Allah commandment or as your own will not have

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to do to them in kindness and Allah Allah Allah says to the wives Yeah, well oh no Mr. Liddy Allah hint of invalidity and Allah hematology you deserve yes you deserve to be treated what as you should treat your husband which is what

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in kindness and but the men has a degree of authority over you in brief My dear brothers and sisters and I will conclude is that I always say that there are two qualities if husbands implemented them aside from this idea apart from this or

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any other two qualities okay over what is mentioned in this area, two qualities if the husband of the husbands implemented them then life will go move until two qualities same thing two qualities should be implemented by the wives from the husband side Yes. What does he need to do all wives all women they want to from the man two things Yeah. Listen to this carefully please.

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First of all, your wife needs to feel secure next to you.

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She feels she wants to feel protected next to you protected financially physically, emotionally, everything

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Okay. The second point the wife needs from you that you show her what care

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okay, that you care for her.

00:37:25--> 00:37:27

Okay, this is the formula

00:37:28--> 00:37:34

by briefly and the husband needs my dear sister needs to see two things from you.

00:37:36--> 00:37:40

Okay, she he needs to see you obedient to him.

00:37:44--> 00:37:51

Okay, this is one the second one he needs to show to see from you. You need to show him

00:37:52--> 00:37:54

that you love him.

00:37:56--> 00:38:16

In particular you show love that's why the promises that said there's our doula dude elude does our doula dude, dude, what does that word mean? Yeah, it means the lady that shows the love not loving because you might not be she might love you, but does not know how to show love.

00:38:18--> 00:38:41

Clear? No, the one that knows how to show love to her husband, if husbands implement or try to implement this or have these two qualities and want the wives try to have these two qualities Wallahi plus what is mentioned in the eye or the eye or in fact is a manifestation of or is another way of,

00:38:43--> 00:38:53

of expressing or manifesting these two, these four qualities from both sides. Yeah, then life will be in general will be smooth between

00:38:55--> 00:39:17

couples. Yeah, we hope I hope, my dear brothers and sisters, that you implement this in your life, we ask Allah, Allah Allah to put love. Yes, between ourselves. Yes, between Muslims in general and between couples. In particular, we ask Allah, Allah Allah to,

00:39:18--> 00:39:33

to make life between us and our wives life full of tranquility, and mercy. The Zachman logfile Baraka Luffy can question quickly if there is any question or time is bit late.

00:39:35--> 00:39:39

No questions. Yes. No if you feel

00:39:42--> 00:39:49

if you rage if you feel rage, yeah, somebody did something to you. It's not you want to do it. You just feel it. How do you get your feed?

00:40:06--> 00:40:14

Yeah, see brothers and sisters we need on most of you are young. I

00:40:15--> 00:40:22

really recommend. Yeah, I strongly recommend that you learn how to forgive.

00:40:24--> 00:40:37

Even if you are full of rage and anger, learn how to forgive. Because if you become old, yeah, when you reach the age of 5060, you won't be able to forgive

00:40:38--> 00:40:56

us, you have shaped yourself is very difficult that you change yourself. Listen to this, you will remember it later. Learn from now, how to forgive just how to forgive, okay, and

00:40:58--> 00:41:08

the prophesy sallam said Lisa Shadi because surah the strong person is not the person who defeats others. The strong person is what is who

00:41:09--> 00:41:12

know the person who controls his emotions.

00:41:14--> 00:41:19

Yeah, control these emotions. He has rage. No, let me control it.

00:41:20--> 00:41:20


00:41:21--> 00:41:23

let me suppress it.

00:41:24--> 00:41:28

And then let me just think that Oh, I am just deleting it.

00:41:30--> 00:42:11

Okay, and we all know Hadith Abdullah even Amarin Alas, yeah, Hadith and Sunnah, Malik that the Prophet SAW Selim, when he was sitting. He said, A man from Ghana will come. Yes will enter from this door. This so the Sahaba were looking who is this person that the prophesy Selim says he will be from Ghana? Yeah. So just a simple man came, and he was just have he finished his wudu and his left ear was wet. Yeah. Because of the elbow. The second day, the prophesize LM said, yes, a man will come from this door. He's from the gender from the people of gender. Everyone was looking the same man came again.

00:42:12--> 00:42:57

He's not Abu Bakr. He's not Omar. He's not early. He's not highly different. Really? Yeah. By far the generally accepted Islam late. But anyway, by he's not one of those. Third time, the same man came up dilemna Amarula. LC was a young person. And he like the children of the sahaba. The US to what have high ambition. They used to aspire hard. He wants to be among the people of Jana. So he went, he knocked the door. And then he said, Uncle at that time, he was young uncle. He said there was a tension between me and my father. And, okay, I'm not going to stay in my house for three nights. Can I stay with you? So he said,

00:42:58--> 00:43:07

bye. So I'm delighted I'm gonna ask he was only when the night time came, he said or he will do okay, I'm gonna live now for the entire night.

00:43:09--> 00:43:38

The man did not do camera late. Just before Fajr he prayed Witter simple with a simple person. That will first night, second night, third night, there's nothing the only in terms of a bad. So Abdullah when I asked one time, and he said, my uncle, to be honest with you, there was no tension between me and my father. But I was with the province. I sent him three times. And every single time he pointed at you, and he says you are among the people of Ghana.

00:43:40--> 00:44:24

So what do you do? What do you do? So he said, Well, I don't know. I didn't. I didn't. So Abdullah when I left, then the man said, Come on my son Come on. So Abdullah Abdullah house went, he said, Wallahi I don't think I'm doing something as different from what you have seen. But when I go to bed, I don't have any kind of enmity, or wish or wishing any thing bad to any one Muslim. To any of the Muslims. I remove it from my heart. I go with a clean pure heart. I will go to bed with a clean pure heart.

00:44:25--> 00:44:25


00:44:27--> 00:44:35

So we need to learn this My dear brothers and sisters. Bye. Okay, let's have a look at any other question. Okay Baraka Luffy